2015 Houston Rockets Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Houston Rockets averaged 287 passes per game. The leading assist duo was James Harden to Trevor Ariza, with 127 assists on 1005 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
James Harden to Trevor Ariza100512714639636.9%
James Harden to Dwight Howard3709610817362.4%
James Harden to Patrick Beverley790759620147.8%
James Harden to Clint Capela240747712661.1%
Patrick Beverley to Trevor Ariza591465312243.4%
James Harden to Corey Brewer262465013337.6%
James Harden to Jason Terry409445412842.2%
Patrick Beverley to James Harden9694010530534.4%
Trevor Ariza to James Harden10003911432235.4%
James Harden to Terrence Jones20736419244.6%
Patrick Beverley to Dwight Howard39234419941.4%
Trevor Ariza to Dwight Howard34030388445.2%
Jason Terry to James Harden438295914241.5%
Trevor Ariza to Patrick Beverley492284410243.1%
Ty Lawson to Corey Brewer22828319333.3%
Ty Lawson to Trevor Ariza25628307341.1%
James Harden to Donatas Motiejunas18427297339.7%
Patrick Beverley to Corey Brewer23824266937.7%
James Harden to Marcus Thornton13822276939.1%
Ty Lawson to Marcus Thornton21922329035.6%
Ty Lawson to Terrence Jones19721277635.5%
Trevor Ariza to Terrence Jones11920215637.5%
James Harden to Ty Lawson34020307938.0%
James Harden to Michael Beasley10520256240.3%
Ty Lawson to Dwight Howard19520275350.9%
Patrick Beverley to Donatas Motiejunas19619245642.9%
Patrick Beverley to Michael Beasley8319243863.2%
Ty Lawson to James Harden322174612138.0%
Corey Brewer to Marcus Thornton7316204247.6%
Corey Brewer to Dwight Howard10516193063.3%
Dwight Howard to Trevor Ariza28516267733.8%
Ty Lawson to Clint Capela10616204050.0%
Patrick Beverley to Clint Capela14415174339.5%
Corey Brewer to James Harden286153911533.9%
Dwight Howard to James Harden868158921940.6%
Corey Brewer to Jason Terry9114172958.6%
Jason Terry to Dwight Howard13714183847.4%
Dwight Howard to Corey Brewer14713215438.9%
Trevor Ariza to Clint Capela12812143836.8%
Trevor Ariza to Jason Terry19712133438.2%
Clint Capela to Dwight Howard3912131968.4%
Dwight Howard to Marcus Thornton11912194047.5%
Marcus Thornton to Dwight Howard8312163348.5%
Corey Brewer to Terrence Jones7311132552.0%
James Harden to Josh Smith11611135026.0%
Dwight Howard to Patrick Beverley62711247930.4%
Donatas Motiejunas to Dwight Howard4611121866.7%
Jason Terry to Corey Brewer11011134131.7%
Trevor Ariza to Corey Brewer12710185135.3%
Clint Capela to James Harden583104813336.1%
James Harden to Montrezl Harrell4410122254.5%
Jason Terry to Trevor Ariza19410133933.3%
Trevor Ariza to Donatas Motiejunas959122842.9%
Trevor Ariza to Michael Beasley439163151.6%
Patrick Beverley to Marcus Thornton1179153839.5%
Patrick Beverley to Jason Terry999113036.7%
Corey Brewer to Trevor Ariza1029102737.0%
Terrence Jones to James Harden3409318138.3%
Ty Lawson to Josh Smith839123138.7%
Josh Smith to James Harden1719255942.4%
Josh Smith to Trevor Ariza429102441.7%
Jason Terry to Terrence Jones889122941.4%
Marcus Thornton to James Harden1649185433.3%
Marcus Thornton to Corey Brewer529102245.5%
Trevor Ariza to Marcus Thornton848133735.1%
Corey Brewer to Patrick Beverley1438133043.3%
Marcus Thornton to Clint Capela418122254.5%
Patrick Beverley to Terrence Jones1057102737.0%
Patrick Beverley to Josh Smith103791850.0%
Dwight Howard to Jason Terry1907154136.6%
Terrence Jones to Patrick Beverley1907102638.5%
Donatas Motiejunas to James Harden2407235343.4%
Donatas Motiejunas to Trevor Ariza73781942.1%
Corey Brewer to Montrezl Harrell2266966.7%
Clint Capela to Trevor Ariza98662030.0%
Terrence Jones to Corey Brewer76692339.1%
Josh Smith to Dwight Howard32671546.7%
Jason Terry to Michael Beasley776123237.5%
Marcus Thornton to Terrence Jones54692240.9%
Marcus Thornton to Trevor Ariza77681942.1%
Trevor Ariza to Josh Smith57562326.1%
Corey Brewer to Ty Lawson1585102835.7%
Clint Capela to Terrence Jones42561540.0%
Clint Capela to Ty Lawson2255102050.0%
James Harden to KJ McDaniels40551435.7%
Dwight Howard to Clint Capela20561154.5%
Dwight Howard to Donatas Motiejunas36561346.2%
Terrence Jones to Marcus Thornton62592045.0%
Terrence Jones to Trevor Ariza86561442.9%
Terrence Jones to Dwight Howard42561060.0%
Ty Lawson to Montrezl Harrell61592339.1%
Ty Lawson to Patrick Beverley49561833.3%
Donatas Motiejunas to Clint Capela1255862.5%
Donatas Motiejunas to Patrick Beverley240572924.1%
Josh Smith to Corey Brewer41551533.3%
Jason Terry to Clint Capela59561442.9%
Marcus Thornton to Jason Terry45581747.1%
Trevor Ariza to Ty Lawson278463119.4%
Dwight Howard to Ty Lawson2854153839.5%
Ty Lawson to Jason Terry82451631.3%
Josh Smith to Marcus Thornton26461637.5%
Josh Smith to Jason Terry73452123.8%
Jason Terry to Josh Smith74461540.0%
Marcus Thornton to Patrick Beverley72441330.8%
Trevor Ariza to KJ McDaniels1833650.0%
Patrick Beverley to Montrezl Harrell17333100.0%
Corey Brewer to Clint Capela60341625.0%
Montrezl Harrell to James Harden853102441.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Dwight Howard1433650.0%
Dwight Howard to Terrence Jones3734944.4%
Dwight Howard to Michael Beasley2535955.6%
Terrence Jones to Jason Terry117351338.5%
Ty Lawson to KJ McDaniels1133560.0%
Josh Smith to Clint Capela1333560.0%
Trevor Ariza to Montrezl Harrell1822633.3%
Michael Beasley to Montrezl Harrell3233100.0%
Michael Beasley to Clint Capela1022366.7%
Michael Beasley to KJ McDaniels1122540.0%
Michael Beasley to Patrick Beverley7623837.5%
Michael Beasley to James Harden1532154434.1%
Michael Beasley to Corey Brewer2522633.3%
Corey Brewer to Donatas Motiejunas1422633.3%
Corey Brewer to Michael Beasley19281266.7%
Clint Capela to Donatas Motiejunas722540.0%
Clint Capela to Marcus Thornton66272429.2%
Clint Capela to Jason Terry121261637.5%
Montrezl Harrell to Clint Capela5222100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Terrence Jones3222100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Ty Lawson69251050.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Corey Brewer28231127.3%
Dwight Howard to Montrezl Harrell722366.7%
Dwight Howard to Josh Smith41231030.0%
Ty Lawson to Donatas Motiejunas33221020.0%
KJ McDaniels to Clint Capela1023475.0%
KJ McDaniels to James Harden31271258.3%
KJ McDaniels to Corey Brewer622366.7%
Donatas Motiejunas to Corey Brewer2424944.4%
Josh Smith to Patrick Beverley92261346.2%
Jason Terry to Montrezl Harrell2423475.0%
Jason Terry to Marcus Thornton79283026.7%
Jason Terry to Patrick Beverley92231816.7%
Marcus Thornton to Montrezl Harrell1522540.0%
Michael Beasley to Terrence Jones1111100.0%
Michael Beasley to Trevor Ariza3311812.5%
Michael Beasley to Dwight Howard1411520.0%
Patrick Beverley to KJ McDaniels1813560.0%
Patrick Beverley to Ty Lawson5712922.2%
Corey Brewer to Josh Smith3414944.4%
Clint Capela to Montrezl Harrell1011333.3%
Clint Capela to Patrick Beverley280192437.5%
Clint Capela to Michael Beasley1511714.3%
Clint Capela to Corey Brewer62161442.9%
Andrew Goudelock to Montrezl Harrell1011520.0%
Andrew Goudelock to Clint Capela7133100.0%
Andrew Goudelock to KJ McDaniels1511616.7%
Andrew Goudelock to Jason Terry611250.0%
James Harden to Andrew Goudelock1111333.3%
James Harden to Chuck Hayes411250.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Donatas Motiejunas1111100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Marcus Thornton1511520.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Trevor Ariza1612450.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Jason Terry3712540.0%
Chuck Hayes to Ty Lawson511250.0%
Chuck Hayes to James Harden1414757.1%
Terrence Jones to Clint Capela2313560.0%
KJ McDaniels to Montrezl Harrell1012366.7%
KJ McDaniels to Terrence Jones1011333.3%
KJ McDaniels to Michael Beasley511425.0%
KJ McDaniels to Trevor Ariza1311250.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Marcus Thornton1111333.3%
Donatas Motiejunas to Ty Lawson5112540.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Michael Beasley1111100.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Jason Terry3813650.0%
Josh Smith to KJ McDaniels6111100.0%
Josh Smith to Terrence Jones712450.0%
Josh Smith to Ty Lawson5212825.0%
Jason Terry to KJ McDaniels812450.0%
Jason Terry to Donatas Motiejunas38111010.0%
Jason Terry to Ty Lawson102161637.5%
Marcus Thornton to KJ McDaniels1211714.3%
Marcus Thornton to Donatas Motiejunas1614757.1%
Marcus Thornton to Josh Smith2512922.2%
Trevor Ariza to Andrew Goudelock50020.0%
Trevor Ariza to Trevor Ariza10000.0%
Michael Beasley to Andrew Goudelock1801333.3%
Michael Beasley to Josh Smith10000.0%
Michael Beasley to Jason Terry5301812.5%
Patrick Beverley to Sam Dekker10000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Chuck Hayes10000.0%
Corey Brewer to KJ McDaniels100040.0%
Corey Brewer to Andrew Goudelock40000.0%
Corey Brewer to Chuck Hayes10000.0%
Clint Capela to Clint Capela10000.0%
Clint Capela to KJ McDaniels8011100.0%
Clint Capela to Andrew Goudelock2002450.0%
Clint Capela to Josh Smith150010.0%
Sam Dekker to Montrezl Harrell1011100.0%
Sam Dekker to KJ McDaniels20020.0%
Sam Dekker to Patrick Beverley40000.0%
Sam Dekker to Ty Lawson10000.0%
Sam Dekker to Trevor Ariza10000.0%
Andrew Goudelock to Terrence Jones20000.0%
Andrew Goudelock to James Harden1201425.0%
Andrew Goudelock to Michael Beasley1202366.7%
Andrew Goudelock to Corey Brewer10000.0%
Andrew Goudelock to Trevor Ariza40010.0%
Andrew Goudelock to Josh Smith50000.0%
Andrew Goudelock to Dwight Howard2011100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Sam Dekker10000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to KJ McDaniels501250.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Andrew Goudelock701250.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Patrick Beverley3801250.0%
Chuck Hayes to Marcus Thornton2011100.0%
Chuck Hayes to Corey Brewer20010.0%
Chuck Hayes to Trevor Ariza30000.0%
Chuck Hayes to Jason Terry20000.0%
Dwight Howard to KJ McDaniels80020.0%
Dwight Howard to Andrew Goudelock10000.0%
Terrence Jones to Sam Dekker20000.0%
Terrence Jones to Montrezl Harrell40000.0%
Terrence Jones to KJ McDaniels50010.0%
Terrence Jones to Andrew Goudelock20000.0%
Terrence Jones to Donatas Motiejunas50010.0%
Terrence Jones to Ty Lawson258052123.8%
Terrence Jones to Michael Beasley10000.0%
Terrence Jones to Josh Smith60010.0%
Ty Lawson to Chuck Hayes40010.0%
KJ McDaniels to Andrew Goudelock15044100.0%
KJ McDaniels to Donatas Motiejunas30000.0%
KJ McDaniels to Marcus Thornton40000.0%
KJ McDaniels to Patrick Beverley1801250.0%
KJ McDaniels to Ty Lawson50000.0%
KJ McDaniels to Josh Smith20000.0%
KJ McDaniels to Dwight Howard90040.0%
KJ McDaniels to Jason Terry1101425.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to KJ McDaniels20020.0%
Donatas Motiejunas to Terrence Jones501333.3%
Josh Smith to Andrew Goudelock40000.0%
Josh Smith to Michael Beasley10010.0%
Jason Terry to Andrew Goudelock30010.0%
Jason Terry to Chuck Hayes30000.0%
Marcus Thornton to Ty Lawson137052420.8%
Marcus Thornton to Chuck Hayes10000.0%