2017 Orlando Magic Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Orlando Magic averaged 292 passes per game. The leading assist duo was D.J. Augustin to Nikola Vucevic, with 66 assists on 612 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
D.J. Augustin to Nikola Vucevic612668419642.9%
Elfrid Payton to Evan Fournier418577419138.7%
Elfrid Payton to Aaron Gordon332556214443.1%
Elfrid Payton to Nikola Vucevic342485912447.6%
Shelvin Mack to Mario Hezonja358466114043.6%
D.J. Augustin to Evan Fournier333445712844.5%
D.J. Augustin to Aaron Gordon325425413639.7%
Evan Fournier to Nikola Vucevic24741479350.5%
Nikola Vucevic to Aaron Gordon276395313140.5%
Aaron Gordon to Nikola Vucevic32838428350.6%
Jonathon Simmons to Nikola Vucevic330344510841.7%
Elfrid Payton to Jonathon Simmons415335312143.8%
Nikola Vucevic to Evan Fournier298335313040.8%
Shelvin Mack to Marreese Speights18931358242.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Jonathon Simmons360305612345.5%
Jonathon Simmons to Evan Fournier19426348241.5%
Evan Fournier to Aaron Gordon18325318038.8%
Aaron Gordon to Evan Fournier18425367250.0%
Shelvin Mack to Bismack Biyombo22925265844.8%
D.J. Augustin to Mario Hezonja28524288831.8%
Shelvin Mack to Evan Fournier12924346750.7%
D.J. Augustin to Marreese Speights22823257732.5%
Evan Fournier to Elfrid Payton22023365763.2%
Shelvin Mack to Nikola Vucevic18023266440.6%
Elfrid Payton to Mario Hezonja14323286245.2%
Jonathon Simmons to Aaron Gordon24122429743.3%
Mario Hezonja to Bismack Biyombo12521214052.5%
Shelvin Mack to Khem Birch13820214546.7%
Elfrid Payton to Bismack Biyombo13320214250.0%
Shelvin Mack to Aaron Gordon14819246139.3%
Nikola Vucevic to D.J. Augustin67919419543.2%
Shelvin Mack to Arron Afflalo12118214348.8%
Evan Fournier to Jonathon Simmons13117295651.8%
Evan Fournier to Bismack Biyombo8017193161.3%
Aaron Gordon to Bismack Biyombo11417192867.9%
Shelvin Mack to Jonathon Simmons21017418647.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Marreese Speights10417204841.7%
Nikola Vucevic to Mario Hezonja11617194740.4%
D.J. Augustin to Jonathon Simmons355163310033.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Mario Hezonja15516236237.1%
D.J. Augustin to Bismack Biyombo17415154334.9%
Evan Fournier to Mario Hezonja6015172958.6%
Elfrid Payton to Terrence Ross8215162661.5%
D.J. Augustin to Wes Iwundu12914153246.9%
Evan Fournier to D.J. Augustin21914204940.8%
Jonathon Simmons to Bismack Biyombo11614143836.8%
Bismack Biyombo to Jonathon Simmons21513336550.8%
Aaron Gordon to Elfrid Payton56413327642.1%
Jonathon Simmons to D.J. Augustin22713225341.5%
Mario Hezonja to Evan Fournier6612153246.9%
Mario Hezonja to Nikola Vucevic15212193751.4%
Nikola Vucevic to Elfrid Payton51812429146.2%
Nikola Vucevic to Terrence Ross9812164139.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Shelvin Mack44311327443.2%
Aaron Gordon to Jonathon Simmons23711185930.5%
Terrence Ross to Nikola Vucevic9911124030.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Shelvin Mack19911132454.2%
D.J. Augustin to Shelvin Mack18110164040.0%
Mario Hezonja to D.J. Augustin42210235343.4%
Shelvin Mack to Wes Iwundu13410154632.6%
Wes Iwundu to Mario Hezonja879112839.3%
Wes Iwundu to Marreese Speights67991947.4%
Shelvin Mack to D.J. Augustin2149153938.5%
Elfrid Payton to Marreese Speights679123534.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Elfrid Payton1829183748.6%
D.J. Augustin to Khem Birch81881844.4%
Khem Birch to Shelvin Mack2448215141.2%
Bismack Biyombo to Evan Fournier1128164436.4%
Mario Hezonja to Wes Iwundu718111957.9%
Mario Hezonja to Jonathon Simmons1488194740.4%
Marreese Speights to D.J. Augustin2228153740.5%
Arron Afflalo to Marreese Speights707103231.3%
D.J. Augustin to Arron Afflalo106782433.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Mario Hezonja847102835.7%
Aaron Gordon to Shelvin Mack189782532.0%
Aaron Gordon to D.J. Augustin4937165429.6%
Mario Hezonja to Shelvin Mack3737133537.1%
Shelvin Mack to Rodney Purvis807103727.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Jonathan Isaac47772231.8%
Arron Afflalo to D.J. Augustin110692536.0%
D.J. Augustin to Jonathan Isaac68692536.0%
Khem Birch to Mario Hezonja46671741.2%
Mario Hezonja to Aaron Gordon916113036.7%
Wes Iwundu to Arron Afflalo366101283.3%
Shelvin Mack to Jamel Artis59661735.3%
Shelvin Mack to Terrence Ross56662030.0%
D.J. Augustin to Terrence Ross81572231.8%
Aaron Gordon to Mario Hezonja58552123.8%
Jonathan Isaac to Nikola Vucevic34551145.5%
Wes Iwundu to Aaron Gordon445101855.6%
Wes Iwundu to Shelvin Mack1845103727.0%
Shelvin Mack to Jonathan Isaac63551827.8%
Elfrid Payton to Wes Iwundu35561250.0%
Elfrid Payton to Arron Afflalo35561346.2%
Rodney Purvis to Jamel Artis26571163.6%
Terrence Ross to Bismack Biyombo1855771.4%
Jonathon Simmons to Terrence Ross42551241.7%
Marreese Speights to Wes Iwundu615101758.8%
Marreese Speights to Mario Hezonja47561833.3%
Marreese Speights to Evan Fournier405121866.7%
Jamel Artis to Mario Hezonja41461637.5%
Khem Birch to D.J. Augustin103481553.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Marreese Speights9444100.0%
Bismack Biyombo to D.J. Augustin4154235541.8%
Evan Fournier to Terrence Ross40461833.3%
Evan Fournier to Marreese Speights33441040.0%
Aaron Gordon to Terrence Ross38441428.6%
Mario Hezonja to Rodney Purvis34461060.0%
Mario Hezonja to Jonathan Isaac24441136.4%
Mario Hezonja to Khem Birch49451435.7%
Wes Iwundu to Jonathan Isaac23451533.3%
Wes Iwundu to Nikola Vucevic40471353.8%
Rodney Purvis to Khem Birch1644850.0%
Terrence Ross to Evan Fournier39451241.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Jonathan Isaac61441330.8%
Jonathon Simmons to Shelvin Mack93482236.4%
Marreese Speights to Arron Afflalo82462326.1%
Nikola Vucevic to Khem Birch1444580.0%
Arron Afflalo to Mario Hezonja30351241.7%
Arron Afflalo to Jonathon Simmons47371741.2%
Arron Afflalo to Shelvin Mack107361931.6%
Jamel Artis to Rodney Purvis32331717.6%
Jamel Artis to Shelvin Mack5835862.5%
Khem Birch to Evan Fournier2036875.0%
Khem Birch to Bismack Biyombo1333560.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Jamel Artis1133560.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Wes Iwundu32361250.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Aaron Gordon843143540.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Elfrid Payton4773287636.8%
Aaron Gordon to Jonathan Isaac1434757.1%
Mario Hezonja to Elfrid Payton1833163842.1%
Mario Hezonja to Marreese Speights40351926.3%
Jonathan Isaac to Shelvin Mack1283101758.8%
Jonathan Isaac to D.J. Augustin167381266.7%
Wes Iwundu to Bismack Biyombo2933650.0%
Wes Iwundu to D.J. Augustin1803142948.3%
Elfrid Payton to D.J. Augustin53341625.0%
Terrence Ross to Aaron Gordon56361540.0%
Terrence Ross to Elfrid Payton69391275.0%
Terrence Ross to Marreese Speights1633475.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Arron Afflalo3033837.5%
Arron Afflalo to Evan Fournier16251145.5%
Jamel Artis to Marreese Speights1122540.0%
D.J. Augustin to Rodney Purvis1922540.0%
Khem Birch to Rodney Purvis2922728.6%
Khem Birch to Wes Iwundu3723933.3%
Khem Birch to Jonathon Simmons35261060.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Arron Afflalo2523742.9%
Evan Fournier to Jonathan Isaac823475.0%
Aaron Gordon to Wes Iwundu36231323.1%
Jonathan Isaac to Terrence Ross1523742.9%
Jonathan Isaac to Marreese Speights622366.7%
Wes Iwundu to Khem Birch2723933.3%
Shelvin Mack to Adreian Payne722450.0%
Rodney Purvis to Wes Iwundu922450.0%
Rodney Purvis to Mario Hezonja2923650.0%
Rodney Purvis to Bismack Biyombo1823650.0%
Terrence Ross to Jonathon Simmons41261250.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Khem Birch1222450.0%
Marreese Speights to Jonathan Isaac723650.0%
Marreese Speights to Elfrid Payton82291275.0%
Marreese Speights to Bismack Biyombo1722728.6%
Arron Afflalo to Rodney Purvis11111100.0%
Arron Afflalo to Wes Iwundu2911520.0%
Arron Afflalo to Jonathan Isaac911425.0%
Arron Afflalo to Terrence Ross8111100.0%
Arron Afflalo to Nikola Vucevic1911911.1%
Arron Afflalo to Bismack Biyombo1611333.3%
Jamel Artis to Adreian Payne7111100.0%
Jamel Artis to Khem Birch1712450.0%
Jamel Artis to Nikola Vucevic1111250.0%
Jamel Artis to Bismack Biyombo1411333.3%
Jamel Artis to D.J. Augustin2513650.0%
D.J. Augustin to Jamel Artis3012825.0%
D.J. Augustin to Adreian Payne711333.3%
Khem Birch to Jamel Artis3613475.0%
Khem Birch to Elfrid Payton2714666.7%
Khem Birch to Nikola Vucevic1011333.3%
Khem Birch to Arron Afflalo1811616.7%
Bismack Biyombo to Jonathan Isaac711333.3%
Bismack Biyombo to Khem Birch1211425.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Terrence Ross1511812.5%
Evan Fournier to Wes Iwundu1511520.0%
Evan Fournier to Arron Afflalo1411425.0%
Aaron Gordon to Khem Birch1611425.0%
Aaron Gordon to Marreese Speights2311714.3%
Mario Hezonja to Jamel Artis3011714.3%
Mario Hezonja to Terrence Ross511425.0%
Mario Hezonja to Arron Afflalo2711812.5%
Jonathan Isaac to Rodney Purvis8133100.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Aaron Gordon2812633.3%
Jonathan Isaac to Jonathon Simmons70181747.1%
Wes Iwundu to Rodney Purvis1212450.0%
Wes Iwundu to Jamel Artis2512825.0%
Wes Iwundu to Adreian Payne2111100.0%
Wes Iwundu to Elfrid Payton4414850.0%
Wes Iwundu to Jonathon Simmons2611812.5%
Wes Iwundu to Evan Fournier1914944.4%
Shelvin Mack to Rashad Vaughn1111333.3%
Elfrid Payton to Jonathan Isaac1111250.0%
Elfrid Payton to Adreian Payne3111100.0%
Elfrid Payton to Shelvin Mack1812450.0%
Rodney Purvis to Aaron Gordon912540.0%
Rodney Purvis to Shelvin Mack5014850.0%
Rodney Purvis to Nikola Vucevic1212540.0%
Terrence Ross to Jamel Artis4111100.0%
Terrence Ross to Jonathan Isaac1112366.7%
Terrence Ross to Mario Hezonja4111100.0%
Terrence Ross to D.J. Augustin6216785.7%
Terrence Ross to Arron Afflalo3111100.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Jamel Artis311250.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Wes Iwundu1411333.3%
Marreese Speights to Jamel Artis8122100.0%
Marreese Speights to Khem Birch1212366.7%
Marreese Speights to Jonathon Simmons82131915.8%
Marreese Speights to Terrence Ross1712728.6%
Marreese Speights to Shelvin Mack178172133.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Rodney Purvis1112450.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Jamel Artis811333.3%
Nikola Vucevic to Wes Iwundu41121118.2%
Arron Afflalo to Jamel Artis50010.0%
Arron Afflalo to Adreian Payne20000.0%
Arron Afflalo to Aaron Gordon2602922.2%
Arron Afflalo to Khem Birch130000.0%
Arron Afflalo to Elfrid Payton2101425.0%
Jamel Artis to Wes Iwundu210070.0%
Jamel Artis to Aaron Gordon100050.0%
Jamel Artis to Elfrid Payton801250.0%
Jamel Artis to Jonathon Simmons10010.0%
Jamel Artis to Terrence Ross20010.0%
Jamel Artis to Arron Afflalo70010.0%
D.J. Augustin to Elfrid Payton3402633.3%
D.J. Augustin to D.J. Augustin301250.0%
D.J. Augustin to Vince Carter10000.0%
Khem Birch to Aaron Gordon1401616.7%
Khem Birch to Terrence Ross5022100.0%
Khem Birch to Marreese Speights60030.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Rodney Purvis180050.0%
Bismack Biyombo to Rashad Vaughn20010.0%
Evan Fournier to Khem Birch1201250.0%
Evan Fournier to Shelvin Mack6602540.0%
Aaron Gordon to Rodney Purvis130060.0%
Aaron Gordon to Jamel Artis50020.0%
Aaron Gordon to Arron Afflalo210060.0%
Mario Hezonja to Rashad Vaughn30000.0%
Mario Hezonja to Adreian Payne30000.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Wes Iwundu110010.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Mario Hezonja1602366.7%
Jonathan Isaac to Rashad Vaughn10000.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Elfrid Payton170000.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Evan Fournier1301250.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Bismack Biyombo350070.0%
Jonathan Isaac to Arron Afflalo140030.0%
Wes Iwundu to Wes Iwundu10000.0%
Shelvin Mack to Elfrid Payton240030.0%
Shelvin Mack to Shelvin Mack30000.0%
Adreian Payne to Jamel Artis50030.0%
Adreian Payne to Wes Iwundu10000.0%
Adreian Payne to Mario Hezonja3022100.0%
Adreian Payne to Khem Birch10000.0%
Adreian Payne to Elfrid Payton13033100.0%
Adreian Payne to Jonathon Simmons40010.0%
Adreian Payne to Shelvin Mack80010.0%
Adreian Payne to Marreese Speights10010.0%
Adreian Payne to D.J. Augustin120010.0%
Adreian Payne to Arron Afflalo20020.0%
Elfrid Payton to Jamel Artis30010.0%
Elfrid Payton to Khem Birch50000.0%
Rodney Purvis to Jonathan Isaac60010.0%
Rodney Purvis to Jonathon Simmons10010.0%
Rodney Purvis to Terrence Ross40010.0%
Rodney Purvis to Marreese Speights120020.0%
Rodney Purvis to D.J. Augustin200010.0%
Rodney Purvis to Arron Afflalo6022100.0%
Terrence Ross to Rodney Purvis20010.0%
Terrence Ross to Khem Birch10000.0%
Terrence Ross to Shelvin Mack4802633.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Adreian Payne20000.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Jonathon Simmons10000.0%
Marreese Speights to Rodney Purvis1301333.3%
Marreese Speights to Aaron Gordon1602922.2%
Marreese Speights to Nikola Vucevic80020.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Mario Hezonja60010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Aaron Gordon10010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Shelvin Mack90010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Bismack Biyombo20020.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Rashad Vaughn10010.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Tobias Harris10000.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Marreese Speights70050.0%
Nikola Vucevic to Arron Afflalo1701425.0%