2022 New York Knicks Team Passing Stats

The 2022 New York Knicks averaged 274 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jalen Brunson to Julius Randle, with 125 assists on 1380 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jalen Brunson to Julius Randle138012520752939.1%
Jalen Brunson to RJ Barrett8178312835536.1%
Julius Randle to Quentin Grimes417747518341.0%
Julius Randle to RJ Barrett419709923342.5%
Jalen Brunson to Quentin Grimes463636414743.5%
Immanuel Quickley to Julius Randle7076011126342.2%
RJ Barrett to Julius Randle517578119142.4%
Julius Randle to Jalen Brunson14715520643847.0%
Quentin Grimes to Julius Randle353416215041.3%
Immanuel Quickley to Obi Toppin262383911135.1%
Immanuel Quickley to Quentin Grimes19737387848.7%
Jalen Brunson to Immanuel Quickley414365111544.3%
Immanuel Quickley to RJ Barrett435346218733.2%
Julius Randle to Immanuel Quickley529346115738.9%
RJ Barrett to Mitchell Robinson7127283971.8%
Jalen Brunson to Obi Toppin15827276342.9%
Jalen Brunson to Mitchell Robinson20824253865.8%
RJ Barrett to Immanuel Quickley27422368343.4%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Obi Toppin9422254259.5%
Quentin Grimes to Jalen Brunson469215612744.1%
Quentin Grimes to RJ Barrett15020348341.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Isaiah Hartenstein25520265052.0%
RJ Barrett to Jalen Brunson627196214044.3%
RJ Barrett to Isaiah Hartenstein10419203262.5%
Jalen Brunson to Isaiah Hartenstein20618184242.9%
Quentin Grimes to Immanuel Quickley20418337544.0%
Quentin Grimes to Mitchell Robinson9618182864.3%
Josh Hart to Obi Toppin9118214645.7%
Immanuel Quickley to Jalen Brunson405185212541.6%
Julius Randle to Mitchell Robinson8717183256.3%
Obi Toppin to Immanuel Quickley37417369040.0%
RJ Barrett to Quentin Grimes12916165131.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Josh Hart18016193554.3%
Mitchell Robinson to Jalen Brunson43216519951.5%
Jalen Brunson to Evan Fournier8715183551.4%
Josh Hart to Immanuel Quickley23915328537.6%
Josh Hart to RJ Barrett8815214348.8%
Isaiah Hartenstein to RJ Barrett21715349037.8%
Miles McBride to Quentin Grimes6115152657.7%
Obi Toppin to Quentin Grimes5915162955.2%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Miles McBride19414173450.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Immanuel Quickley45713389639.6%
Quentin Grimes to Obi Toppin5112122157.1%
Quentin Grimes to Isaiah Hartenstein5212131872.2%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Quentin Grimes6812152365.2%
Immanuel Quickley to Jericho Sims6312121675.0%
RJ Barrett to Obi Toppin11911124725.5%
Jalen Brunson to Cam Reddish8411113234.4%
Josh Hart to Isaiah Hartenstein9911111957.9%
Immanuel Quickley to Mitchell Robinson8311111668.8%
Julius Randle to Evan Fournier9711124427.3%
RJ Barrett to Jericho Sims3610101471.4%
Evan Fournier to Obi Toppin3210101566.7%
Miles McBride to Obi Toppin5510112642.3%
Miles McBride to RJ Barrett12310215042.0%
Miles McBride to Julius Randle9210194443.2%
Julius Randle to Jericho Sims6310101471.4%
Julius Randle to Cam Reddish5310113135.5%
Mitchell Robinson to Immanuel Quickley25110194740.4%
Derrick Rose to Cam Reddish3710121963.2%
Josh Hart to Julius Randle1079174537.8%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Julius Randle1589175729.8%
Miles McBride to Immanuel Quickley2839327741.6%
Immanuel Quickley to Derrick Rose1389124427.3%
Julius Randle to Miles McBride819103132.3%
Julius Randle to Josh Hart57991560.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Quentin Grimes799122941.4%
Jalen Brunson to Jericho Sims89881361.5%
Jalen Brunson to Josh Hart728102147.6%
Immanuel Quickley to Miles McBride191894918.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Cam Reddish38892142.9%
Julius Randle to Isaiah Hartenstein80882236.4%
Mitchell Robinson to RJ Barrett1708194542.2%
Derrick Rose to Obi Toppin44881747.1%
Obi Toppin to RJ Barrett1028154533.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Josh Hart1327132454.2%
Miles McBride to Isaiah Hartenstein118771838.9%
Cam Reddish to Obi Toppin21771163.6%
Derrick Rose to Isaiah Hartenstein75771450.0%
Derrick Rose to Julius Randle80782927.6%
RJ Barrett to Josh Hart63671741.2%
Josh Hart to Quentin Grimes27671936.8%
Josh Hart to Mitchell Robinson21671163.6%
Miles McBride to Jericho Sims3366785.7%
Julius Randle to Derrick Rose83682729.6%
Mitchell Robinson to Julius Randle2116163941.0%
Jericho Sims to Jalen Brunson3196285650.0%
RJ Barrett to Miles McBride88562030.0%
RJ Barrett to Cam Reddish19561250.0%
Josh Hart to Jalen Brunson975152951.7%
Immanuel Quickley to Evan Fournier64551926.3%
Derrick Rose to Immanuel Quickley1695203951.3%
Obi Toppin to Derrick Rose96592339.1%
Evan Fournier to Miles McBride38441040.0%
Evan Fournier to RJ Barrett32461540.0%
Evan Fournier to Jalen Brunson93472330.4%
Evan Fournier to Julius Randle68451729.4%
Josh Hart to Miles McBride43441428.6%
Cam Reddish to RJ Barrett27451533.3%
Derrick Rose to RJ Barrett47461931.6%
Jericho Sims to Immanuel Quickley1714103727.0%
Obi Toppin to Isaiah Hartenstein4244850.0%
RJ Barrett to Derrick Rose31341330.8%
Jalen Brunson to Miles McBride1933560.0%
Evan Fournier to Isaiah Hartenstein32341040.0%
Quentin Grimes to Jericho Sims3633560.0%
Quentin Grimes to Miles McBride64361442.9%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Jericho Sims11333100.0%
Cam Reddish to Jalen Brunson633101952.6%
Derrick Rose to Quentin Grimes2133742.9%
Jericho Sims to Obi Toppin1533650.0%
Jericho Sims to Julius Randle973112740.7%
Obi Toppin to Jericho Sims10333100.0%
Obi Toppin to Miles McBride99382334.8%
Obi Toppin to Jalen Brunson2933316944.9%
Obi Toppin to Josh Hart81371643.8%
RJ Barrett to Evan Fournier27231127.3%
Evan Fournier to Jericho Sims16222100.0%
Evan Fournier to Immanuel Quickley42251827.8%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Jalen Brunson51223811832.2%
Miles McBride to Svi Mykhailiuk822450.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Svi Mykhailiuk722366.7%
Julius Randle to Obi Toppin1422633.3%
Cam Reddish to Immanuel Quickley1822540.0%
Cam Reddish to Mitchell Robinson2222100.0%
Jericho Sims to Quentin Grimes3022450.0%
Jericho Sims to RJ Barrett73283125.8%
Jericho Sims to Derrick Rose4927977.8%
Obi Toppin to Cam Reddish21231225.0%
Obi Toppin to Mitchell Robinson1522366.7%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Jericho Sims5111100.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Svi Mykhailiuk711333.3%
Evan Fournier to Quentin Grimes611333.3%
Evan Fournier to Cam Reddish1111100.0%
Evan Fournier to Mitchell Robinson812366.7%
Quentin Grimes to Trevor Keels211250.0%
Quentin Grimes to Josh Hart1612450.0%
Quentin Grimes to Derrick Rose1511333.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Cam Reddish2911616.7%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Svi Mykhailiuk411333.3%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Evan Fournier36121216.7%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Derrick Rose1271112055.0%
Miles McBride to Josh Hart3511520.0%
Miles McBride to Evan Fournier3811119.1%
Miles McBride to Derrick Rose1411250.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Ryan Arcidiacono611250.0%
Cam Reddish to Isaiah Hartenstein1911520.0%
Cam Reddish to Julius Randle42131323.1%
Mitchell Robinson to Obi Toppin2211250.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Josh Hart3414757.1%
Mitchell Robinson to Evan Fournier1513560.0%
Derrick Rose to Jericho Sims15111100.0%
Derrick Rose to Evan Fournier911250.0%
Jericho Sims to Miles McBride6512825.0%
Jericho Sims to Cam Reddish811333.3%
Jericho Sims to Evan Fournier19121020.0%
Obi Toppin to Evan Fournier3512825.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Trevor Keels10010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Miles McBride140020.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Immanuel Quickley30000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Obi Toppin10000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Quentin Grimes20000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Isaiah Hartenstein30000.0%
Jalen Brunson to Derrick Rose50000.0%
Evan Fournier to Josh Hart60010.0%
Evan Fournier to Derrick Rose1401425.0%
Quentin Grimes to Cam Reddish30000.0%
Quentin Grimes to Ryan Arcidiacono30010.0%
Quentin Grimes to Evan Fournier50020.0%
Josh Hart to Jericho Sims40000.0%
Josh Hart to Evan Fournier10000.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Mitchell Robinson10000.0%
Isaiah Hartenstein to Ryan Arcidiacono30010.0%
Trevor Keels to Jericho Sims20000.0%
Trevor Keels to Miles McBride10000.0%
Miles McBride to Trevor Keels20010.0%
Miles McBride to Mitchell Robinson8011100.0%
Miles McBride to Jalen Brunson3801520.0%
Miles McBride to Ryan Arcidiacono30000.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Jericho Sims20000.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Miles McBride90000.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Immanuel Quickley80020.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Obi Toppin20000.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Isaiah Hartenstein30010.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Derrick Rose20010.0%
Cam Reddish to Jericho Sims10000.0%
Cam Reddish to Evan Fournier10000.0%
Cam Reddish to Derrick Rose2602728.6%
Mitchell Robinson to Jericho Sims10000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Miles McBride2201425.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Cam Reddish301250.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Derrick Rose90010.0%
Derrick Rose to Miles McBride80020.0%
Derrick Rose to Mitchell Robinson30010.0%
Derrick Rose to Svi Mykhailiuk10000.0%
Derrick Rose to Jalen Brunson60000.0%
Jericho Sims to Mitchell Robinson10000.0%
Jericho Sims to Svi Mykhailiuk30000.0%
Jericho Sims to Josh Hart90020.0%
Jericho Sims to Isaiah Hartenstein40000.0%
Jericho Sims to Ryan Arcidiacono70000.0%
Obi Toppin to Ryan Arcidiacono10000.0%
Obi Toppin to Julius Randle170030.0%