2015 Orlando Magic Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Orlando Magic averaged 306 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Elfrid Payton to Nikola Vucevic, with 116 assists on 920 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Elfrid Payton to Nikola Vucevic92011616033348.0%
Evan Fournier to Nikola Vucevic443599220145.8%
Elfrid Payton to Victor Oladipo689598020539.0%
Elfrid Payton to Evan Fournier820578121238.2%
Victor Oladipo to Jason Smith22548519354.8%
Elfrid Payton to Tobias Harris495485816734.7%
Victor Oladipo to Nikola Vucevic437477215048.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Evan Fournier395466916242.6%
Victor Oladipo to Evan Fournier411415811749.6%
Elfrid Payton to Aaron Gordon289394510542.9%
Victor Oladipo to Aaron Gordon25933409542.1%
Elfrid Payton to Jason Smith19932347247.2%
Evan Fournier to Jason Smith14231326251.6%
Victor Oladipo to Elfrid Payton557294410044.0%
Elfrid Payton to Mario Hezonja22029367647.4%
Nikola Vucevic to Elfrid Payton896296415042.7%
Elfrid Payton to Dewayne Dedmon11727284562.2%
Nikola Vucevic to Tobias Harris258273910238.2%
Elfrid Payton to Channing Frye20026265547.3%
Aaron Gordon to Nikola Vucevic11625315556.4%
Aaron Gordon to Victor Oladipo36124409741.2%
Aaron Gordon to Evan Fournier18124377847.4%
Victor Oladipo to Tobias Harris23424306347.6%
Evan Fournier to Aaron Gordon17323316647.0%
Tobias Harris to Nikola Vucevic21522417653.9%
Shabazz Napier to Jason Smith12522235244.2%
Mario Hezonja to Jason Smith15620226036.7%
Brandon Jennings to Jason Smith11320204742.6%
C.J. Watson to Jason Smith13820235343.4%
Evan Fournier to Tobias Harris24218277436.5%
Nikola Vucevic to Victor Oladipo440183911533.9%
Tobias Harris to Elfrid Payton62916368940.4%
Tobias Harris to Victor Oladipo27616297240.3%
Brandon Jennings to Victor Oladipo19316336154.1%
Victor Oladipo to Andrew Nicholson11916215438.9%
C.J. Watson to Evan Fournier16016295156.9%
Elfrid Payton to Ersan Ilyasova5715153050.0%
Aaron Gordon to Mario Hezonja13014163545.7%
Mario Hezonja to Dewayne Dedmon5114152365.2%
Shabazz Napier to Andrew Nicholson9714184242.9%
Nikola Vucevic to Mario Hezonja9714173253.1%
Channing Frye to Nikola Vucevic6013172470.8%
Brandon Jennings to Andrew Nicholson6213183354.5%
Jason Smith to Victor Oladipo27213327542.7%
Evan Fournier to Victor Oladipo31312258529.4%
Aaron Gordon to Tobias Harris5712152560.0%
Mario Hezonja to Aaron Gordon12312164634.8%
Mario Hezonja to Nikola Vucevic9212163447.1%
Brandon Jennings to Nikola Vucevic6612162955.2%
Shabazz Napier to Aaron Gordon11412143243.8%
Jason Smith to Evan Fournier14712245147.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Aaron Gordon10912174339.5%
Evan Fournier to Mario Hezonja8311152951.7%
Evan Fournier to Channing Frye12711122842.9%
Channing Frye to Tobias Harris10411172958.6%
Tobias Harris to Evan Fournier21011165827.6%
Brandon Jennings to Evan Fournier12611173943.6%
Evan Fournier to Elfrid Payton512104310541.0%
Evan Fournier to Dewayne Dedmon5710132552.0%
Tobias Harris to Channing Frye10610112642.3%
Shabazz Napier to Evan Fournier14410153938.5%
C.J. Watson to Victor Oladipo13710224153.7%
Channing Frye to Evan Fournier1439174934.7%
Aaron Gordon to Elfrid Payton7039176028.3%
Mario Hezonja to Victor Oladipo1489164337.2%
Mario Hezonja to Evan Fournier939153050.0%
Shabazz Napier to Victor Oladipo1399193948.7%
Victor Oladipo to Mario Hezonja1559133834.2%
Elfrid Payton to Andrew Nicholson889173253.1%
Brandon Jennings to Ersan Ilyasova568102638.5%
Shabazz Napier to Tobias Harris788102343.5%
Nikola Vucevic to Andrew Nicholson468122548.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Channing Frye74892536.0%
C.J. Watson to Mario Hezonja948142653.8%
Evan Fournier to Shabazz Napier1147111861.1%
Aaron Gordon to Jason Smith50771450.0%
Shabazz Napier to Nikola Vucevic937142850.0%
Shabazz Napier to Channing Frye43771163.6%
Victor Oladipo to Dewayne Dedmon52771546.7%
Victor Oladipo to Brandon Jennings1067112347.8%
Jason Smith to Mario Hezonja1457143737.8%
C.J. Watson to Aaron Gordon707102638.5%
Brandon Jennings to Aaron Gordon56681942.1%
Brandon Jennings to Dewayne Dedmon27661154.5%
Andrew Nicholson to Evan Fournier42661637.5%
Jason Smith to Aaron Gordon586102540.0%
C.J. Watson to Brandon Jennings91682138.1%
C.J. Watson to Ersan Ilyasova41671838.9%
Dewayne Dedmon to Mario Hezonja53581650.0%
Tobias Harris to Andrew Nicholson39561442.9%
Mario Hezonja to Tobias Harris39551050.0%
Mario Hezonja to Ersan Ilyasova41551827.8%
Andrew Nicholson to Victor Oladipo1555122842.9%
Victor Oladipo to Ersan Ilyasova2455862.5%
Jason Smith to C.J. Watson153582138.1%
Evan Fournier to Ersan Ilyasova42451631.3%
Channing Frye to Elfrid Payton4084144035.0%
Aaron Gordon to Dewayne Dedmon30461540.0%
Tobias Harris to Aaron Gordon67461735.3%
Mario Hezonja to Elfrid Payton2104183452.9%
Mario Hezonja to Shabazz Napier1094123040.0%
Mario Hezonja to Andrew Nicholson49491850.0%
Brandon Jennings to Mario Hezonja81482630.8%
Shabazz Napier to Mario Hezonja113463020.0%
Victor Oladipo to Channing Frye82441723.5%
C.J. Watson to Dewayne Dedmon32451241.7%
Evan Fournier to Andrew Nicholson44371838.9%
Evan Fournier to C.J. Watson104361346.2%
Channing Frye to Victor Oladipo135372330.4%
Tobias Harris to Jason Smith2533837.5%
Ersan Ilyasova to Jason Smith1433650.0%
Devyn Marble to Aaron Gordon1233650.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Shabazz Napier147341822.2%
Andrew Nicholson to Nikola Vucevic2234944.4%
Victor Oladipo to C.J. Watson98331717.6%
Elfrid Payton to Shabazz Napier2034757.1%
Jason Smith to Elfrid Payton2593133933.3%
Nikola Vucevic to C.J. Watson5234666.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Aaron Gordon2322825.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Victor Oladipo992122646.2%
Evan Fournier to Brandon Jennings83241625.0%
Channing Frye to Mario Hezonja2623837.5%
Aaron Gordon to Andrew Nicholson40231618.8%
Aaron Gordon to C.J. Watson148241625.0%
Tobias Harris to Mario Hezonja39241136.4%
Tobias Harris to Shabazz Napier84221216.7%
Tobias Harris to C.J. Watson4522540.0%
Mario Hezonja to Channing Frye2322922.2%
Ersan Ilyasova to Victor Oladipo34251729.4%
Ersan Ilyasova to Evan Fournier36251145.5%
Ersan Ilyasova to Brandon Jennings89241040.0%
Brandon Jennings to Devyn Marble2822922.2%
Brandon Jennings to C.J. Watson66231323.1%
Devyn Marble to C.J. Watson22233100.0%
Shabazz Napier to Devyn Marble24221020.0%
Shabazz Napier to Dewayne Dedmon2823742.9%
Andrew Nicholson to Mario Hezonja75251533.3%
Andrew Nicholson to Brandon Jennings73241233.3%
Victor Oladipo to Shabazz Napier90241822.2%
Elfrid Payton to C.J. Watson4322540.0%
Jason Smith to Devyn Marble1522825.0%
Jason Smith to Shabazz Napier179272825.0%
Jason Smith to Nikola Vucevic1422450.0%
Jason Smith to Brandon Jennings166251926.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Shabazz Napier100251533.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Jason Smith622366.7%
C.J. Watson to Devyn Marble33231421.4%
C.J. Watson to Elfrid Payton47231030.0%
C.J. Watson to Andrew Nicholson2324944.4%
C.J. Watson to Tobias Harris2622450.0%
C.J. Watson to Nikola Vucevic49291850.0%
C.J. Watson to Channing Frye1622450.0%
Keith Appling to Shabazz Napier411250.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Devyn Marble13144100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Shabazz Napier62131421.4%
Dewayne Dedmon to Brandon Jennings67141040.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to C.J. Watson6612728.6%
Channing Frye to Aaron Gordon1312366.7%
Channing Frye to Shabazz Napier77121118.2%
Aaron Gordon to Devyn Marble911333.3%
Aaron Gordon to Brandon Jennings146131520.0%
Aaron Gordon to Channing Frye10111100.0%
Tobias Harris to Dewayne Dedmon1111333.3%
Mario Hezonja to Devyn Marble1714757.1%
Mario Hezonja to C.J. Watson76111010.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Mario Hezonja3012450.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Elfrid Payton112141136.4%
Ersan Ilyasova to Dewayne Dedmon711333.3%
Devyn Marble to Elfrid Payton1611250.0%
Devyn Marble to Shabazz Napier2111714.3%
Devyn Marble to Dewayne Dedmon811333.3%
Devyn Marble to Evan Fournier511250.0%
Devyn Marble to Andrew Nicholson1413837.5%
Devyn Marble to Jason Smith911333.3%
Devyn Marble to Ersan Ilyasova1012450.0%
Shabazz Napier to Elfrid Payton15111100.0%
Shabazz Napier to Brandon Jennings512450.0%
Shabazz Napier to C.J. Watson2212825.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Aaron Gordon3714757.1%
Andrew Nicholson to Devyn Marble1311425.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Tobias Harris29141040.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Jason Smith2211425.0%
Victor Oladipo to Devyn Marble411250.0%
Elfrid Payton to Devyn Marble1511425.0%
Elfrid Payton to Brandon Jennings2111100.0%
Jason Smith to Andrew Nicholson521183452.9%
Jason Smith to Tobias Harris2912633.3%
Jason Smith to Ersan Ilyasova1111333.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Brandon Jennings4612633.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Ersan Ilyasova1011616.7%
Keith Appling to Mario Hezonja110020.0%
Keith Appling to Aaron Gordon50010.0%
Keith Appling to Devyn Marble10010.0%
Keith Appling to Elfrid Payton10000.0%
Keith Appling to Dewayne Dedmon20010.0%
Keith Appling to Andrew Nicholson40010.0%
Keith Appling to Jason Smith4011100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Keith Appling110000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Elfrid Payton160072231.8%
Dewayne Dedmon to Evan Fournier63042317.4%
Dewayne Dedmon to Andrew Nicholson701333.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tobias Harris901333.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Nikola Vucevic10000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jason Smith20000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Ersan Ilyasova60020.0%
Evan Fournier to Devyn Marble30020.0%
Channing Frye to Devyn Marble10010.0%
Channing Frye to C.J. Watson160010.0%
Channing Frye to Jason Smith80020.0%
Channing Frye to Channing Frye10000.0%
Aaron Gordon to Keith Appling60010.0%
Aaron Gordon to Shabazz Napier163041822.2%
Aaron Gordon to Ersan Ilyasova80010.0%
Tobias Harris to Devyn Marble10000.0%
Mario Hezonja to Keith Appling60020.0%
Mario Hezonja to Brandon Jennings83021315.4%
Ersan Ilyasova to Aaron Gordon50020.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Devyn Marble100030.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to Shabazz Napier1401333.3%
Ersan Ilyasova to Andrew Nicholson801333.3%
Ersan Ilyasova to Nikola Vucevic1001425.0%
Ersan Ilyasova to C.J. Watson60021020.0%
Brandon Jennings to Elfrid Payton30000.0%
Brandon Jennings to Shabazz Napier60010.0%
Devyn Marble to Mario Hezonja2202633.3%
Devyn Marble to Victor Oladipo20010.0%
Devyn Marble to Tobias Harris20000.0%
Devyn Marble to Nikola Vucevic30010.0%
Devyn Marble to Brandon Jennings230030.0%
Shabazz Napier to Keith Appling60020.0%
Shabazz Napier to Ersan Ilyasova70020.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Keith Appling60010.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Elfrid Payton139061735.3%
Andrew Nicholson to Dewayne Dedmon10000.0%
Andrew Nicholson to C.J. Watson2801250.0%
Andrew Nicholson to Ersan Ilyasova30000.0%
Elfrid Payton to Keith Appling10010.0%
Elfrid Payton to Ben McLemore10000.0%
Jason Smith to Keith Appling8011100.0%
Jason Smith to Dewayne Dedmon1011100.0%
Jason Smith to Channing Frye90010.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Devyn Marble50040.0%
C.J. Watson to Shabazz Napier27022100.0%