2021 Boston Celtics Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Boston Celtics averaged 293 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Marcus Smart to Jayson Tatum, with 111 assists on 1004 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Marcus Smart to Jayson Tatum100411117440642.9%
Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown7119213730245.4%
Marcus Smart to Robert Williams III36161648575.3%
Al Horford to Jayson Tatum565549120245.0%
Jayson Tatum to Marcus Smart880547219237.5%
Al Horford to Jaylen Brown397507417043.5%
Marcus Smart to Al Horford453495513142.0%
Jayson Tatum to Al Horford438495812845.3%
Jayson Tatum to Jaylen Brown439488319642.3%
Jaylen Brown to Robert Williams III19140415969.5%
Jaylen Brown to Al Horford29240437954.4%
Dennis Schroder to Jaylen Brown333385413340.6%
Jaylen Brown to Marcus Smart549375511547.8%
Jayson Tatum to Robert Williams III22836364678.3%
Robert Williams III to Jayson Tatum397356516738.9%
Dennis Schroder to Al Horford38234369737.1%
Dennis Schroder to Jayson Tatum571327920838.0%
Jayson Tatum to Grant Williams19732358242.7%
Marcus Smart to Grant Williams19030306248.4%
Al Horford to Dennis Schroder45426428450.0%
Robert Williams III to Jaylen Brown265254410541.9%
Dennis Schroder to Josh Richardson23924316647.0%
Jaylen Brown to Grant Williams11123244553.3%
Jayson Tatum to Dennis Schroder552235313639.0%
Jaylen Brown to Jayson Tatum367224512735.4%
Al Horford to Grant Williams13122245642.9%
Payton Pritchard to Jayson Tatum281223410432.7%
Jayson Tatum to Payton Pritchard23922265448.1%
Dennis Schroder to Grant Williams20520215141.2%
Dennis Schroder to Robert Williams III18019203754.1%
Derrick White to Jayson Tatum17719316448.4%
Derrick White to Payton Pritchard12717193652.8%
Robert Williams III to Marcus Smart43417287437.8%
Payton Pritchard to Aaron Nesmith10516174042.5%
Dennis Schroder to Marcus Smart26316236833.8%
Jayson Tatum to Derrick White17116205437.0%
Al Horford to Marcus Smart58615288433.3%
Grant Williams to Jayson Tatum23515367746.8%
Marcus Smart to Dennis Schroder31114347644.7%
Jayson Tatum to Josh Richardson13814195038.0%
Grant Williams to Jaylen Brown18214257433.8%
Al Horford to Robert Williams III4713131586.7%
Payton Pritchard to Grant Williams10513143243.8%
Payton Pritchard to Jaylen Brown20013287238.9%
Derrick White to Daniel Theis6813132552.0%
Jaylen Brown to Payton Pritchard15212154434.1%
Jaylen Brown to Daniel Theis5012122254.5%
Al Horford to Payton Pritchard15412143046.7%
Payton Pritchard to Sam Hauser5612122157.1%
Payton Pritchard to Josh Richardson8212152755.6%
Jaylen Brown to Derrick White12311163743.2%
Jaylen Brown to Josh Richardson11311123633.3%
Al Horford to Josh Richardson13511154235.7%
Derrick White to Jaylen Brown14211204247.6%
Robert Williams III to Dennis Schroder22811264656.5%
Josh Richardson to Grant Williams8210132356.5%
Josh Richardson to Jaylen Brown11410184341.9%
Josh Richardson to Al Horford12010122941.4%
Marcus Smart to Josh Richardson13110134131.7%
Derrick White to Grant Williams7710103330.3%
Al Horford to Derrick White1449163545.7%
Josh Richardson to Dennis Schroder2999165927.1%
Jayson Tatum to Daniel Theis56991560.0%
Payton Pritchard to Derrick White1158113135.5%
Dennis Schroder to Aaron Nesmith54881844.4%
Dennis Schroder to Romeo Langford69892536.0%
Marcus Smart to Romeo Langford28891464.3%
Marcus Smart to Daniel Theis52881942.1%
Marcus Smart to Derrick White1128103132.3%
Jayson Tatum to Romeo Langford50892832.1%
Derrick White to Marcus Smart1548113135.5%
Robert Williams III to Grant Williams44891464.3%
Jaylen Brown to Romeo Langford34771450.0%
Jaylen Brown to Dennis Schroder2697175332.1%
Al Horford to Romeo Langford37781844.4%
Payton Pritchard to Romeo Langford60782630.8%
Josh Richardson to Jayson Tatum1557195832.8%
Marcus Smart to Payton Pritchard82781747.1%
Jayson Tatum to Aaron Nesmith38772035.0%
Robert Williams III to Romeo Langford29791850.0%
Grant Williams to Payton Pritchard1537132650.0%
Grant Williams to Marcus Smart2677123534.3%
Al Horford to Daniel Theis1466966.7%
Payton Pritchard to Robert Williams III73661060.0%
Payton Pritchard to Al Horford142682334.8%
Josh Richardson to Marcus Smart1996143145.2%
Jayson Tatum to Enes Freedom35671163.6%
Grant Williams to Aaron Nesmith32661637.5%
Grant Williams to Josh Richardson1056102540.0%
Grant Williams to Dennis Schroder2886246338.1%
Grant Williams to Al Horford79671643.8%
Romeo Langford to Josh Richardson39581266.7%
Marcus Smart to Aaron Nesmith43552025.0%
Daniel Theis to Jayson Tatum805142653.8%
Derrick White to Robert Williams III2455683.3%
Derrick White to Al Horford90561735.3%
Robert Williams III to Al Horford84571741.2%
Enes Freedom to Payton Pritchard60481553.3%
Payton Pritchard to Daniel Theis50441233.3%
Payton Pritchard to Enes Freedom3744850.0%
Josh Richardson to Payton Pritchard117461735.3%
Josh Richardson to Romeo Langford36441526.7%
Marcus Smart to Enes Freedom36441233.3%
Daniel Theis to Derrick White66441921.1%
Robert Williams III to Payton Pritchard65481553.3%
Robert Williams III to Josh Richardson91482040.0%
Jaylen Brown to Enes Freedom13333100.0%
Malik Fitts to Aaron Nesmith733475.0%
Al Horford to Jabari Parker3333100.0%
Luke Kornet to Sam Hauser1333650.0%
Romeo Langford to Jayson Tatum42361540.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Jayson Tatum55382040.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Marcus Smart71361154.5%
Payton Pritchard to Bruno Fernando18344100.0%
Payton Pritchard to Marcus Smart104351533.3%
Payton Pritchard to Dennis Schroder38341330.8%
Dennis Schroder to Payton Pritchard3434757.1%
Daniel Theis to Grant Williams25341040.0%
Daniel Theis to Jaylen Brown42361540.0%
Daniel Theis to Marcus Smart79352025.0%
Derrick White to Aaron Nesmith833742.9%
Grant Williams to Romeo Langford2533742.9%
Grant Williams to Robert Williams III3133650.0%
Grant Williams to Derrick White116341526.7%
Bruno Fernando to Payton Pritchard2925955.6%
Bruno Fernando to Aaron Nesmith1422540.0%
Sam Hauser to Malik Fitts2222100.0%
Sam Hauser to Aaron Nesmith2024850.0%
Sam Hauser to Luke Kornet8222100.0%
Sam Hauser to Jaylen Brown1222450.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Payton Pritchard41241136.4%
Luke Kornet to Aaron Nesmith1522366.7%
Romeo Langford to Aaron Nesmith1422728.6%
Romeo Langford to Grant Williams2022450.0%
Romeo Langford to Jaylen Brown49261833.3%
Romeo Langford to Jabari Parker522366.7%
Romeo Langford to Dennis Schroder96271741.2%
Aaron Nesmith to Sam Hauser1522633.3%
Aaron Nesmith to Payton Pritchard1672123831.6%
Aaron Nesmith to Grant Williams2923650.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Dennis Schroder982102050.0%
Jabari Parker to Jaylen Brown4222100.0%
Payton Pritchard to Malik Fitts422366.7%
Payton Pritchard to Jabari Parker2422825.0%
Josh Richardson to Robert Williams III5022450.0%
Dennis Schroder to Jabari Parker7222100.0%
Marcus Smart to Sam Hauser722366.7%
Daniel Theis to Payton Pritchard5122728.6%
Brodric Thomas to Malik Fitts5222100.0%
Brodric Thomas to Luke Kornet11222100.0%
Brodric Thomas to Jaylen Brown422366.7%
Robert Williams III to Derrick White32231225.0%
Robert Williams III to Juancho Hernangomez522450.0%
Jaylen Brown to Sam Hauser511250.0%
Jaylen Brown to Aaron Nesmith1111616.7%
Jaylen Brown to Juancho Hernangomez311250.0%
Jaylen Brown to Jabari Parker411333.3%
Malik Fitts to Matt Ryan2111100.0%
Malik Fitts to Luke Kornet511250.0%
Enes Freedom to Aaron Nesmith511333.3%
Enes Freedom to Jayson Tatum67172133.3%
Enes Freedom to Josh Richardson3514850.0%
Enes Freedom to Marcus Smart4014944.4%
Sam Hauser to Brodric Thomas7111100.0%
Sam Hauser to Daniel Theis5111100.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Romeo Langford3111100.0%
Al Horford to Sam Hauser711333.3%
Al Horford to Brodric Thomas711425.0%
Al Horford to Aaron Nesmith21111010.0%
Luke Kornet to Brodric Thomas911250.0%
Luke Kornet to Payton Pritchard2412633.3%
Luke Kornet to Nik Stauskas1111100.0%
Romeo Langford to Enes Freedom7122100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Brodric Thomas1612366.7%
Aaron Nesmith to Romeo Langford1012450.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Robert Williams III9111100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Daniel Theis6111100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Luke Kornet6111100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Juancho Hernangomez711333.3%
Aaron Nesmith to Jaylen Brown1314580.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Enes Freedom1212450.0%
Jabari Parker to Sam Hauser1111100.0%
Jabari Parker to Aaron Nesmith711250.0%
Jabari Parker to Romeo Langford411250.0%
Jabari Parker to Josh Richardson5122100.0%
Payton Pritchard to Brodric Thomas7111100.0%
Payton Pritchard to Luke Kornet3111714.3%
Payton Pritchard to Juancho Hernangomez2211911.1%
Josh Richardson to Aaron Nesmith1211520.0%
Josh Richardson to Bruno Fernando4111100.0%
Josh Richardson to Jabari Parker5133100.0%
Josh Richardson to Enes Freedom32131030.0%
Dennis Schroder to Enes Freedom4113837.5%
Marcus Smart to Jabari Parker911333.3%
Nik Stauskas to Brodric Thomas2111100.0%
Jayson Tatum to Jabari Parker811520.0%
Daniel Theis to Al Horford1612366.7%
Brodric Thomas to Payton Pritchard811425.0%
Brodric Thomas to Aaron Nesmith1311333.3%
Brodric Thomas to Grant Williams211250.0%
Brodric Thomas to Romeo Langford311250.0%
Brodric Thomas to Daniel Theis311250.0%
Derrick White to Luke Kornet511250.0%
Robert Williams III to Daniel Theis2111100.0%
Jaylen Brown to Brodric Thomas30010.0%
Jaylen Brown to Luke Kornet10010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Sam Hauser20000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Brodric Thomas40010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Grant Williams10010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Romeo Langford20010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Jayson Tatum201250.0%
Bruno Fernando to Juancho Hernangomez10010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Jaylen Brown30010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Josh Richardson20010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Marcus Smart10010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Enes Freedom10010.0%
Bruno Fernando to Joe Johnson3011100.0%
Malik Fitts to Sam Hauser20020.0%
Malik Fitts to Brodric Thomas20000.0%
Malik Fitts to Payton Pritchard50000.0%
Malik Fitts to Kelan Martin30020.0%
Enes Freedom to Grant Williams170020.0%
Enes Freedom to Romeo Langford60020.0%
Enes Freedom to Juancho Hernangomez30000.0%
Enes Freedom to Jaylen Brown35041136.4%
Enes Freedom to Dennis Schroder67051435.7%
Enes Freedom to Al Horford1011100.0%
Sam Hauser to Matt Ryan10010.0%
Sam Hauser to Payton Pritchard74031127.3%
Sam Hauser to Grant Williams80040.0%
Sam Hauser to Romeo Langford30010.0%
Sam Hauser to Bruno Fernando20000.0%
Sam Hauser to Derrick White1601333.3%
Sam Hauser to Jayson Tatum4011100.0%
Sam Hauser to Josh Richardson50000.0%
Sam Hauser to Jabari Parker20000.0%
Sam Hauser to Marcus Smart60010.0%
Sam Hauser to Nik Stauskas20010.0%
Sam Hauser to Dennis Schroder10000.0%
Sam Hauser to Al Horford40010.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Aaron Nesmith90020.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Grant Williams10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Robert Williams III20000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Bruno Fernando10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jayson Tatum501250.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jaylen Brown30020.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Josh Richardson20020.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Jabari Parker10000.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Marcus Smart13011100.0%
Juancho Hernangomez to Dennis Schroder70000.0%
Al Horford to Juancho Hernangomez20010.0%
Al Horford to Enes Freedom601333.3%
Joe Johnson to Payton Pritchard20000.0%
Joe Johnson to Bruno Fernando10000.0%
Joe Johnson to CJ Miles10000.0%
Luke Kornet to Matt Ryan30020.0%
Luke Kornet to Malik Fitts40010.0%
Luke Kornet to Grant Williams30010.0%
Luke Kornet to Derrick White901333.3%
Luke Kornet to Jaylen Brown3011100.0%
Romeo Langford to Sam Hauser30000.0%
Romeo Langford to Brodric Thomas20010.0%
Romeo Langford to Payton Pritchard6601714.3%
Romeo Langford to Robert Williams III150010.0%
Romeo Langford to Bruno Fernando30000.0%
Romeo Langford to Juancho Hernangomez20000.0%
Romeo Langford to Marcus Smart63021118.2%
Romeo Langford to Al Horford260030.0%
Kelan Martin to Sam Hauser10000.0%
Kelan Martin to Malik Fitts10010.0%
Kelan Martin to Payton Pritchard20010.0%
Kelan Martin to Aaron Nesmith30000.0%
CJ Miles to Justin Jackson10010.0%
Juwan Morgan to Aaron Nesmith10000.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Matt Ryan10010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Malik Fitts40010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Kelan Martin20010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Bruno Fernando901333.3%
Aaron Nesmith to Derrick White250050.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Josh Richardson19011100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Jabari Parker30010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Al Horford1102633.3%
Jabari Parker to Payton Pritchard3101425.0%
Jabari Parker to Grant Williams70020.0%
Jabari Parker to Robert Williams III10000.0%
Jabari Parker to Jayson Tatum901333.3%
Jabari Parker to Juancho Hernangomez20000.0%
Jabari Parker to Marcus Smart140010.0%
Jabari Parker to Dennis Schroder190030.0%
Jabari Parker to Enes Freedom10010.0%
Jabari Parker to Al Horford10000.0%
Payton Pritchard to Kelan Martin10000.0%
Payton Pritchard to Nik Stauskas1001520.0%
Payton Pritchard to Joe Johnson20000.0%
Josh Richardson to Sam Hauser50010.0%
Josh Richardson to Brodric Thomas60020.0%
Josh Richardson to Juancho Hernangomez20010.0%
Matt Ryan to Sam Hauser10010.0%
Matt Ryan to Brodric Thomas2011100.0%
Matt Ryan to Luke Kornet10000.0%
Dennis Schroder to Sam Hauser10000.0%
Dennis Schroder to Bruno Fernando10000.0%
Dennis Schroder to Juancho Hernangomez40000.0%
Marcus Smart to Brodric Thomas30000.0%
Marcus Smart to Bruno Fernando10000.0%
Marcus Smart to Juancho Hernangomez60030.0%
Nik Stauskas to Sam Hauser30000.0%
Nik Stauskas to Malik Fitts10000.0%
Nik Stauskas to Payton Pritchard60000.0%
Nik Stauskas to Jayson Tatum10000.0%
Jayson Tatum to Sam Hauser20010.0%
Jayson Tatum to Bruno Fernando30000.0%
Jayson Tatum to Juancho Hernangomez70040.0%
Daniel Theis to Sam Hauser40000.0%
Daniel Theis to Brodric Thomas50010.0%
Daniel Theis to Aaron Nesmith60010.0%
Daniel Theis to Robert Williams III10000.0%
Daniel Theis to Nik Stauskas10000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Sam Hauser60010.0%
Brodric Thomas to Matt Ryan10000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Bruno Fernando2011100.0%
Brodric Thomas to Josh Richardson60010.0%
Brodric Thomas to Marcus Smart30010.0%
Brodric Thomas to Nik Stauskas10000.0%
Brodric Thomas to Al Horford30000.0%
Derrick White to Sam Hauser20000.0%
Robert Williams III to Sam Hauser10000.0%
Robert Williams III to Aaron Nesmith110010.0%
Robert Williams III to Jabari Parker30010.0%
Grant Williams to Sam Hauser20000.0%
Grant Williams to Brodric Thomas50000.0%
Grant Williams to Bruno Fernando10000.0%
Grant Williams to Daniel Theis701250.0%
Grant Williams to Luke Kornet20000.0%
Grant Williams to Juancho Hernangomez10000.0%
Grant Williams to Jabari Parker701250.0%
Grant Williams to Enes Freedom50010.0%