2017 New York Knicks Team Passing Stats

The 2017 New York Knicks averaged 320 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jarrett Jack to Kristaps Porzingis, with 108 assists on 705 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jarrett Jack to Kristaps Porzingis70510813631243.6%
Jarrett Jack to Enes Kanter559769518152.5%
Jarrett Jack to Courtney Lee650518619145.0%
Trey Burke to Michael Beasley294436112349.6%
Courtney Lee to Enes Kanter278426110061.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Kyle O'Quinn431424910546.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Kristaps Porzingis243395113238.6%
Courtney Lee to Kristaps Porzingis262375113637.5%
Kyle O'Quinn to Doug McDermott15837396857.4%
Jarrett Jack to Tim Hardaway Jr.422345212940.3%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kristaps Porzingis213314410940.4%
Frank Ntilikina to Michael Beasley391316113046.9%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Courtney Lee16330397651.3%
Enes Kanter to Kristaps Porzingis18429408746.0%
Enes Kanter to Courtney Lee385294810446.2%
Frank Ntilikina to Doug McDermott33927276442.2%
Trey Burke to Tim Hardaway Jr.17425367746.8%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Enes Kanter20423325162.7%
Courtney Lee to Tim Hardaway Jr.18223337842.3%
Michael Beasley to Tim Hardaway Jr.17421267733.8%
Trey Burke to Kyle O'Quinn25521265448.1%
Jarrett Jack to Michael Beasley23121409442.6%
Courtney Lee to Michael Beasley18021388942.7%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Tim Hardaway Jr.14721245742.1%
Michael Beasley to Kyle O'Quinn15219213756.8%
Enes Kanter to Tim Hardaway Jr.28419318038.8%
Frank Ntilikina to Tim Hardaway Jr.23919338240.2%
Kyle O'Quinn to Michael Beasley11218325162.7%
Trey Burke to Frank Ntilikina16717204148.8%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Michael Beasley15817335955.9%
Frank Ntilikina to Lance Thomas16916225540.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Courtney Lee22116256936.2%
Michael Beasley to Courtney Lee15515204742.6%
Kyle O'Quinn to Tim Hardaway Jr.15915266937.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Trey Burke16714316051.7%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Enes Kanter17814234452.3%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Michael Beasley15614225937.3%
Frank Ntilikina to Enes Kanter14414264755.3%
Frank Ntilikina to Damyean Dotson9613143737.8%
Frank Ntilikina to Courtney Lee26013226434.4%
Kyle O'Quinn to Frank Ntilikina71313299729.9%
Kyle O'Quinn to Trey Burke41213346850.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Courtney Lee15313173548.6%
Trey Burke to Troy Williams6112132454.2%
Jarrett Jack to Doug McDermott9112132650.0%
Jarrett Jack to Kyle O'Quinn9012142360.9%
Courtney Lee to Kyle O'Quinn9612133240.6%
Michael Beasley to Enes Kanter7811172665.4%
Courtney Lee to Jarrett Jack40411266241.9%
Kristaps Porzingis to Enes Kanter14211234057.5%
Trey Burke to Luke Kornet10010113333.3%
Doug McDermott to Tim Hardaway Jr.5710122941.4%
Doug McDermott to Michael Beasley9210224055.0%
Michael Beasley to Doug McDermott609102835.7%
Trey Burke to Isaiah Hicks679102050.0%
Jarrett Jack to Lance Thomas157993426.5%
Kyle O'Quinn to Damyean Dotson52991947.4%
Ron Baker to Willy Hernangomez28891181.8%
Ron Baker to Kyle O'Quinn418111384.6%
Trey Burke to Lance Thomas76892240.9%
Doug McDermott to Frank Ntilikina3038194047.5%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Kyle O'Quinn668101952.6%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Courtney Lee878123237.5%
Frank Ntilikina to Luke Kornet73882138.1%
Frank Ntilikina to Trey Burke1758234650.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Kristaps Porzingis35891464.3%
Kyle O'Quinn to Lance Thomas618102343.5%
Kristaps Porzingis to Doug McDermott53892240.9%
Ron Baker to Kristaps Porzingis32781553.3%
Ron Baker to Doug McDermott59772133.3%
Ron Baker to Michael Beasley607173745.9%
Michael Beasley to Frank Ntilikina4077155129.4%
Michael Beasley to Troy Williams17771070.0%
Trey Burke to Courtney Lee61781747.1%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Jarrett Jack3397144928.6%
Doug McDermott to Kyle O'Quinn1027122157.1%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Lance Thomas60782040.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Isaiah Hicks42781942.1%
Lance Thomas to Kristaps Porzingis587112544.0%
Lance Thomas to Enes Kanter857122352.2%
Michael Beasley to Trey Burke2816204742.6%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Frank Ntilikina1896144531.1%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Emmanuel Mudiay1846144829.2%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Doug McDermott40661540.0%
Jarrett Jack to Luke Kornet3466875.0%
Enes Kanter to Michael Beasley876122352.2%
Luke Kornet to Damyean Dotson38691560.0%
Luke Kornet to Tim Hardaway Jr.45661735.3%
Courtney Lee to Frank Ntilikina1886102638.5%
Courtney Lee to Doug McDermott44672231.8%
Kristaps Porzingis to Tim Hardaway Jr.1426174537.8%
Kristaps Porzingis to Jarrett Jack7496428947.2%
Troy Williams to Trey Burke836132065.0%
Michael Beasley to Emmanuel Mudiay187582729.6%
Michael Beasley to Jarrett Jack2765143441.2%
Trey Burke to Damyean Dotson65572231.8%
Damyean Dotson to Isaiah Hicks2155955.6%
Damyean Dotson to Trey Burke74592339.1%
Enes Kanter to Frank Ntilikina221582236.4%
Courtney Lee to Lance Thomas65572035.0%
Doug McDermott to Courtney Lee635102835.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Willy Hernangomez62581266.7%
Kyle O'Quinn to Troy Williams36561637.5%
Kyle O'Quinn to Jarrett Jack2165101952.6%
Lance Thomas to Kyle O'Quinn4356875.0%
Michael Beasley to Ron Baker61441428.6%
Trey Burke to Kristaps Porzingis24461346.2%
Damyean Dotson to Luke Kornet2845771.4%
Damyean Dotson to Doug McDermott2044850.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Lance Thomas66451827.8%
Willy Hernangomez to Tim Hardaway Jr.1244580.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Courtney Lee8444100.0%
Enes Kanter to Lance Thomas78471450.0%
Luke Kornet to Michael Beasley2144850.0%
Courtney Lee to Luke Kornet25441233.3%
Courtney Lee to Willy Hernangomez2044666.7%
Doug McDermott to Kristaps Porzingis68493327.3%
Kyle O'Quinn to Emmanuel Mudiay98451926.3%
Kristaps Porzingis to Frank Ntilikina2314123336.4%
Ramon Sessions to Willy Hernangomez2244666.7%
Ramon Sessions to Kristaps Porzingis44482334.8%
Ramon Sessions to Tim Hardaway Jr.41441526.7%
Ramon Sessions to Kyle O'Quinn3045683.3%
Lance Thomas to Tim Hardaway Jr.854103727.0%
Lance Thomas to Michael Beasley32461250.0%
Ron Baker to Frank Ntilikina101351435.7%
Michael Beasley to Damyean Dotson3033650.0%
Trey Burke to Willy Hernangomez1434757.1%
Trey Burke to Enes Kanter74362227.3%
Damyean Dotson to Willy Hernangomez1434666.7%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Kyle O'Quinn1063101662.5%
Willy Hernangomez to Frank Ntilikina109361250.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Doug McDermott2333837.5%
Willy Hernangomez to Lance Thomas1533650.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Frank Ntilikina4834944.4%
Isaiah Hicks to Trey Burke77381457.1%
Jarrett Jack to Isaiah Hicks1635683.3%
Jarrett Jack to Damyean Dotson36331225.0%
Enes Kanter to Doug McDermott37331030.0%
Enes Kanter to Trey Burke1283112544.0%
Doug McDermott to Willy Hernangomez3833742.9%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Luke Kornet5033933.3%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Troy Williams1933650.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Lance Thomas4034757.1%
Ramon Sessions to Courtney Lee54351533.3%
Lance Thomas to Doug McDermott34341233.3%
Lance Thomas to Courtney Lee89381942.1%
Troy Williams to Tim Hardaway Jr.25331030.0%
Ron Baker to Enes Kanter1723475.0%
Michael Beasley to Luke Kornet1822825.0%
Michael Beasley to Lance Thomas49221118.2%
Damyean Dotson to Kyle O'Quinn1924580.0%
Damyean Dotson to Michael Beasley24271353.8%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Luke Kornet33221118.2%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Damyean Dotson10222100.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Willy Hernangomez1122450.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Damyean Dotson14233100.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Luke Kornet922450.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Damyean Dotson1222540.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Jarrett Jack2623650.0%
Jarrett Jack to Frank Ntilikina3722728.6%
Jarrett Jack to Willy Hernangomez2822450.0%
Jarrett Jack to Joakim Noah1723650.0%
Enes Kanter to Troy Williams922450.0%
Enes Kanter to Jarrett Jack9072318934.8%
Luke Kornet to Troy Williams13233100.0%
Luke Kornet to Emmanuel Mudiay7223933.3%
Luke Kornet to Trey Burke1362102441.7%
Courtney Lee to Damyean Dotson1122450.0%
Courtney Lee to Emmanuel Mudiay65271450.0%
Courtney Lee to Trey Burke62271353.8%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Frank Ntilikina6023933.3%
Joakim Noah to Ramon Sessions922366.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Troy Williams36241040.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Isaiah Hicks822450.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Ron Baker8622922.2%
Kyle O'Quinn to Ramon Sessions4522450.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Ron Baker3023650.0%
Ramon Sessions to Damyean Dotson822450.0%
Ramon Sessions to Doug McDermott2322450.0%
Ramon Sessions to Lance Thomas1522633.3%
Lance Thomas to Luke Kornet1022450.0%
Lance Thomas to Emmanuel Mudiay76251145.5%
Lance Thomas to Trey Burke1202102050.0%
Lance Thomas to Jarrett Jack2622154136.6%
Troy Williams to Frank Ntilikina3926875.0%
Troy Williams to Michael Beasley2123742.9%
Ron Baker to Damyean Dotson611250.0%
Ron Baker to Tim Hardaway Jr.1711250.0%
Ron Baker to Jarrett Jack2513475.0%
Michael Beasley to Kristaps Porzingis2311911.1%
Trey Burke to Jarrett Jack1612366.7%
Damyean Dotson to Frank Ntilikina93131323.1%
Damyean Dotson to Troy Williams611250.0%
Damyean Dotson to Kristaps Porzingis611520.0%
Damyean Dotson to Lance Thomas1411616.7%
Damyean Dotson to Courtney Lee1514757.1%
Damyean Dotson to Jarrett Jack2611425.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Isaiah Hicks1211333.3%
Willy Hernangomez to Trey Burke2612366.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Kyle O'Quinn712366.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Courtney Lee2111616.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Michael Beasley1411520.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Ramon Sessions2612366.7%
Willy Hernangomez to Jarrett Jack5815955.6%
Enes Kanter to Damyean Dotson1513742.9%
Enes Kanter to Emmanuel Mudiay226183125.8%
Luke Kornet to Enes Kanter3122100.0%
Luke Kornet to Lance Thomas811250.0%
Luke Kornet to Courtney Lee2815955.6%
Luke Kornet to Jarrett Jack4415955.6%
Courtney Lee to Ramon Sessions3313742.9%
Doug McDermott to Ron Baker5313560.0%
Doug McDermott to Lance Thomas4111616.7%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Damyean Dotson1811520.0%
Joakim Noah to Damyean Dotson211250.0%
Joakim Noah to Kristaps Porzingis411250.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Ron Baker7911616.7%
Frank Ntilikina to Emmanuel Mudiay82162128.6%
Frank Ntilikina to Jarrett Jack4813933.3%
Kristaps Porzingis to Michael Beasley2614757.1%
Ramon Sessions to Enes Kanter3514850.0%
Ramon Sessions to Michael Beasley1312540.0%
Lance Thomas to Frank Ntilikina2641103132.3%
Lance Thomas to Ron Baker11111100.0%
Troy Williams to Damyean Dotson712366.7%
Troy Williams to Emmanuel Mudiay2814580.0%
Ron Baker to Trey Burke601425.0%
Ron Baker to Lance Thomas50030.0%
Ron Baker to Courtney Lee1503650.0%
Ron Baker to Ramon Sessions100020.0%
Ron Baker to Joakim Noah40010.0%
Michael Beasley to Willy Hernangomez1201520.0%
Michael Beasley to Ramon Sessions1801425.0%
Michael Beasley to Joakim Noah20000.0%
Trey Burke to Ron Baker30000.0%
Trey Burke to Emmanuel Mudiay170030.0%
Trey Burke to Doug McDermott1701333.3%
Trey Burke to Markieff Morris10000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Mindaugas Kuzminskas10010.0%
Damyean Dotson to Ron Baker50010.0%
Damyean Dotson to Emmanuel Mudiay130030.0%
Damyean Dotson to Tim Hardaway Jr.1901714.3%
Damyean Dotson to Enes Kanter70020.0%
Damyean Dotson to Ramon Sessions1101425.0%
Damyean Dotson to Joakim Noah20000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Troy Williams100050.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Jaylen Brown10000.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Ron Baker140010.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Ramon Sessions37041040.0%
Tim Hardaway Jr. to Joakim Noah10000.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Ron Baker230010.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Kristaps Porzingis90020.0%
Willy Hernangomez to Joakim Noah10010.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Troy Williams100040.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Emmanuel Mudiay1502540.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Tim Hardaway Jr.180040.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Kyle O'Quinn1201425.0%
Isaiah Hicks to Enes Kanter402366.7%
Isaiah Hicks to Lance Thomas20000.0%
Jarrett Jack to Ron Baker210030.0%
Jarrett Jack to Trey Burke1702366.7%
Enes Kanter to Isaiah Hicks30020.0%
Enes Kanter to Luke Kornet40000.0%
Enes Kanter to Ron Baker90020.0%
Enes Kanter to Willy Hernangomez10000.0%
Enes Kanter to Ramon Sessions650040.0%
Luke Kornet to Isaiah Hicks90020.0%
Luke Kornet to Frank Ntilikina90031421.4%
Courtney Lee to Isaiah Hicks60030.0%
Courtney Lee to Troy Williams50000.0%
Courtney Lee to Ron Baker160010.0%
Doug McDermott to Damyean Dotson1501520.0%
Doug McDermott to Trey Burke240020.0%
Doug McDermott to Enes Kanter4903742.9%
Doug McDermott to Ramon Sessions240020.0%
Doug McDermott to Joakim Noah10000.0%
Doug McDermott to Jarrett Jack10402922.2%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Isaiah Hicks130050.0%
Emmanuel Mudiay to Trey Burke2401425.0%
Joakim Noah to Frank Ntilikina2502450.0%
Joakim Noah to Ron Baker50030.0%
Joakim Noah to Willy Hernangomez10010.0%
Joakim Noah to Doug McDermott40010.0%
Joakim Noah to Tim Hardaway Jr.30010.0%
Joakim Noah to Lance Thomas10000.0%
Joakim Noah to Courtney Lee30010.0%
Joakim Noah to Michael Beasley10010.0%
Joakim Noah to Jarrett Jack1901250.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Mindaugas Kuzminskas10010.0%
Frank Ntilikina to James Harden10000.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Ramon Sessions70020.0%
Frank Ntilikina to Joakim Noah13011100.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Luke Kornet10010.0%
Kyle O'Quinn to Willy Hernangomez10000.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Damyean Dotson30000.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Willy Hernangomez40010.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Rondae Hollis-Jefferson10000.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Trey Burke410010.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Kyle O'Quinn3901520.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Ramon Sessions560060.0%
Kristaps Porzingis to Joakim Noah20000.0%
Ramon Sessions to Frank Ntilikina90020.0%
Ramon Sessions to Ron Baker80000.0%
Ramon Sessions to Joakim Noah20000.0%
Ramon Sessions to Jarrett Jack701250.0%
Lance Thomas to Isaiah Hicks20010.0%
Lance Thomas to Damyean Dotson1502450.0%
Lance Thomas to Troy Williams20010.0%
Lance Thomas to Willy Hernangomez1501616.7%
Lance Thomas to Ramon Sessions2301425.0%
Lance Thomas to Joakim Noah30000.0%
Troy Williams to Isaiah Hicks80010.0%
Troy Williams to Luke Kornet50020.0%
Troy Williams to Kyle O'Quinn140020.0%
Troy Williams to Enes Kanter1001250.0%
Troy Williams to Lance Thomas60000.0%
Troy Williams to Courtney Lee40010.0%
Troy Williams to Jarrett Jack10000.0%