2021 Los Angeles Lakers Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Los Angeles Lakers averaged 281 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Russell Westbrook to Anthony Davis, with 100 assists on 651 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Russell Westbrook to Anthony Davis65110013628048.6%
Russell Westbrook to LeBron James8689813729147.1%
Russell Westbrook to Malik Monk543739020444.1%
Russell Westbrook to Carmelo Anthony473729019546.2%
LeBron James to Malik Monk437576815344.4%
LeBron James to Russell Westbrook729519222640.7%
LeBron James to Carmelo Anthony269485814141.1%
Malik Monk to LeBron James533428217447.1%
Malik Monk to Anthony Davis22538458652.3%
Russell Westbrook to Avery Bradley26837399043.3%
Russell Westbrook to Talen Horton-Tucker298354610842.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to LeBron James456316613150.4%
LeBron James to Talen Horton-Tucker365314410940.4%
LeBron James to Anthony Davis293314110240.2%
Russell Westbrook to Austin Reaves22330357646.1%
Malik Monk to Russell Westbrook584296816042.5%
Anthony Davis to Russell Westbrook582286415541.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Malik Monk22028387352.1%
LeBron James to Austin Reaves22726297240.3%
Austin Reaves to Malik Monk18026396857.4%
Malik Monk to Dwight Howard8325264656.5%
LeBron James to Avery Bradley21524288035.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Anthony Davis16223305752.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Carmelo Anthony16623317143.7%
Russell Westbrook to Dwight Howard17522235740.4%
Malik Monk to Carmelo Anthony15321298235.4%
Rajon Rondo to Anthony Davis12521284759.6%
Anthony Davis to LeBron James360194710146.5%
Stanley Johnson to Malik Monk19619266838.2%
Russell Westbrook to DeAndre Jordan7419203557.1%
Anthony Davis to Avery Bradley11418204346.5%
Austin Reaves to LeBron James29018448750.6%
LeBron James to Wayne Ellington12917174339.5%
Russell Westbrook to Stanley Johnson17017184837.5%
Russell Westbrook to Wayne Ellington11517174537.8%
LeBron James to Stanley Johnson13916194542.2%
Stanley Johnson to LeBron James17414254358.1%
Avery Bradley to LeBron James23713277436.5%
Anthony Davis to Malik Monk20313225837.9%
Malik Monk to Stanley Johnson13213143540.0%
Austin Reaves to Carmelo Anthony8913164040.0%
LeBron James to Dwight Howard6312122254.5%
LeBron James to Trevor Ariza6511112544.0%
Russell Westbrook to Wenyen Gabriel4611122941.4%
Carmelo Anthony to Malik Monk13910183158.1%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Wayne Ellington5410112347.8%
Austin Reaves to Russell Westbrook33810298534.1%
Austin Reaves to Dwight Howard7510112250.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Russell Westbrook46995312243.4%
Anthony Davis to Carmelo Anthony959164139.0%
Dwight Howard to LeBron James2129234748.9%
Rajon Rondo to Carmelo Anthony959143342.4%
Carmelo Anthony to Avery Bradley53891752.9%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Avery Bradley49891947.4%
Malik Monk to Austin Reaves1388123336.4%
Malik Monk to Avery Bradley688102343.5%
Russell Westbrook to Trevor Ariza113883423.5%
Carmelo Anthony to Wayne Ellington53781747.1%
Carmelo Anthony to LeBron James2557366952.2%
D.J. Augustin to Stanley Johnson50781553.3%
Anthony Davis to Talen Horton-Tucker1217123534.3%
Wayne Ellington to LeBron James1187173450.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Austin Reaves1317112642.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Stanley Johnson917142850.0%
Dwight Howard to Malik Monk1537164238.1%
Stanley Johnson to Talen Horton-Tucker1387164040.0%
Malik Monk to Talen Horton-Tucker1997155427.8%
Austin Reaves to Anthony Davis43771450.0%
Rajon Rondo to Malik Monk70782040.0%
Rajon Rondo to Wayne Ellington61772035.0%
Russell Westbrook to Kent Bazemore87783324.2%
Trevor Ariza to Malik Monk48681457.1%
D.J. Augustin to LeBron James58691947.4%
Kent Bazemore to Wayne Ellington31661250.0%
Avery Bradley to Anthony Davis916102343.5%
Avery Bradley to Russell Westbrook2896216035.0%
Anthony Davis to Kent Bazemore40661346.2%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Russell Westbrook3086287835.9%
LeBron James to DeAndre Jordan3166875.0%
Stanley Johnson to Carmelo Anthony41691947.4%
Malik Monk to Wayne Ellington29661346.2%
Austin Reaves to Talen Horton-Tucker1586204050.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Talen Horton-Tucker1175113036.7%
Carmelo Anthony to Anthony Davis61591947.4%
D.J. Augustin to Wenyen Gabriel39571258.3%
Kent Bazemore to Anthony Davis31571258.3%
Kent Bazemore to Carmelo Anthony19571353.8%
Avery Bradley to Malik Monk86582433.3%
Anthony Davis to Dwight Howard1355862.5%
Wayne Ellington to Carmelo Anthony41561833.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to D.J. Augustin3255955.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Dwight Howard52561637.5%
LeBron James to Kent Bazemore49551827.8%
Stanley Johnson to Russell Westbrook2785256141.0%
DeAndre Jordan to LeBron James905112445.8%
Malik Monk to DeAndre Jordan1255683.3%
Austin Reaves to Wayne Ellington29551050.0%
Rajon Rondo to LeBron James58561442.9%
Russell Westbrook to D.J. Augustin52561346.2%
Carmelo Anthony to Kent Bazemore1644850.0%
Trevor Ariza to LeBron James95472231.8%
Anthony Davis to Austin Reaves42471450.0%
Anthony Davis to Stanley Johnson38451145.5%
Anthony Davis to DeAndre Jordan11444100.0%
Wayne Ellington to Austin Reaves3245771.4%
Dwight Howard to Austin Reaves60451241.7%
Dwight Howard to Russell Westbrook3174267435.1%
LeBron James to D.J. Augustin47461250.0%
Stanley Johnson to Austin Reaves94462326.1%
Stanley Johnson to Avery Bradley35441233.3%
Stanley Johnson to D.J. Augustin63441040.0%
Stanley Johnson to Dwight Howard1345771.4%
Austin Reaves to Stanley Johnson102472330.4%
Carmelo Anthony to Austin Reaves88351435.7%
Trevor Ariza to Talen Horton-Tucker52381844.4%
Trevor Ariza to Avery Bradley2533560.0%
D.J. Augustin to Austin Reaves2333837.5%
D.J. Augustin to Malik Monk46371643.8%
D.J. Augustin to Wayne Ellington2433650.0%
Kent Bazemore to Malik Monk1833475.0%
Kent Bazemore to DeAndre Jordan14333100.0%
Kent Bazemore to Russell Westbrook1433102540.0%
Avery Bradley to Wayne Ellington1233650.0%
Avery Bradley to DeAndre Jordan1533650.0%
Avery Bradley to Carmelo Anthony45361833.3%
Anthony Davis to Wayne Ellington3633560.0%
Wayne Ellington to Anthony Davis36341136.4%
Dwight Howard to Kent Bazemore2234850.0%
Dwight Howard to Carmelo Anthony36371643.8%
LeBron James to Wenyen Gabriel1833933.3%
Stanley Johnson to Wenyen Gabriel1333475.0%
Stanley Johnson to Trevor Ariza1033560.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Wayne Ellington19331030.0%
Malik Monk to Wenyen Gabriel14341040.0%
Malik Monk to Kent Bazemore2933837.5%
Malik Monk to D.J. Augustin5334944.4%
Austin Reaves to Wenyen Gabriel27331323.1%
Austin Reaves to Kent Bazemore29331618.8%
Rajon Rondo to Kent Bazemore25341040.0%
Rajon Rondo to DeAndre Jordan1133475.0%
Rajon Rondo to Russell Westbrook72392536.0%
Isaiah Thomas to LeBron James26361060.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Isaiah Thomas1322633.3%
Carmelo Anthony to D.J. Augustin3623650.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Dwight Howard17222100.0%
Trevor Ariza to Austin Reaves3922728.6%
Trevor Ariza to Wayne Ellington522366.7%
Trevor Ariza to Russell Westbrook1432164139.0%
D.J. Augustin to Mason Jones6222100.0%
Kent Bazemore to Austin Reaves3423837.5%
Kent Bazemore to Avery Bradley2122728.6%
Kent Bazemore to Dwight Howard1122366.7%
Avery Bradley to Talen Horton-Tucker65241428.6%
Avery Bradley to Stanley Johnson28221216.7%
Wayne Ellington to Isaiah Thomas922450.0%
Wayne Ellington to Avery Bradley9222100.0%
Wayne Ellington to Dwight Howard14222100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Malik Monk28251050.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to D.J. Augustin4223742.9%
Wenyen Gabriel to LeBron James1722450.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Wenyen Gabriel1422366.7%
Talen Horton-Tucker to DeAndre Jordan1622450.0%
Dwight Howard to Stanley Johnson2023475.0%
Dwight Howard to Avery Bradley2424850.0%
LeBron James to Darren Collison1022450.0%
LeBron James to Rajon Rondo5123560.0%
Stanley Johnson to Kent Bazemore1522450.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Russell Westbrook1482133339.4%
Malik Monk to Sekou Doumbouya422366.7%
Malik Monk to Rajon Rondo5322633.3%
Malik Monk to Trevor Ariza37221020.0%
Austin Reaves to D.J. Augustin3222366.7%
Austin Reaves to Trevor Ariza2222633.3%
Rajon Rondo to Austin Reaves2523742.9%
Rajon Rondo to Talen Horton-Tucker1622540.0%
Rajon Rondo to Isaiah Thomas1422633.3%
Carmelo Anthony to Wenyen Gabriel7111100.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Stanley Johnson3011616.7%
Carmelo Anthony to Rajon Rondo8013742.9%
Carmelo Anthony to Trevor Ariza711250.0%
Trevor Ariza to Stanley Johnson911333.3%
Trevor Ariza to Kent Bazemore411333.3%
Trevor Ariza to Anthony Davis1111250.0%
Trevor Ariza to Dwight Howard611250.0%
Trevor Ariza to Carmelo Anthony811333.3%
D.J. Augustin to Kent Bazemore1711425.0%
D.J. Augustin to Anthony Davis9133100.0%
D.J. Augustin to Avery Bradley1711616.7%
D.J. Augustin to Carmelo Anthony33141822.2%
Kent Bazemore to Talen Horton-Tucker33141233.3%
Kent Bazemore to Isaiah Thomas912366.7%
Kent Bazemore to Rajon Rondo3714850.0%
Avery Bradley to Austin Reaves2312633.3%
Avery Bradley to Rajon Rondo2411425.0%
Avery Bradley to Trevor Ariza1911250.0%
Avery Bradley to Dwight Howard1811250.0%
Darren Collison to Stanley Johnson412366.7%
Darren Collison to LeBron James1011333.3%
Anthony Davis to Rajon Rondo108121216.7%
Anthony Davis to Trevor Ariza1311425.0%
Wayne Ellington to Mason Jones712450.0%
Wayne Ellington to Talen Horton-Tucker48161346.2%
Wayne Ellington to Malik Monk3212825.0%
Wayne Ellington to Russell Westbrook117182138.1%
Wenyen Gabriel to Mac McClung411333.3%
Wenyen Gabriel to Austin Reaves2011520.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Talen Horton-Tucker30141233.3%
Wenyen Gabriel to Avery Bradley311250.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Wayne Ellington311333.3%
Wenyen Gabriel to Russell Westbrook69161540.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Mason Jones7122100.0%
Dwight Howard to Talen Horton-Tucker95162524.0%
Jay Huff to Austin Reaves3111100.0%
LeBron James to Isaiah Thomas4112922.2%
Stanley Johnson to Mac McClung1011250.0%
Stanley Johnson to Anthony Davis2311520.0%
Stanley Johnson to Wayne Ellington1112450.0%
Mason Jones to Austin Reaves9111100.0%
Mason Jones to Malik Monk1011425.0%
Mason Jones to Stanley Johnson4122100.0%
Mason Jones to Wayne Ellington3111100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Talen Horton-Tucker34141040.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Stanley Johnson2111100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Kent Bazemore1711250.0%
Mac McClung to Malik Monk3111100.0%
Austin Reaves to Avery Bradley1911812.5%
Austin Reaves to DeAndre Jordan10111100.0%
Rajon Rondo to Sekou Doumbouya411333.3%
Rajon Rondo to Dwight Howard2011911.1%
Isaiah Thomas to Kent Bazemore6111100.0%
Isaiah Thomas to DeAndre Jordan3111100.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Trevor Ariza3111100.0%
Russell Westbrook to Jemerrio Jones211250.0%
Russell Westbrook to Rajon Rondo4411616.7%
Carmelo Anthony to Chaundee Brown Jr.20010.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Mason Jones10010.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Darren Collison70000.0%
Carmelo Anthony to DeAndre Jordan50000.0%
Trevor Ariza to Chaundee Brown Jr.10000.0%
Trevor Ariza to Isaiah Thomas40000.0%
Trevor Ariza to D.J. Augustin30000.0%
Trevor Ariza to Rajon Rondo60000.0%
D.J. Augustin to Mac McClung40000.0%
D.J. Augustin to Talen Horton-Tucker3301616.7%
D.J. Augustin to Russell Westbrook44051145.5%
D.J. Augustin to Trevor Ariza20000.0%
D.J. Augustin to Dwight Howard250030.0%
Kent Bazemore to Chaundee Brown Jr.10000.0%
Kent Bazemore to Wenyen Gabriel30000.0%
Kent Bazemore to Stanley Johnson1001250.0%
Kent Bazemore to D.J. Augustin220010.0%
Kent Bazemore to Trevor Ariza20000.0%
Kent Bazemore to LeBron James66051533.3%
Avery Bradley to Kent Bazemore130030.0%
Avery Bradley to Darren Collison10000.0%
Avery Bradley to D.J. Augustin1701333.3%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to Kent Bazemore10000.0%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to Isaiah Thomas30000.0%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to Wayne Ellington20010.0%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to Russell Westbrook20010.0%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to Rajon Rondo10000.0%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to Carmelo Anthony20000.0%
Chaundee Brown Jr. to LeBron James20000.0%
Darren Collison to Talen Horton-Tucker30000.0%
Darren Collison to Malik Monk20000.0%
Darren Collison to Russell Westbrook1101250.0%
Darren Collison to Carmelo Anthony701520.0%
Anthony Davis to D.J. Augustin70010.0%
Sekou Doumbouya to Austin Reaves20000.0%
Sekou Doumbouya to Malik Monk30000.0%
Sekou Doumbouya to Wayne Ellington20000.0%
Sekou Doumbouya to Rajon Rondo10000.0%
Sekou Doumbouya to Dwight Howard10000.0%
Wayne Ellington to Jay Huff40010.0%
Wayne Ellington to Chaundee Brown Jr.20020.0%
Wayne Ellington to Sekou Doumbouya10000.0%
Wayne Ellington to Wenyen Gabriel402366.7%
Wayne Ellington to Stanley Johnson1301250.0%
Wayne Ellington to Kent Bazemore140030.0%
Wayne Ellington to DeAndre Jordan100000.0%
Wayne Ellington to D.J. Augustin270040.0%
Wayne Ellington to Rajon Rondo530050.0%
Wayne Ellington to Trevor Ariza10000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Mason Jones30000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Stanley Johnson12011100.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Kent Bazemore20000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Trevor Ariza10000.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Dwight Howard10010.0%
Wenyen Gabriel to Carmelo Anthony70020.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Mac McClung20000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Jay Huff10000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Kent Bazemore2101250.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Isaiah Thomas50010.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Darren Collison60010.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Rajon Rondo8011100.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Trevor Ariza400070.0%
Dwight Howard to Wenyen Gabriel20000.0%
Dwight Howard to Anthony Davis1703475.0%
Dwight Howard to Wayne Ellington180050.0%
Dwight Howard to D.J. Augustin230000.0%
Dwight Howard to Rajon Rondo5003475.0%
Dwight Howard to Trevor Ariza110030.0%
Jay Huff to Mason Jones501333.3%
Jay Huff to Sekou Doumbouya1011100.0%
Jay Huff to Jemerrio Jones10000.0%
Jay Huff to Malik Monk20010.0%
Jay Huff to Kent Bazemore10000.0%
Jay Huff to Isaiah Thomas30020.0%
Jay Huff to Wayne Ellington50030.0%
LeBron James to Chaundee Brown Jr.401333.3%
Stanley Johnson to Mason Jones30010.0%
Stanley Johnson to Darren Collison50010.0%
Stanley Johnson to DeAndre Jordan30000.0%
Jemerrio Jones to Jay Huff10000.0%
Jemerrio Jones to Mason Jones20010.0%
Jemerrio Jones to Talen Horton-Tucker20000.0%
Jemerrio Jones to Isaiah Thomas20010.0%
Jemerrio Jones to Wayne Ellington20000.0%
Jemerrio Jones to Russell Westbrook4011100.0%
Jemerrio Jones to LeBron James10010.0%
Mason Jones to Mac McClung40000.0%
Mason Jones to Jay Huff20000.0%
Mason Jones to Talen Horton-Tucker60020.0%
Mason Jones to Jemerrio Jones20000.0%
Mason Jones to Wenyen Gabriel20010.0%
Mason Jones to DeAndre Jordan10010.0%
Mason Jones to D.J. Augustin120020.0%
Mason Jones to Rajon Rondo10000.0%
Mason Jones to Dwight Howard10000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Austin Reaves1103475.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Malik Monk210030.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Anthony Davis180020.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Isaiah Thomas60000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Avery Bradley150030.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Rajon Rondo1901333.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Trevor Ariza30000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Carmelo Anthony90040.0%
Mac McClung to Austin Reaves902366.7%
Mac McClung to Mason Jones20020.0%
Mac McClung to Talen Horton-Tucker80020.0%
Mac McClung to Stanley Johnson50010.0%
Mac McClung to Wayne Ellington1011100.0%
Mac McClung to D.J. Augustin20000.0%
Malik Monk to Mac McClung20000.0%
Malik Monk to Mason Jones90000.0%
Malik Monk to Darren Collison20000.0%
Austin Reaves to Mac McClung20000.0%
Austin Reaves to Jay Huff50000.0%
Austin Reaves to Mason Jones50000.0%
Austin Reaves to Sekou Doumbouya10000.0%
Austin Reaves to Rajon Rondo270040.0%
Rajon Rondo to Jay Huff20020.0%
Rajon Rondo to Chaundee Brown Jr.10000.0%
Rajon Rondo to Jemerrio Jones10000.0%
Rajon Rondo to Avery Bradley150030.0%
Rajon Rondo to Trevor Ariza60000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Jay Huff20000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Talen Horton-Tucker50000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Anthony Davis10000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Wayne Ellington70010.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Russell Westbrook3003742.9%
Isaiah Thomas to Rajon Rondo40020.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Dwight Howard10000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Carmelo Anthony130030.0%
Russell Westbrook to Chaundee Brown Jr.20000.0%
Russell Westbrook to Isaiah Thomas190070.0%
Russell Westbrook to Darren Collison60010.0%