2021 Golden State Warriors Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Golden State Warriors averaged 310 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Draymond Green to Andrew Wiggins, with 68 assists on 349 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Draymond Green to Andrew Wiggins349688017047.1%
Draymond Green to Stephen Curry7916811027440.1%
Jordan Poole to Andrew Wiggins504659320645.1%
Draymond Green to Jordan Poole743618822040.0%
Stephen Curry to Kevon Looney507545611250.0%
Stephen Curry to Andrew Wiggins427516215340.5%
Stephen Curry to Gary Payton II17544457659.2%
Stephen Curry to Jordan Poole365435311346.9%
Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson208395010945.9%
Kevon Looney to Andrew Wiggins319385513142.0%
Stephen Curry to Otto Porter Jr.22537398148.1%
Stephen Curry to Draymond Green36336407057.1%
Andrew Wiggins to Stephen Curry445335012141.3%
Andrew Wiggins to Jordan Poole42531449844.9%
Jordan Poole to Klay Thompson24230369537.9%
Kevon Looney to Jordan Poole451285012041.7%
Jordan Poole to Jonathan Kuminga19628388246.3%
Kevon Looney to Stephen Curry548275714140.4%
Stephen Curry to Nemanja Bjelica22726285451.9%
Jordan Poole to Kevon Looney35926295255.8%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jonathan Kuminga12925316647.0%
Jordan Poole to Gary Payton II11425253669.4%
Jordan Poole to Draymond Green46824316150.8%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Jordan Poole33624418647.7%
Draymond Green to Kevon Looney14622224055.0%
Kevon Looney to Klay Thompson10922275747.4%
Nemanja Bjelica to Damion Lee10221233860.5%
Nemanja Bjelica to Klay Thompson7921244158.5%
Stephen Curry to Jonathan Kuminga15621225937.3%
Stephen Curry to Juan Toscano-Anderson22021224153.7%
Draymond Green to Gary Payton II10020203557.1%
Draymond Green to Klay Thompson11520246238.7%
Jordan Poole to Damion Lee22620215836.2%
Nemanja Bjelica to Otto Porter Jr.9119203458.8%
Andre Iguodala to Stephen Curry20919307639.5%
Nemanja Bjelica to Stephen Curry34418499949.5%
Otto Porter Jr. to Andrew Wiggins18218306943.5%
Otto Porter Jr. to Stephen Curry406185010846.3%
Klay Thompson to Jonathan Kuminga6118192965.5%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Gary Payton II6718192770.4%
Stephen Curry to Damion Lee13117173745.9%
Draymond Green to Otto Porter Jr.12117184143.9%
Andre Iguodala to Nemanja Bjelica14717183354.5%
Jordan Poole to Nemanja Bjelica25617195236.5%
Jordan Poole to Stephen Curry31917328936.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Gary Payton II8016182962.1%
Draymond Green to Damion Lee11816195236.5%
Jordan Poole to Juan Toscano-Anderson24016183551.4%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Damion Lee17515225044.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Kevon Looney21415183847.4%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Stephen Curry347143611132.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Otto Porter Jr.13814154136.6%
Andrew Wiggins to Klay Thompson11314196529.2%
Andre Iguodala to Andrew Wiggins7113183551.4%
Andre Iguodala to Otto Porter Jr.8313133043.3%
Kevon Looney to Otto Porter Jr.11613153246.9%
Jordan Poole to Otto Porter Jr.14513143836.8%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jordan Poole34013287537.3%
Klay Thompson to Andrew Wiggins9113203754.1%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Jonathan Kuminga12413204544.4%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jordan Poole32712257035.7%
Andre Iguodala to Jordan Poole11912174339.5%
Gary Payton II to Jordan Poole20012245742.1%
Draymond Green to Juan Toscano-Anderson8411132356.5%
Otto Porter Jr. to Klay Thompson6911133240.6%
Chris Chiozza to Jonathan Kuminga9310113135.5%
Andre Iguodala to Gary Payton II4610101758.8%
Gary Payton II to Stephen Curry19810245742.1%
Andrew Wiggins to Draymond Green29210113333.3%
Chris Chiozza to Juan Toscano-Anderson839102245.5%
Jonathan Kuminga to Moses Moody44991850.0%
Damion Lee to Jonathan Kuminga919173056.7%
Kevon Looney to Gary Payton II689101855.6%
Gary Payton II to Andrew Wiggins1499216532.3%
Klay Thompson to Stephen Curry919172860.7%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Nemanja Bjelica1319112839.3%
Draymond Green to Nemanja Bjelica60881844.4%
Jonathan Kuminga to Klay Thompson538102147.6%
Damion Lee to Stephen Curry1288133339.4%
Kevon Looney to Draymond Green3298143540.0%
Jordan Poole to Moses Moody71882433.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Damion Lee63882040.0%
Klay Thompson to Jordan Poole1348123732.4%
Klay Thompson to Gary Payton II32881266.7%
Klay Thompson to Nemanja Bjelica59881650.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Otto Porter Jr.68882236.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Gary Payton II73882040.0%
Chris Chiozza to Moses Moody46771838.9%
Chris Chiozza to Damion Lee70771643.8%
Chris Chiozza to Nemanja Bjelica127782828.6%
Draymond Green to Jonathan Kuminga357101855.6%
Andre Iguodala to Damion Lee62771936.8%
Jonathan Kuminga to Jordan Poole2627286046.7%
Jonathan Kuminga to Damion Lee68772133.3%
Jonathan Kuminga to Nemanja Bjelica81781844.4%
Jonathan Kuminga to Stephen Curry2287205834.5%
Gary Payton II to Otto Porter Jr.72771936.8%
Jordan Poole to Andre Iguodala90771163.6%
Otto Porter Jr. to Kevon Looney62781457.1%
Klay Thompson to Kevon Looney94771546.7%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Moses Moody517102540.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Moses Moody42771258.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Juan Toscano-Anderson147682138.1%
Chris Chiozza to Otto Porter Jr.33661346.2%
Jonathan Kuminga to Andrew Wiggins78692437.5%
Damion Lee to Gary Payton II3366966.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Nemanja Bjelica91672825.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Klay Thompson48692536.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Jonathan Kuminga65682433.3%
Andrew Wiggins to Damion Lee60672133.3%
Stephen Curry to Andre Iguodala122551435.7%
Andre Iguodala to Jonathan Kuminga29561346.2%
Andre Iguodala to Draymond Green4955862.5%
Damion Lee to Jordan Poole2425174736.2%
Damion Lee to Juan Toscano-Anderson191592634.6%
Damion Lee to Otto Porter Jr.59551926.3%
Kevon Looney to Jonathan Kuminga74562128.6%
Kevon Looney to Damion Lee48551241.7%
Gary Payton II to Jonathan Kuminga47561250.0%
Gary Payton II to Nemanja Bjelica50551050.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Gary Payton II57551926.3%
Klay Thompson to Moses Moody1955771.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Juan Toscano-Anderson5755955.6%
Andrew Wiggins to Nemanja Bjelica62561833.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Moses Moody38441136.4%
Nemanja Bjelica to Andrew Wiggins84472725.9%
Nemanja Bjelica to Andre Iguodala141441921.1%
Chris Chiozza to Kevon Looney2744850.0%
Stephen Curry to Moses Moody39451338.5%
Damion Lee to Moses Moody19461060.0%
Damion Lee to Andrew Wiggins79493327.3%
Kevon Looney to Moses Moody38451435.7%
Moses Moody to Jonathan Kuminga52471838.9%
Moses Moody to Stephen Curry30441040.0%
Gary Payton II to Kevon Looney5344757.1%
Otto Porter Jr. to Draymond Green129461060.0%
Klay Thompson to Otto Porter Jr.39441330.8%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Kevon Looney49441330.8%
Andrew Wiggins to Andre Iguodala4544850.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Quinndary Weatherspoon1033475.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Draymond Green8233837.5%
Chris Chiozza to Stephen Curry3635955.6%
Chris Chiozza to Andre Iguodala2334666.7%
Stephen Curry to Chris Chiozza3033742.9%
Andre Iguodala to Klay Thompson2934944.4%
Jonathan Kuminga to Juan Toscano-Anderson87371546.7%
Jonathan Kuminga to Chris Chiozza8934666.7%
Damion Lee to Nemanja Bjelica110351145.5%
Damion Lee to Andre Iguodala57341233.3%
Moses Moody to Kevon Looney3233837.5%
Moses Moody to Andrew Wiggins28351729.4%
Moses Moody to Klay Thompson20361060.0%
Gary Payton II to Moses Moody1833933.3%
Gary Payton II to Damion Lee44341428.6%
Gary Payton II to Klay Thompson26351435.7%
Klay Thompson to Damion Lee1933742.9%
Klay Thompson to Draymond Green4833837.5%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Andrew Wiggins913123534.3%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Draymond Green7733650.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Jonathan Kuminga833475.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Chris Chiozza133241625.0%
Chris Chiozza to Quinndary Weatherspoon1922450.0%
Draymond Green to Moses Moody2022633.3%
Jonathan Kuminga to Gary Payton II2622728.6%
Jonathan Kuminga to Kevon Looney4123650.0%
Damion Lee to Chris Chiozza6122728.6%
Damion Lee to Draymond Green11522366.7%
Damion Lee to Klay Thompson20261346.2%
Kevon Looney to Chris Chiozza3322540.0%
Kevon Looney to Andre Iguodala2822540.0%
Moses Moody to Damion Lee2723837.5%
Moses Moody to Nemanja Bjelica2822366.7%
Gary Payton II to Juan Toscano-Anderson7623742.9%
Gary Payton II to Draymond Green10823933.3%
Jordan Poole to Quinndary Weatherspoon4222100.0%
Klay Thompson to Juan Toscano-Anderson2722540.0%
Chris Chiozza to Jordan Poole49161346.2%
Chris Chiozza to Gary Payton II2211425.0%
Chris Chiozza to Andrew Wiggins27121118.2%
Chris Chiozza to Draymond Green5011812.5%
Chris Chiozza to Klay Thompson911520.0%
Stephen Curry to Quinndary Weatherspoon2111100.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Jonathan Kuminga5111100.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Gary Payton II5111100.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Kevon Looney2111100.0%
Draymond Green to Andre Iguodala4113742.9%
Andre Iguodala to Moses Moody811333.3%
Andre Iguodala to Juan Toscano-Anderson2611250.0%
Andre Iguodala to Kevon Looney2311333.3%
Jonathan Kuminga to Otto Porter Jr.2611425.0%
Jonathan Kuminga to Andre Iguodala2211425.0%
Damion Lee to Quinndary Weatherspoon911425.0%
Damion Lee to Kevon Looney7111520.0%
Kevon Looney to Juan Toscano-Anderson7911714.3%
Moses Moody to Juan Toscano-Anderson3611812.5%
Moses Moody to Gary Payton II1211333.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jonathan Kuminga35131816.7%
Otto Porter Jr. to Juan Toscano-Anderson7111812.5%
Otto Porter Jr. to Chris Chiozza3711250.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Andre Iguodala90121315.4%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Quinndary Weatherspoon612450.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Chris Chiozza10813837.5%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Andre Iguodala3811333.3%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Jordan Poole1012366.7%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Kevon Looney1111100.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jeff Dowtin10000.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Kevon Looney40000.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Moses Moody601333.3%
Jeff Dowtin to Jordan Poole1011100.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Juan Toscano-Anderson9011100.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Damion Lee5011100.0%
Jeff Dowtin to Nemanja Bjelica10000.0%
Draymond Green to Chris Chiozza4702728.6%
Andre Iguodala to Chris Chiozza250010.0%
Jonathan Kuminga to Jeff Dowtin50000.0%
Jonathan Kuminga to Quinndary Weatherspoon70000.0%
Jonathan Kuminga to Draymond Green360020.0%
Damion Lee to Jeff Dowtin702366.7%
Kevon Looney to Jeff Dowtin20000.0%
Kevon Looney to Quinndary Weatherspoon20000.0%
Kevon Looney to Nemanja Bjelica90000.0%
Moses Moody to Jeff Dowtin30000.0%
Moses Moody to Quinndary Weatherspoon20010.0%
Moses Moody to Jordan Poole51031323.1%
Moses Moody to Chris Chiozza250000.0%
Moses Moody to Otto Porter Jr.80000.0%
Moses Moody to Draymond Green110000.0%
Moses Moody to Andre Iguodala30020.0%
Gary Payton II to Jeff Dowtin30010.0%
Gary Payton II to Quinndary Weatherspoon10010.0%
Gary Payton II to Chris Chiozza400050.0%
Gary Payton II to Andre Iguodala5301714.3%
Jordan Poole to Jeff Dowtin30010.0%
Jordan Poole to Chris Chiozza370070.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Moses Moody90030.0%
Klay Thompson to Chris Chiozza110010.0%
Klay Thompson to Andre Iguodala110010.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Jeff Dowtin80000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Moses Moody40000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Juan Toscano-Anderson9011100.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Chris Chiozza20011100.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Damion Lee50000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Gary Payton II20000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Otto Porter Jr.30020.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Draymond Green10000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Klay Thompson10000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Nemanja Bjelica20000.0%
Quinndary Weatherspoon to Stephen Curry301250.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Chris Chiozza150000.0%