2019 San Antonio Spurs Team Passing Stats

The 2019 San Antonio Spurs averaged 281 passes per game. The leading assist duo was DeMar DeRozan to Bryn Forbes, with 69 assists on 370 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
DeMar DeRozan to Bryn Forbes370697318439.7%
DeMar DeRozan to LaMarcus Aldridge432607418240.7%
Dejounte Murray to LaMarcus Aldridge527609119047.9%
Derrick White to LaMarcus Aldridge387487314550.3%
Dejounte Murray to Bryn Forbes273444610145.5%
DeMar DeRozan to Trey Lyles293414212433.9%
DeMar DeRozan to Dejounte Murray391395712645.2%
DeMar DeRozan to Derrick White332374512835.2%
Derrick White to Rudy Gay357375413240.9%
DeMar DeRozan to Patty Mills18636387749.4%
Dejounte Murray to Trey Lyles26734386855.9%
DeMar DeRozan to Rudy Gay200333910636.8%
Dejounte Murray to DeMar DeRozan7323210320949.3%
Derrick White to Jakob Poeltl35032366357.1%
Bryn Forbes to LaMarcus Aldridge18631378145.7%
Derrick White to DeMar DeRozan528318217148.0%
Derrick White to Patty Mills273284211237.5%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Bryn Forbes26326319732.0%
Bryn Forbes to DeMar DeRozan280255710952.3%
Jakob Poeltl to Patty Mills306254211038.2%
Patty Mills to Rudy Gay18023328537.6%
LaMarcus Aldridge to DeMar DeRozan483196414444.4%
Rudy Gay to Patty Mills21619297140.8%
Dejounte Murray to Lonnie Walker IV15819226434.4%
Dejounte Murray to Jakob Poeltl19719223268.8%
DeMar DeRozan to Lonnie Walker IV9618194938.8%
Rudy Gay to Derrick White52918297638.2%
Jakob Poeltl to Derrick White50318529654.2%
Jakob Poeltl to Marco Belinelli12418204841.7%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Trey Lyles7417172958.6%
DeMar DeRozan to Marco Belinelli7617173745.9%
Rudy Gay to Jakob Poeltl8217172665.4%
Trey Lyles to LaMarcus Aldridge9817224845.8%
Patty Mills to Jakob Poeltl12617173056.7%
Dejounte Murray to Rudy Gay16917255743.9%
Derrick White to Bryn Forbes10015174042.5%
Derrick White to Marco Belinelli9115163644.4%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Derrick White34814236237.1%
Patty Mills to DeMar DeRozan21714379140.7%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Dejounte Murray39213336650.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Marco Belinelli7313133240.6%
DeMar DeRozan to Jakob Poeltl10413132065.0%
Bryn Forbes to Trey Lyles11013132944.8%
Trey Lyles to Bryn Forbes15213185036.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Bryn Forbes9713163545.7%
Derrick White to Lonnie Walker IV14113205139.2%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Patty Mills13112164734.0%
Marco Belinelli to Jakob Poeltl7212131776.5%
Marco Belinelli to Patty Mills8012132846.4%
Bryn Forbes to Dejounte Murray19312215637.5%
Rudy Gay to Bryn Forbes6912172763.0%
Patty Mills to Lonnie Walker IV5412132552.0%
Patty Mills to LaMarcus Aldridge12612214744.7%
Jakob Poeltl to Lonnie Walker IV11612153641.7%
Jakob Poeltl to Rudy Gay11511214843.8%
Patty Mills to Derrick White16310154037.5%
Patty Mills to Dejounte Murray6510112445.8%
Dejounte Murray to Marco Belinelli9410113531.4%
Lonnie Walker IV to Derrick White16510163842.1%
Lonnie Walker IV to Patty Mills7310133339.4%
Marco Belinelli to DeMar DeRozan779162857.1%
Rudy Gay to Lonnie Walker IV689142751.9%
Dejounte Murray to Patty Mills1269143935.9%
Marco Belinelli to Rudy Gay758173548.6%
DeMar DeRozan to Keldon Johnson35881553.3%
Rudy Gay to Marco Belinelli88883522.9%
Rudy Gay to LaMarcus Aldridge858113135.5%
Trey Lyles to Dejounte Murray7298439545.3%
Derrick White to Trey Lyles108892437.5%
Marco Belinelli to Lonnie Walker IV24771353.8%
Rudy Gay to DeMar DeRozan2767439147.3%
Trey Lyles to Patty Mills997112839.3%
Trey Lyles to DeMar DeRozan44675312542.4%
Patty Mills to Bryn Forbes38771838.9%
Jakob Poeltl to Dejounte Murray2957153938.5%
Lonnie Walker IV to Chimezie Metu24781553.3%
Lonnie Walker IV to Dejounte Murray1367163644.4%
Lonnie Walker IV to Rudy Gay45781844.4%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Rudy Gay656132259.1%
Marco Belinelli to Derrick White89672035.0%
Drew Eubanks to Marco Belinelli22661250.0%
Bryn Forbes to Derrick White102692634.6%
Dejounte Murray to Keldon Johnson37661154.5%
Derrick White to Drew Eubanks23677100.0%
Marco Belinelli to Dejounte Murray76592339.1%
Dejounte Murray to Drew Eubanks40551145.5%
Dejounte Murray to Derrick White975102934.5%
Lonnie Walker IV to Keldon Johnson26571353.8%
Lonnie Walker IV to Jakob Poeltl5255955.6%
Lonnie Walker IV to DeMar DeRozan865142948.3%
Bryn Forbes to Lonnie Walker IV1844850.0%
Bryn Forbes to Jakob Poeltl43461442.9%
Bryn Forbes to Rudy Gay47471936.8%
Rudy Gay to Dejounte Murray2444144134.1%
Rudy Gay to Trey Lyles844666.7%
Keldon Johnson to Marco Belinelli1844850.0%
Trey Lyles to Derrick White2474102835.7%
Chimezie Metu to Marco Belinelli1744666.7%
Patty Mills to Trey Lyles49441921.1%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Rudy Gay25451241.7%
Derrick White to Keldon Johnson1745683.3%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Lonnie Walker IV44341625.0%
Marco Belinelli to Keldon Johnson1633837.5%
DeMarre Carroll to Patty Mills36351145.5%
DeMar DeRozan to Drew Eubanks1833475.0%
Drew Eubanks to Patty Mills2235771.4%
Bryn Forbes to Patty Mills2334666.7%
Keldon Johnson to Drew Eubanks933475.0%
Trey Lyles to Marco Belinelli1934944.4%
Patty Mills to Marco Belinelli86342516.0%
Dejounte Murray to Chimezie Metu2233560.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Keldon Johnson1733650.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Trey Lyles1733560.0%
Luka Samanic to Keldon Johnson936785.7%
Lonnie Walker IV to Trey Lyles2733650.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Marco Belinelli3233837.5%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Jakob Poeltl922366.7%
Marco Belinelli to Chimezie Metu1623742.9%
DeMarre Carroll to Marco Belinelli1422540.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Rudy Gay11255100.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Quinndary Weatherspoon2222100.0%
DeMar DeRozan to DeMarre Carroll722366.7%
Drew Eubanks to Rudy Gay1222540.0%
Bryn Forbes to Drew Eubanks722450.0%
Rudy Gay to Drew Eubanks1224580.0%
Rudy Gay to DeMarre Carroll1422450.0%
Trey Lyles to Drew Eubanks6222100.0%
Trey Lyles to Jakob Poeltl1323560.0%
Chimezie Metu to Luka Samanic622540.0%
Chimezie Metu to Keldon Johnson1022540.0%
Patty Mills to Drew Eubanks1622540.0%
Patty Mills to DeMarre Carroll1622450.0%
Jakob Poeltl to LaMarcus Aldridge1223650.0%
Luka Samanic to Drew Eubanks8222100.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Bryn Forbes42231520.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Keldon Johnson522366.7%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Drew Eubanks1422540.0%
Derrick White to Dejounte Murray89231618.8%
Marco Belinelli to Drew Eubanks611333.3%
Marco Belinelli to Bryn Forbes1611425.0%
Marco Belinelli to Trey Lyles1211425.0%
Marco Belinelli to LaMarcus Aldridge55151729.4%
DeMarre Carroll to Lonnie Walker IV1211250.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Chimezie Metu2111100.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Derrick White1812450.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Bryn Forbes911333.3%
DeMarre Carroll to Jakob Poeltl711333.3%
Drew Eubanks to Luka Samanic611333.3%
Drew Eubanks to Lonnie Walker IV2112825.0%
Drew Eubanks to Bryn Forbes611333.3%
Drew Eubanks to Dejounte Murray54141136.4%
Bryn Forbes to Marco Belinelli1712922.2%
Rudy Gay to Chimezie Metu1111100.0%
Keldon Johnson to Quinndary Weatherspoon1411333.3%
Keldon Johnson to Lonnie Walker IV1512633.3%
Keldon Johnson to Chimezie Metu811333.3%
Keldon Johnson to Derrick White44141136.4%
Keldon Johnson to Bryn Forbes2111100.0%
Keldon Johnson to Dejounte Murray43141233.3%
Keldon Johnson to DeMar DeRozan2111425.0%
Keldon Johnson to Rudy Gay24131323.1%
Trey Lyles to Keldon Johnson411333.3%
Trey Lyles to Lonnie Walker IV53131030.0%
Trey Lyles to Chimezie Metu3111100.0%
Trey Lyles to Rudy Gay1411714.3%
Chimezie Metu to Bryn Forbes2111100.0%
Chimezie Metu to Trey Lyles6111100.0%
Patty Mills to Keldon Johnson1012633.3%
Dejounte Murray to DeMarre Carroll2011425.0%
Jakob Poeltl to DeMar DeRozan2271225639.3%
Luka Samanic to Marco Belinelli411250.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Luka Samanic4111100.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to LaMarcus Aldridge2612728.6%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Derrick White4122100.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Tyler Zeller1111100.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Marco Belinelli511250.0%
Derrick White to Chimezie Metu12111100.0%
Derrick White to DeMarre Carroll711425.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Keldon Johnson10000.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to DeMarre Carroll30010.0%
Marco Belinelli to Quinndary Weatherspoon100000.0%
Marco Belinelli to Luka Samanic50020.0%
Marco Belinelli to DeMarre Carroll80020.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Drew Eubanks10000.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Dejounte Murray330040.0%
DeMarre Carroll to Trey Lyles20000.0%
DeMarre Carroll to DeMar DeRozan10022100.0%
DeMarre Carroll to LaMarcus Aldridge4011100.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Chimezie Metu30010.0%
DeMar DeRozan to Tyler Zeller10010.0%
Drew Eubanks to Quinndary Weatherspoon130000.0%
Drew Eubanks to Keldon Johnson170040.0%
Drew Eubanks to Chimezie Metu20010.0%
Drew Eubanks to Derrick White3404850.0%
Drew Eubanks to Trey Lyles120010.0%
Drew Eubanks to DeMarre Carroll20010.0%
Drew Eubanks to DeMar DeRozan230040.0%
Bryn Forbes to Keldon Johnson10010.0%
Bryn Forbes to Chimezie Metu30000.0%
Bryn Forbes to DeMarre Carroll70030.0%
Rudy Gay to Quinndary Weatherspoon1801520.0%
Rudy Gay to Keldon Johnson1502540.0%
Keldon Johnson to Luka Samanic30020.0%
Keldon Johnson to Jakob Poeltl1001250.0%
Keldon Johnson to Trey Lyles10000.0%
Keldon Johnson to Patty Mills1001333.3%
Trey Lyles to DeMarre Carroll1001425.0%
Chimezie Metu to Quinndary Weatherspoon20000.0%
Chimezie Metu to Drew Eubanks30020.0%
Chimezie Metu to Lonnie Walker IV2900100.0%
Chimezie Metu to Derrick White15011100.0%
Chimezie Metu to Dejounte Murray3201333.3%
Chimezie Metu to DeMarre Carroll40000.0%
Chimezie Metu to DeMar DeRozan601250.0%
Chimezie Metu to Rudy Gay20010.0%
Patty Mills to Quinndary Weatherspoon40010.0%
Patty Mills to Chimezie Metu10010.0%
Dejounte Murray to Quinndary Weatherspoon90000.0%
Dejounte Murray to Luka Samanic140040.0%
Jakob Poeltl to Quinndary Weatherspoon80000.0%
Jakob Poeltl to DeMarre Carroll80020.0%
Luka Samanic to Quinndary Weatherspoon50010.0%
Luka Samanic to Lonnie Walker IV80020.0%
Luka Samanic to Chimezie Metu30010.0%
Luka Samanic to Derrick White20000.0%
Luka Samanic to Dejounte Murray2001333.3%
Lonnie Walker IV to Quinndary Weatherspoon70010.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Drew Eubanks1201616.7%
Lonnie Walker IV to DeMarre Carroll100020.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Luka Samanic20000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Lonnie Walker IV40010.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Chimezie Metu30000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Jakob Poeltl110000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Dejounte Murray120020.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Patty Mills3011100.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to DeMar DeRozan20000.0%
Derrick White to Quinndary Weatherspoon50010.0%
Derrick White to Luka Samanic20000.0%
Tyler Zeller to Patty Mills10000.0%
Tyler Zeller to DeMar DeRozan10010.0%