2016 Boston Celtics Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Boston Celtics averaged 325 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Isaiah Thomas to Al Horford, with 98 assists on 1052 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Isaiah Thomas to Al Horford10529812427445.3%
Marcus Smart to Kelly Olynyk582759017352.0%
Al Horford to Jae Crowder464697217940.2%
Isaiah Thomas to Jae Crowder608697316943.2%
Isaiah Thomas to Amir Johnson588636411953.8%
Al Horford to Isaiah Thomas12945913033638.7%
Al Horford to Avery Bradley382577315347.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Kelly Olynyk410545711748.7%
Marcus Smart to Isaiah Thomas519538920244.1%
Marcus Smart to Al Horford607496917439.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Avery Bradley430465415235.5%
Amir Johnson to Isaiah Thomas830458218644.1%
Marcus Smart to Jae Crowder354445311745.3%
Jae Crowder to Isaiah Thomas9454310224841.1%
Al Horford to Marcus Smart598385314436.8%
Amir Johnson to Avery Bradley23536498657.0%
Jae Crowder to Al Horford433355611747.9%
Avery Bradley to Al Horford353345110648.1%
Al Horford to Amir Johnson15034376656.1%
Marcus Smart to Avery Bradley22833387650.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Isaiah Thomas653306316937.3%
Isaiah Thomas to Marcus Smart46029349635.4%
Isaiah Thomas to Jaylen Brown20028337146.5%
Marcus Smart to Amir Johnson23425285253.8%
Isaiah Thomas to Jonas Jerebko26325276442.2%
Avery Bradley to Jae Crowder17220226533.8%
Al Horford to Kelly Olynyk8620214052.5%
Amir Johnson to Jae Crowder19720216134.4%
Kelly Olynyk to Marcus Smart59320319732.0%
Terry Rozier to Kelly Olynyk42620286245.2%
Jae Crowder to Avery Bradley22519266341.3%
Kelly Olynyk to Jae Crowder15519245444.4%
Avery Bradley to Isaiah Thomas473183811533.0%
Al Horford to Jaylen Brown11118245543.6%
Marcus Smart to Jaylen Brown17418257035.7%
Al Horford to Terry Rozier26717185433.3%
Terry Rozier to Jaylen Brown17317266440.6%
Marcus Smart to Jonas Jerebko25717185632.1%
Terry Rozier to Marcus Smart33116247930.4%
Jonas Jerebko to Isaiah Thomas505154911443.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Gerald Green5915172958.6%
Marcus Smart to Tyler Zeller10114153444.1%
Isaiah Thomas to Tyler Zeller11614153542.9%
Jaylen Brown to Marcus Smart21113145028.0%
Amir Johnson to Marcus Smart26413225440.7%
Kelly Olynyk to Jaylen Brown10113173548.6%
Kelly Olynyk to Avery Bradley18013165230.8%
Avery Bradley to Amir Johnson11712143935.9%
Jae Crowder to Marcus Smart43712217428.4%
Jonas Jerebko to Jae Crowder9212162564.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Terry Rozier44112235145.1%
Terry Rozier to Jonas Jerebko25212153542.9%
Terry Rozier to Al Horford26612173844.7%
Marcus Smart to Terry Rozier20612185433.3%
Jae Crowder to Jaylen Brown7211122646.2%
Jae Crowder to Amir Johnson15311152755.6%
Al Horford to Jonas Jerebko4411112250.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Amir Johnson5111121866.7%
Terry Rozier to Isaiah Thomas14111194938.8%
Marcus Smart to Gerald Green8711124030.0%
Tyler Zeller to Isaiah Thomas17311244949.0%
Avery Bradley to Tyler Zeller6010102245.5%
Jonas Jerebko to Jaylen Brown10910153740.5%
Jonas Jerebko to Avery Bradley10810132454.2%
Kelly Olynyk to Al Horford9010132161.9%
Terry Rozier to Jae Crowder12510103330.3%
Terry Rozier to Tyler Zeller12210111957.9%
Tyler Zeller to Avery Bradley8910204643.5%
Avery Bradley to Kelly Olynyk1229153246.9%
Jaylen Brown to Jae Crowder75992142.9%
Kelly Olynyk to Gerald Green789123138.7%
Terry Rozier to Avery Bradley1329173745.9%
Jaylen Brown to Isaiah Thomas2218255545.5%
Kelly Olynyk to Jonas Jerebko818102147.6%
Amir Johnson to Al Horford1367122842.9%
Avery Bradley to Jaylen Brown29661442.9%
Avery Bradley to Marcus Smart2046143935.9%
Jae Crowder to Kelly Olynyk114682138.1%
Al Horford to James Young1366875.0%
Al Horford to Gerald Green51692733.3%
Jonas Jerebko to Terry Rozier4346154930.6%
Amir Johnson to Gerald Green25691560.0%
Terry Rozier to Gerald Green786123138.7%
Tyler Zeller to Terry Rozier103681266.7%
Avery Bradley to Jonas Jerebko69571546.7%
Jaylen Brown to Terry Rozier184592142.9%
Jaylen Brown to Kelly Olynyk79571353.8%
Jaylen Brown to Gerald Green26551435.7%
Gerald Green to Amir Johnson1655683.3%
Jonas Jerebko to Kelly Olynyk93592045.0%
Amir Johnson to Terry Rozier95572231.8%
Isaiah Thomas to Terry Rozier96572528.0%
Jaylen Brown to Al Horford91471353.8%
Jae Crowder to Tyler Zeller2844666.7%
Gerald Green to Tyler Zeller1044666.7%
Jonas Jerebko to Marcus Smart3914104422.7%
Amir Johnson to Jaylen Brown62472133.3%
Avery Bradley to Terry Rozier127382532.0%
Jaylen Brown to Jonas Jerebko96361060.0%
Jaylen Brown to Amir Johnson5233837.5%
Gerald Green to Jaylen Brown1133837.5%
Gerald Green to Terry Rozier95341330.8%
Gerald Green to Jordan Mickey11333100.0%
Gerald Green to Kelly Olynyk3133933.3%
Gerald Green to Jae Crowder1834850.0%
Gerald Green to Avery Bradley1434850.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Tyler Zeller3233650.0%
Terry Rozier to James Young2633837.5%
Terry Rozier to Amir Johnson93341040.0%
Marcus Smart to Jordan Mickey3133650.0%
Tyler Zeller to Jaylen Brown3033837.5%
Tyler Zeller to Marcus Smart85342119.0%
Tyler Zeller to James Young1433742.9%
Tyler Zeller to Jae Crowder2233933.3%
Jaylen Brown to Tyler Zeller2622450.0%
Jaylen Brown to Avery Bradley43231323.1%
Jae Crowder to Terry Rozier144271741.2%
Gerald Green to Jonas Jerebko33231030.0%
Gerald Green to Al Horford3023650.0%
Al Horford to Tyler Zeller922450.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Jordan Mickey6222100.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Tyler Zeller2322540.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Al Horford69241136.4%
Amir Johnson to Kelly Olynyk38231030.0%
Jordan Mickey to Jaylen Brown1522540.0%
Jordan Mickey to Isaiah Thomas52261442.9%
Kelly Olynyk to James Young3422825.0%
Terry Rozier to Jordan Mickey4522922.2%
Marcus Smart to James Young2223837.5%
Isaiah Thomas to James Young1323650.0%
James Young to Jaylen Brown622450.0%
Tyler Zeller to Kelly Olynyk1822366.7%
Tyler Zeller to Gerald Green2222728.6%
Avery Bradley to James Young911250.0%
Jaylen Brown to James Young911520.0%
Jae Crowder to James Young4111100.0%
Jae Crowder to Jonas Jerebko74131030.0%
Jae Crowder to Gerald Green1411616.7%
Gerald Green to Demetrius Jackson2111100.0%
Gerald Green to Marcus Smart71141136.4%
Demetrius Jackson to Marcus Smart1111100.0%
Jonas Jerebko to James Young811250.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Amir Johnson4413650.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Gerald Green46141723.5%
Amir Johnson to Tyler Zeller1111250.0%
Amir Johnson to Jonas Jerebko2111520.0%
Jordan Mickey to Terry Rozier54131030.0%
Jordan Mickey to Jae Crowder2111100.0%
Jordan Mickey to Gerald Green1412366.7%
Terry Rozier to Demetrius Jackson2111100.0%
James Young to Jordan Mickey611250.0%
James Young to Avery Bradley1111520.0%
Avery Bradley to Demetrius Jackson10000.0%
Avery Bradley to Jordan Mickey70020.0%
Avery Bradley to Gerald Green100050.0%
Jaylen Brown to Demetrius Jackson60010.0%
Jaylen Brown to Jordan Mickey70020.0%
Jae Crowder to Jordan Mickey20000.0%
Gerald Green to James Young60010.0%
Gerald Green to Isaiah Thomas70071838.9%
Al Horford to Jordan Mickey30000.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Jaylen Brown50020.0%
Demetrius Jackson to James Young20010.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Tyler Zeller10010.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Avery Bradley10000.0%
Demetrius Jackson to Gerald Green20000.0%
Jonas Jerebko to Jordan Mickey40000.0%
Amir Johnson to James Young10010.0%
Jordan Mickey to Demetrius Jackson601250.0%
Jordan Mickey to Marcus Smart2901812.5%
Jordan Mickey to James Young40010.0%
Jordan Mickey to Kelly Olynyk10010.0%
Jordan Mickey to Tyler Zeller10010.0%
Jordan Mickey to Avery Bradley1201425.0%
Jordan Mickey to Jonas Jerebko30000.0%
Jordan Mickey to Al Horford30010.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Jordan Mickey50000.0%
Marcus Smart to Marcus Smart10000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Demetrius Jackson10000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Jordan Mickey220020.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Isaiah Thomas10000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Hassan Whiteside10000.0%
James Young to Demetrius Jackson30000.0%
James Young to Terry Rozier34031225.0%
James Young to Marcus Smart35031225.0%
James Young to Kelly Olynyk170020.0%
James Young to Jae Crowder20020.0%
James Young to Tyler Zeller601333.3%
James Young to Isaiah Thomas190040.0%
James Young to Jonas Jerebko40000.0%
James Young to Al Horford50020.0%
James Young to Amir Johnson10010.0%
James Young to Gerald Green60010.0%
Tyler Zeller to Demetrius Jackson10000.0%
Tyler Zeller to Jordan Mickey2011100.0%
Tyler Zeller to Jonas Jerebko120040.0%
Tyler Zeller to Al Horford70010.0%
Tyler Zeller to Amir Johnson50010.0%