2021 Philadelphia 76ers Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Philadelphia 76ers averaged 299 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tyrese Maxey to Joel Embiid, with 87 assists on 1193 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tyrese Maxey to Joel Embiid11938714434741.5%
James Harden to Joel Embiid4457310223443.6%
Tobias Harris to Joel Embiid5836710725242.5%
Joel Embiid to Tobias Harris473629019047.4%
Tyrese Maxey to Tobias Harris9055811223148.5%
Joel Embiid to Tyrese Maxey978518020040.0%
Joel Embiid to Seth Curry432466812454.8%
Seth Curry to Joel Embiid515457920738.2%
James Harden to Tyrese Maxey28142539058.9%
Tyrese Maxey to Seth Curry663406513946.8%
Joel Embiid to Georges Niang16837387153.5%
Tobias Harris to Tyrese Maxey1019367216244.4%
Seth Curry to Tyrese Maxey465344810247.1%
Tyrese Maxey to Georges Niang337323310033.0%
Seth Curry to Tobias Harris338314712138.8%
James Harden to Matisse Thybulle10827275152.9%
James Harden to Georges Niang10725255743.9%
Furkan Korkmaz to Georges Niang15825285650.0%
James Harden to Tobias Harris23824309431.9%
Joel Embiid to Matisse Thybulle11923234946.9%
Georges Niang to Joel Embiid18923329334.4%
Tobias Harris to Seth Curry33422327841.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Danny Green18422234452.3%
Tobias Harris to Danny Green18321226136.1%
Andre Drummond to Tobias Harris16219265547.3%
Tobias Harris to Matisse Thybulle15919205437.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Matisse Thybulle20119195137.3%
Joel Embiid to Furkan Korkmaz17318195534.5%
Tobias Harris to Georges Niang12518194443.2%
Shake Milton to Furkan Korkmaz23618228127.2%
Matisse Thybulle to Tyrese Maxey32718306347.6%
Andre Drummond to Georges Niang10017203951.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tyrese Maxey22017245246.2%
Tyrese Maxey to Shake Milton26017255942.4%
Tyrese Maxey to Furkan Korkmaz24517256439.1%
Shake Milton to Joel Embiid18717266043.3%
Matisse Thybulle to Joel Embiid14917256141.0%
Seth Curry to Georges Niang11316184639.1%
Joel Embiid to Danny Green15016164634.8%
Tobias Harris to Andre Drummond8216172763.0%
Shake Milton to Georges Niang19116227031.4%
Georges Niang to Tobias Harris14416255545.5%
Andre Drummond to Furkan Korkmaz13715224845.8%
Danny Green to Joel Embiid18415337742.9%
Matisse Thybulle to Tobias Harris14115234353.5%
Joel Embiid to Shake Milton14314173548.6%
Furkan Korkmaz to Joel Embiid20414267435.1%
Seth Curry to Furkan Korkmaz9313142948.3%
Seth Curry to Danny Green9013133240.6%
James Harden to Danny Green5713132748.1%
Seth Curry to Andre Drummond9812122060.0%
Danny Green to Tobias Harris15512214546.7%
Tobias Harris to Furkan Korkmaz22712175431.5%
Shake Milton to Tyrese Maxey20212215042.0%
Georges Niang to Tyrese Maxey655124411239.3%
Andre Drummond to Seth Curry11711133537.1%
Furkan Korkmaz to Shake Milton17511174835.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Andre Drummond15711143342.4%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tobias Harris17411285650.0%
Shake Milton to Paul Reed6211112250.0%
Shake Milton to Andre Drummond9811122254.5%
Tobias Harris to Shake Milton19110113333.3%
Tobias Harris to DeAndre Jordan1610101190.9%
Isaiah Joe to Georges Niang5910112445.8%
Shake Milton to Isaiah Joe8610113234.4%
Shake Milton to Tobias Harris18910215141.2%
Shake Milton to Danny Green8110103132.3%
Georges Niang to Shake Milton32510265944.1%
Georges Niang to Furkan Korkmaz22410195534.5%
Joel Embiid to James Harden4559298235.4%
Tobias Harris to James Harden2899266341.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Isaiah Joe81992536.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Andre Drummond1819102343.5%
Georges Niang to Seth Curry1189153345.5%
Andre Drummond to Tyrese Maxey2008235541.8%
Andre Drummond to Danny Green56882236.4%
Danny Green to Tyrese Maxey4078306446.9%
James Harden to DeAndre Jordan31881650.0%
Tobias Harris to Isaiah Joe54881457.1%
Furkan Korkmaz to Seth Curry1318142850.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Georges Niang50891752.9%
Seth Curry to Matisse Thybulle54771450.0%
Andre Drummond to Matisse Thybulle36771353.8%
Danny Green to Georges Niang56781942.1%
Andre Drummond to Shake Milton1176123040.0%
Joel Embiid to Isaiah Joe33661250.0%
Tyrese Maxey to James Harden2526103826.3%
Shake Milton to Charles Bassey30661060.0%
Shake Milton to Seth Curry1286142850.0%
Georges Niang to Matisse Thybulle39681457.1%
Georges Niang to Andre Drummond65681844.4%
Matisse Thybulle to Furkan Korkmaz64681650.0%
Andre Drummond to Isaiah Joe50561540.0%
James Harden to Shake Milton45561735.3%
Furkan Korkmaz to Paul Reed28551145.5%
Tyrese Maxey to Isaiah Joe63551926.3%
Shake Milton to Paul Millsap1355771.4%
Georges Niang to Danny Green50551533.3%
Seth Curry to Shake Milton95462227.3%
Danny Green to Isaiah Joe2744944.4%
Danny Green to Shake Milton137492634.6%
Danny Green to Furkan Korkmaz73461346.2%
Danny Green to Seth Curry994111957.9%
Isaiah Joe to Paul Reed27441233.3%
Isaiah Joe to Tobias Harris62482040.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Charles Bassey1144666.7%
Furkan Korkmaz to Danny Green51461637.5%
Tyrese Maxey to DeAndre Jordan1644666.7%
Paul Reed to Tyrese Maxey76482040.0%
Isaiah Joe to Tyrese Maxey69371258.3%
Isaiah Joe to Furkan Korkmaz84351533.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Tyrese Maxey32351241.7%
Furkan Korkmaz to Matisse Thybulle55331030.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Charles Bassey1733650.0%
Shake Milton to Matisse Thybulle70351241.7%
Georges Niang to Paul Reed1433560.0%
Paul Reed to Shake Milton94371450.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Seth Curry71351435.7%
Matisse Thybulle to James Harden79361833.3%
Charles Bassey to Georges Niang1123560.0%
Charles Bassey to Seth Curry1925771.4%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Tyrese Maxey2422450.0%
Seth Curry to Charles Bassey1422366.7%
Seth Curry to Tyler Johnson322366.7%
Danny Green to James Harden106282334.8%
James Harden to Paul Millsap2322540.0%
Tobias Harris to Paul Reed1022366.7%
Isaiah Joe to Matisse Thybulle1623560.0%
Isaiah Joe to Joel Embiid30241136.4%
Isaiah Joe to Andre Drummond3522728.6%
Tyrese Maxey to Paul Reed3622633.3%
Shake Milton to James Harden51241526.7%
Shake Milton to DeAndre Jordan1522366.7%
Georges Niang to Isaiah Joe58221118.2%
Paul Reed to Matisse Thybulle8222100.0%
Paul Reed to Furkan Korkmaz32221020.0%
Paul Reed to Georges Niang2522825.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Isaiah Joe1822728.6%
Matisse Thybulle to Shake Milton84281942.1%
Charles Bassey to Tyrese Maxey39151050.0%
Charles Bassey to Matisse Thybulle211250.0%
Charles Bassey to Furkan Korkmaz1912633.3%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Charles Bassey3111100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Seth Curry1011250.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Tobias Harris1412540.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Isaiah Joe411250.0%
Seth Curry to Isaiah Joe1611520.0%
Seth Curry to Paul Reed612366.7%
Andre Drummond to Paul Reed411425.0%
Andre Drummond to Charlie Brown Jr.611250.0%
Joel Embiid to Charlie Brown Jr.611425.0%
Danny Green to Paul Reed411250.0%
Danny Green to Charlie Brown Jr.1111100.0%
Danny Green to Andre Drummond3711520.0%
Danny Green to DeAndre Jordan1111250.0%
James Harden to Isaiah Joe1011616.7%
James Harden to Paul Reed611250.0%
Tobias Harris to Charles Bassey611250.0%
Isaiah Joe to Charlie Brown Jr.511425.0%
Isaiah Joe to Charles Bassey1511250.0%
Isaiah Joe to Shake Milton78131520.0%
Isaiah Joe to Tyler Johnson1011250.0%
Isaiah Joe to Seth Curry2712728.6%
Tyler Johnson to Tyrese Maxey1912450.0%
Tyler Johnson to Furkan Korkmaz1012450.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Shake Milton2412540.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Furkan Korkmaz811425.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Georges Niang5122100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Danny Green8111100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to James Harden78121910.5%
Braxton Key to Aaron Henry2111100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Charlie Brown Jr.1011425.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Tyler Johnson5111100.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Paul Millsap4111100.0%
Paul Millsap to Furkan Korkmaz811425.0%
Paul Millsap to Georges Niang811250.0%
Paul Millsap to Tobias Harris1311333.3%
Paul Millsap to Danny Green511250.0%
Paul Millsap to James Harden3015955.6%
Georges Niang to DeAndre Jordan711250.0%
Myles Powell to Isaiah Joe1711714.3%
Myles Powell to Matisse Thybulle2111100.0%
Myles Powell to Charles Bassey812366.7%
Paul Reed to Isaiah Joe38121216.7%
Paul Reed to Charles Bassey4111100.0%
Paul Reed to Danny Green5111100.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Paul Reed411250.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Andre Drummond3411812.5%
Charles Bassey to Aaron Henry10000.0%
Charles Bassey to Jaden Springer10000.0%
Charles Bassey to Braxton Key10000.0%
Charles Bassey to Isaiah Joe2801520.0%
Charles Bassey to Paul Reed10000.0%
Charles Bassey to Charlie Brown Jr.40020.0%
Charles Bassey to Myles Powell901333.3%
Charles Bassey to Shake Milton4001520.0%
Charles Bassey to Tyler Johnson20000.0%
Charles Bassey to Tobias Harris60000.0%
Charles Bassey to Danny Green30020.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Aaron Henry10010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Isaiah Joe60010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Paul Reed10000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Myles Powell30010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Shake Milton10010.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Furkan Korkmaz15011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Georges Niang30000.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Joel Embiid601250.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Andre Drummond8011100.0%
Charlie Brown Jr. to Paul Millsap10010.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Tyrese Maxey20000.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Shake Milton20000.0%
Seth Curry to Charlie Brown Jr.60020.0%
Andre Drummond to Myles Powell30010.0%
Andre Drummond to Joel Embiid30000.0%
Joel Embiid to Myles Powell60000.0%
Joel Embiid to Tyler Johnson20010.0%
Joel Embiid to Andre Drummond10010.0%
Danny Green to Matisse Thybulle110010.0%
Danny Green to Charles Bassey30010.0%
Danny Green to Myles Powell120010.0%
Danny Green to Paul Millsap60030.0%
James Harden to Furkan Korkmaz130040.0%
Tobias Harris to Aaron Henry10010.0%
Tobias Harris to Charlie Brown Jr.110040.0%
Tobias Harris to Myles Powell110000.0%
Tobias Harris to Tyler Johnson40000.0%
Tobias Harris to Paul Millsap130030.0%
Aaron Henry to Isaiah Joe20010.0%
Aaron Henry to Myles Powell20010.0%
Aaron Henry to Tobias Harris30000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Jaden Springer20000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Myles Powell120030.0%
Isaiah Joe to Willie Cauley-Stein20000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Danny Green100020.0%
Isaiah Joe to James Harden1001250.0%
Isaiah Joe to DeAndre Jordan20000.0%
Isaiah Joe to Paul Millsap10010.0%
Tyler Johnson to Isaiah Joe30000.0%
Tyler Johnson to Paul Reed40010.0%
Tyler Johnson to Matisse Thybulle50020.0%
Tyler Johnson to Charles Bassey50000.0%
Tyler Johnson to Georges Niang50000.0%
Tyler Johnson to Joel Embiid30000.0%
Tyler Johnson to Seth Curry50020.0%
Tyler Johnson to Tobias Harris30000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Isaiah Joe40000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Matisse Thybulle20000.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Tobias Harris1701520.0%
Braxton Key to Charles Bassey10000.0%
Braxton Key to Myles Powell401250.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Braxton Key10010.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Myles Powell10000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to Willie Cauley-Stein20000.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to James Harden130020.0%
Furkan Korkmaz to DeAndre Jordan40000.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Charlie Brown Jr.80000.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Myles Powell10000.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Tyler Johnson90010.0%
Tyrese Maxey to Paul Millsap1001250.0%
Paul Millsap to Isaiah Joe10000.0%
Paul Millsap to Tyrese Maxey270060.0%
Paul Millsap to Matisse Thybulle10010.0%
Paul Millsap to Shake Milton1801333.3%
Shake Milton to Charlie Brown Jr.20000.0%
Shake Milton to Willie Cauley-Stein10000.0%
Georges Niang to Charlie Brown Jr.40010.0%
Georges Niang to Charles Bassey60010.0%
Georges Niang to Myles Powell140000.0%
Georges Niang to Tyler Johnson160010.0%
Georges Niang to James Harden1750124427.3%
Georges Niang to Paul Millsap80040.0%
Myles Powell to Aaron Henry20010.0%
Myles Powell to Braxton Key10000.0%
Myles Powell to Paul Reed10000.0%
Myles Powell to Charlie Brown Jr.20000.0%
Myles Powell to Furkan Korkmaz20010.0%
Myles Powell to Georges Niang110020.0%
Myles Powell to Joel Embiid1201333.3%
Myles Powell to Andre Drummond50000.0%
Myles Powell to Tobias Harris140030.0%
Myles Powell to Danny Green10010.0%
Paul Reed to Aaron Henry20000.0%
Paul Reed to Charlie Brown Jr.10000.0%
Paul Reed to Myles Powell60010.0%
Paul Reed to Tyler Johnson60000.0%
Paul Reed to Joel Embiid30010.0%
Paul Reed to Seth Curry902450.0%
Paul Reed to Andre Drummond30020.0%
Paul Reed to Tobias Harris150010.0%
Paul Reed to James Harden140030.0%
Paul Reed to Paul Millsap10000.0%
Jaden Springer to Aaron Henry20010.0%
Jaden Springer to Isaiah Joe20000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Charles Bassey10000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Myles Powell60010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Tyler Johnson30010.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Danny Green200040.0%
Matisse Thybulle to DeAndre Jordan40000.0%
Matisse Thybulle to Paul Millsap20010.0%