2017 San Antonio Spurs Team Passing Stats

The 2017 San Antonio Spurs averaged 314 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Patty Mills to LaMarcus Aldridge, with 65 assists on 622 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Patty Mills to LaMarcus Aldridge6226510223543.4%
Pau Gasol to LaMarcus Aldridge266567914355.2%
Kyle Anderson to LaMarcus Aldridge392487617144.4%
Dejounte Murray to LaMarcus Aldridge626417418041.1%
Tony Parker to Pau Gasol35640429743.3%
Tony Parker to LaMarcus Aldridge303396412949.6%
Manu Ginobili to LaMarcus Aldridge258335312044.2%
Danny Green to LaMarcus Aldridge361336214443.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Patty Mills617315513740.1%
Pau Gasol to Kyle Anderson24430356950.7%
Manu Ginobili to Pau Gasol20030387650.0%
Dejounte Murray to Davis Bertans22930316647.0%
Dejounte Murray to Danny Green30629338339.8%
Patty Mills to Danny Green29428318835.2%
Pau Gasol to Danny Green25927317740.3%
Danny Green to Pau Gasol25627367548.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Danny Green31226339235.9%
Kyle Anderson to Pau Gasol26226316547.7%
Dejounte Murray to Pau Gasol54926318934.8%
Kyle Anderson to Patty Mills40625328338.6%
Patty Mills to Bryn Forbes16025276640.9%
Dejounte Murray to Bryn Forbes24325339036.7%
Tony Parker to Rudy Gay14725396857.4%
Pau Gasol to Patty Mills52423359437.2%
Manu Ginobili to Rudy Gay18223308734.5%
Kyle Anderson to Davis Bertans9622234057.5%
Pau Gasol to Bryn Forbes17722296842.6%
Kyle Anderson to Danny Green18721235541.8%
Dejounte Murray to Kyle Anderson40221296544.6%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Bryn Forbes16120286046.7%
Patty Mills to Manu Ginobili374203710037.0%
Pau Gasol to Tony Parker56019399142.9%
Patty Mills to Pau Gasol36719258130.9%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Dejounte Murray53518337941.8%
Kyle Anderson to Dejounte Murray44118306645.5%
Pau Gasol to Dejounte Murray64818369139.6%
Manu Ginobili to Patty Mills22218225440.7%
Tony Parker to Bryn Forbes14117184341.9%
Tony Parker to Davis Bertans14617175034.0%
Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili23617225540.0%
Kyle Anderson to Bryn Forbes12316173844.7%
Pau Gasol to Rudy Gay12716285154.9%
Pau Gasol to Manu Ginobili21116296048.3%
Tony Parker to Danny Green18016184738.3%
Davis Bertans to Patty Mills26415254456.8%
Patty Mills to Davis Bertans14615164932.7%
Dejounte Murray to Patty Mills36515238028.8%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Manu Ginobili25714245940.7%
Manu Ginobili to Davis Bertans8714153542.9%
Patty Mills to Kyle Anderson32314255644.6%
Dejounte Murray to Joffrey Lauvergne10914182669.2%
Bryn Forbes to Davis Bertans7413143046.7%
Rudy Gay to LaMarcus Aldridge9913255248.1%
Manu Ginobili to Bryn Forbes7613153345.5%
Danny Green to Kyle Anderson16113213560.0%
Patty Mills to Dejounte Murray22313215240.4%
Patty Mills to Rudy Gay19513327145.1%
Dejounte Murray to Rudy Gay19613265745.6%
Rudy Gay to Manu Ginobili16512164139.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kyle Anderson23511245147.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Pau Gasol12711133240.6%
Manu Ginobili to Kyle Anderson11011193652.8%
Davis Bertans to Joffrey Lauvergne3810131776.5%
Rudy Gay to Patty Mills34510225540.0%
Bryn Forbes to Danny Green549102638.5%
Bryn Forbes to LaMarcus Aldridge1249194641.3%
Rudy Gay to Pau Gasol849122450.0%
Danny Green to Patty Mills2909154434.1%
Tony Parker to Joffrey Lauvergne759112740.7%
Brandon Paul to Davis Bertans43991752.9%
Davis Bertans to LaMarcus Aldridge938234353.5%
Bryn Forbes to Pau Gasol1408123930.8%
Danny Green to Rudy Gay968133834.2%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Patty Mills828132748.1%
Tony Parker to Patty Mills143882334.8%
Davis Bertans to Bryn Forbes106792536.0%
Davis Bertans to Dejounte Murray3477224845.8%
Davis Bertans to Kyle Anderson82771546.7%
Bryn Forbes to Patty Mills1207102441.7%
Bryn Forbes to Rudy Gay737133537.1%
Pau Gasol to Davis Bertans53772231.8%
Rudy Gay to Danny Green69782236.4%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Brandon Paul34791275.0%
Dejounte Murray to Manu Ginobili1377152853.6%
Brandon Paul to LaMarcus Aldridge43792045.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Tony Parker3586335560.0%
Kyle Anderson to Joffrey Lauvergne2066785.7%
Kyle Anderson to Rudy Gay696123633.3%
Kyle Anderson to Manu Ginobili1156122941.4%
Bryn Forbes to Kyle Anderson716142556.0%
Bryn Forbes to Tony Parker1006132454.2%
Rudy Gay to Bryn Forbes84682729.6%
Manu Ginobili to Joffrey Lauvergne37661442.9%
Manu Ginobili to Tony Parker1116103330.3%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Dejounte Murray1136132552.0%
Dejounte Murray to Brandon Paul100671936.8%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Davis Bertans52551631.3%
Davis Bertans to Manu Ginobili92572330.4%
Bryn Forbes to Joffrey Lauvergne49561637.5%
Bryn Forbes to Brandon Paul53561735.3%
Rudy Gay to Brandon Paul50551145.5%
Danny Green to Davis Bertans42551145.5%
Patty Mills to Brandon Paul45551729.4%
Tony Parker to Kawhi Leonard77582630.8%
Brandon Paul to Dejounte Murray110592634.6%
Davis Bertans to Danny Green40451241.7%
Bryn Forbes to Manu Ginobili68461540.0%
Rudy Gay to Dejounte Murray3124163447.1%
Manu Ginobili to Danny Green63442317.4%
Danny Green to Bryn Forbes42461442.9%
Danny Green to Dejounte Murray3654195038.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Davis Bertans1944666.7%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Davis Bertans30451338.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Tony Parker49451050.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Pau Gasol42451533.3%
Patty Mills to Joffrey Lauvergne53441136.4%
Tony Parker to Kyle Anderson140441723.5%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Brandon Paul47331127.3%
Davis Bertans to Pau Gasol3133837.5%
Pau Gasol to Brandon Paul34331030.0%
Rudy Gay to Tony Parker2553103033.3%
Danny Green to Tony Parker2423205040.0%
Danny Green to Manu Ginobili72361833.3%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Bryn Forbes69351729.4%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Kyle Anderson1633837.5%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Danny Green2233933.3%
Kawhi Leonard to LaMarcus Aldridge31361154.5%
Patty Mills to Tony Parker89361931.6%
Brandon Paul to Bryn Forbes50341428.6%
Brandon Paul to Kyle Anderson1834580.0%
Brandon Paul to Patty Mills48361060.0%
Brandon Paul to Pau Gasol2634944.4%
Derrick White to Davis Bertans2734944.4%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kawhi Leonard39261637.5%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Rudy Gay81272133.3%
Kyle Anderson to Brandon Paul2522366.7%
Kyle Anderson to Kawhi Leonard22271450.0%
Kyle Anderson to Tony Parker1652102737.0%
Davis Bertans to Matt Costello4222100.0%
Davis Bertans to Brandon Paul4122825.0%
Davis Bertans to Tony Parker1942102147.6%
Matt Costello to Derrick White5222100.0%
Bryn Forbes to Dejounte Murray142292634.6%
Rudy Gay to Joffrey Lauvergne24231127.3%
Danny Green to Joffrey Lauvergne2323742.9%
Darrun Hilliard to Pau Gasol4222100.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Rudy Gay1823650.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Tony Parker1042122157.1%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Manu Ginobili44271643.8%
Kawhi Leonard to Bryn Forbes1222633.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Patty Mills1322540.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Danny Green1622633.3%
Dejounte Murray to Derrick White1923475.0%
Brandon Paul to Rudy Gay43281942.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Joffrey Lauvergne511333.3%
Kyle Anderson to Darrun Hilliard711250.0%
Davis Bertans to Rudy Gay2115771.4%
Matt Costello to Bryn Forbes6111100.0%
Pau Gasol to Joffrey Lauvergne411425.0%
Pau Gasol to Kawhi Leonard43151338.5%
Rudy Gay to Kyle Anderson44161637.5%
Rudy Gay to Davis Bertans1511520.0%
Manu Ginobili to Derrick White511250.0%
Manu Ginobili to Brandon Paul2311616.7%
Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard1513650.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Derrick White5122100.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Patty Mills7111100.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Danny Green2111100.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Manu Ginobili4111100.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Kyle Anderson811250.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Joffrey Lauvergne1012450.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Davis Bertans1711425.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Manu Ginobili711425.0%
Patty Mills to Kawhi Leonard24141040.0%
Brandon Paul to Derrick White1813650.0%
Brandon Paul to Joffrey Lauvergne2112825.0%
Brandon Paul to Danny Green2512825.0%
Brandon Paul to Tony Parker2611714.3%
Derrick White to Bryn Forbes2311425.0%
Derrick White to Kyle Anderson1911250.0%
Derrick White to Joffrey Lauvergne1611425.0%
Derrick White to Brandon Paul1412366.7%
Derrick White to Rudy Gay511250.0%
Derrick White to LaMarcus Aldridge1411250.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Derrick White1201250.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Ivan Rabb10000.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Darrun Hilliard100020.0%
Kyle Anderson to Derrick White110040.0%
Kyle Anderson to Matt Costello10000.0%
Davis Bertans to Derrick White2801333.3%
Davis Bertans to Darrun Hilliard16022100.0%
Davis Bertans to Kawhi Leonard1401520.0%
Matt Costello to Dejounte Murray801250.0%
Matt Costello to Darrun Hilliard20010.0%
Matt Costello to Kyle Anderson10000.0%
Matt Costello to Brandon Paul60010.0%
Matt Costello to Davis Bertans20000.0%
Matt Costello to Patty Mills10000.0%
Matt Costello to Rudy Gay20020.0%
Matt Costello to Tony Parker40000.0%
Matt Costello to Pau Gasol10000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Derrick White150020.0%
Bryn Forbes to Matt Costello50000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Darrun Hilliard110020.0%
Bryn Forbes to Kawhi Leonard1201425.0%
Pau Gasol to Derrick White2301616.7%
Pau Gasol to Matt Costello20010.0%
Pau Gasol to Darrun Hilliard70010.0%
Rudy Gay to Derrick White701250.0%
Rudy Gay to Darrun Hilliard10000.0%
Rudy Gay to Kawhi Leonard30020.0%
Manu Ginobili to Dejounte Murray75021315.4%
Manu Ginobili to Darrun Hilliard401250.0%
Manu Ginobili to Marcus Morris Sr.10000.0%
Danny Green to Derrick White40000.0%
Danny Green to Darrun Hilliard20010.0%
Danny Green to Brandon Paul70020.0%
Danny Green to Kawhi Leonard2202728.6%
Darrun Hilliard to Matt Costello10000.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Bryn Forbes120040.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Dejounte Murray12011100.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Kyle Anderson901250.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Joffrey Lauvergne80010.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Brandon Paul60000.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Rudy Gay702540.0%
Darrun Hilliard to LaMarcus Aldridge70030.0%
Darrun Hilliard to Tony Parker40010.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Derrick White200020.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Darrun Hilliard40010.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Kawhi Leonard80010.0%
Joffrey Lauvergne to LaMarcus Aldridge901333.3%
Joffrey Lauvergne to Pau Gasol30020.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Dejounte Murray20010.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Brandon Paul40010.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Rudy Gay40000.0%
Patty Mills to Derrick White50000.0%
Patty Mills to Matt Costello10000.0%
Patty Mills to Darrun Hilliard80010.0%
Patty Mills to Dwight Howard10000.0%
Dejounte Murray to Matt Costello40000.0%
Dejounte Murray to Darrun Hilliard130030.0%
Dejounte Murray to Kawhi Leonard401250.0%
Dejounte Murray to Tony Parker40010.0%
Tony Parker to Derrick White20000.0%
Tony Parker to Dejounte Murray30020.0%
Tony Parker to Darrun Hilliard30000.0%
Tony Parker to Brandon Paul160030.0%
Brandon Paul to Matt Costello40000.0%
Brandon Paul to Darrun Hilliard1001333.3%
Brandon Paul to Kawhi Leonard801333.3%
Brandon Paul to Manu Ginobili2701520.0%
Derrick White to Matt Costello10000.0%
Derrick White to Dejounte Murray19022100.0%
Derrick White to Darrun Hilliard70000.0%
Derrick White to Patty Mills50000.0%
Derrick White to Danny Green40000.0%
Derrick White to Tony Parker10010.0%
Derrick White to Pau Gasol170030.0%
Derrick White to Manu Ginobili80030.0%