2017 Golden State Warriors Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Golden State Warriors averaged 323 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Draymond Green to Klay Thompson, with 130 assists on 712 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Draymond Green to Klay Thompson71213014031744.2%
Draymond Green to Kevin Durant84412218332456.5%
Kevin Durant to Klay Thompson399819820148.8%
Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson355677114150.4%
Draymond Green to Stephen Curry10056612126945.0%
Stephen Curry to Kevin Durant536629220145.8%
Stephen Curry to Draymond Green637556112648.4%
Kevin Durant to Stephen Curry596559919451.0%
Kevin Durant to Draymond Green505445010846.3%
David West to Klay Thompson250385310550.5%
Draymond Green to David West21237398148.1%
Andre Iguodala to Klay Thompson26137429146.2%
Andre Iguodala to Stephen Curry325334910049.0%
Shaun Livingston to David West28732427159.2%
Zaza Pachulia to Klay Thompson20332396956.5%
Klay Thompson to David West27331396956.5%
Klay Thompson to Kevin Durant28230469846.9%
Andre Iguodala to Kevin Durant277295310550.5%
Kevin Durant to Zaza Pachulia17427295156.9%
Shaun Livingston to Klay Thompson25827367945.6%
Stephen Curry to Zaza Pachulia29726285749.1%
Draymond Green to Shaun Livingston42424417753.2%
Draymond Green to Zaza Pachulia15023255149.0%
Klay Thompson to Zaza Pachulia15423243863.2%
Kevin Durant to Jordan Bell14922234057.5%
Kevin Durant to JaVale McGee7422223661.1%
David West to Draymond Green21721224647.8%
Draymond Green to Nick Young14920236535.4%
Andre Iguodala to Draymond Green37620246139.3%
Andre Iguodala to Nick Young12520224845.8%
Stephen Curry to Nick Young9419194245.2%
Draymond Green to Andre Iguodala37619245841.4%
Shaun Livingston to Draymond Green34819205139.2%
Zaza Pachulia to Stephen Curry38719427357.5%
David West to Shaun Livingston28419265547.3%
Stephen Curry to JaVale McGee7818193063.3%
Kevin Durant to Quinn Cook17918234551.1%
Kevin Durant to Omri Casspi7618203164.5%
Andre Iguodala to David West18318224252.4%
Klay Thompson to Draymond Green44318226633.3%
Shaun Livingston to Nick Young12617204050.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Kevin Durant21717266540.0%
Klay Thompson to Stephen Curry15417234748.9%
Jordan Bell to Kevin Durant20716326747.8%
Zaza Pachulia to Draymond Green27216214447.7%
Draymond Green to Jordan Bell6315151978.9%
Draymond Green to JaVale McGee4415172373.9%
David West to Nick Young9415174637.0%
Stephen Curry to Kevon Looney10014162369.6%
Kevin Durant to Nick Young8014153839.5%
Kevin Durant to David West7414152365.2%
Draymond Green to Quinn Cook24614203557.1%
Patrick McCaw to Klay Thompson11014183748.6%
Patrick McCaw to Nick Young10414173844.7%
Klay Thompson to Andre Iguodala15014173450.0%
Quinn Cook to Klay Thompson9913173154.8%
Stephen Curry to Andre Iguodala24113153938.5%
Kevin Durant to Shaun Livingston15313234057.5%
David West to Omri Casspi5313132650.0%
Jordan Bell to Patrick McCaw17612143540.0%
Jordan Bell to Quinn Cook17712183452.9%
Quinn Cook to Jordan Bell11912132065.0%
Quinn Cook to Kevin Durant17212295156.9%
Kevin Durant to Kevon Looney10112152951.7%
Patrick McCaw to David West8612122352.2%
Klay Thompson to Omri Casspi6112132065.0%
David West to Kevin Durant9812173745.9%
Jordan Bell to Nick Young8611143540.0%
Klay Thompson to JaVale McGee4711111764.7%
Klay Thompson to Shaun Livingston16111143540.0%
Jordan Bell to JaVale McGee1510101283.3%
Shaun Livingston to Kevin Durant21610286940.6%
Jordan Bell to Klay Thompson929153542.9%
Jordan Bell to Omri Casspi749111861.1%
Quinn Cook to JaVale McGee699111957.9%
Stephen Curry to Jordan Bell79991656.3%
Stephen Curry to Omri Casspi64991850.0%
Kevin Durant to Patrick McCaw929102638.5%
Andre Iguodala to Shaun Livingston2329152951.7%
Omri Casspi to Klay Thompson718121770.6%
Omri Casspi to Kevin Durant1448225242.3%
Quinn Cook to Nick Young1248123633.3%
Stephen Curry to Patrick McCaw91882334.8%
Draymond Green to Patrick McCaw147882236.4%
Andre Iguodala to Kevon Looney898102147.6%
Andre Iguodala to Omri Casspi87891850.0%
Patrick McCaw to Kevin Durant1508154434.1%
Zaza Pachulia to Omri Casspi34891560.0%
David West to Andre Iguodala1828113234.4%
Quinn Cook to Zaza Pachulia86781457.1%
Kevin Durant to Andre Iguodala191783125.8%
Andre Iguodala to JaVale McGee43771838.9%
JaVale McGee to Klay Thompson42781553.3%
JaVale McGee to Stephen Curry1007112445.8%
David West to Patrick McCaw90772133.3%
Nick Young to Klay Thompson49771546.7%
Quinn Cook to Kevon Looney109661735.3%
Quinn Cook to Andre Iguodala90671546.7%
Andre Iguodala to Jordan Bell68671546.7%
Andre Iguodala to Zaza Pachulia49661250.0%
Shaun Livingston to Kevon Looney67671070.0%
Shaun Livingston to Stephen Curry68692240.9%
Shaun Livingston to Andre Iguodala211691947.4%
Kevon Looney to Nick Young85682630.8%
Kevon Looney to Kevin Durant1686173844.7%
Kevon Looney to Andre Iguodala134692240.9%
Patrick McCaw to Draymond Green116661833.3%
JaVale McGee to Kevon Looney2367887.5%
Jordan Bell to Draymond Green110591850.0%
Omri Casspi to Patrick McCaw105561060.0%
Omri Casspi to Andre Iguodala117571838.9%
Omri Casspi to David West43571450.0%
Draymond Green to Kevon Looney45561442.9%
Patrick McCaw to Omri Casspi98571353.8%
Patrick McCaw to JaVale McGee46551145.5%
Zaza Pachulia to Andre Iguodala6055862.5%
Klay Thompson to Kevon Looney61551435.7%
Klay Thompson to Nick Young46561833.3%
Nick Young to Omri Casspi48571258.3%
Nick Young to David West97561442.9%
Jordan Bell to Kevon Looney2345683.3%
Jordan Bell to Zaza Pachulia18441136.4%
Quinn Cook to Draymond Green193492437.5%
Quinn Cook to David West61451435.7%
Draymond Green to Omri Casspi40441040.0%
Andre Iguodala to Patrick McCaw89451435.7%
Shaun Livingston to Omri Casspi5544850.0%
Kevon Looney to Patrick McCaw94451050.0%
Kevon Looney to Stephen Curry122482532.0%
Kevon Looney to JaVale McGee1044580.0%
Patrick McCaw to Stephen Curry664112152.4%
Klay Thompson to Jordan Bell70481553.3%
Nick Young to JaVale McGee3344850.0%
Jordan Bell to Andre Iguodala7834944.4%
Jordan Bell to David West1534850.0%
Omri Casspi to Quinn Cook4533560.0%
Omri Casspi to Kevon Looney3333650.0%
Omri Casspi to Nick Young58362425.0%
Quinn Cook to Patrick McCaw51331323.1%
Stephen Curry to David West3734850.0%
Kevin Durant to Damian Jones933650.0%
Andre Iguodala to Quinn Cook100351631.3%
Shaun Livingston to Jordan Bell5133560.0%
Shaun Livingston to Patrick McCaw58351241.7%
Shaun Livingston to JaVale McGee1434757.1%
Kevon Looney to Quinn Cook1563112839.3%
Kevon Looney to Draymond Green79381650.0%
Patrick McCaw to Jordan Bell10434850.0%
Patrick McCaw to Quinn Cook59361250.0%
Patrick McCaw to Shaun Livingston5336875.0%
JaVale McGee to Jordan Bell16333100.0%
JaVale McGee to Draymond Green9033933.3%
Zaza Pachulia to Jordan Bell2333560.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Quinn Cook91361442.9%
Zaza Pachulia to Nick Young47371546.7%
Zaza Pachulia to Shaun Livingston49351241.7%
Nick Young to Stephen Curry68372330.4%
Nick Young to Kevin Durant85392832.1%
Jordan Bell to Stephen Curry128292045.0%
Omri Casspi to Stephen Curry120272528.0%
Omri Casspi to JaVale McGee1123560.0%
Omri Casspi to Shaun Livingston110251729.4%
Omri Casspi to Zaza Pachulia2623475.0%
Quinn Cook to Damian Jones2223742.9%
Quinn Cook to Shaun Livingston52261060.0%
Draymond Green to Damian Jones422366.7%
Damian Jones to Kevon Looney4222100.0%
Kevon Looney to Klay Thompson63231618.8%
Kevon Looney to Shaun Livingston119262030.0%
Patrick McCaw to Kevon Looney71241136.4%
Patrick McCaw to Andre Iguodala81231127.3%
Patrick McCaw to Zaza Pachulia2822450.0%
JaVale McGee to Patrick McCaw4922922.2%
JaVale McGee to Quinn Cook7023742.9%
JaVale McGee to Nick Young35251050.0%
JaVale McGee to Andre Iguodala6423560.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Patrick McCaw2622540.0%
Klay Thompson to Patrick McCaw6624850.0%
Klay Thompson to Quinn Cook53221414.3%
David West to Stephen Curry42241526.7%
Nick Young to Jordan Bell6222728.6%
Jordan Bell to Damian Jones411333.3%
Jordan Bell to Shaun Livingston81151145.5%
Omri Casspi to Jordan Bell4611520.0%
Omri Casspi to Draymond Green5514850.0%
Stephen Curry to Shaun Livingston5314850.0%
Shaun Livingston to Quinn Cook3813742.9%
Shaun Livingston to Zaza Pachulia34111100.0%
Kevon Looney to Jordan Bell1712450.0%
Kevon Looney to Omri Casspi3613650.0%
Zaza Pachulia to Kevon Looney711425.0%
Klay Thompson to Damian Jones6111100.0%
David West to Jordan Bell2011425.0%
David West to Kevon Looney1811520.0%
David West to JaVale McGee1111100.0%
Nick Young to Patrick McCaw70151435.7%
Nick Young to Quinn Cook80171258.3%
Nick Young to Kevon Looney5913650.0%
Nick Young to Draymond Green119121811.1%
Nick Young to Shaun Livingston6812728.6%
Nick Young to Zaza Pachulia3811616.7%
Chris Boucher to Shaun Livingston30000.0%
Omri Casspi to Damian Jones10000.0%
Quinn Cook to Quinn Cook10000.0%
Quinn Cook to Omri Casspi310040.0%
Quinn Cook to Stephen Curry40010.0%
Stephen Curry to Quinn Cook30000.0%
Kevin Durant to Nikola Jokic10000.0%
Kevin Durant to Kevin Durant10010.0%
Draymond Green to Draymond Green10000.0%
Draymond Green to Damian Lillard10000.0%
Andre Iguodala to Damian Jones30010.0%
Damian Jones to Chris Boucher10010.0%
Damian Jones to Jordan Bell30000.0%
Damian Jones to Patrick McCaw2011100.0%
Damian Jones to Quinn Cook2903650.0%
Damian Jones to Draymond Green50000.0%
Damian Jones to Klay Thompson20000.0%
Damian Jones to Omri Casspi10000.0%
Damian Jones to Nick Young80030.0%
Damian Jones to Kevin Durant8022100.0%
Damian Jones to Andre Iguodala30000.0%
Damian Jones to Shaun Livingston70000.0%
Damian Jones to David West10000.0%
Shaun Livingston to Chris Boucher10000.0%
Shaun Livingston to Damian Jones90000.0%
Shaun Livingston to Shaun Livingston20000.0%
Kevon Looney to Damian Jones20000.0%
Kevon Looney to Zaza Pachulia10011100.0%
Kevon Looney to David West130040.0%
Patrick McCaw to Damian Jones10000.0%
JaVale McGee to Omri Casspi120040.0%
JaVale McGee to Kevin Durant89061833.3%
JaVale McGee to Shaun Livingston230000.0%
Zaza Pachulia to JaVale McGee10010.0%
Zaza Pachulia to David West10000.0%
Klay Thompson to Jusuf Nurkic10000.0%
David West to Damian Jones10010.0%
David West to Quinn Cook5302450.0%
Nick Young to Chris Boucher10000.0%
Nick Young to Damian Jones50010.0%
Nick Young to Andre Iguodala7903742.9%