2015 Golden State Warriors Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Golden State Warriors averaged 324 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson, with 163 assists on 862 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson86216318240345.2%
Draymond Green to Klay Thompson89815918844242.5%
Draymond Green to Stephen Curry228615829263046.3%
Stephen Curry to Draymond Green153111312932739.4%
Andrew Bogut to Stephen Curry9045911821554.9%
Stephen Curry to Andrew Bogut517555710156.4%
Andrew Bogut to Klay Thompson320546714845.3%
Stephen Curry to Harrison Barnes426535813343.6%
Andre Iguodala to Stephen Curry421517914753.7%
Shaun Livingston to Marreese Speights318475413340.6%
Draymond Green to Harrison Barnes345445713941.0%
Draymond Green to Andrew Bogut25443445974.6%
Shaun Livingston to Klay Thompson257374510244.1%
Draymond Green to Festus Ezeli10035365961.0%
Draymond Green to Andre Iguodala38835397750.6%
Shaun Livingston to Draymond Green36135447360.3%
Andre Iguodala to Draymond Green34534437458.1%
Klay Thompson to Draymond Green617344812339.0%
Draymond Green to Shaun Livingston42533447261.1%
Klay Thompson to Harrison Barnes17232397850.0%
Harrison Barnes to Stephen Curry507315713143.5%
Andre Iguodala to Klay Thompson18731388047.5%
Shaun Livingston to Leandro Barbosa31631368542.4%
Harrison Barnes to Klay Thompson21828347545.3%
Draymond Green to Brandon Rush18028296246.8%
Stephen Curry to Andre Iguodala33925306248.4%
Andre Iguodala to Harrison Barnes18924317143.7%
Stephen Curry to Festus Ezeli14322225738.6%
Shaun Livingston to Harrison Barnes31922409840.8%
Draymond Green to Marreese Speights8221224548.9%
Andrew Bogut to Draymond Green42519237132.4%
Klay Thompson to Stephen Curry33719429146.2%
Draymond Green to Leandro Barbosa13918204247.6%
Shaun Livingston to Stephen Curry22918338041.3%
Klay Thompson to Andrew Bogut21518213658.3%
Stephen Curry to Shaun Livingston16917232979.3%
Andre Iguodala to Marreese Speights16217205337.7%
Andre Iguodala to Leandro Barbosa15917235244.2%
Leandro Barbosa to Andre Iguodala15416204445.5%
Stephen Curry to Marreese Speights8716163941.0%
Stephen Curry to Brandon Rush15315164139.0%
Klay Thompson to Festus Ezeli6915163250.0%
Draymond Green to Ian Clark11214183551.4%
Brandon Rush to Klay Thompson10214183256.3%
Klay Thompson to Brandon Rush6114142556.0%
Harrison Barnes to Marreese Speights7613164139.0%
Klay Thompson to Marreese Speights7913143540.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Marreese Speights14512123732.4%
Stephen Curry to Leandro Barbosa12512143935.9%
Shaun Livingston to Andre Iguodala31712174339.5%
Brandon Rush to Marreese Speights7212152657.7%
Leandro Barbosa to Draymond Green10911132259.1%
Harrison Barnes to Draymond Green26711133636.1%
Ian Clark to Klay Thompson7911152853.6%
Ian Clark to Marreese Speights12911122646.2%
Leandro Barbosa to Stephen Curry10510173745.9%
Andre Iguodala to Festus Ezeli9810112642.3%
Andre Iguodala to Shaun Livingston31510285749.1%
Marreese Speights to Leandro Barbosa14110144035.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Harrison Barnes929122744.4%
Harrison Barnes to Leandro Barbosa1129142458.3%
Andrew Bogut to Andre Iguodala999112250.0%
Festus Ezeli to Stephen Curry2569286642.4%
Harrison Barnes to Andre Iguodala170891947.4%
Andrew Bogut to Harrison Barnes1228143243.8%
Shaun Livingston to James Michael McAdoo60881650.0%
Brandon Rush to Draymond Green1678102540.0%
Brandon Rush to Stephen Curry2028224845.8%
Marreese Speights to Klay Thompson778112347.8%
Andrew Bogut to Brandon Rush57771163.6%
Ian Clark to Harrison Barnes617122157.1%
Ian Clark to Leandro Barbosa62791464.3%
Festus Ezeli to Klay Thompson65781942.1%
Andre Iguodala to Ian Clark63782040.0%
Shaun Livingston to Ian Clark937121866.7%
Shaun Livingston to Festus Ezeli98782040.0%
Shaun Livingston to Andrew Bogut110781080.0%
Marreese Speights to Andre Iguodala1417112445.8%
Marreese Speights to Shaun Livingston3007254555.6%
Klay Thompson to Shaun Livingston1677112937.9%
Leandro Barbosa to Festus Ezeli46691850.0%
Harrison Barnes to Shaun Livingston3846162955.2%
Ian Clark to James Michael McAdoo66671070.0%
Ian Clark to Brandon Rush81662227.3%
Draymond Green to James Michael McAdoo23661346.2%
Andre Iguodala to Brandon Rush50661637.5%
Andre Iguodala to Andrew Bogut97681172.7%
Marreese Speights to Stephen Curry996102245.5%
Marreese Speights to Brandon Rush64671546.7%
Jason Thompson to Ian Clark1006102050.0%
Klay Thompson to Andre Iguodala126691947.4%
Leandro Barbosa to Shaun Livingston2255154434.1%
Stephen Curry to James Michael McAdoo2255955.6%
Stephen Curry to Anderson Varejao47551533.3%
Shaun Livingston to Brandon Rush79551926.3%
Brandon Rush to Ian Clark101581553.3%
Brandon Rush to Leandro Barbosa48561250.0%
Marreese Speights to Draymond Green79581844.4%
Stephen Curry to Jason Thompson2044666.7%
Festus Ezeli to Harrison Barnes27461060.0%
Festus Ezeli to Leandro Barbosa65441040.0%
Brandon Rush to Harrison Barnes42461346.2%
Jason Thompson to Brandon Rush41441040.0%
Anderson Varejao to Harrison Barnes2044757.1%
Anderson Varejao to Leandro Barbosa27461346.2%
Leandro Barbosa to Ian Clark57331421.4%
Leandro Barbosa to Brandon Rush49331323.1%
Harrison Barnes to Festus Ezeli1834580.0%
Andrew Bogut to Shaun Livingston131371838.9%
Festus Ezeli to Draymond Green81341233.3%
Festus Ezeli to Brandon Rush2433650.0%
Festus Ezeli to Andre Iguodala102361060.0%
Andre Iguodala to James Michael McAdoo2833650.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Ian Clark8735771.4%
Marreese Speights to James Michael McAdoo1134580.0%
Marreese Speights to Ian Clark117372035.0%
Marreese Speights to Harrison Barnes49351241.7%
Jason Thompson to Klay Thompson2134850.0%
Jason Thompson to Shaun Livingston4633475.0%
Klay Thompson to Leandro Barbosa33341136.4%
Leandro Barbosa to James Michael McAdoo1823742.9%
Leandro Barbosa to Klay Thompson36231225.0%
Harrison Barnes to Ian Clark83251145.5%
Harrison Barnes to Brandon Rush4923742.9%
Harrison Barnes to Anderson Varejao13233100.0%
Andrew Bogut to Leandro Barbosa2922728.6%
Ian Clark to Draymond Green89261060.0%
Ian Clark to Festus Ezeli2523650.0%
Ian Clark to Stephen Curry3123650.0%
Ian Clark to Jason Thompson74231323.1%
Ian Clark to Andrew Bogut1822366.7%
Ian Clark to Andre Iguodala6324944.4%
Ian Clark to Shaun Livingston80251145.5%
Stephen Curry to Ian Clark3122825.0%
Draymond Green to Anderson Varejao22231030.0%
Andre Iguodala to Anderson Varejao1622450.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Brandon Rush22222100.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Jason Thompson622366.7%
James Michael McAdoo to Andre Iguodala4423742.9%
James Michael McAdoo to Leandro Barbosa4023933.3%
Brandon Rush to Andre Iguodala47231421.4%
Jason Thompson to Leandro Barbosa33231127.3%
Klay Thompson to Jason Thompson14233100.0%
Klay Thompson to Anderson Varejao2522450.0%
Anderson Varejao to Stephen Curry60272035.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Jason Thompson2312633.3%
Harrison Barnes to James Michael McAdoo512366.7%
Andrew Bogut to Ian Clark3611616.7%
Ian Clark to Kevon Looney411250.0%
Festus Ezeli to Ian Clark4612633.3%
Festus Ezeli to Shaun Livingston169151631.3%
Shaun Livingston to Jason Thompson3111333.3%
Shaun Livingston to Anderson Varejao2712728.6%
James Michael McAdoo to Draymond Green2511333.3%
James Michael McAdoo to Harrison Barnes811250.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Klay Thompson2611616.7%
James Michael McAdoo to Stephen Curry4313475.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Andrew Bogut1111100.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Shaun Livingston7912540.0%
Brandon Rush to Shaun Livingston109151338.5%
Marreese Speights to Kevon Looney1111100.0%
Marreese Speights to Festus Ezeli612366.7%
Jason Thompson to Festus Ezeli3111100.0%
Klay Thompson to Ian Clark56121020.0%
Anderson Varejao to Ian Clark11111100.0%
Anderson Varejao to Draymond Green3611616.7%
Anderson Varejao to Brandon Rush1611425.0%
Anderson Varejao to Andre Iguodala1712540.0%
Anderson Varejao to Shaun Livingston4712540.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Kevon Looney70000.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Andrew Bogut220010.0%
Leandro Barbosa to Anderson Varejao180030.0%
Harrison Barnes to Jason Thompson10000.0%
Harrison Barnes to Andrew Bogut800030.0%
Andrew Bogut to Marreese Speights10000.0%
Andrew Bogut to Jason Thompson40020.0%
Ian Clark to Anderson Varejao110010.0%
Stephen Curry to Kevon Looney40000.0%
Festus Ezeli to James Michael McAdoo20000.0%
Festus Ezeli to Marreese Speights20010.0%
Festus Ezeli to Jason Thompson20010.0%
Draymond Green to Jason Thompson60010.0%
Draymond Green to Manu Ginobili10000.0%
Andre Iguodala to Jason Thompson1001333.3%
Shaun Livingston to Kevon Looney10000.0%
Shaun Livingston to Shaun Livingston20000.0%
Kevon Looney to Ian Clark1101333.3%
Kevon Looney to Klay Thompson20010.0%
Kevon Looney to Stephen Curry30000.0%
Kevon Looney to Brandon Rush70020.0%
Kevon Looney to Anderson Varejao10000.0%
Kevon Looney to Shaun Livingston50000.0%
Kevon Looney to Leandro Barbosa70010.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Festus Ezeli20000.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Marreese Speights130020.0%
James Michael McAdoo to Anderson Varejao1011100.0%
Brandon Rush to Kevon Looney30010.0%
Brandon Rush to James Michael McAdoo110020.0%
Brandon Rush to Festus Ezeli1601250.0%
Brandon Rush to Jason Thompson3301333.3%
Brandon Rush to Andrew Bogut360010.0%
Brandon Rush to Anderson Varejao901250.0%
Marreese Speights to Jason Thompson70040.0%
Marreese Speights to Andrew Bogut10000.0%
Jason Thompson to Kevon Looney1011100.0%
Jason Thompson to James Michael McAdoo1001250.0%
Jason Thompson to Draymond Green30000.0%
Jason Thompson to Harrison Barnes40000.0%
Jason Thompson to Stephen Curry2601425.0%
Jason Thompson to Marreese Speights100030.0%
Jason Thompson to Andrew Bogut10000.0%
Jason Thompson to Andre Iguodala140020.0%
Klay Thompson to Kevon Looney10010.0%
Klay Thompson to James Michael McAdoo3501119.1%
Anderson Varejao to Kevon Looney10000.0%
Anderson Varejao to James Michael McAdoo10010.0%
Anderson Varejao to Klay Thompson2203933.3%