2021 New York Knicks Team Passing Stats

The 2021 New York Knicks averaged 279 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Julius Randle to Evan Fournier, with 124 assists on 812 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Julius Randle to Evan Fournier81212415235742.6%
Immanuel Quickley to Obi Toppin383798216649.4%
Julius Randle to RJ Barrett5087710127736.5%
Evan Fournier to Julius Randle569478320440.7%
Alec Burks to Julius Randle813438623137.2%
Evan Fournier to RJ Barrett226435313738.7%
Kemba Walker to Julius Randle702438321638.4%
Julius Randle to Alec Burks675415217829.2%
RJ Barrett to Julius Randle554406718735.8%
RJ Barrett to Mitchell Robinson11538406165.6%
Alec Burks to Obi Toppin24138419045.6%
RJ Barrett to Evan Fournier20233439545.3%
Alec Burks to Evan Fournier427334813834.8%
Immanuel Quickley to RJ Barrett424336518535.1%
Immanuel Quickley to Alec Burks451334513134.4%
Alec Burks to RJ Barrett619326322028.6%
Julius Randle to Kemba Walker655326116038.1%
Kemba Walker to Evan Fournier337304111336.3%
Derrick Rose to Obi Toppin9726265448.1%
Alec Burks to Immanuel Quickley566255614040.0%
Julius Randle to Immanuel Quickley357243610235.3%
Immanuel Quickley to Quentin Grimes15023245841.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Julius Randle386224913237.1%
RJ Barrett to Obi Toppin10820204643.5%
Julius Randle to Mitchell Robinson12020203262.5%
Kemba Walker to RJ Barrett322203211128.8%
RJ Barrett to Alec Burks43419339435.1%
Obi Toppin to Alec Burks30619348142.0%
Derrick Rose to Julius Randle24518308435.7%
Evan Fournier to Alec Burks30216216930.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Mitchell Robinson8116162466.7%
Immanuel Quickley to Evan Fournier14816226235.5%
Evan Fournier to Mitchell Robinson11015173253.1%
Julius Randle to Derrick Rose23815266639.4%
Alec Burks to Mitchell Robinson13914152268.2%
Derrick Rose to Immanuel Quickley19514206232.3%
Obi Toppin to Immanuel Quickley479143611032.7%
Kemba Walker to Mitchell Robinson10014141593.3%
RJ Barrett to Immanuel Quickley26112186627.3%
Evan Fournier to Obi Toppin7012132944.8%
Julius Randle to Taj Gibson5312121866.7%
Derrick Rose to RJ Barrett9712153938.5%
Alec Burks to Quentin Grimes7311112347.8%
Julius Randle to Quentin Grimes10311113432.4%
Mitchell Robinson to RJ Barrett18911276045.0%
RJ Barrett to Taj Gibson4210101855.6%
Quentin Grimes to Obi Toppin5410132748.1%
Mitchell Robinson to Evan Fournier9910153641.7%
Derrick Rose to Alec Burks16510205139.2%
Alec Burks to Taj Gibson779102540.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Taj Gibson1189113135.5%
Alec Burks to Derrick Rose1618153641.7%
Immanuel Quickley to Derrick Rose1338173943.6%
Obi Toppin to Quentin Grimes48881457.1%
Obi Toppin to Evan Fournier708112937.9%
Alec Burks to Jericho Sims5177887.5%
Evan Fournier to Jericho Sims28771070.0%
Evan Fournier to Kemba Walker2837246139.3%
Taj Gibson to Alec Burks1427193652.8%
Quentin Grimes to Immanuel Quickley1517194344.2%
Miles McBride to Obi Toppin35771163.6%
Immanuel Quickley to Miles McBride88782334.8%
Derrick Rose to Quentin Grimes13777100.0%
Derrick Rose to Mitchell Robinson43791275.0%
Jericho Sims to RJ Barrett58781942.1%
RJ Barrett to Jericho Sims1766875.0%
RJ Barrett to Derrick Rose67671643.8%
Evan Fournier to Quentin Grimes28661346.2%
Miles McBride to Immanuel Quickley1286103132.3%
Nerlens Noel to RJ Barrett33691752.9%
Immanuel Quickley to Jericho Sims93661346.2%
Mitchell Robinson to Julius Randle3036134528.9%
Obi Toppin to RJ Barrett1116214645.7%
Obi Toppin to Derrick Rose1986194344.2%
Kemba Walker to Obi Toppin19671163.6%
Kemba Walker to Quentin Grimes57661540.0%
Kemba Walker to Alec Burks60681942.1%
RJ Barrett to Nerlens Noel19561154.5%
Evan Fournier to Taj Gibson51561442.9%
Quentin Grimes to Julius Randle89572924.1%
Quentin Grimes to Evan Fournier21561154.5%
Nerlens Noel to Evan Fournier32561540.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Cam Reddish47552222.7%
Immanuel Quickley to Kevin Knox II31551338.5%
Alec Burks to Nerlens Noel3944944.4%
Taj Gibson to Obi Toppin5044757.1%
Taj Gibson to Evan Fournier62483522.9%
Quentin Grimes to RJ Barrett42461833.3%
Quentin Grimes to Alec Burks76471643.8%
Miles McBride to Quentin Grimes2544666.7%
Miles McBride to RJ Barrett37481942.1%
Miles McBride to Alec Burks35461250.0%
Nerlens Noel to Obi Toppin2744757.1%
Immanuel Quickley to Nerlens Noel3744580.0%
Julius Randle to Nerlens Noel4945862.5%
Mitchell Robinson to Alec Burks2474133043.3%
Derrick Rose to Evan Fournier71451631.3%
Jericho Sims to Evan Fournier2944757.1%
Obi Toppin to Miles McBride63451435.7%
Kemba Walker to Taj Gibson3745955.6%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Obi Toppin1334757.1%
RJ Barrett to Quentin Grimes40331816.7%
RJ Barrett to Cam Reddish1833933.3%
RJ Barrett to Kemba Walker2173113828.9%
Evan Fournier to Immanuel Quickley102391850.0%
Taj Gibson to RJ Barrett65392931.0%
Quentin Grimes to Taj Gibson1633650.0%
Miles McBride to Mitchell Robinson12333100.0%
Miles McBride to Evan Fournier2033742.9%
Miles McBride to Taj Gibson2433560.0%
Nerlens Noel to Alec Burks95341136.4%
Immanuel Quickley to Ryan Arcidiacono1633475.0%
Julius Randle to Obi Toppin1833837.5%
Mitchell Robinson to Kemba Walker2973194245.2%
Derrick Rose to Nerlens Noel4033742.9%
Jericho Sims to Immanuel Quickley1983163842.1%
Jericho Sims to Alec Burks120341233.3%
Obi Toppin to Mitchell Robinson2135771.4%
Alec Burks to Kevin Knox II1522540.0%
Alec Burks to Kemba Walker62271546.7%
Evan Fournier to Nerlens Noel2922540.0%
Evan Fournier to Derrick Rose65261540.0%
Taj Gibson to Quentin Grimes2523933.3%
Taj Gibson to Kemba Walker83241428.6%
Quentin Grimes to Miles McBride29221020.0%
Quentin Grimes to Mitchell Robinson1722540.0%
Quentin Grimes to Kemba Walker63221020.0%
Miles McBride to Cam Reddish823560.0%
Miles McBride to Kevin Knox II1122825.0%
Miles McBride to Julius Randle34241040.0%
Nerlens Noel to Julius Randle98221315.4%
Nerlens Noel to Derrick Rose1062142360.9%
Julius Randle to Cam Reddish1022728.6%
Julius Randle to Kevin Knox II1022728.6%
Cam Reddish to Obi Toppin2123650.0%
Cam Reddish to RJ Barrett1324944.4%
Cam Reddish to Julius Randle724666.7%
Cam Reddish to Alec Burks2023650.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Immanuel Quickley167292634.6%
Mitchell Robinson to Obi Toppin37222100.0%
Derrick Rose to Kevin Knox II1022366.7%
Jericho Sims to Miles McBride3022825.0%
Obi Toppin to Jericho Sims722366.7%
Obi Toppin to Cam Reddish1322633.3%
Obi Toppin to Taj Gibson2123560.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Immanuel Quickley25131030.0%
RJ Barrett to Miles McBride3811616.7%
Alec Burks to Miles McBride36141136.4%
Alec Burks to Cam Reddish2811616.7%
Damyean Dotson to Julius Randle311250.0%
Evan Fournier to Cam Reddish311250.0%
Evan Fournier to Ryan Arcidiacono811250.0%
Taj Gibson to Jericho Sims3111100.0%
Taj Gibson to Immanuel Quickley2131113333.3%
Taj Gibson to Cam Reddish811250.0%
Taj Gibson to Ryan Arcidiacono4111100.0%
Taj Gibson to Wayne Selden211250.0%
Taj Gibson to Julius Randle8613933.3%
Taj Gibson to Derrick Rose68151435.7%
Quentin Grimes to Derrick Rose1513475.0%
Feron Hunt to Taj Gibson211250.0%
Kevin Knox II to Julius Randle711250.0%
Kevin Knox II to Alec Burks1911333.3%
Kevin Knox II to Derrick Rose18111100.0%
Miles McBride to Jericho Sims1511250.0%
Miles McBride to Ryan Arcidiacono4111100.0%
Nerlens Noel to Quentin Grimes812450.0%
Julius Randle to Jericho Sims12111100.0%
Cam Reddish to Immanuel Quickley3014666.7%
Cam Reddish to Taj Gibson3111100.0%
Derrick Rose to Taj Gibson5011616.7%
Wayne Selden to Alec Burks311250.0%
Jericho Sims to Quentin Grimes10111100.0%
Jericho Sims to Cam Reddish511250.0%
Jericho Sims to Julius Randle54121020.0%
Obi Toppin to Julius Randle2112633.3%
Obi Toppin to Nerlens Noel14111100.0%
Obi Toppin to Kemba Walker3411616.7%
Kemba Walker to Cam Reddish4111100.0%
Kemba Walker to Damyean Dotson511250.0%
Kemba Walker to Nerlens Noel19111100.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Feron Hunt20000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Jericho Sims80020.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Miles McBride20010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Quentin Grimes10000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to RJ Barrett10010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Mitchell Robinson20010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Evan Fournier30000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Alec Burks160010.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Taj Gibson30010.0%
RJ Barrett to Matt Mooney10010.0%
RJ Barrett to Kevin Knox II10000.0%
Alec Burks to Feron Hunt10010.0%
Alec Burks to Damyean Dotson40000.0%
Alec Burks to Ryan Arcidiacono240030.0%
Alec Burks to Wayne Selden30020.0%
Damyean Dotson to Obi Toppin20000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Wayne Selden10000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Evan Fournier10000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Alec Burks50000.0%
Damyean Dotson to Kemba Walker5011100.0%
Evan Fournier to Miles McBride1401333.3%
Evan Fournier to Damyean Dotson20000.0%
Evan Fournier to Danuel House Jr.10010.0%
Taj Gibson to Feron Hunt20000.0%
Taj Gibson to Miles McBride3601520.0%
Taj Gibson to Matt Mooney20000.0%
Taj Gibson to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Quentin Grimes to Jericho Sims50000.0%
Quentin Grimes to Cam Reddish20010.0%
Quentin Grimes to Kevin Knox II40010.0%
Quentin Grimes to Nerlens Noel80000.0%
Tyler Hall to Matt Mooney10000.0%
Tyler Hall to RJ Barrett10010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Evan Fournier10000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Kemba Walker10000.0%
Feron Hunt to Immanuel Quickley50010.0%
Feron Hunt to Alec Burks10000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Miles McBride9011100.0%
Kevin Knox II to Immanuel Quickley4203742.9%
Kevin Knox II to Obi Toppin60000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Quentin Grimes110060.0%
Kevin Knox II to RJ Barrett10000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Mitchell Robinson30000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Kevin Knox II to Evan Fournier10010.0%
Kevin Knox II to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Miles McBride to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Miles McBride to Derrick Rose20010.0%
Matt Mooney to Obi Toppin20000.0%
Matt Mooney to Tyler Hall10000.0%
Matt Mooney to RJ Barrett10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Miles McBride80000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Immanuel Quickley1080112347.8%
Nerlens Noel to Cam Reddish10010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Kevin Knox II10010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Wayne Selden10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Kemba Walker6505955.6%
Nerlens Noel to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Feron Hunt30010.0%
Immanuel Quickley to Kemba Walker110030.0%
Julius Randle to Miles McBride1801714.3%
Julius Randle to Damyean Dotson20000.0%
Julius Randle to Wayne Selden20010.0%
Cam Reddish to Jericho Sims10000.0%
Cam Reddish to Miles McBride30010.0%
Cam Reddish to Quentin Grimes20010.0%
Cam Reddish to Mitchell Robinson501250.0%
Cam Reddish to Nerlens Noel20000.0%
Cam Reddish to Evan Fournier30020.0%
Cam Reddish to Kemba Walker20000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Miles McBride2101425.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Quentin Grimes2501425.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Cam Reddish30000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Kevin Knox II20010.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Ryan Arcidiacono10000.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Taj Gibson40010.0%
Mitchell Robinson to Derrick Rose9302825.0%
Derrick Rose to Jericho Sims50000.0%
Derrick Rose to Miles McBride30010.0%
Wayne Selden to Evan Fournier10000.0%
Wayne Selden to Kemba Walker10010.0%
Wayne Selden to Taj Gibson30000.0%
Jericho Sims to Obi Toppin210010.0%
Jericho Sims to Damyean Dotson10000.0%
Jericho Sims to Ryan Arcidiacono10010.0%
Jericho Sims to Kemba Walker1304757.1%
Jericho Sims to Taj Gibson60010.0%
Jericho Sims to Derrick Rose140010.0%
Obi Toppin to Feron Hunt10000.0%
Obi Toppin to Tyler Hall10000.0%
Obi Toppin to Matt Mooney10000.0%
Obi Toppin to Kevin Knox II20000.0%
Obi Toppin to Damyean Dotson301250.0%
Obi Toppin to Ryan Arcidiacono80000.0%
Kemba Walker to Jericho Sims30000.0%
Kemba Walker to Immanuel Quickley130040.0%
Kemba Walker to Danuel House Jr.20000.0%
Kemba Walker to Wayne Selden20010.0%