2016 Golden State Warriors Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Golden State Warriors averaged 318 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Draymond Green to Klay Thompson, with 136 assists on 732 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Draymond Green to Klay Thompson73213615334644.2%
Draymond Green to Stephen Curry188412721749843.6%
Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson62612213628847.2%
Stephen Curry to Kevin Durant6809412828045.7%
Draymond Green to Kevin Durant5229010722447.8%
Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson319778516551.5%
Stephen Curry to Draymond Green1081707719938.7%
Kevin Durant to Stephen Curry6796310421348.8%
Andre Iguodala to Klay Thompson348536616739.5%
Stephen Curry to Zaza Pachulia405505610254.9%
Stephen Curry to Andre Iguodala41247488854.5%
Andre Iguodala to Stephen Curry536468018842.6%
Andre Iguodala to Kevin Durant318455713542.2%
Stephen Curry to JaVale McGee15944498458.3%
Draymond Green to JaVale McGee9243456470.3%
David West to Klay Thompson229435010050.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Klay Thompson26235409343.0%
Draymond Green to Andre Iguodala45033356950.7%
Zaza Pachulia to Kevin Durant18430426267.7%
Zaza Pachulia to Stephen Curry541284910248.0%
Kevin Durant to Draymond Green38727308535.3%
Klay Thompson to Kevin Durant25827489451.1%
Draymond Green to Ian Clark16926275152.9%
Andre Iguodala to Draymond Green38426297339.7%
Klay Thompson to Draymond Green47726288234.1%
Klay Thompson to Zaza Pachulia18426275945.8%
Shaun Livingston to Klay Thompson24825358839.8%
Zaza Pachulia to Draymond Green33425285550.9%
David West to Ian Clark18425285253.8%
Kevin Durant to Ian Clark13524264656.5%
Klay Thompson to Stephen Curry32724398048.8%
Draymond Green to Zaza Pachulia20322245543.6%
Andre Iguodala to David West18722264261.9%
Draymond Green to Shaun Livingston35320274856.3%
Kevin Durant to David West9619193948.7%
David West to Andre Iguodala20719224746.8%
Kevin Durant to Zaza Pachulia15018204346.5%
Shaun Livingston to Stephen Curry19318266241.9%
Kevin Durant to JaVale McGee4117202774.1%
Kevin Durant to Andre Iguodala23017215141.2%
Stephen Curry to Patrick McCaw21216184440.9%
Shaun Livingston to Andre Iguodala26116203754.1%
Shaun Livingston to David West28416184639.1%
David West to Shaun Livingston25916214151.2%
Andre Iguodala to JaVale McGee5915162661.5%
Patrick McCaw to Stephen Curry15415195236.5%
Stephen Curry to Ian Clark13114154434.1%
Andre Iguodala to Ian Clark13614173154.8%
Andre Iguodala to Shaun Livingston29214194146.3%
Shaun Livingston to Kevin Durant25614307241.7%
Klay Thompson to JaVale McGee3814152268.2%
David West to Kevin Durant12114215438.9%
Shaun Livingston to Ian Clark19213185036.0%
Stephen Curry to Matt Barnes8712132356.5%
Draymond Green to David West8812132748.1%
Shaun Livingston to Draymond Green33012153938.5%
Patrick McCaw to Klay Thompson7412163250.0%
Ian Clark to JaVale McGee5511122254.5%
Stephen Curry to Shaun Livingston16311182766.7%
Draymond Green to Patrick McCaw14411142850.0%
Klay Thompson to David West14211153246.9%
Ian Clark to David West17410142751.9%
Shaun Livingston to James Michael McAdoo7410111764.7%
Patrick McCaw to Ian Clark9210183158.1%
Patrick McCaw to JaVale McGee5010112152.4%
David West to Stephen Curry9310142751.9%
Matt Barnes to Klay Thompson789122941.4%
Ian Clark to Stephen Curry1079163743.2%
Ian Clark to Andre Iguodala1429112152.4%
Stephen Curry to Kevon Looney67991752.9%
Stephen Curry to David West779102050.0%
David West to Draymond Green889122744.4%
Ian Clark to Kevin Durant1228193554.3%
Kevin Durant to Patrick McCaw65881650.0%
Kevin Durant to Shaun Livingston2448213855.3%
Ian Clark to Draymond Green151772528.0%
Stephen Curry to James Michael McAdoo49771450.0%
Andre Iguodala to James Michael McAdoo53771450.0%
Kevon Looney to Ian Clark126782433.3%
James Michael McAdoo to Ian Clark1087152657.7%
Klay Thompson to James Michael McAdoo39781080.0%
Klay Thompson to Andre Iguodala210783225.0%
Klay Thompson to Shaun Livingston1727142653.8%
Matt Barnes to Stephen Curry1136113234.4%
Matt Barnes to Andre Iguodala846101758.8%
Ian Clark to Patrick McCaw110672626.9%
Kevin Durant to Kevon Looney14666100.0%
Shaun Livingston to Patrick McCaw90661833.3%
Kevon Looney to Patrick McCaw61691947.4%
Patrick McCaw to Kevon Looney59681553.3%
Zaza Pachulia to Patrick McCaw58661250.0%
Klay Thompson to Patrick McCaw52671353.8%
David West to Patrick McCaw59672035.0%
Matt Barnes to Ian Clark1045101566.7%
Matt Barnes to David West45581172.7%
Ian Clark to Kevon Looney74571936.8%
Ian Clark to Klay Thompson77571741.2%
Ian Clark to Shaun Livingston164592142.9%
Kevin Durant to James Michael McAdoo1855683.3%
Andre Iguodala to Patrick McCaw72551729.4%
Andre Iguodala to Kevon Looney3155771.4%
Patrick McCaw to James Michael McAdoo55561154.5%
Patrick McCaw to Draymond Green142582729.6%
Patrick McCaw to Kevin Durant875122744.4%
David West to Matt Barnes42551533.3%
Matt Barnes to Zaza Pachulia1945862.5%
Ian Clark to James Michael McAdoo84442416.7%
Andre Iguodala to Zaza Pachulia3944757.1%
JaVale McGee to Ian Clark5344850.0%
JaVale McGee to Klay Thompson44451631.3%
Zaza Pachulia to Andre Iguodala3845862.5%
Klay Thompson to Kevon Looney2144850.0%
Matt Barnes to Draymond Green5134850.0%
Matt Barnes to JaVale McGee1533560.0%
Ian Clark to Matt Barnes74341136.4%
Draymond Green to James Michael McAdoo2133742.9%
Shaun Livingston to Kevon Looney5733650.0%
Shaun Livingston to Matt Barnes4933742.9%
Kevon Looney to Klay Thompson3535955.6%
Patrick McCaw to David West4234850.0%
JaVale McGee to Stephen Curry2243204940.8%
Zaza Pachulia to Ian Clark3033837.5%
Klay Thompson to Matt Barnes3833560.0%
Anderson Varejao to Ian Clark32341136.4%
Matt Barnes to Patrick McCaw3122922.2%
Ian Clark to Damian Jones1622450.0%
Draymond Green to Kevon Looney1622366.7%
Andre Iguodala to Matt Barnes6022633.3%
Shaun Livingston to JaVale McGee24251050.0%
Shaun Livingston to Zaza Pachulia8222922.2%
Kevon Looney to James Michael McAdoo2222633.3%
Kevon Looney to Stephen Curry87261637.5%
Kevon Looney to Kevin Durant2122728.6%
James Michael McAdoo to Draymond Green2922540.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Shaun Livingston120261637.5%
Patrick McCaw to Damian Jones1523650.0%
Patrick McCaw to Shaun Livingston72291850.0%
JaVale McGee to Draymond Green98221612.5%
JaVale McGee to Kevin Durant3724757.1%
JaVale McGee to Andre Iguodala65255100.0%
JaVale McGee to Matt Barnes7222100.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Kevon Looney1222450.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Matt Barnes3122728.6%
Klay Thompson to Ian Clark77231323.1%
Anderson Varejao to Patrick McCaw2722540.0%
Anderson Varejao to Kevon Looney922450.0%
Briante Weber to Ian Clark2424944.4%
Matt Barnes to James Michael McAdoo1011250.0%
Matt Barnes to Shaun Livingston6512633.3%
Ian Clark to Anderson Varejao2511425.0%
Ian Clark to Zaza Pachulia2111333.3%
Stephen Curry to Anderson Varejao2111333.3%
Kevin Durant to Anderson Varejao8122100.0%
Draymond Green to Matt Barnes4212922.2%
Andre Iguodala to Briante Weber811250.0%
Damian Jones to Patrick McCaw2012540.0%
Kevon Looney to Damian Jones2111100.0%
Kevon Looney to Draymond Green2911333.3%
Kevon Looney to JaVale McGee511333.3%
Kevon Looney to Andre Iguodala3312633.3%
Kevon Looney to Shaun Livingston10615862.5%
Kevon Looney to Zaza Pachulia411250.0%
Kevon Looney to Matt Barnes711250.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Patrick McCaw4812633.3%
James Michael McAdoo to Damian Jones611250.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Kevon Looney1611520.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Klay Thompson49121414.3%
James Michael McAdoo to Stephen Curry68141330.8%
James Michael McAdoo to Kevin Durant1815771.4%
James Michael McAdoo to Andre Iguodala61131520.0%
Patrick McCaw to Andre Iguodala7513742.9%
Patrick McCaw to Zaza Pachulia4411812.5%
JaVale McGee to James Michael McAdoo811250.0%
Zaza Pachulia to James Michael McAdoo4111100.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Shaun Livingston112151435.7%
Zaza Pachulia to David West511250.0%
Anderson Varejao to Stephen Curry34131030.0%
Anderson Varejao to Kevin Durant1611425.0%
Anderson Varejao to Shaun Livingston1512450.0%
Briante Weber to Patrick McCaw16133100.0%
Briante Weber to Kevon Looney1411333.3%
David West to Kevon Looney3111100.0%
David West to Zaza Pachulia4111100.0%
Matt Barnes to Kevon Looney50020.0%
Ian Clark to Briante Weber140010.0%
Stephen Curry to Briante Weber20000.0%
Stephen Curry to Stephen Curry20000.0%
Kevin Durant to Briante Weber40000.0%
Draymond Green to Damian Jones10010.0%
Draymond Green to Briante Weber30000.0%
Draymond Green to Anderson Varejao40010.0%
Andre Iguodala to Andre Iguodala10000.0%
Damian Jones to Briante Weber1201333.3%
Damian Jones to Kevon Looney1011100.0%
Damian Jones to James Michael McAdoo50000.0%
Damian Jones to Ian Clark2601616.7%
Damian Jones to Klay Thompson30000.0%
Damian Jones to JaVale McGee1011100.0%
Damian Jones to Kevin Durant10000.0%
Damian Jones to Andre Iguodala20000.0%
Damian Jones to Shaun Livingston120010.0%
Damian Jones to David West20000.0%
Damian Jones to Matt Barnes10010.0%
Shaun Livingston to Damian Jones40010.0%
Shaun Livingston to Anderson Varejao130010.0%
Shaun Livingston to Shaun Livingston10000.0%
Kevon Looney to Briante Weber2101333.3%
Kevon Looney to Anderson Varejao60020.0%
Kevon Looney to David West20000.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Briante Weber200010.0%
James Michael McAdoo to JaVale McGee60020.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Anderson Varejao1011100.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Zaza Pachulia50000.0%
James Michael McAdoo to David West50030.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Matt Barnes70010.0%
Patrick McCaw to Briante Weber80010.0%
Patrick McCaw to Anderson Varejao150020.0%
Patrick McCaw to Matt Barnes250020.0%
JaVale McGee to Patrick McCaw460050.0%
JaVale McGee to Damian Jones20000.0%
JaVale McGee to Briante Weber20000.0%
JaVale McGee to Kevon Looney10000.0%
JaVale McGee to Anderson Varejao30000.0%
JaVale McGee to Shaun Livingston3303650.0%
JaVale McGee to Zaza Pachulia20000.0%
Zaza Pachulia to JaVale McGee2011100.0%
Klay Thompson to Damian Jones10000.0%
Klay Thompson to Klay Thompson20000.0%
Klay Thompson to Anderson Varejao80010.0%
Anderson Varejao to James Michael McAdoo30000.0%
Anderson Varejao to Draymond Green50000.0%
Anderson Varejao to Klay Thompson110040.0%
Anderson Varejao to JaVale McGee30010.0%
Anderson Varejao to Andre Iguodala90010.0%
Briante Weber to Damian Jones80000.0%
Briante Weber to James Michael McAdoo90000.0%
Briante Weber to Draymond Green50000.0%
Briante Weber to Stephen Curry40010.0%
Briante Weber to JaVale McGee10000.0%
Briante Weber to Kevin Durant5011100.0%
Briante Weber to Andre Iguodala8011100.0%
Briante Weber to Zaza Pachulia10000.0%
David West to Damian Jones40010.0%
David West to James Michael McAdoo40020.0%
David West to JaVale McGee20010.0%