2015 Los Angeles Lakers Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Los Angeles Lakers averaged 274 passes per game. The leading assist duo was D'Angelo Russell to Jordan Clarkson, with 47 assists on 727 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
D'Angelo Russell to Jordan Clarkson727477722035.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Kobe Bryant628479627634.8%
Kobe Bryant to Jordan Clarkson338456714147.5%
D'Angelo Russell to Julius Randle601457218838.3%
Julius Randle to Jordan Clarkson764367617842.7%
D'Angelo Russell to Brandon Bass27332389042.2%
Jordan Clarkson to Julius Randle483315515635.3%
Kobe Bryant to D'Angelo Russell309304512037.5%
Jordan Clarkson to D'Angelo Russell420295011643.1%
Julius Randle to Kobe Bryant404295818731.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Roy Hibbert328284411139.6%
Lou Williams to Brandon Bass14528306248.4%
Jordan Clarkson to Lou Williams479275617132.7%
Jordan Clarkson to Kobe Bryant509265920029.5%
Lou Williams to Larry Nance Jr.17626265944.1%
Kobe Bryant to Roy Hibbert25725298135.8%
Marcelo Huertas to Brandon Bass15125265646.4%
Julius Randle to D'Angelo Russell1289247020035.0%
Lou Williams to Kobe Bryant252244711939.5%
Kobe Bryant to Julius Randle269213310631.1%
Kobe Bryant to Lou Williams15320276740.3%
Roy Hibbert to Jordan Clarkson477205613142.7%
Roy Hibbert to Kobe Bryant258204212832.8%
Marcelo Huertas to Larry Nance Jr.13020244751.1%
Lou Williams to Julius Randle21520318138.3%
Kobe Bryant to Larry Nance Jr.9919193357.6%
Marcelo Huertas to Nick Young12219255347.2%
Marcelo Huertas to D'Angelo Russell18418266838.2%
Roy Hibbert to Julius Randle17217287040.0%
Lou Williams to Roy Hibbert12417204742.6%
Jordan Clarkson to Larry Nance Jr.18416213953.8%
Marcelo Huertas to Tarik Black9816173450.0%
Marcelo Huertas to Ryan Kelly15016215935.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Nick Young18616218624.4%
Jordan Clarkson to Brandon Bass11515213560.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Roy Hibbert28415247133.8%
Brandon Bass to Lou Williams16314276045.0%
Marcelo Huertas to Lou Williams20014278432.1%
Roy Hibbert to D'Angelo Russell48013358043.8%
Lou Williams to D'Angelo Russell18913194938.8%
Lou Williams to Nick Young10913185532.7%
Brandon Bass to Kobe Bryant9212196230.6%
Marcelo Huertas to Julius Randle11012163842.1%
Julius Randle to Roy Hibbert11212143540.0%
D'Angelo Russell to Larry Nance Jr.9412142458.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Lou Williams333123211527.8%
D'Angelo Russell to Anthony Brown10711113630.6%
Jordan Clarkson to Nick Young11010154334.9%
Marcelo Huertas to Kobe Bryant10010216035.0%
Julius Randle to Brandon Bass5410111764.7%
Brandon Bass to D'Angelo Russell3549277635.5%
Roy Hibbert to Lou Williams1899165728.1%
Marcelo Huertas to Jordan Clarkson1029133043.3%
Marcelo Huertas to Robert Sacre579102147.6%
Julius Randle to Metta World Peace669102540.0%
Lou Williams to Jordan Clarkson2689246735.8%
Brandon Bass to Larry Nance Jr.37891464.3%
Julius Randle to Lou Williams2718215935.6%
Nick Young to Brandon Bass65881457.1%
Brandon Bass to Julius Randle557113135.5%
Brandon Bass to Nick Young807114226.2%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jordan Clarkson4717388843.2%
D'Angelo Russell to Tarik Black547112152.4%
D'Angelo Russell to Ryan Kelly62772330.4%
Lou Williams to Tarik Black36771643.8%
Nick Young to D'Angelo Russell1456164139.0%
Brandon Bass to Jordan Clarkson1825265745.6%
Anthony Brown to D'Angelo Russell85572133.3%
Roy Hibbert to Larry Nance Jr.51561931.6%
Roy Hibbert to Metta World Peace30571936.8%
Marcelo Huertas to Metta World Peace66572429.2%
Ryan Kelly to Marcelo Huertas1945142360.9%
Larry Nance Jr. to Marcelo Huertas2555163151.6%
Larry Nance Jr. to Tarik Black10555100.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kobe Bryant1025113630.6%
Brandon Bass to Marcelo Huertas184482236.4%
Brandon Bass to Metta World Peace45492339.1%
Anthony Brown to Julius Randle61471936.8%
Kobe Bryant to Ryan Kelly644580.0%
Kobe Bryant to Brandon Bass65441233.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Anthony Brown53441330.8%
Jordan Clarkson to Metta World Peace52441625.0%
Ryan Kelly to Brandon Bass1944757.1%
Larry Nance Jr. to D'Angelo Russell2994194740.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Nick Young57492437.5%
Larry Nance Jr. to Lou Williams3314208224.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Brandon Bass40441330.8%
Julius Randle to Marcelo Huertas240461931.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Marcelo Huertas128461931.6%
D'Angelo Russell to Robert Sacre49441233.3%
D'Angelo Russell to Metta World Peace82463119.4%
Metta World Peace to Marcelo Huertas60461154.5%
Metta World Peace to Jordan Clarkson60482138.1%
Nick Young to Larry Nance Jr.4744757.1%
Tarik Black to Jordan Clarkson53361154.5%
Tarik Black to Lou Williams56351050.0%
Anthony Brown to Ryan Kelly1934944.4%
Anthony Brown to Roy Hibbert55361346.2%
Kobe Bryant to Tarik Black1633475.0%
Marcelo Huertas to Anthony Brown59341625.0%
Marcelo Huertas to Roy Hibbert3233933.3%
Ryan Kelly to Nick Young18331030.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Roy Hibbert44341526.7%
Julius Randle to Anthony Brown39331127.3%
Julius Randle to Nick Young58332213.6%
Robert Sacre to Nick Young933742.9%
Robert Sacre to Lou Williams27351050.0%
Lou Williams to Marcelo Huertas85371936.8%
Lou Williams to Anthony Brown48331225.0%
Metta World Peace to D'Angelo Russell70372231.8%
Metta World Peace to Julius Randle46351533.3%
Metta World Peace to Nick Young2234850.0%
Nick Young to Jordan Clarkson793132846.4%
Nick Young to Lou Williams853103033.3%
Brandon Bass to Anthony Brown29241136.4%
Brandon Bass to Ryan Kelly1823650.0%
Tarik Black to Marcelo Huertas1762101952.6%
Tarik Black to D'Angelo Russell1782163447.1%
Tarik Black to Metta World Peace924580.0%
Tarik Black to Kobe Bryant1923933.3%
Anthony Brown to Lou Williams41251338.5%
Kobe Bryant to Anthony Brown6222100.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Tarik Black2624850.0%
Roy Hibbert to Anthony Brown22221020.0%
Roy Hibbert to Nick Young2423650.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Anthony Brown2323650.0%
Julius Randle to Larry Nance Jr.7233100.0%
Julius Randle to Robert Sacre1822728.6%
Robert Sacre to Larry Nance Jr.7222100.0%
Robert Sacre to D'Angelo Russell87242119.0%
Lou Williams to Ryan Kelly36231520.0%
Lou Williams to Robert Sacre1923837.5%
Metta World Peace to Larry Nance Jr.3422366.7%
Metta World Peace to Roy Hibbert4723837.5%
Metta World Peace to Lou Williams50241625.0%
Metta World Peace to Brandon Bass49251145.5%
Nick Young to Ryan Kelly1422922.2%
Tarik Black to Ryan Kelly411250.0%
Tarik Black to Brandon Bass211250.0%
Anthony Brown to Marcelo Huertas4311425.0%
Kobe Bryant to Marcelo Huertas3012633.3%
Kobe Bryant to Robert Sacre1311333.3%
Kobe Bryant to Nick Young2411812.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Ryan Kelly3611812.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Robert Sacre2412825.0%
Ryan Kelly to D'Angelo Russell111161540.0%
Ryan Kelly to Tarik Black12111100.0%
Ryan Kelly to Julius Randle1211425.0%
Ryan Kelly to Jordan Clarkson62131225.0%
Ryan Kelly to Roy Hibbert312366.7%
Ryan Kelly to Metta World Peace911425.0%
Ryan Kelly to Kobe Bryant1812825.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Julius Randle1411425.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Robert Sacre711250.0%
Julius Randle to Ryan Kelly8111100.0%
Robert Sacre to Marcelo Huertas86141233.3%
Robert Sacre to Julius Randle1712633.3%
Robert Sacre to Jordan Clarkson2612450.0%
Robert Sacre to Metta World Peace711250.0%
Robert Sacre to Kobe Bryant1711714.3%
Lou Williams to Metta World Peace47131816.7%
Metta World Peace to Ryan Kelly1312540.0%
Nick Young to Marcelo Huertas80141330.8%
Nick Young to Julius Randle76132611.5%
Nick Young to Robert Sacre1011250.0%
Nick Young to Roy Hibbert2011333.3%
Nick Young to Kobe Bryant2014944.4%
Brandon Bass to Tarik Black30010.0%
Brandon Bass to Roy Hibbert20000.0%
Tarik Black to Larry Nance Jr.14011100.0%
Tarik Black to Anthony Brown80020.0%
Tarik Black to Tarik Black10000.0%
Tarik Black to Julius Randle90010.0%
Tarik Black to Robert Sacre10000.0%
Tarik Black to Nick Young27041330.8%
Anthony Brown to Larry Nance Jr.2001616.7%
Anthony Brown to Tarik Black90020.0%
Anthony Brown to Jordan Clarkson7201205.0%
Anthony Brown to Robert Sacre70040.0%
Anthony Brown to Nick Young70020.0%
Anthony Brown to Brandon Bass270050.0%
Anthony Brown to Metta World Peace30020.0%
Anthony Brown to Kobe Bryant301250.0%
Kobe Bryant to Metta World Peace60000.0%
Kobe Bryant to Kobe Bryant10000.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Marcelo Huertas78041526.7%
Jordan Clarkson to Jordan Clarkson10000.0%
Roy Hibbert to Marcelo Huertas330020.0%
Roy Hibbert to Ryan Kelly30020.0%
Roy Hibbert to Brandon Bass10000.0%
Ryan Kelly to Larry Nance Jr.170050.0%
Ryan Kelly to Anthony Brown170040.0%
Ryan Kelly to Robert Sacre10011100.0%
Ryan Kelly to Lou Williams4700120.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Larry Nance Jr.10000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Ryan Kelly140040.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Metta World Peace4800120.0%
Julius Randle to Tarik Black801333.3%
Julius Randle to Julius Randle10000.0%
Robert Sacre to Anthony Brown50000.0%
Robert Sacre to Tarik Black10010.0%
Robert Sacre to Ryan Kelly70010.0%
Robert Sacre to Brandon Bass10000.0%
Lou Williams to Chris Andersen10000.0%
Metta World Peace to Anthony Brown20000.0%
Metta World Peace to Tarik Black100020.0%
Metta World Peace to Robert Sacre70010.0%
Metta World Peace to Kobe Bryant70040.0%
Nick Young to Anthony Brown60020.0%
Nick Young to Tarik Black180010.0%
Nick Young to Nick Young10000.0%
Nick Young to Metta World Peace2301520.0%