2022 Orlando Magic Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Orlando Magic averaged 269 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Markelle Fultz to Wendell Carter Jr., with 71 assists on 541 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Markelle Fultz to Wendell Carter Jr.541718115851.3%
Markelle Fultz to Franz Wagner532679820747.3%
Markelle Fultz to Paolo Banchero9046411734933.5%
Franz Wagner to Wendell Carter Jr.421597013153.4%
Cole Anthony to Franz Wagner495538919046.8%
Paolo Banchero to Markelle Fultz985529416955.6%
Paolo Banchero to Wendell Carter Jr.316515412144.6%
Paolo Banchero to Franz Wagner514487116842.3%
Markelle Fultz to Gary Harris268424710047.0%
Franz Wagner to Paolo Banchero430416316837.5%
Cole Anthony to Moritz Wagner29638429146.2%
Markelle Fultz to Moritz Wagner22533357050.0%
Franz Wagner to Moritz Wagner22530359536.8%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Franz Wagner365294311936.1%
Jalen Suggs to Franz Wagner30928539854.1%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Paolo Banchero454256116636.7%
Cole Anthony to Paolo Banchero307244413432.8%
Cole Anthony to Bol Bol12923265547.3%
Paolo Banchero to Bol Bol11122305950.8%
Franz Wagner to Markelle Fultz34722509851.0%
Jalen Suggs to Paolo Banchero18921336947.8%
Jalen Suggs to Bol Bol12821265349.1%
Paolo Banchero to Gary Harris14020215736.8%
Franz Wagner to Bol Bol13320235244.2%
Franz Wagner to Cole Anthony386194110838.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Markelle Fultz603185511348.7%
Jalen Suggs to Moritz Wagner12718214447.7%
Franz Wagner to Mo Bamba11618183551.4%
Paolo Banchero to Moritz Wagner16017185831.0%
Moritz Wagner to Franz Wagner23017358242.7%
Markelle Fultz to Jalen Suggs11216183158.1%
Jalen Suggs to Wendell Carter Jr.16416204148.8%
Franz Wagner to Gary Harris10316164238.1%
Cole Anthony to Terrence Ross12915204445.5%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Terrence Ross8515193652.8%
Cole Anthony to Mo Bamba11714142948.3%
Franz Wagner to Terrence Ross11714185036.0%
Paolo Banchero to Terrence Ross5613142850.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Gary Harris14513163743.2%
Markelle Fultz to Bol Bol9113153345.5%
Cole Anthony to Wendell Carter Jr.14512164634.8%
Gary Harris to Paolo Banchero13912226136.1%
Gary Harris to Franz Wagner9912163053.3%
Moritz Wagner to Cole Anthony31512246636.4%
Moritz Wagner to Bol Bol7412193161.3%
Cole Anthony to Jalen Suggs18911154632.6%
Paolo Banchero to Cole Anthony26611196131.1%
Bol Bol to Franz Wagner18111205040.0%
Markelle Fultz to Cole Anthony13611194443.2%
Gary Harris to Wendell Carter Jr.10711153740.5%
Chuma Okeke to Bol Bol4811132161.9%
Terrence Ross to Mo Bamba6111112839.3%
Jalen Suggs to Mo Bamba8711112152.4%
Cole Anthony to Markelle Fultz19010174042.5%
Bol Bol to Moritz Wagner5010101855.6%
Gary Harris to Markelle Fultz18410234847.9%
Franz Wagner to Jalen Suggs20010155726.3%
Jalen Suggs to Cole Anthony2239296147.5%
Franz Wagner to Caleb Houstan549102638.5%
Moritz Wagner to Paolo Banchero1829225738.6%
Moritz Wagner to Jalen Suggs1419154533.3%
Paolo Banchero to Mo Bamba60882334.8%
Markelle Fultz to Mo Bamba40881650.0%
Terrence Ross to Paolo Banchero558142556.0%
Cole Anthony to Admiral Schofield69772133.3%
Cole Anthony to Goga Bitadze70771450.0%
Mo Bamba to Terrence Ross787133240.6%
Goga Bitadze to Cole Anthony867132650.0%
Bol Bol to Jalen Suggs1597194245.2%
Bol Bol to Cole Anthony1297153148.4%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Bol Bol45771546.7%
Caleb Houstan to Moritz Wagner35771450.0%
Terrence Ross to Cole Anthony1127103429.4%
Franz Wagner to Admiral Schofield57771936.8%
Franz Wagner to Goga Bitadze2578988.9%
Moritz Wagner to Caleb Houstan31771643.8%
Moritz Wagner to Terrence Ross65792634.6%
Cole Anthony to Caleb Houstan57661931.6%
Cole Anthony to Gary Harris43671450.0%
Mo Bamba to Franz Wagner1426164436.4%
Paolo Banchero to Jalen Suggs1566173844.7%
Bol Bol to Paolo Banchero1286134429.5%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Jalen Suggs1636173745.9%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Chuma Okeke27661060.0%
Markelle Fultz to Terrence Ross51661637.5%
R.J. Hampton to Mo Bamba50661637.5%
Terrence Ross to Wendell Carter Jr.65672231.8%
Admiral Schofield to Franz Wagner85692634.6%
Jalen Suggs to R.J. Hampton2966785.7%
Franz Wagner to Chuma Okeke40661735.3%
Moritz Wagner to Markelle Fultz3116164833.3%
Mo Bamba to Jalen Suggs88592339.1%
Paolo Banchero to Kevon Harris42551533.3%
Goga Bitadze to Franz Wagner43582138.1%
Bol Bol to Mo Bamba1556966.7%
R.J. Hampton to Caleb Houstan22551241.7%
Gary Harris to Cole Anthony32571258.3%
Chuma Okeke to Caleb Houstan24551241.7%
Terrence Ross to Franz Wagner1045153444.1%
Admiral Schofield to Terrence Ross34551827.8%
Jalen Suggs to Chuma Okeke65552025.0%
Jalen Suggs to Terrence Ross4655955.6%
Mo Bamba to Paolo Banchero804132650.0%
Mo Bamba to Bol Bol2546966.7%
Paolo Banchero to R.J. Hampton51451338.5%
Paolo Banchero to Admiral Schofield12444100.0%
Paolo Banchero to Jonathan Isaac18451338.5%
Goga Bitadze to Jalen Suggs42472035.0%
Bol Bol to Caleb Houstan1644666.7%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Cole Anthony1824153938.5%
Markelle Fultz to Jonathan Isaac31441233.3%
R.J. Hampton to Admiral Schofield2944666.7%
Kevon Harris to Admiral Schofield32451050.0%
Caleb Houstan to Admiral Schofield18441040.0%
Caleb Houstan to Bol Bol19461060.0%
Chuma Okeke to Kevon Harris2945955.6%
Chuma Okeke to Wendell Carter Jr.19441136.4%
Chuma Okeke to Mo Bamba1944757.1%
Terrence Ross to Caleb Houstan1144757.1%
Admiral Schofield to Jalen Suggs42471258.3%
Admiral Schofield to Chuma Okeke3045955.6%
Jalen Suggs to Caleb Houstan32441233.3%
Jalen Suggs to Goga Bitadze2944757.1%
Jalen Suggs to Markelle Fultz1334113036.7%
Cole Anthony to Jonathan Isaac1833475.0%
Mo Bamba to Caleb Houstan15333100.0%
Mo Bamba to Admiral Schofield1635862.5%
Paolo Banchero to Caleb Houstan25331225.0%
Bol Bol to Kevon Harris25361060.0%
Bol Bol to Admiral Schofield1233560.0%
Bol Bol to Markelle Fultz1023112937.9%
Bol Bol to Gary Harris1335683.3%
R.J. Hampton to Paolo Banchero69362425.0%
R.J. Hampton to Kevon Harris1134757.1%
Kevon Harris to Caleb Houstan2033837.5%
Chuma Okeke to Franz Wagner77362227.3%
Terrence Ross to Admiral Schofield31341233.3%
Terrence Ross to Moritz Wagner33331127.3%
Admiral Schofield to Kevon Harris4034850.0%
Admiral Schofield to Cole Anthony1283102343.5%
Cole Anthony to Kevon Harris22231030.0%
Mo Bamba to R.J. Hampton63261442.9%
Mo Bamba to Cole Anthony1782223661.1%
Mo Bamba to Gary Harris2522922.2%
Paolo Banchero to Chuma Okeke1722540.0%
Goga Bitadze to Chuma Okeke1622728.6%
Goga Bitadze to Moritz Wagner322366.7%
Bol Bol to Chuma Okeke49221315.4%
Bol Bol to Wendell Carter Jr.1522540.0%
Bol Bol to Terrence Ross2122825.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Caleb Houstan1822825.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Kevon Harris1522728.6%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Mo Bamba522366.7%
Michael Carter-Williams to Admiral Schofield2222450.0%
Markelle Fultz to Goga Bitadze2222825.0%
R.J. Hampton to Jalen Suggs2723933.3%
R.J. Hampton to Franz Wagner45281457.1%
R.J. Hampton to Cole Anthony2324580.0%
R.J. Hampton to Gary Harris1723560.0%
R.J. Hampton to Terrence Ross26221118.2%
Gary Harris to Mo Bamba1822450.0%
Gary Harris to Terrence Ross5222100.0%
Kevon Harris to Bol Bol25221216.7%
Caleb Houstan to Jalen Suggs41282040.0%
Caleb Houstan to Cole Anthony89291850.0%
Caleb Houstan to Mo Bamba1222450.0%
Caleb Houstan to Gary Harris1023560.0%
Caleb Houstan to Terrence Ross16251050.0%
Chuma Okeke to Jalen Suggs118282138.1%
Terrence Ross to Chuma Okeke1223560.0%
Terrence Ross to Bol Bol19231030.0%
Terrence Ross to Markelle Fultz2124944.4%
Admiral Schofield to Caleb Houstan2322825.0%
Jalen Suggs to Kevon Harris1822366.7%
Franz Wagner to Kevon Harris2122825.0%
Franz Wagner to R.J. Hampton44231030.0%
Moritz Wagner to Kevon Harris1122366.7%
Cole Anthony to R.J. Hampton1511520.0%
Cole Anthony to Chuma Okeke1411333.3%
Mo Bamba to Chuma Okeke2311812.5%
Mo Bamba to Moritz Wagner5111100.0%
Mo Bamba to Wendell Carter Jr.411250.0%
Mo Bamba to Jonathan Isaac1111100.0%
Paolo Banchero to Goga Bitadze1311250.0%
Goga Bitadze to Bol Bol611333.3%
Bol Bol to R.J. Hampton2713742.9%
Bol Bol to Goga Bitadze4111100.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to R.J. Hampton2912540.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Jonathan Isaac711520.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Franz Wagner1111100.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Jay Scrubb411250.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Chuma Okeke911250.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Bol Bol811333.3%
Michael Carter-Williams to Goga Bitadze1112366.7%
Markelle Fultz to Caleb Houstan2011911.1%
Markelle Fultz to Kevon Harris1011425.0%
Markelle Fultz to Admiral Schofield2211616.7%
R.J. Hampton to Bol Bol23121315.4%
R.J. Hampton to Moritz Wagner4211714.3%
R.J. Hampton to Wendell Carter Jr.2812633.3%
Gary Harris to Caleb Houstan1211520.0%
Gary Harris to Jalen Suggs1211616.7%
Gary Harris to Bol Bol1212633.3%
Gary Harris to Moritz Wagner1811425.0%
Kevon Harris to Franz Wagner2714850.0%
Kevon Harris to Jay Scrubb411250.0%
Kevon Harris to R.J. Hampton2112922.2%
Kevon Harris to Chuma Okeke1911520.0%
Kevon Harris to Moritz Wagner811250.0%
Kevon Harris to Wendell Carter Jr.811425.0%
Kevon Harris to Terrence Ross511333.3%
Caleb Houstan to Franz Wagner61161154.5%
Caleb Houstan to Kevon Harris1811425.0%
Caleb Houstan to R.J. Hampton4912922.2%
Caleb Houstan to Chuma Okeke1911333.3%
Caleb Houstan to Markelle Fultz3013742.9%
Jonathan Isaac to Paolo Banchero2511812.5%
Jonathan Isaac to Cole Anthony2416875.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Moritz Wagner611250.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Wendell Carter Jr.711425.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Markelle Fultz5514944.4%
Jonathan Isaac to Gary Harris511250.0%
Chuma Okeke to Paolo Banchero30131225.0%
Chuma Okeke to Cole Anthony2111250.0%
Chuma Okeke to Admiral Schofield2511250.0%
Chuma Okeke to Moritz Wagner711250.0%
Terrence Ross to R.J. Hampton2113742.9%
Admiral Schofield to Bol Bol2812922.2%
Admiral Schofield to Moritz Wagner711333.3%
Admiral Schofield to Markelle Fultz3013742.9%
Admiral Schofield to Michael Carter-Williams1712366.7%
Jay Scrubb to Bol Bol811425.0%
Jalen Suggs to Jonathan Isaac1111333.3%
Moritz Wagner to R.J. Hampton3514850.0%
Moritz Wagner to Goga Bitadze2111100.0%
Moritz Wagner to Gary Harris2613837.5%
Mo Bamba to Kevon Harris50020.0%
Mo Bamba to Markelle Fultz5402922.2%
Goga Bitadze to Caleb Houstan110040.0%
Goga Bitadze to Paolo Banchero100020.0%
Goga Bitadze to Kevon Harris901333.3%
Goga Bitadze to Jay Scrubb20000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Admiral Schofield70010.0%
Goga Bitadze to Markelle Fultz240040.0%
Goga Bitadze to Gary Harris901333.3%
Goga Bitadze to Michael Carter-Williams160020.0%
Bol Bol to Jay Scrubb50000.0%
Bol Bol to Jonathan Isaac20000.0%
Bol Bol to Michael Carter-Williams90020.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Admiral Schofield10000.0%
Wendell Carter Jr. to Michael Carter-Williams3011100.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Caleb Houstan60020.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Kevon Harris50020.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Cole Anthony20000.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Moritz Wagner30010.0%
Michael Carter-Williams to Wendell Carter Jr.20000.0%
Markelle Fultz to R.J. Hampton40010.0%
Markelle Fultz to Chuma Okeke60020.0%
R.J. Hampton to Chuma Okeke210060.0%
R.J. Hampton to Markelle Fultz30000.0%
Gary Harris to Kevon Harris10010.0%
Gary Harris to R.J. Hampton100030.0%
Gary Harris to Admiral Schofield20000.0%
Gary Harris to Chuma Okeke10000.0%
Gary Harris to Goga Bitadze20010.0%
Gary Harris to Jonathan Isaac60020.0%
Kevon Harris to Paolo Banchero320080.0%
Kevon Harris to Jalen Suggs1701250.0%
Kevon Harris to Cole Anthony3302825.0%
Kevon Harris to Goga Bitadze90010.0%
Kevon Harris to Mo Bamba60010.0%
Kevon Harris to Markelle Fultz150030.0%
Kevon Harris to Gary Harris30010.0%
Kevon Harris to Michael Carter-Williams80010.0%
Caleb Houstan to Paolo Banchero3704666.7%
Caleb Houstan to Jay Scrubb50000.0%
Caleb Houstan to Goga Bitadze60010.0%
Caleb Houstan to Wendell Carter Jr.80000.0%
Caleb Houstan to Jonathan Isaac10000.0%
Caleb Houstan to Michael Carter-Williams8011100.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Caleb Houstan20010.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Jalen Suggs200030.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Bol Bol30010.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Mo Bamba10010.0%
Chuma Okeke to Jay Scrubb3011100.0%
Chuma Okeke to R.J. Hampton3102450.0%
Chuma Okeke to Goga Bitadze70010.0%
Chuma Okeke to Markelle Fultz5011100.0%
Chuma Okeke to Gary Harris10000.0%
Chuma Okeke to Michael Carter-Williams1401333.3%
Chuma Okeke to Terrence Ross1602366.7%
Terrence Ross to Jalen Suggs320040.0%
Terrence Ross to Kevon Harris50020.0%
Terrence Ross to Gary Harris40010.0%
Admiral Schofield to Paolo Banchero26021020.0%
Admiral Schofield to Jay Scrubb3011100.0%
Admiral Schofield to R.J. Hampton45051241.7%
Admiral Schofield to Goga Bitadze90030.0%
Admiral Schofield to Wendell Carter Jr.10010.0%
Admiral Schofield to Mo Bamba70010.0%
Admiral Schofield to Gary Harris801250.0%
Jay Scrubb to Caleb Houstan60000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Kevon Harris50000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Admiral Schofield30000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Chuma Okeke40000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Goga Bitadze10000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Moritz Wagner60000.0%
Jay Scrubb to Michael Carter-Williams5011100.0%
Jalen Suggs to Jay Scrubb10010.0%
Jalen Suggs to Admiral Schofield2501520.0%
Jalen Suggs to Gary Harris1101250.0%
Franz Wagner to Michael Carter-Williams10000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jay Scrubb40000.0%
Moritz Wagner to Admiral Schofield40020.0%
Moritz Wagner to Chuma Okeke60020.0%
Moritz Wagner to Jonathan Isaac90020.0%
Moritz Wagner to Michael Carter-Williams10000.0%