2019 Washington Wizards Team Passing Stats

The 2019 Washington Wizards averaged 310 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Bradley Beal to Thomas Bryant, with 74 assists on 360 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Bradley Beal to Thomas Bryant360747613655.9%
Ish Smith to Davis Bertans325596115339.9%
Ish Smith to Bradley Beal7335612230140.5%
Bradley Beal to Rui Hachimura371536215240.8%
Bradley Beal to Davis Bertans252475011443.9%
Isaiah Thomas to Bradley Beal557357218339.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Davis Bertans14032337245.8%
Ish Smith to Troy Brown Jr.296314010637.7%
Bradley Beal to Isaiah Thomas304294210042.0%
Ish Smith to Thomas Bryant25729336055.0%
Bradley Beal to Ian Mahinmi20828296743.3%
Shabazz Napier to Bradley Beal268274511439.5%
Thomas Bryant to Bradley Beal381264710146.5%
Rui Hachimura to Bradley Beal398265412842.2%
Ish Smith to Rui Hachimura24126368343.4%
Bradley Beal to Troy Brown Jr.14624275054.0%
Bradley Beal to Ish Smith34523409044.4%
Troy Brown Jr. to Thomas Bryant14422243961.5%
Ish Smith to Moritz Wagner22721254951.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Rui Hachimura14321255248.1%
Troy Brown Jr. to Bradley Beal19319369836.7%
Bradley Beal to Moritz Wagner16818184045.0%
Ish Smith to Isaac Bonga19218214843.8%
Ish Smith to Jordan McRae21617247631.6%
Isaiah Thomas to Thomas Bryant17217194542.2%
Davis Bertans to Bradley Beal259163810536.2%
Isaiah Thomas to Davis Bertans10716185036.0%
Isaac Bonga to Bradley Beal15715277138.0%
Thomas Bryant to Rui Hachimura7315173351.5%
Jordan McRae to Davis Bertans7915173647.2%
Moritz Wagner to Bradley Beal20515327045.7%
Bradley Beal to Isaac Bonga14214153444.1%
Ian Mahinmi to Bradley Beal24214337444.6%
Isaiah Thomas to Troy Brown Jr.13314184936.7%
Davis Bertans to Moritz Wagner6913162857.1%
Troy Brown Jr. to Isaac Bonga11513142850.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Rui Hachimura12213175332.1%
Rui Hachimura to Troy Brown Jr.14013204247.6%
Jordan McRae to Moritz Wagner4313131968.4%
Shabazz Napier to Davis Bertans9213133537.1%
Thomas Bryant to Troy Brown Jr.18912185135.3%
Rui Hachimura to Thomas Bryant7512142458.3%
Gary Payton II to Isaiah Thomas10012163348.5%
Ish Smith to Ian Mahinmi17112122352.2%
Isaiah Thomas to Jordan McRae11012163743.2%
Davis Bertans to Troy Brown Jr.10511153938.5%
Davis Bertans to Ish Smith38411275549.1%
Troy Brown Jr. to Moritz Wagner9111112544.0%
Chris Chiozza to Davis Bertans4511122646.2%
Troy Brown Jr. to Ish Smith35610369637.5%
Thomas Bryant to Isaiah Thomas30210153740.5%
Shabazz Napier to Thomas Bryant8010102147.6%
Isaiah Thomas to Moritz Wagner4110111764.7%
Davis Bertans to Thomas Bryant39991560.0%
Isaac Bonga to Rui Hachimura1099123930.8%
Troy Brown Jr. to Isaiah Thomas1869215042.0%
Rui Hachimura to Davis Bertans479102245.5%
Gary Payton II to Troy Brown Jr.719101952.6%
Jerome Robinson to Moritz Wagner48991850.0%
Ish Smith to Admiral Schofield61992045.0%
Ish Smith to Jerome Robinson839123534.3%
Ish Smith to Anzejs Pasecniks1589112740.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Ian Mahinmi1449102245.5%
Davis Bertans to Isaiah Thomas1758153444.1%
Isaac Bonga to Davis Bertans40881457.1%
Rui Hachimura to Isaiah Thomas2528163447.1%
Ian Mahinmi to Isaiah Thomas3038153839.5%
Jordan McRae to Troy Brown Jr.738142653.8%
Jordan McRae to Anzejs Pasecniks54881650.0%
Bradley Beal to Jerome Robinson36781457.1%
Isaac Bonga to Troy Brown Jr.92793228.1%
Isaac Bonga to Thomas Bryant68792339.1%
Isaac Bonga to Ish Smith2067194344.2%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jerome Robinson57792240.9%
Chris Chiozza to Troy Brown Jr.477111957.9%
Jordan McRae to Ian Mahinmi64781747.1%
Shabazz Napier to Moritz Wagner109772429.2%
Shabazz Napier to Jerome Robinson777123336.4%
Jerome Robinson to Thomas Bryant31781361.5%
Bradley Beal to Gary Payton II39661637.5%
Bradley Beal to Shabazz Napier1066122842.9%
Davis Bertans to Jordan McRae70691947.4%
Troy Brown Jr. to Anzejs Pasecniks68681553.3%
Thomas Bryant to Davis Bertans33661346.2%
Jordan McRae to Ish Smith1576225143.1%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Troy Brown Jr.886122744.4%
Moritz Wagner to Rui Hachimura36661154.5%
Moritz Wagner to Ish Smith4196245246.2%
Davis Bertans to Rui Hachimura39561637.5%
Isaac Bonga to Gary Payton II25551050.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Gary Payton II42571258.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Shabazz Napier1105102343.5%
Rui Hachimura to Ish Smith3545265844.8%
Ian Mahinmi to Troy Brown Jr.62591850.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Jordan McRae75562030.0%
Jordan McRae to Isaac Bonga3655771.4%
Jordan McRae to Gary Payton II2455862.5%
Shabazz Napier to Rui Hachimura1085123534.3%
Shabazz Napier to Troy Brown Jr.80582927.6%
Gary Payton II to Anzejs Pasecniks2155862.5%
Gary Payton II to Jordan McRae53571741.2%
Jerome Robinson to Troy Brown Jr.65561637.5%
Jerome Robinson to Bradley Beal24561154.5%
Ish Smith to Garrison Mathews38551827.8%
Ish Smith to CJ Miles47552321.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Isaac Bonga63561540.0%
Moritz Wagner to Troy Brown Jr.106591850.0%
Moritz Wagner to Davis Bertans79562920.7%
Bradley Beal to CJ Miles1644757.1%
Davis Bertans to Anzejs Pasecniks21441040.0%
Isaac Bonga to Admiral Schofield2844944.4%
Isaac Bonga to Moritz Wagner4744944.4%
Isaac Bonga to Isaiah Thomas1194112839.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Admiral Schofield42461735.3%
Troy Brown Jr. to Chris Chiozza2944580.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Ian Mahinmi48441233.3%
Thomas Bryant to Jordan McRae27461346.2%
Thomas Bryant to Ish Smith4044185234.6%
Rui Hachimura to Isaac Bonga72451241.7%
Ian Mahinmi to Gary Payton II49451241.7%
Ian Mahinmi to Davis Bertans30461540.0%
Garrison Mathews to Ish Smith24461154.5%
Jordan McRae to Garrison Mathews1544666.7%
CJ Miles to Moritz Wagner1745862.5%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Isaac Bonga2144580.0%
Gary Payton II to Bradley Beal45481844.4%
Jerome Robinson to Rui Hachimura55461540.0%
Admiral Schofield to Bradley Beal46481747.1%
Ish Smith to Johnathan Williams1744757.1%
Ish Smith to Gary Payton II30441233.3%
Ish Smith to Jerian Grant2444757.1%
Ish Smith to Shabazz Napier1945862.5%
Isaiah Thomas to Ish Smith2445771.4%
Moritz Wagner to Jerome Robinson80461931.6%
Moritz Wagner to Jordan McRae574111861.1%
Bradley Beal to Admiral Schofield32341136.4%
Bradley Beal to Anzejs Pasecniks2734757.1%
Davis Bertans to Ian Mahinmi3134580.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Garrison Mathews2333742.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jordan McRae823143737.8%
Thomas Bryant to Jerome Robinson54341526.7%
Chris Chiozza to Moritz Wagner31331030.0%
Jerian Grant to Jerome Robinson1935683.3%
Rui Hachimura to Moritz Wagner2833650.0%
Rui Hachimura to Jerome Robinson45341723.5%
Rui Hachimura to Ian Mahinmi2333650.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Isaac Bonga7134944.4%
Ian Mahinmi to Rui Hachimura30341136.4%
Jordan McRae to Rui Hachimura1033560.0%
Jordan McRae to Bradley Beal53392931.0%
CJ Miles to Jordan McRae1233475.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Garrison Mathews1633933.3%
Gary Payton II to Ish Smith52371741.2%
Gary Payton II to Ian Mahinmi3033933.3%
Jerome Robinson to Shabazz Napier81382040.0%
Jerome Robinson to Davis Bertans24341136.4%
Admiral Schofield to Ish Smith118382040.0%
Ish Smith to Jarrod Uthoff1933560.0%
Ish Smith to Isaiah Thomas41341723.5%
Moritz Wagner to CJ Miles29351145.5%
Bradley Beal to Johnathan Williams522366.7%
Bradley Beal to Jordan McRae59231618.8%
Davis Bertans to Isaac Bonga2322633.3%
Davis Bertans to CJ Miles1422825.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Johnathan Williams2322366.7%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jerian Grant622366.7%
Troy Brown Jr. to CJ Miles1022450.0%
Thomas Bryant to Isaac Bonga78261540.0%
Thomas Bryant to Shabazz Napier124281747.1%
Chris Chiozza to Admiral Schofield2222922.2%
Chris Chiozza to Rui Hachimura2022825.0%
Jerian Grant to Thomas Bryant1322728.6%
Rui Hachimura to Shabazz Napier179282630.8%
Garrison Mathews to Gary Payton II5222100.0%
Jordan McRae to Thomas Bryant1722540.0%
Jordan McRae to Isaiah Thomas73232313.0%
CJ Miles to Troy Brown Jr.822366.7%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Jordan McRae702102934.5%
Gary Payton II to Isaac Bonga1523475.0%
Gary Payton II to Thomas Bryant3222100.0%
Gary Payton II to Davis Bertans622366.7%
Justin Robinson to Admiral Schofield1323475.0%
Justin Robinson to Troy Brown Jr.2023742.9%
Admiral Schofield to Troy Brown Jr.59261735.3%
Moritz Wagner to Shabazz Napier195262128.6%
Moritz Wagner to Isaiah Thomas84261442.9%
Bradley Beal to Garrison Mathews611333.3%
Bradley Beal to Chris Chiozza1311250.0%
Davis Bertans to Admiral Schofield1211250.0%
Davis Bertans to Shabazz Napier8012825.0%
Isaac Bonga to Chris Chiozza1111250.0%
Isaac Bonga to Jerome Robinson2211616.7%
Isaac Bonga to Jarrod Uthoff3111100.0%
Isaac Bonga to Jerian Grant1011250.0%
Isaac Bonga to Jordan McRae42161346.2%
Isaac Bonga to Shabazz Napier44141330.8%
Isaac Bonga to Ian Mahinmi6612258.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Justin Robinson12111100.0%
Thomas Bryant to Gary Payton II811250.0%
Chris Chiozza to Isaac Bonga1211333.3%
Chris Chiozza to Jordan McRae2813837.5%
Chris Chiozza to Ian Mahinmi1711425.0%
Jerian Grant to Admiral Schofield911425.0%
Jerian Grant to Isaac Bonga1211250.0%
Jerian Grant to Rui Hachimura511250.0%
Jerian Grant to Jarrod Uthoff5111100.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Garrison Mathews411250.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Admiral Schofield511250.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Ish Smith2931193161.3%
Garrison Mathews to Chris Chiozza4111100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Isaac Bonga4111100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Troy Brown Jr.2312728.6%
Garrison Mathews to Davis Bertans4122100.0%
Jordan McRae to Johnathan Williams811250.0%
CJ Miles to Rui Hachimura1111100.0%
CJ Miles to Ish Smith2612728.6%
Shabazz Napier to Isaac Bonga3411520.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Admiral Schofield811333.3%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Bradley Beal41151435.7%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Isaiah Thomas3811425.0%
Gary Payton II to Garrison Mathews612450.0%
Jerome Robinson to Admiral Schofield1111250.0%
Jerome Robinson to Johnathan Williams511250.0%
Jerome Robinson to Anzejs Pasecniks911250.0%
Jerome Robinson to Jarrod Uthoff4111100.0%
Jerome Robinson to Jerian Grant1412450.0%
Justin Robinson to Garrison Mathews611250.0%
Justin Robinson to Moritz Wagner812366.7%
Justin Robinson to Anzejs Pasecniks611250.0%
Admiral Schofield to Justin Robinson1411333.3%
Admiral Schofield to Anzejs Pasecniks711250.0%
Admiral Schofield to Jordan McRae1312540.0%
Admiral Schofield to Shabazz Napier1311250.0%
Admiral Schofield to Isaiah Thomas2112450.0%
Admiral Schofield to Davis Bertans911520.0%
Ish Smith to Justin Robinson7111100.0%
Ish Smith to Chris Chiozza6111100.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Garrison Mathews311250.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Admiral Schofield711250.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Gary Payton II41111010.0%
Moritz Wagner to Garrison Mathews511250.0%
Moritz Wagner to Johnathan Williams3111100.0%
Moritz Wagner to Isaac Bonga5112728.6%
Moritz Wagner to Gary Payton II2111100.0%
Johnathan Williams to Justin Robinson1111100.0%
Johnathan Williams to Jerome Robinson913475.0%
Johnathan Williams to Troy Brown Jr.2311616.7%
Johnathan Williams to Thomas Bryant2111100.0%
Johnathan Williams to Anzejs Pasecniks1111100.0%
Johnathan Williams to Gary Payton II1511425.0%
Johnathan Williams to Bradley Beal1112450.0%
Johnathan Williams to Ian Mahinmi3111100.0%
Bradley Beal to Justin Robinson10000.0%
Davis Bertans to Garrison Mathews40020.0%
Davis Bertans to Justin Robinson10000.0%
Davis Bertans to Chris Chiozza6501425.0%
Davis Bertans to Johnathan Williams10000.0%
Davis Bertans to Jerome Robinson2101520.0%
Davis Bertans to Gary Payton II40000.0%
Isaac Bonga to Garrison Mathews50010.0%
Isaac Bonga to Justin Robinson90000.0%
Isaac Bonga to Johnathan Williams50020.0%
Isaac Bonga to Anzejs Pasecniks1401250.0%
Isaac Bonga to CJ Miles10010.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jarrod Uthoff20010.0%
Thomas Bryant to Admiral Schofield40010.0%
Thomas Bryant to Chris Chiozza60000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Johnathan Williams10000.0%
Thomas Bryant to Jerian Grant6011100.0%
Thomas Bryant to CJ Miles50030.0%
Thomas Bryant to Ian Mahinmi50030.0%
Chris Chiozza to Garrison Mathews60010.0%
Chris Chiozza to Justin Robinson40000.0%
Chris Chiozza to Thomas Bryant30010.0%
Chris Chiozza to Bradley Beal1802633.3%
Chris Chiozza to Ish Smith30000.0%
Jerian Grant to Johnathan Williams90020.0%
Jerian Grant to Moritz Wagner2101520.0%
Jerian Grant to Troy Brown Jr.40020.0%
Jerian Grant to Shabazz Napier50010.0%
Jerian Grant to Ish Smith2003742.9%
Rui Hachimura to Garrison Mathews20020.0%
Rui Hachimura to Chris Chiozza210040.0%
Rui Hachimura to Anzejs Pasecniks10010.0%
Rui Hachimura to Gary Payton II30010.0%
Rui Hachimura to Jerian Grant70010.0%
Rui Hachimura to Jordan McRae8011100.0%
Rui Hachimura to CJ Miles30000.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Chris Chiozza270040.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Thomas Bryant20000.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Shabazz Napier3401911.1%
Garrison Mathews to Admiral Schofield50020.0%
Garrison Mathews to Justin Robinson10000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Johnathan Williams10000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Rui Hachimura30010.0%
Garrison Mathews to Moritz Wagner3011100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Anzejs Pasecniks70020.0%
Garrison Mathews to Jordan McRae601250.0%
Garrison Mathews to Shabazz Napier20010.0%
Garrison Mathews to Bradley Beal30020.0%
Garrison Mathews to Isaiah Thomas30000.0%
Garrison Mathews to Ian Mahinmi10010.0%
Jordan McRae to Admiral Schofield90000.0%
Jordan McRae to Chris Chiozza180020.0%
Jordan McRae to CJ Miles60030.0%
CJ Miles to Thomas Bryant50000.0%
CJ Miles to Bradley Beal1101616.7%
CJ Miles to Isaiah Thomas40020.0%
CJ Miles to Davis Bertans90030.0%
Shabazz Napier to Garrison Mathews40010.0%
Shabazz Napier to Admiral Schofield60010.0%
Shabazz Napier to Anzejs Pasecniks70000.0%
Shabazz Napier to Gary Payton II20000.0%
Shabazz Napier to Jerian Grant20010.0%
Shabazz Napier to Ish Smith1101616.7%
Shabazz Napier to Ian Mahinmi130010.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Justin Robinson100010.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Johnathan Williams20000.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Rui Hachimura20010.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Jerome Robinson90020.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Gary Payton II3601333.3%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Shabazz Napier2001425.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Davis Bertans130020.0%
Anzejs Pasecniks to Ish Smith244092832.1%
Gary Payton II to Admiral Schofield50000.0%
Gary Payton II to Justin Robinson170020.0%
Gary Payton II to Johnathan Williams5011100.0%
Gary Payton II to Rui Hachimura40010.0%
Gary Payton II to Jerome Robinson20000.0%
Gary Payton II to Shabazz Napier801250.0%
Jerome Robinson to Isaac Bonga2801520.0%
Jerome Robinson to Gary Payton II30020.0%
Jerome Robinson to Ish Smith60051729.4%
Jerome Robinson to Ian Mahinmi40010.0%
Justin Robinson to Chris Chiozza7011100.0%
Justin Robinson to Johnathan Williams20000.0%
Justin Robinson to Isaac Bonga8011100.0%
Justin Robinson to Gary Payton II50000.0%
Justin Robinson to Bradley Beal20020.0%
Justin Robinson to Davis Bertans10010.0%
Justin Robinson to Ish Smith501250.0%
Admiral Schofield to Garrison Mathews301333.3%
Admiral Schofield to Chris Chiozza350030.0%
Admiral Schofield to Johnathan Williams10010.0%
Admiral Schofield to Isaac Bonga2301333.3%
Admiral Schofield to Rui Hachimura30010.0%
Admiral Schofield to Moritz Wagner40000.0%
Admiral Schofield to Jerome Robinson50020.0%
Admiral Schofield to Thomas Bryant40020.0%
Admiral Schofield to Jarrod Uthoff20000.0%
Admiral Schofield to Gary Payton II100010.0%
Admiral Schofield to Jerian Grant130000.0%
Admiral Schofield to Ian Mahinmi20000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Johnathan Williams160020.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Anzejs Pasecniks150020.0%
Isaiah Thomas to CJ Miles20000.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Johnathan Williams30010.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Isaac Bonga50000.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Moritz Wagner60030.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Jerome Robinson30000.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Troy Brown Jr.10000.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Jerian Grant110020.0%
Jarrod Uthoff to Ish Smith1402540.0%
Moritz Wagner to Admiral Schofield90010.0%
Moritz Wagner to Justin Robinson1001333.3%
Moritz Wagner to Chris Chiozza360020.0%
Moritz Wagner to Thomas Bryant10000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Anzejs Pasecniks10000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jarrod Uthoff30010.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jerian Grant270050.0%
Johnathan Williams to Isaac Bonga60010.0%
Johnathan Williams to Moritz Wagner20010.0%
Johnathan Williams to Jarrod Uthoff10000.0%
Johnathan Williams to Jerian Grant130020.0%
Johnathan Williams to Jordan McRae90030.0%
Johnathan Williams to Isaiah Thomas2901812.5%
Johnathan Williams to Ish Smith33031030.0%