2022 Philadelphia 76ers Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Philadelphia 76ers averaged 285 passes per game. The leading assist duo was James Harden to Joel Embiid, with 244 assists on 1240 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
James Harden to Joel Embiid124024431563349.8%
James Harden to Tobias Harris6418210621349.8%
James Harden to Tyrese Maxey674779921645.8%
Tyrese Maxey to Joel Embiid6626611125942.9%
James Harden to De'Anthony Melton590657316444.5%
Joel Embiid to Tobias Harris341647714652.7%
Shake Milton to Georges Niang278525710852.8%
Joel Embiid to Tyrese Maxey444506514445.1%
Tobias Harris to Tyrese Maxey451496812056.7%
Joel Embiid to De'Anthony Melton34546509254.3%
Tobias Harris to Joel Embiid439436816341.7%
De'Anthony Melton to Tobias Harris378426213346.6%
James Harden to Georges Niang23341429942.4%
De'Anthony Melton to Joel Embiid479406618835.1%
Joel Embiid to James Harden1015338219542.1%
Shake Milton to Joel Embiid295305912148.8%
James Harden to P.J. Tucker23128306744.8%
Tyrese Maxey to Georges Niang24028318337.3%
Tyrese Maxey to De'Anthony Melton24427317143.7%
Joel Embiid to Georges Niang11026266043.3%
Tyrese Maxey to Tobias Harris409254611141.4%
Shake Milton to Montrezl Harrell18025305356.6%
De'Anthony Melton to Shake Milton29423305356.6%
Shake Milton to Paul Reed9523243568.6%
Shake Milton to Tobias Harris22323418250.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Tyrese Maxey366193710236.3%
Shake Milton to Danuel House Jr.15219195435.2%
Joel Embiid to P.J. Tucker10918183452.9%
James Harden to Shake Milton13018213855.3%
James Harden to Montrezl Harrell9117174141.5%
Tyrese Maxey to Shake Milton26917266540.0%
Tobias Harris to De'Anthony Melton31816258230.5%
Tobias Harris to James Harden745164814034.3%
Shake Milton to Tyrese Maxey25216348639.5%
Joel Embiid to Shake Milton20615204643.5%
James Harden to Paul Reed6015163250.0%
De'Anthony Melton to James Harden778157116144.1%
De'Anthony Melton to P.J. Tucker12115153345.5%
Tobias Harris to Georges Niang6814142850.0%
Georges Niang to Shake Milton39914266241.9%
Tobias Harris to Shake Milton22013184341.9%
De'Anthony Melton to Georges Niang10113144332.6%
James Harden to Jalen McDaniels4112132552.0%
Shake Milton to De'Anthony Melton23512226533.8%
Georges Niang to Joel Embiid11512214250.0%
P.J. Tucker to Joel Embiid12512235145.1%
James Harden to Danuel House Jr.6311112445.8%
Tobias Harris to P.J. Tucker12811113630.6%
Tyrese Maxey to Paul Reed6311112152.4%
Tyrese Maxey to Montrezl Harrell10110122352.2%
De'Anthony Melton to Danuel House Jr.6610112055.0%
Shake Milton to Furkan Korkmaz1329174240.5%
P.J. Tucker to De'Anthony Melton1709144134.1%
P.J. Tucker to Tobias Harris1119144233.3%
P.J. Tucker to James Harden4879298036.3%
Joel Embiid to Danuel House Jr.44881650.0%
James Harden to Matisse Thybulle32881844.4%
Montrezl Harrell to Shake Milton1608123633.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Georges Niang42891947.4%
Tyrese Maxey to Jalen McDaniels35891369.2%
Georges Niang to Tyrese Maxey4568389042.2%
Georges Niang to Tobias Harris548102441.7%
Joel Embiid to Matisse Thybulle25771353.8%
Danuel House Jr. to Paul Reed30771163.6%
De'Anthony Melton to Paul Reed44781942.1%
De'Anthony Melton to Montrezl Harrell847102147.6%
Shake Milton to Jalen McDaniels64772528.0%
P.J. Tucker to Tyrese Maxey2217184738.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Georges Niang38661250.0%
Tobias Harris to Matisse Thybulle22661154.5%
Tyrese Maxey to James Harden70863610534.3%
Tyrese Maxey to P.J. Tucker85662030.0%
Shake Milton to Matisse Thybulle55662326.1%
Georges Niang to De'Anthony Melton1596163644.4%
Paul Reed to Georges Niang27661060.0%
Tobias Harris to Furkan Korkmaz21561154.5%
Tobias Harris to Montrezl Harrell43571258.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Joel Embiid62572330.4%
Tyrese Maxey to Danuel House Jr.46551241.7%
Jalen McDaniels to Shake Milton91581942.1%
Shake Milton to James Harden1405142653.8%
Shake Milton to P.J. Tucker5655955.6%
Georges Niang to Danuel House Jr.50581650.0%
Georges Niang to Furkan Korkmaz2355862.5%
Paul Reed to De'Anthony Melton84592437.5%
Matisse Thybulle to Montrezl Harrell1156875.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Tyrese Maxey1424173745.9%
Montrezl Harrell to Matisse Thybulle2244666.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Tobias Harris534112250.0%
Tobias Harris to Paul Reed2644757.1%
Tobias Harris to Danuel House Jr.28441136.4%
Danuel House Jr. to Shake Milton1834183847.4%
Danuel House Jr. to Tobias Harris33461154.5%
Furkan Korkmaz to De'Anthony Melton26451050.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Paul Reed1644757.1%
De'Anthony Melton to Jalen McDaniels1044580.0%
Georges Niang to Paul Reed26451050.0%
Georges Niang to Montrezl Harrell29471353.8%
Georges Niang to James Harden2924176227.4%
Paul Reed to Jalen McDaniels2644944.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Tyrese Maxey784102737.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Georges Niang41451338.5%
P.J. Tucker to Shake Milton1184102147.6%
Dewayne Dedmon to Furkan Korkmaz1233650.0%
Joel Embiid to Jalen McDaniels17331030.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Tyrese Maxey61361346.2%
Danuel House Jr. to Jalen McDaniels1433837.5%
Danuel House Jr. to De'Anthony Melton80341526.7%
Danuel House Jr. to Furkan Korkmaz43351241.7%
Furkan Korkmaz to Matisse Thybulle12333100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Danuel House Jr.39361540.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Montrezl Harrell1933650.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Matisse Thybulle67341723.5%
Mac McClung to Louis King633475.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Tyrese Maxey843102147.6%
Jalen McDaniels to Georges Niang1433650.0%
Shake Milton to Jaden Springer28351145.5%
Georges Niang to Matisse Thybulle1433560.0%
P.J. Tucker to Paul Reed5333100.0%
P.J. Tucker to Georges Niang18341040.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Mac McClung1324666.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jalen McDaniels3222100.0%
Joel Embiid to Furkan Korkmaz1723650.0%
Montrezl Harrell to De'Anthony Melton83241625.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Danuel House Jr.22221020.0%
Montrezl Harrell to James Harden1072142751.9%
Danuel House Jr. to Dewayne Dedmon923560.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Paul Reed2622633.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Jalen McDaniels622366.7%
Furkan Korkmaz to Joel Embiid1623475.0%
Mac McClung to Paul Reed522366.7%
Mac McClung to Shake Milton1222366.7%
Jalen McDaniels to Danuel House Jr.1523475.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Matisse Thybulle2022825.0%
Shake Milton to Mac McClung1222450.0%
Shake Milton to Louis King7222100.0%
Georges Niang to Dewayne Dedmon3222100.0%
Paul Reed to Jaden Springer6222100.0%
Paul Reed to Shake Milton167293228.1%
Paul Reed to Danuel House Jr.44241330.8%
Paul Reed to James Harden1102113135.5%
Jaden Springer to Jalen McDaniels322366.7%
Jaden Springer to Danuel House Jr.3222100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Paul Reed722366.7%
Matisse Thybulle to Shake Milton86241625.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Joel Embiid25261154.5%
P.J. Tucker to Danuel House Jr.1122366.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Danuel House Jr.1011250.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Montrezl Harrell3111100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tobias Harris611250.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Dewayne Dedmon3122100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Montrezl Harrell2212633.3%
Danuel House Jr. to James Harden69161735.3%
Louis King to Paul Reed311250.0%
Louis King to Jalen McDaniels1111100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Shake Milton96162326.1%
Furkan Korkmaz to Georges Niang3511156.7%
Furkan Korkmaz to Dewayne Dedmon12122100.0%
Saben Lee to Danuel House Jr.3111100.0%
Saben Lee to Furkan Korkmaz911425.0%
Mac McClung to Furkan Korkmaz811250.0%
Mac McClung to Montrezl Harrell711250.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Mac McClung2111100.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Montrezl Harrell511333.3%
Shake Milton to Dewayne Dedmon1612450.0%
Georges Niang to Jaden Springer2111100.0%
Georges Niang to P.J. Tucker911250.0%
Paul Reed to Mac McClung511250.0%
Paul Reed to Saben Lee2111100.0%
Paul Reed to Furkan Korkmaz3012633.3%
Paul Reed to Tobias Harris4411911.1%
Jaden Springer to Paul Reed611333.3%
Jaden Springer to Furkan Korkmaz5111100.0%
Jaden Springer to Montrezl Harrell311250.0%
Jaden Springer to Dewayne Dedmon2111100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to De'Anthony Melton1711333.3%
Matisse Thybulle to Furkan Korkmaz1311250.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Tobias Harris1712540.0%
Matisse Thybulle to James Harden50141526.7%
P.J. Tucker to Matisse Thybulle411250.0%
P.J. Tucker to Furkan Korkmaz511250.0%
Julian Champagnie to Shake Milton10000.0%
Julian Champagnie to Danuel House Jr.20000.0%
Julian Champagnie to Furkan Korkmaz10010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jaden Springer30020.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tyrese Maxey80010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Louis King601250.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Shake Milton2503560.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to De'Anthony Melton40010.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Georges Niang10000.0%
Joel Embiid to Paul Reed30010.0%
Michael Foster Jr. to Furkan Korkmaz10000.0%
James Harden to Furkan Korkmaz100040.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Mac McClung80020.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Jaden Springer3011100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Paul Reed20010.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Jalen McDaniels50020.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Furkan Korkmaz120040.0%
Montrezl Harrell to P.J. Tucker100010.0%
Tobias Harris to Jalen McDaniels50030.0%
Tobias Harris to Dewayne Dedmon60020.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Mac McClung20010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Jaden Springer3011100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Saben Lee50000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Matisse Thybulle90010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Louis King2011100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to P.J. Tucker40010.0%
Louis King to Mac McClung40010.0%
Louis King to Shake Milton30000.0%
Louis King to Danuel House Jr.10010.0%
Louis King to Furkan Korkmaz70010.0%
Louis King to Montrezl Harrell50020.0%
Louis King to Dewayne Dedmon301250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Mac McClung90010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Julian Champagnie10010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Jaden Springer701520.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Saben Lee7022100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tyrese Maxey401250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Louis King60010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tobias Harris210030.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to James Harden901250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to P.J. Tucker40010.0%
Saben Lee to Paul Reed50000.0%
Saben Lee to Matisse Thybulle10000.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Dewayne Dedmon50000.0%
Mac McClung to Danuel House Jr.30000.0%
Mac McClung to Georges Niang10000.0%
Mac McClung to Dewayne Dedmon60010.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Jaden Springer501333.3%
Jalen McDaniels to Louis King10000.0%
Jalen McDaniels to De'Anthony Melton210020.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Furkan Korkmaz40010.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Joel Embiid901520.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Dewayne Dedmon30000.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Tobias Harris30010.0%
Jalen McDaniels to James Harden54031225.0%
Jalen McDaniels to P.J. Tucker10000.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Jaden Springer10010.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Furkan Korkmaz340040.0%
De'Anthony Melton to Dewayne Dedmon20000.0%
Shake Milton to Julian Champagnie10010.0%
Georges Niang to Mac McClung10000.0%
Georges Niang to Saben Lee30010.0%
Georges Niang to Jalen McDaniels170060.0%
Paul Reed to Tyrese Maxey850132650.0%
Paul Reed to Matisse Thybulle90020.0%
Paul Reed to Louis King30020.0%
Paul Reed to Montrezl Harrell20000.0%
Paul Reed to Joel Embiid20000.0%
Paul Reed to P.J. Tucker60010.0%
Jaden Springer to Shake Milton1701333.3%
Jaden Springer to De'Anthony Melton10010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Saben Lee40000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Danuel House Jr.120020.0%
Matisse Thybulle to P.J. Tucker8011100.0%
P.J. Tucker to Montrezl Harrell120030.0%
P.J. Tucker to Dewayne Dedmon10010.0%