2016 Houston Rockets Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Houston Rockets averaged 268 passes per game. The leading assist duo was James Harden to Clint Capela, with 174 assists on 523 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
James Harden to Clint Capela52317417828362.9%
James Harden to Ryan Anderson106915217646238.1%
James Harden to Trevor Ariza120815217648936.0%
James Harden to Eric Gordon73210613834939.5%
James Harden to Nene37410210517859.0%
James Harden to Montrezl Harrell327768213560.7%
Patrick Beverley to Eric Gordon534659626336.5%
Patrick Beverley to Clint Capela26943437855.1%
James Harden to Sam Dekker232424511240.2%
James Harden to Patrick Beverley399414712138.8%
Patrick Beverley to Sam Dekker21233357745.5%
Eric Gordon to Sam Dekker14929327045.7%
Eric Gordon to Trevor Ariza14927306844.1%
Eric Gordon to Nene16127336253.2%
Trevor Ariza to Ryan Anderson22926338140.7%
Trevor Ariza to Eric Gordon15926267534.7%
Patrick Beverley to Ryan Anderson21626318536.5%
Patrick Beverley to Nene15625284957.1%
Trevor Ariza to Nene15024275350.9%
Patrick Beverley to Montrezl Harrell19724304961.2%
Patrick Beverley to Trevor Ariza18624276740.3%
Eric Gordon to Montrezl Harrell9423274461.4%
Trevor Ariza to Montrezl Harrell11321223956.4%
Trevor Ariza to Patrick Beverley21221306446.9%
Trevor Ariza to James Harden12992011734533.9%
Clint Capela to James Harden1200207320236.1%
Eric Gordon to Clint Capela12219244949.0%
Eric Gordon to Ryan Anderson11618225044.0%
James Harden to Lou Williams16018298334.9%
Montrezl Harrell to James Harden635186114043.6%
Nene to James Harden685186015339.2%
Trevor Ariza to Clint Capela18417214546.7%
Sam Dekker to Eric Gordon16917286543.1%
Patrick Beverley to Corey Brewer9816224153.7%
Lou Williams to Clint Capela4916172860.7%
Ryan Anderson to Patrick Beverley23615185731.6%
Corey Brewer to Eric Gordon6815203655.6%
Ryan Anderson to Trevor Ariza18514155129.4%
Corey Brewer to Sam Dekker6514163151.6%
James Harden to Corey Brewer11514155030.0%
Trevor Ariza to Sam Dekker5313132552.0%
Eric Gordon to Patrick Beverley21713186229.0%
Lou Williams to Nene5613132356.5%
Nene to Eric Gordon14312204148.8%
Nene to Trevor Ariza8412143046.7%
Ryan Anderson to James Harden1110119025735.0%
Ryan Anderson to Eric Gordon14911216432.8%
Patrick Beverley to Lou Williams14011236833.8%
Clint Capela to Eric Gordon14311195236.5%
Ryan Anderson to Clint Capela8010112152.4%
Eric Gordon to James Harden440104412535.2%
James Harden to KJ McDaniels3610112152.4%
Montrezl Harrell to Patrick Beverley22110173450.0%
Lou Williams to Montrezl Harrell2910101566.7%
Patrick Beverley to James Harden52195214037.1%
Corey Brewer to James Harden1189152951.7%
Clint Capela to Patrick Beverley3699285848.3%
Sam Dekker to Patrick Beverley3759195038.0%
Sam Dekker to Trevor Ariza54991656.3%
Eric Gordon to Corey Brewer729103330.3%
Sam Dekker to Nene528101855.6%
Montrezl Harrell to Corey Brewer37891752.9%
Clint Capela to Trevor Ariza93782334.8%
Tyler Ennis to Eric Gordon777113432.4%
Eric Gordon to Lou Williams38791947.4%
Nene to Sam Dekker57792045.0%
Sam Dekker to Clint Capela31671163.6%
Sam Dekker to Corey Brewer68672133.3%
Lou Williams to Sam Dekker38661637.5%
Trevor Ariza to Corey Brewer29561442.9%
Corey Brewer to Montrezl Harrell63571546.7%
Corey Brewer to Trevor Ariza25551338.5%
Sam Dekker to Montrezl Harrell4756966.7%
Tyler Ennis to Sam Dekker62582040.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Ryan Anderson48571450.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Trevor Ariza57571258.3%
Nene to Corey Brewer52551827.8%
Corey Brewer to Clint Capela4745955.6%
Corey Brewer to Nene66471838.9%
Clint Capela to Sam Dekker25451145.5%
Sam Dekker to KJ McDaniels1645862.5%
Tyler Ennis to Montrezl Harrell50441040.0%
Tyler Ennis to Clint Capela3544757.1%
James Harden to Troy Williams32441330.8%
James Harden to Bobby Brown2144944.4%
Montrezl Harrell to Sam Dekker41451533.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Tyler Ennis67471353.8%
Montrezl Harrell to Eric Gordon944112740.7%
Nene to KJ McDaniels1144580.0%
Nene to Ryan Anderson49451338.5%
Patrick Beverley to Troy Williams1833560.0%
Corey Brewer to Patrick Beverley923102147.6%
Bobby Brown to Montrezl Harrell1934580.0%
Bobby Brown to Ryan Anderson7333100.0%
Clint Capela to Corey Brewer3734944.4%
Clint Capela to Lou Williams62361833.3%
Sam Dekker to Ryan Anderson2235771.4%
Tyler Ennis to Bobby Brown2734944.4%
Tyler Ennis to Corey Brewer2834850.0%
Nene to Patrick Beverley2123113135.5%
Nene to Lou Williams43342020.0%
Lou Williams to Troy Williams1433742.9%
Lou Williams to Trevor Ariza2834757.1%
Ryan Anderson to Sam Dekker1522366.7%
Ryan Anderson to Montrezl Harrell4722728.6%
Patrick Beverley to Chinanu Onuaku5222100.0%
Bobby Brown to Lou Williams1023650.0%
Bobby Brown to Trevor Ariza822366.7%
Clint Capela to Ryan Anderson63241233.3%
Sam Dekker to James Harden3942279827.6%
Tyler Ennis to Kyle Wiltjer2023560.0%
Tyler Ennis to Trevor Ariza1022540.0%
KJ McDaniels to Clint Capela5222100.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Montrezl Harrell1022366.7%
Lou Williams to Patrick Beverley76241625.0%
Lou Williams to Eric Gordon33231717.6%
Troy Williams to Clint Capela822366.7%
Ryan Anderson to Bobby Brown5111100.0%
Ryan Anderson to Corey Brewer2812825.0%
Ryan Anderson to Lou Williams914850.0%
Ryan Anderson to Nene4213933.3%
Trevor Ariza to KJ McDaniels911250.0%
Trevor Ariza to Lou Williams34132114.3%
Patrick Beverley to Bobby Brown4111100.0%
Corey Brewer to KJ McDaniels611333.3%
Corey Brewer to Ryan Anderson2312922.2%
Bobby Brown to Troy Williams812540.0%
Bobby Brown to KJ McDaniels612366.7%
Bobby Brown to James Harden1211520.0%
Bobby Brown to Eric Gordon511333.3%
Clint Capela to Troy Williams2111100.0%
Sam Dekker to Tyler Ennis88151241.7%
Sam Dekker to Bobby Brown1512540.0%
Sam Dekker to Lou Williams45161833.3%
Tyler Ennis to KJ McDaniels18121020.0%
Tyler Ennis to James Harden612366.7%
Tyler Ennis to Ryan Anderson18121020.0%
Tyler Ennis to Nene2313475.0%
Eric Gordon to Isaiah Taylor5111100.0%
Eric Gordon to Kyle Wiltjer2111100.0%
Eric Gordon to Troy Williams5111100.0%
Eric Gordon to Chinanu Onuaku311250.0%
Eric Gordon to KJ McDaniels411333.3%
Eric Gordon to Bobby Brown211250.0%
James Harden to Chinanu Onuaku611250.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Troy Williams7122100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Bobby Brown3111714.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Lou Williams28151145.5%
KJ McDaniels to Sam Dekker911250.0%
KJ McDaniels to Corey Brewer712366.7%
Chinanu Onuaku to Troy Williams3111100.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to Eric Gordon3111100.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to Corey Brewer1111100.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Troy Williams511250.0%
Lou Williams to Bobby Brown711333.3%
Troy Williams to Patrick Beverley2914850.0%
Troy Williams to Eric Gordon611250.0%
Troy Williams to Lou Williams1212540.0%
Troy Williams to Nene411250.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Sam Dekker1411250.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Eric Gordon3111100.0%
Ryan Anderson to Isaiah Taylor50010.0%
Ryan Anderson to Troy Williams1011100.0%
Ryan Anderson to KJ McDaniels80030.0%
Ryan Anderson to Tyler Ennis2101520.0%
Trevor Ariza to Isaiah Taylor10000.0%
Trevor Ariza to Troy Williams70020.0%
Trevor Ariza to Tyler Ennis180010.0%
Trevor Ariza to Bobby Brown120020.0%
Patrick Beverley to Isaiah Taylor20000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Kyle Wiltjer30000.0%
Patrick Beverley to KJ McDaniels20010.0%
Patrick Beverley to Tyler Ennis10000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Corey Brewer to Chinanu Onuaku10000.0%
Corey Brewer to Tyler Ennis350030.0%
Corey Brewer to Bobby Brown10010.0%
Bobby Brown to Isaiah Taylor70020.0%
Bobby Brown to Kyle Wiltjer110040.0%
Bobby Brown to Chinanu Onuaku20000.0%
Bobby Brown to Sam Dekker6011100.0%
Bobby Brown to Clint Capela30000.0%
Bobby Brown to Tyler Ennis140010.0%
Bobby Brown to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Bobby Brown to Corey Brewer40010.0%
Clint Capela to Isaiah Taylor10000.0%
Clint Capela to KJ McDaniels60010.0%
Clint Capela to Tyler Ennis69041330.8%
Clint Capela to Bobby Brown60010.0%
Sam Dekker to Kyle Wiltjer110020.0%
Sam Dekker to Troy Williams10010.0%
Sam Dekker to Sam Dekker10000.0%
Tyler Ennis to Chinanu Onuaku60010.0%
Eric Gordon to Tyler Ennis2902633.3%
Eric Gordon to Eric Gordon20000.0%
James Harden to Isaiah Taylor10000.0%
James Harden to Tyler Ennis30000.0%
James Harden to James Harden10000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Isaiah Taylor110010.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Kyle Wiltjer30000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to KJ McDaniels60030.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Nene20010.0%
KJ McDaniels to Kyle Wiltjer10010.0%
KJ McDaniels to Montrezl Harrell30010.0%
KJ McDaniels to Tyler Ennis2001250.0%
KJ McDaniels to Patrick Beverley30000.0%
KJ McDaniels to James Harden310040.0%
KJ McDaniels to Bobby Brown501425.0%
KJ McDaniels to Ryan Anderson60010.0%
KJ McDaniels to Eric Gordon2011100.0%
KJ McDaniels to Trevor Ariza40020.0%
KJ McDaniels to Nene7011100.0%
Nene to Kyle Wiltjer10010.0%
Nene to Troy Williams30010.0%
Nene to Montrezl Harrell30010.0%
Nene to Tyler Ennis300010.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to Isaiah Taylor10000.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to KJ McDaniels40030.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to Tyler Ennis601250.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to Patrick Beverley60000.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to James Harden1601333.3%
Chinanu Onuaku to Bobby Brown701333.3%
Chinanu Onuaku to Lou Williams30020.0%
Chinanu Onuaku to Trevor Ariza10000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Chinanu Onuaku20000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Clint Capela30000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to James Harden10000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Bobby Brown1103560.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Ryan Anderson10000.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Eric Gordon70030.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Lou Williams50020.0%
Isaiah Taylor to Trevor Ariza10000.0%
Lou Williams to Isaiah Taylor50030.0%
Lou Williams to Kyle Wiltjer10000.0%
Lou Williams to Chinanu Onuaku30010.0%
Lou Williams to James Harden1050122842.9%
Lou Williams to Ryan Anderson30010.0%
Troy Williams to Isaiah Taylor70000.0%
Troy Williams to Chinanu Onuaku40000.0%
Troy Williams to Montrezl Harrell20010.0%
Troy Williams to James Harden3004944.4%
Troy Williams to Bobby Brown90020.0%
Troy Williams to Ryan Anderson30010.0%
Troy Williams to Trevor Ariza30010.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Isaiah Taylor10000.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Chinanu Onuaku10000.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Montrezl Harrell20000.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to KJ McDaniels401250.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Tyler Ennis270010.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Kyle Wiltjer to Bobby Brown901333.3%
Kyle Wiltjer to Lou Williams20000.0%