2021 Houston Rockets Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Houston Rockets averaged 279 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kevin Porter Jr. to Christian Wood, with 96 assists on 644 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Christian Wood6449612324250.8%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Jalen Green7687411828042.1%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Jae'Sean Tate473617716347.2%
Jalen Green to Christian Wood323475312343.1%
Josh Christopher to Kenyon Martin Jr.21742468554.1%
Jae'Sean Tate to Christian Wood322425413340.6%
Eric Gordon to Christian Wood251404811641.4%
Jae'Sean Tate to Eric Gordon322385310948.6%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Kenyon Martin Jr.19834367945.6%
Christian Wood to Jae'Sean Tate335344810147.5%
Jalen Green to Kevin Porter Jr.582326915444.8%
Jae'Sean Tate to Jalen Green319324414630.1%
Alperen Sengun to Kenyon Martin Jr.20330337842.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Garrison Mathews15329296743.3%
Jae'Sean Tate to Garrison Mathews15029298036.3%
Jalen Green to Jae'Sean Tate23524317939.2%
Jae'Sean Tate to Kevin Porter Jr.483244711839.8%
Alperen Sengun to Josh Christopher20022347048.6%
Eric Gordon to Garrison Mathews14621225837.9%
Christian Wood to Jalen Green376215513740.1%
Christian Wood to Kevin Porter Jr.853215916535.8%
Eric Gordon to Jae'Sean Tate29920378842.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Eric Gordon22520306347.6%
Jalen Green to Kenyon Martin Jr.11919193357.6%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Daniel Theis11019194047.5%
Alperen Sengun to Kevin Porter Jr.27119367349.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Alperen Sengun27118257632.9%
Christian Wood to Garrison Mathews11918185135.3%
Josh Christopher to Jalen Green11717214546.7%
Eric Gordon to Kenyon Martin Jr.13116183847.4%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Josh Christopher27716327343.8%
Dennis Schroder to Kenyon Martin Jr.9416162564.0%
Alperen Sengun to Jae'Sean Tate12716265151.0%
Alperen Sengun to Eric Gordon17316265547.3%
Christian Wood to Eric Gordon34316399242.4%
Dennis Schroder to Alperen Sengun16315234748.9%
Alperen Sengun to Jalen Green18415316547.7%
Alperen Sengun to Christian Wood7915193751.4%
D.J. Augustin to Alperen Sengun26714286741.8%
Josh Christopher to Alperen Sengun26214307241.7%
Alperen Sengun to D.J. Augustin18714194245.2%
Josh Christopher to Garrison Mathews8813133537.1%
Jalen Green to Alperen Sengun15713184738.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Jalen Green15913286245.2%
Dennis Schroder to Jalen Green12713195038.0%
Dennis Schroder to Garrison Mathews7013132846.4%
Alperen Sengun to Armoni Brooks7913163545.7%
Christian Wood to Josh Christopher9412142653.8%
Christian Wood to Kenyon Martin Jr.6912132454.2%
Jalen Green to Daniel Theis8011113036.7%
Dennis Schroder to Christian Wood6711132748.1%
Alperen Sengun to Garrison Mathews11711115221.2%
Jae'Sean Tate to Armoni Brooks8511113928.2%
Jae'Sean Tate to Daniel Theis8111112445.8%
D.J. Augustin to Garrison Mathews6710102343.5%
Armoni Brooks to Jae'Sean Tate7810122450.0%
Armoni Brooks to Christian Wood7610143243.8%
Eric Gordon to Alperen Sengun20010176426.6%
Jalen Green to Eric Gordon13410194245.2%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Alperen Sengun10710112642.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Garrison Mathews8810113630.6%
Garrison Mathews to Jae'Sean Tate12310123732.4%
Garrison Mathews to Christian Wood8710122842.9%
Daishen Nix to Josh Christopher10510163447.1%
D.J. Augustin to Kenyon Martin Jr.979122352.2%
Josh Christopher to David Nwaba589102540.0%
Josh Christopher to Christian Wood939113729.7%
Eric Gordon to Jalen Green1759175133.3%
Eric Gordon to Daniel Theis70992142.9%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Josh Christopher1009123237.5%
Eric Gordon to Armoni Brooks1088113234.4%
Garrison Mathews to Kenyon Martin Jr.858102835.7%
David Nwaba to Kenyon Martin Jr.42881747.1%
Jae'Sean Tate to Alperen Sengun1128143046.7%
Christian Wood to Daniel Theis538112250.0%
D.J. Augustin to Josh Christopher57781942.1%
Josh Christopher to Jae'Sean Tate997203557.1%
Josh Christopher to Bruno Fernando35771353.8%
Jalen Green to Garrison Mathews48771741.2%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Armoni Brooks767103033.3%
Garrison Mathews to Alperen Sengun767132552.0%
Garrison Mathews to Josh Christopher1237132650.0%
Daishen Nix to Kenyon Martin Jr.65782040.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Josh Christopher1177123732.4%
Jae'Sean Tate to Kenyon Martin Jr.50782236.4%
Armoni Brooks to Kenyon Martin Jr.65681747.1%
Josh Christopher to Armoni Brooks68682532.0%
Josh Christopher to Eric Gordon1156133141.9%
Eric Gordon to Josh Christopher95681844.4%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Christian Wood806173056.7%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Eric Gordon1896204247.6%
Dennis Schroder to Josh Christopher796112642.3%
Dennis Schroder to Jae'Sean Tate49671353.8%
Alperen Sengun to David Nwaba40661931.6%
D.J. Augustin to Armoni Brooks67561931.6%
D.J. Augustin to Christian Wood81572924.1%
D.J. Augustin to Eric Gordon835102737.0%
Armoni Brooks to Alperen Sengun79592240.9%
Armoni Brooks to Eric Gordon1185112544.0%
Josh Christopher to Dennis Schroder825112152.4%
Eric Gordon to Kevin Porter Jr.2015124327.9%
Eric Gordon to Danuel House Jr.43551533.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Daishen Nix83551729.4%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Kevin Porter Jr.2705185831.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to David Nwaba42571258.3%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to D.J. Augustin206572231.8%
Garrison Mathews to Kevin Porter Jr.2175165131.4%
Kevin Porter Jr. to David Nwaba39551145.5%
Alperen Sengun to Dennis Schroder150592832.1%
Jae'Sean Tate to D.J. Augustin85561442.9%
Daniel Theis to Jae'Sean Tate755102934.5%
Daniel Theis to Jalen Green1065114126.8%
Christian Wood to Alperen Sengun57571838.9%
Christian Wood to Armoni Brooks55551631.3%
D.J. Augustin to Jae'Sean Tate59482138.1%
D.J. Augustin to Daniel Theis32451241.7%
D.J. Augustin to David Nwaba34451435.7%
Josh Christopher to Kevin Porter Jr.904102540.0%
Jalen Green to Josh Christopher82462623.1%
Danuel House Jr. to Eric Gordon41481266.7%
Daishen Nix to Alperen Sengun30471070.0%
Daishen Nix to Garrison Mathews31441233.3%
Daishen Nix to Bruno Fernando1344757.1%
Daishen Nix to David Nwaba24451241.7%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Armoni Brooks47441330.8%
Dennis Schroder to Eric Gordon54462030.0%
D.J. Augustin to Jalen Green44351241.7%
Armoni Brooks to Trevelin Queen1134757.1%
Josh Christopher to Usman Garuba46331030.0%
Josh Christopher to Daishen Nix65351631.3%
Josh Christopher to Daniel Theis2233742.9%
Josh Christopher to D.J. Augustin5433650.0%
Usman Garuba to Josh Christopher83341822.2%
Usman Garuba to Kevin Porter Jr.53381747.1%
Danuel House Jr. to Kenyon Martin Jr.1633560.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Christian Wood1934944.4%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Jae'Sean Tate65371450.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Daniel Theis1133560.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Danuel House Jr.2433742.9%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Dennis Schroder1403122352.2%
Garrison Mathews to Jalen Green963103627.8%
Garrison Mathews to David Nwaba1333560.0%
Garrison Mathews to Eric Gordon1453102737.0%
David Nwaba to Jalen Green35371163.6%
David Nwaba to Bruno Fernando4333100.0%
David Nwaba to D.J. Augustin7134666.7%
Alperen Sengun to Danuel House Jr.33331225.0%
Daniel Theis to Eric Gordon83392339.1%
Christian Wood to David Nwaba23331225.0%
D.J. Augustin to Danuel House Jr.1923650.0%
Armoni Brooks to Josh Christopher852102540.0%
Armoni Brooks to Garrison Mathews30221020.0%
Armoni Brooks to Danuel House Jr.1322633.3%
Usman Garuba to Kenyon Martin Jr.2622633.3%
Usman Garuba to Daishen Nix4523837.5%
Usman Garuba to David Nwaba1022366.7%
Eric Gordon to David Nwaba27231030.0%
Jalen Green to Bruno Fernando5222100.0%
Jalen Green to David Nwaba1122728.6%
Jalen Green to Dennis Schroder106231618.8%
Danuel House Jr. to Jalen Green823475.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Kevin Porter Jr.3022728.6%
Garrison Mathews to Usman Garuba6222100.0%
Garrison Mathews to Bruno Fernando922366.7%
Daishen Nix to Usman Garuba15233100.0%
Daishen Nix to Trevelin Queen1622540.0%
David Nwaba to Jae'Sean Tate2623650.0%
David Nwaba to Trevelin Queen624580.0%
David Nwaba to Armoni Brooks2422825.0%
David Nwaba to Kevin Porter Jr.74251435.7%
David Nwaba to Danuel House Jr.3222100.0%
David Nwaba to Christian Wood2824757.1%
David Nwaba to Eric Gordon40261154.5%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Usman Garuba1922450.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Bruno Fernando10233100.0%
Trevelin Queen to Kenyon Martin Jr.4222100.0%
Dennis Schroder to David Nwaba922540.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to David Nwaba1523742.9%
Jae'Sean Tate to Dennis Schroder5824944.4%
Daniel Theis to Garrison Mathews2422825.0%
Daniel Theis to Kevin Porter Jr.1442123534.3%
Christian Wood to D.J. Augustin11124944.4%
D.J. Augustin to Usman Garuba1111100.0%
D.J. Augustin to Kevin Porter Jr.1612450.0%
Armoni Brooks to Usman Garuba611333.3%
Armoni Brooks to Daishen Nix9111100.0%
Armoni Brooks to Jalen Green611333.3%
Armoni Brooks to David Nwaba1211812.5%
Bruno Fernando to Josh Christopher3311616.7%
Bruno Fernando to Jalen Green1211333.3%
Bruno Fernando to Kevin Porter Jr.1712366.7%
Usman Garuba to Jae'Sean Tate1111333.3%
Usman Garuba to Jalen Green2311812.5%
Usman Garuba to Garrison Mathews10122100.0%
Usman Garuba to Armoni Brooks1311425.0%
Eric Gordon to Bruno Fernando1111100.0%
Eric Gordon to D.J. Augustin4111425.0%
Jalen Green to Usman Garuba611333.3%
Jalen Green to Daishen Nix1411250.0%
Jalen Green to D.J. Augustin3211425.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Josh Christopher1311250.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Armoni Brooks1411333.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Daniel Theis2111100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to David Nwaba311250.0%
Danuel House Jr. to D.J. Augustin5611616.7%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Trevelin Queen812450.0%
Garrison Mathews to Armoni Brooks3412728.6%
Garrison Mathews to Daniel Theis1511425.0%
Garrison Mathews to Danuel House Jr.3111100.0%
Garrison Mathews to D.J. Augustin6212633.3%
Daishen Nix to Jae'Sean Tate1211812.5%
Daishen Nix to Armoni Brooks1712540.0%
Daishen Nix to Kevin Porter Jr.1511520.0%
David Nwaba to Usman Garuba611333.3%
David Nwaba to Alperen Sengun3313837.5%
David Nwaba to Josh Christopher79182729.6%
David Nwaba to Daishen Nix2812450.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Danuel House Jr.2012633.3%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Dennis Schroder3411616.7%
Trevelin Queen to Armoni Brooks812540.0%
Trevelin Queen to David Nwaba311250.0%
Dennis Schroder to Kevin Porter Jr.42131030.0%
Dennis Schroder to Bruno Fernando2111100.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Danuel House Jr.1211425.0%
Daniel Theis to Armoni Brooks1211250.0%
Daniel Theis to David Nwaba911250.0%
Daniel Theis to Christian Wood6211147.1%
Armoni Brooks to Kevin Porter Jr.5600150.0%
Armoni Brooks to Daniel Theis200030.0%
Armoni Brooks to D.J. Augustin5702728.6%
Josh Christopher to Trevelin Queen80030.0%
Josh Christopher to Danuel House Jr.1001520.0%
Bruno Fernando to Jae'Sean Tate10000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Trevelin Queen30000.0%
Bruno Fernando to Kenyon Martin Jr.160030.0%
Bruno Fernando to Daishen Nix26022100.0%
Bruno Fernando to Garrison Mathews110010.0%
Bruno Fernando to David Nwaba4011100.0%
Bruno Fernando to Dennis Schroder60020.0%
Usman Garuba to Alperen Sengun10000.0%
Usman Garuba to Trevelin Queen30010.0%
Usman Garuba to Daniel Theis10000.0%
Usman Garuba to D.J. Augustin10010.0%
Eric Gordon to Trevelin Queen10000.0%
Eric Gordon to Dennis Schroder4203837.5%
Jalen Green to Armoni Brooks80020.0%
Jalen Green to Danuel House Jr.10000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Usman Garuba10010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Alperen Sengun2703933.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Jae'Sean Tate70010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Garrison Mathews60010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Danuel House Jr.1011100.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Usman Garuba60020.0%
Kenyon Martin Jr. to Bruno Fernando40010.0%
Garrison Mathews to Daishen Nix2601520.0%
Garrison Mathews to Dennis Schroder7601714.3%
Daishen Nix to Jalen Green1502366.7%
Daishen Nix to Daniel Theis80010.0%
Daishen Nix to Christian Wood50000.0%
Daishen Nix to Dennis Schroder2901616.7%
Daishen Nix to Eric Gordon10010.0%
David Nwaba to Garrison Mathews80020.0%
David Nwaba to Daniel Theis80010.0%
David Nwaba to Dennis Schroder140020.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to Daishen Nix90000.0%
Kevin Porter Jr. to D.J. Augustin1102450.0%
Trevelin Queen to Usman Garuba60030.0%
Trevelin Queen to Josh Christopher90010.0%
Trevelin Queen to Daishen Nix1501250.0%
Trevelin Queen to Bruno Fernando30000.0%
Trevelin Queen to Christian Wood20000.0%
Trevelin Queen to Eric Gordon20010.0%
Dennis Schroder to Daishen Nix210040.0%
Alperen Sengun to Usman Garuba50010.0%
Alperen Sengun to Trevelin Queen10010.0%
Alperen Sengun to Daishen Nix2702728.6%
Alperen Sengun to Daniel Theis20000.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Usman Garuba40030.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Daishen Nix11011100.0%
Jae'Sean Tate to Bruno Fernando20000.0%
Daniel Theis to Josh Christopher2801425.0%
Daniel Theis to Trevelin Queen10010.0%
Daniel Theis to Kenyon Martin Jr.14033100.0%
Daniel Theis to Daishen Nix5011100.0%
Daniel Theis to Danuel House Jr.20020.0%
Daniel Theis to D.J. Augustin420030.0%
Christian Wood to Trevelin Queen40010.0%
Christian Wood to Daishen Nix30000.0%
Christian Wood to Danuel House Jr.130020.0%
Christian Wood to Dennis Schroder100021315.4%