2022 Los Angeles Lakers Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Los Angeles Lakers averaged 257 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Russell Westbrook to LeBron James, with 74 assists on 491 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Russell Westbrook to LeBron James4917411020055.0%
Russell Westbrook to Anthony Davis296728215154.3%
LeBron James to Anthony Davis387698618746.0%
Dennis Schroder to Anthony Davis385556614844.6%
Dennis Schroder to LeBron James602519220046.0%
LeBron James to Thomas Bryant12846488655.8%
Russell Westbrook to Wenyen Gabriel15846487861.5%
Russell Westbrook to Thomas Bryant11439417157.7%
LeBron James to Austin Reaves28135478058.8%
D'Angelo Russell to Anthony Davis240354810446.2%
Anthony Davis to LeBron James549326515641.7%
LeBron James to Lonnie Walker IV17232357745.5%
LeBron James to Dennis Schroder480324813635.3%
Austin Reaves to LeBron James289325111046.4%
Dennis Schroder to Troy Brown Jr.15232366159.0%
Russell Westbrook to Lonnie Walker IV18132439246.7%
Austin Reaves to Anthony Davis26931429544.2%
LeBron James to Russell Westbrook338305213937.4%
Russell Westbrook to Troy Brown Jr.13330326847.1%
LeBron James to Patrick Beverley27628357844.9%
Dennis Schroder to Thomas Bryant14426295255.8%
Patrick Beverley to LeBron James318235010547.6%
LeBron James to Troy Brown Jr.17123257334.2%
Austin Reaves to Lonnie Walker IV14123327244.4%
Dennis Schroder to Austin Reaves28122357546.7%
Russell Westbrook to Austin Reaves19621317839.7%
Patrick Beverley to Anthony Davis14119286046.7%
Anthony Davis to Austin Reaves28019336947.8%
LeBron James to Wenyen Gabriel6919203262.5%
Dennis Schroder to Lonnie Walker IV15219267236.1%
Lonnie Walker IV to Anthony Davis10719234254.8%
Austin Reaves to Malik Beasley8018203951.3%
Russell Westbrook to Kendrick Nunn11718285650.0%
Patrick Beverley to Lonnie Walker IV9817215836.2%
Anthony Davis to Lonnie Walker IV14816234650.0%
Anthony Davis to Troy Brown Jr.11116193948.7%
Austin Reaves to Rui Hachimura7016194839.6%
Troy Brown Jr. to Anthony Davis13415204544.4%
Dennis Schroder to Rui Hachimura8815204544.4%
Dennis Schroder to Russell Westbrook22515286841.2%
Russell Westbrook to Dennis Schroder20715235939.0%
Patrick Beverley to Thomas Bryant5414142751.9%
Troy Brown Jr. to Austin Reaves14514234353.5%
Austin Reaves to Wenyen Gabriel7614152853.6%
Austin Reaves to D'Angelo Russell10314163053.3%
LeBron James to Rui Hachimura5313143145.2%
Austin Reaves to Dennis Schroder28113318038.8%
D'Angelo Russell to Malik Beasley8613154930.6%
Dennis Schroder to Malik Beasley13913154632.6%
Lonnie Walker IV to LeBron James15013165230.8%
Austin Reaves to Troy Brown Jr.11912154533.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Troy Brown Jr.7012122842.9%
Dennis Schroder to Jarred Vanderbilt5512122450.0%
Russell Westbrook to Max Christie5712133537.1%
Thomas Bryant to LeBron James30111458851.1%
Anthony Davis to Rui Hachimura4211152171.4%
LeBron James to Kendrick Nunn5511142948.3%
Austin Reaves to Jarred Vanderbilt4311111957.9%
D'Angelo Russell to Rui Hachimura5711143441.2%
Dennis Schroder to Patrick Beverley14111154037.5%
Patrick Beverley to Troy Brown Jr.7210123435.3%
Anthony Davis to Malik Beasley5910112055.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Dennis Schroder9710122548.0%
Patrick Beverley to Dennis Schroder1789173844.7%
Patrick Beverley to Russell Westbrook1309135225.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Thomas Bryant27991369.2%
Troy Brown Jr. to LeBron James2199216333.3%
Anthony Davis to Dennis Schroder4609287537.3%
Anthony Davis to Russell Westbrook3679399740.2%
D'Angelo Russell to Jarred Vanderbilt58991947.4%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Malik Beasley559122842.9%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Anthony Davis549122254.5%
Russell Westbrook to Patrick Beverley899132846.4%
Malik Beasley to Anthony Davis538132846.4%
Anthony Davis to Jarred Vanderbilt548101758.8%
Anthony Davis to D'Angelo Russell2568266639.4%
LeBron James to Juan Toscano-Anderson38881457.1%
LeBron James to D'Angelo Russell498111861.1%
Dennis Schroder to Wenyen Gabriel71881844.4%
Russell Westbrook to Juan Toscano-Anderson61882334.8%
Troy Brown Jr. to Lonnie Walker IV65782729.6%
Troy Brown Jr. to Malik Beasley447102540.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to D'Angelo Russell1017173154.8%
Kendrick Nunn to Wenyen Gabriel36771353.8%
Kendrick Nunn to Anthony Davis367111957.9%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Austin Reaves887122352.2%
Patrick Beverley to Austin Reaves62681942.1%
Troy Brown Jr. to Rui Hachimura34671741.2%
Troy Brown Jr. to Dennis Schroder2556225440.7%
LeBron James to Malik Beasley34661931.6%
Kendrick Nunn to Thomas Bryant23661154.5%
Austin Reaves to Kendrick Nunn33661540.0%
Austin Reaves to Thomas Bryant256111573.3%
Austin Reaves to Russell Westbrook2556256637.9%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Russell Westbrook1046112740.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Troy Brown Jr.48671936.8%
Lonnie Walker IV to Thomas Bryant1766875.0%
Russell Westbrook to Rui Hachimura21671353.8%
Wenyen Gabriel to Kendrick Nunn60592437.5%
Wenyen Gabriel to Malik Beasley30551435.7%
Rui Hachimura to Austin Reaves91592142.9%
Rui Hachimura to LeBron James63572429.2%
LeBron James to Jarred Vanderbilt19551241.7%
D'Angelo Russell to LeBron James71592634.6%
Dennis Schroder to D'Angelo Russell985112642.3%
Jarred Vanderbilt to D'Angelo Russell104581942.1%
Lonnie Walker IV to Troy Brown Jr.36551729.4%
Lonnie Walker IV to Dennis Schroder115592536.0%
Malik Beasley to Rui Hachimura16451050.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Jarred Vanderbilt36441330.8%
Troy Brown Jr. to Patrick Beverley85471546.7%
Thomas Bryant to Lonnie Walker IV2246966.7%
Wenyen Gabriel to Austin Reaves1614103528.6%
Wenyen Gabriel to D'Angelo Russell41441136.4%
Wenyen Gabriel to LeBron James1354143540.0%
Rui Hachimura to Dennis Schroder1304122842.9%
LeBron James to Max Christie2844850.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Austin Reaves91472231.8%
Lonnie Walker IV to Rui Hachimura13451145.5%
Russell Westbrook to Damian Jones1344757.1%
Malik Beasley to Austin Reaves59361540.0%
Malik Beasley to Lonnie Walker IV1434944.4%
Malik Beasley to Jarred Vanderbilt40361250.0%
Malik Beasley to LeBron James39361250.0%
Patrick Beverley to Rui Hachimura1234666.7%
Thomas Bryant to Kendrick Nunn26341040.0%
Thomas Bryant to Troy Brown Jr.2234944.4%
Thomas Bryant to Dennis Schroder2303225044.0%
Max Christie to Wenyen Gabriel1733475.0%
Max Christie to Troy Brown Jr.16344100.0%
Max Christie to Thomas Bryant833475.0%
Anthony Davis to Kendrick Nunn37361346.2%
Anthony Davis to Patrick Beverley136392240.9%
Wenyen Gabriel to Lonnie Walker IV44382433.3%
Wenyen Gabriel to Troy Brown Jr.38341233.3%
Rui Hachimura to Lonnie Walker IV1834944.4%
LeBron James to Matt Ryan26331030.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Russell Westbrook1003113036.7%
Kendrick Nunn to LeBron James51351435.7%
Austin Reaves to Matt Ryan833650.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Wenyen Gabriel30341233.3%
Dennis Schroder to Juan Toscano-Anderson3933475.0%
Dennis Schroder to Kendrick Nunn49351631.3%
Dennis Schroder to Mo Bamba2333742.9%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Max Christie10333100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Kendrick Nunn34331717.6%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Troy Brown Jr.1033650.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Patrick Beverley60341526.7%
Lonnie Walker IV to Russell Westbrook115393426.5%
Mo Bamba to Rui Hachimura422366.7%
Mo Bamba to Troy Brown Jr.1022540.0%
Malik Beasley to Troy Brown Jr.2222633.3%
Malik Beasley to D'Angelo Russell66231127.3%
Malik Beasley to Dennis Schroder128282630.8%
Patrick Beverley to Max Christie822366.7%
Patrick Beverley to Juan Toscano-Anderson2122366.7%
Patrick Beverley to Kendrick Nunn1422825.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Russell Westbrook2282266540.0%
Thomas Bryant to Max Christie1322366.7%
Max Christie to Damian Jones1022450.0%
Max Christie to Russell Westbrook86272330.4%
Wenyen Gabriel to Davon Reed9222100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Russell Westbrook2262225837.9%
Rui Hachimura to D'Angelo Russell5323560.0%
LeBron James to Damian Jones1222633.3%
Kendrick Nunn to Matt Ryan1322825.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Damian Jones1922633.3%
Austin Reaves to Max Christie1422728.6%
Austin Reaves to Mo Bamba822540.0%
Davon Reed to Lonnie Walker IV1522825.0%
Dennis Schroder to Damian Jones622366.7%
Cole Swider to Max Christie4222100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Lonnie Walker IV1022633.3%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Dennis Schroder65281747.1%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Anthony Davis9222100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to LeBron James542112250.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Dennis Schroder117252123.8%
Lonnie Walker IV to Austin Reaves85271838.9%
Malik Beasley to Mo Bamba5111100.0%
Patrick Beverley to Wenyen Gabriel2011250.0%
Patrick Beverley to Damian Jones811250.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Max Christie812450.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Matt Ryan311250.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Juan Toscano-Anderson811250.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Kendrick Nunn42151729.4%
Troy Brown Jr. to Wenyen Gabriel2311520.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Mo Bamba411250.0%
Sterling Brown to Max Christie3133100.0%
Sterling Brown to Kendrick Nunn411250.0%
Thomas Bryant to Austin Reaves1914757.1%
Thomas Bryant to Juan Toscano-Anderson1012366.7%
Thomas Bryant to Wenyen Gabriel511250.0%
Max Christie to Cole Swider511333.3%
Max Christie to Matt Ryan211250.0%
Max Christie to Kendrick Nunn34131225.0%
Max Christie to Rui Hachimura612540.0%
Max Christie to Lonnie Walker IV1512540.0%
Max Christie to Malik Beasley3122100.0%
Max Christie to Anthony Davis912366.7%
Max Christie to Patrick Beverley1011250.0%
Anthony Davis to Max Christie611250.0%
Anthony Davis to Juan Toscano-Anderson7111100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Max Christie2111425.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Matt Ryan811425.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Rui Hachimura1111520.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Dennis Schroder152172626.9%
Rui Hachimura to Wenyen Gabriel811333.3%
Rui Hachimura to Thomas Bryant2111100.0%
Rui Hachimura to Malik Beasley2111616.7%
Rui Hachimura to Anthony Davis3013650.0%
LeBron James to Mo Bamba1011616.7%
Damian Jones to Matt Ryan2111100.0%
Damian Jones to Troy Brown Jr.712366.7%
Damian Jones to Patrick Beverley1511333.3%
Damian Jones to Russell Westbrook2111520.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Max Christie1711812.5%
Kendrick Nunn to Juan Toscano-Anderson1411333.3%
Kendrick Nunn to Lonnie Walker IV811425.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Dennis Schroder4311714.3%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Juan Toscano-Anderson1311333.3%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Kendrick Nunn811425.0%
Austin Reaves to Juan Toscano-Anderson1711425.0%
Austin Reaves to Damian Jones511250.0%
Austin Reaves to Patrick Beverley62131127.3%
Davon Reed to Troy Brown Jr.1111100.0%
Davon Reed to Malik Beasley311333.3%
Matt Ryan to Max Christie4111100.0%
Matt Ryan to Kendrick Nunn613475.0%
Matt Ryan to Russell Westbrook1612540.0%
Matt Ryan to LeBron James1811333.3%
Dennis Schroder to Cole Swider611333.3%
Dennis Schroder to Max Christie2711520.0%
Cole Swider to Scotty Pippen Jr.911333.3%
Cole Swider to Wenyen Gabriel511250.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Matt Ryan1111714.3%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Thomas Bryant811425.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Wenyen Gabriel4111100.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Rui Hachimura412366.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Mo Bamba2111100.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to LeBron James36171070.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Max Christie1013560.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Wenyen Gabriel1211520.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Jarred Vanderbilt512366.7%
Lonnie Walker IV to Davon Reed411250.0%
Russell Westbrook to Cole Swider611250.0%
Russell Westbrook to Matt Ryan1111425.0%
Mo Bamba to Cole Swider10000.0%
Mo Bamba to Austin Reaves1701425.0%
Mo Bamba to Saben Lee10000.0%
Mo Bamba to Lonnie Walker IV5022100.0%
Mo Bamba to Jarred Vanderbilt20010.0%
Mo Bamba to Davon Reed110010.0%
Mo Bamba to Malik Beasley70020.0%
Mo Bamba to D'Angelo Russell10010.0%
Mo Bamba to Dennis Schroder320030.0%
Mo Bamba to LeBron James1501250.0%
Malik Beasley to Max Christie10000.0%
Malik Beasley to Wenyen Gabriel220040.0%
Patrick Beverley to Cole Swider10000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Matt Ryan130020.0%
Troy Brown Jr. to Damian Jones20010.0%
Sterling Brown to Scotty Pippen Jr.20010.0%
Sterling Brown to Thomas Bryant10010.0%
Sterling Brown to Dennis Schroder50010.0%
Sterling Brown to Russell Westbrook4011100.0%
Thomas Bryant to Rui Hachimura401333.3%
Thomas Bryant to Patrick Beverley78031225.0%
Thomas Bryant to Russell Westbrook1530123040.0%
Max Christie to Scotty Pippen Jr.130030.0%
Max Christie to Austin Reaves13011100.0%
Max Christie to Juan Toscano-Anderson12011100.0%
Max Christie to Mo Bamba10010.0%
Max Christie to Davon Reed20010.0%
Max Christie to Sterling Brown10010.0%
Max Christie to Dennis Schroder46031225.0%
Max Christie to LeBron James55061833.3%
Anthony Davis to Cole Swider10000.0%
Anthony Davis to Wenyen Gabriel401250.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Cole Swider30000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Scotty Pippen Jr.40010.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Juan Toscano-Anderson150000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Jarred Vanderbilt50000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Thomas Bryant3011100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Damian Jones10010.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Anthony Davis70010.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Patrick Beverley2901425.0%
Rui Hachimura to Jarred Vanderbilt30030.0%
Rui Hachimura to Troy Brown Jr.3101714.3%
Rui Hachimura to Mo Bamba10000.0%
Rui Hachimura to Davon Reed20000.0%
Rui Hachimura to Patrick Beverley140050.0%
Rui Hachimura to Russell Westbrook42041233.3%
Damian Jones to Max Christie110050.0%
Damian Jones to Scotty Pippen Jr.801250.0%
Damian Jones to Austin Reaves801250.0%
Damian Jones to Juan Toscano-Anderson40000.0%
Damian Jones to Kendrick Nunn2602633.3%
Damian Jones to Wenyen Gabriel20010.0%
Damian Jones to Lonnie Walker IV802366.7%
Damian Jones to Dennis Schroder802366.7%
Damian Jones to LeBron James2303742.9%
Kendrick Nunn to Cole Swider20000.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Scotty Pippen Jr.40000.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Austin Reaves120010.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Troy Brown Jr.250090.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Kendrick Nunn to Patrick Beverley120010.0%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Cole Swider60010.0%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Max Christie1401250.0%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Matt Ryan10000.0%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Wenyen Gabriel40000.0%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Sterling Brown10010.0%
Scotty Pippen Jr. to Damian Jones30010.0%
Davon Reed to Max Christie30000.0%
Davon Reed to Austin Reaves20010.0%
Davon Reed to Wenyen Gabriel30000.0%
Davon Reed to Rui Hachimura40010.0%
Davon Reed to Mo Bamba30020.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Lonnie Walker IV10000.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Mo Bamba10000.0%
Matt Ryan to Scotty Pippen Jr.50020.0%
Matt Ryan to Austin Reaves50000.0%
Matt Ryan to Juan Toscano-Anderson50000.0%
Matt Ryan to Wenyen Gabriel30010.0%
Matt Ryan to Lonnie Walker IV10000.0%
Matt Ryan to Thomas Bryant10010.0%
Matt Ryan to Damian Jones80000.0%
Matt Ryan to Dennis Schroder10000.0%
Matt Ryan to Anthony Davis40010.0%
Matt Ryan to Patrick Beverley90020.0%
Dennis Schroder to Matt Ryan20020.0%
Cole Swider to Juan Toscano-Anderson10010.0%
Cole Swider to Kendrick Nunn50020.0%
Cole Swider to Lonnie Walker IV1011100.0%
Cole Swider to Dennis Schroder80030.0%
Cole Swider to Anthony Davis10010.0%
Cole Swider to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Cole Swider to Russell Westbrook1001250.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Cole Swider20000.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Scotty Pippen Jr.8011100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Austin Reaves27011010.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Wenyen Gabriel90020.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Damian Jones10010.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Patrick Beverley320010.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Lonnie Walker IV70030.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Matt Ryan30010.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Juan Toscano-Anderson50030.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Kendrick Nunn60020.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Mo Bamba50010.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Damian Jones70010.0%
Lonnie Walker IV to Malik Beasley60050.0%
Russell Westbrook to Sterling Brown40010.0%