2015 San Antonio Spurs Team Passing Stats

The 2015 San Antonio Spurs averaged 329 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tony Parker to LaMarcus Aldridge, with 111 assists on 853 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tony Parker to LaMarcus Aldridge85311114333742.4%
Tony Parker to Kawhi Leonard7147310825143.0%
Tony Parker to Tim Duncan636557116144.1%
Tony Parker to Danny Green593505113138.9%
Tim Duncan to LaMarcus Aldridge201455510154.5%
Kawhi Leonard to LaMarcus Aldridge358436514245.8%
Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard318426713151.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kawhi Leonard364366614944.3%
Patty Mills to Kawhi Leonard295365910854.6%
Patty Mills to LaMarcus Aldridge29333449944.4%
Manu Ginobili to LaMarcus Aldridge21932429046.7%
Boris Diaw to Patty Mills740304712138.8%
Manu Ginobili to Patty Mills25530387451.4%
Danny Green to LaMarcus Aldridge337304711939.5%
Tony Parker to David West25630357149.3%
Boris Diaw to Manu Ginobili30729448452.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Danny Green26029308734.5%
Danny Green to Kawhi Leonard319285613342.1%
Tim Duncan to Tony Parker811276515143.0%
Patty Mills to Manu Ginobili51026399441.5%
Manu Ginobili to David West16425275747.4%
Danny Green to Tony Parker774256613150.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Tony Parker650256112548.8%
Patty Mills to David West29925307341.1%
David West to Kawhi Leonard17425377350.7%
Boris Diaw to David West8824264459.1%
David West to Patty Mills42124317839.7%
Manu Ginobili to Boris Diaw31523368144.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Tim Duncan25423276342.9%
Boris Diaw to Kawhi Leonard16921327542.7%
Patty Mills to Boris Diaw48021439545.3%
Kyle Anderson to David West12720243666.7%
Patty Mills to Danny Green26219215042.0%
Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard15018286344.4%
David West to Danny Green13418204643.5%
Kyle Anderson to LaMarcus Aldridge10117203557.1%
Kawhi Leonard to David West10815173351.5%
Boris Diaw to Boban Marjanovic4314153050.0%
Boris Diaw to Danny Green13514143935.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Patty Mills23014194641.3%
David West to LaMarcus Aldridge8114164436.4%
Kyle Anderson to Patty Mills33913255743.9%
Tim Duncan to Danny Green24913174934.7%
Manu Ginobili to Tim Duncan12913183354.5%
Danny Green to David West16613173844.7%
Danny Green to Tim Duncan23313195733.3%
Tony Parker to Kyle Anderson16913153444.1%
Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili20313144134.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Danny Green37112155527.3%
Boris Diaw to LaMarcus Aldridge7012173056.7%
Patty Mills to Kyle Anderson26812215042.0%
Tony Parker to Boris Diaw18112203655.6%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Patty Mills38111214546.7%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Tim Duncan9311153839.5%
Tim Duncan to Manu Ginobili11511133438.2%
Jonathon Simmons to Patty Mills17711113036.7%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Tony Parker1045106013245.5%
Kyle Anderson to Boban Marjanovic5810132161.9%
Kyle Anderson to Manu Ginobili10610143145.2%
Kawhi Leonard to Jonathon Simmons3610111764.7%
Patty Mills to Jonathon Simmons17610142948.3%
Patty Mills to Tim Duncan13210123237.5%
David West to Boris Diaw8610152560.0%
Kyle Anderson to Jonathon Simmons1399163941.0%
Kyle Anderson to Kawhi Leonard749193554.3%
Manu Ginobili to Boban Marjanovic299111573.3%
Manu Ginobili to Tony Parker1249153148.4%
Patty Mills to Boban Marjanovic479101758.8%
Jonathon Simmons to David West629122646.2%
David West to Jonathon Simmons689111957.9%
David West to Tim Duncan279101952.6%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Manu Ginobili1938113828.9%
Kyle Anderson to Danny Green1078103231.3%
Kyle Anderson to Boris Diaw1458133043.3%
Boris Diaw to Jonathon Simmons1268113531.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Boris Diaw1438163053.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Manu Ginobili140892536.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Boris Diaw998112055.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kyle Anderson77791464.3%
Rasual Butler to Patty Mills78781553.3%
Boris Diaw to Kyle Anderson149792339.1%
Danny Green to Jonathon Simmons43791275.0%
Danny Green to Boris Diaw1397122744.4%
Jonathon Simmons to Matt Bonner44781553.3%
David West to Kyle Anderson91782236.4%
David West to Rasual Butler35771353.8%
LaMarcus Aldridge to David West32661250.0%
Tim Duncan to David West36671258.3%
Danny Green to Patty Mills3046214744.7%
Ray McCallum to Kyle Anderson73681942.1%
Tony Parker to Patty Mills76662326.1%
Jonathon Simmons to LaMarcus Aldridge42671741.2%
Tim Duncan to Kyle Anderson46581457.1%
Manu Ginobili to Rasual Butler2355862.5%
Danny Green to Boban Marjanovic34571546.7%
Ray McCallum to David West3755683.3%
Andre Miller to Jonathon Simmons3956875.0%
Andre Miller to Danny Green36551145.5%
Andre Miller to David West42571258.3%
Patty Mills to Kevin Martin49561442.9%
Patty Mills to Rasual Butler78581844.4%
David West to Boban Marjanovic21571450.0%
David West to Tony Parker3035124228.6%
David West to Manu Ginobili1385112445.8%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Boris Diaw5045862.5%
Kyle Anderson to Tim Duncan52471741.2%
Matt Bonner to Rasual Butler1646875.0%
Boris Diaw to Tim Duncan1546875.0%
Tim Duncan to Patty Mills157471838.9%
Manu Ginobili to Danny Green60442020.0%
Ray McCallum to Boban Marjanovic45461540.0%
Patty Mills to Tony Parker5145862.5%
Jonathon Simmons to Rasual Butler50441136.4%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Jonathon Simmons4435955.6%
Kyle Anderson to Ray McCallum7033837.5%
Kyle Anderson to Kevin Martin2634944.4%
Rasual Butler to LaMarcus Aldridge1836966.7%
Boris Diaw to Rasual Butler51331127.3%
Tim Duncan to Jonathon Simmons2736875.0%
Tim Duncan to Ray McCallum3233742.9%
Tim Duncan to Kevin Martin1934850.0%
Manu Ginobili to Jonathon Simmons3733837.5%
Danny Green to Kyle Anderson86351827.8%
Kawhi Leonard to Kyle Anderson3834757.1%
Boban Marjanovic to Ray McCallum5134944.4%
Boban Marjanovic to Kawhi Leonard2133742.9%
Boban Marjanovic to David West1033560.0%
Kevin Martin to Manu Ginobili2334666.7%
Ray McCallum to Jonathon Simmons48331225.0%
Ray McCallum to Matt Bonner2033475.0%
Ray McCallum to Manu Ginobili1834757.1%
Andre Miller to Kyle Anderson48371450.0%
Andre Miller to LaMarcus Aldridge2334850.0%
Tony Parker to Rasual Butler2334757.1%
Jonathon Simmons to Boban Marjanovic35341233.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Kyle Anderson1053132259.1%
Jonathon Simmons to Danny Green3233933.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Manu Ginobili3333742.9%
David West to Ray McCallum60361154.5%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Andre Miller3824850.0%
Kyle Anderson to Matt Bonner3822450.0%
Kyle Anderson to Tony Parker1912183060.0%
Matt Bonner to Jonathon Simmons49251050.0%
Rasual Butler to Ray McCallum5523933.3%
Rasual Butler to Kawhi Leonard1823560.0%
Rasual Butler to Danny Green2722450.0%
Rasual Butler to Manu Ginobili2623560.0%
Boris Diaw to Tony Parker2332103033.3%
Boris Diaw to Andre Miller3622366.7%
Manu Ginobili to Kevin Martin1422366.7%
Danny Green to Rasual Butler2122450.0%
Danny Green to Manu Ginobili76261833.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Kevin Martin1022366.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Matt Bonner5222100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Kyle Anderson64261540.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Jonathon Simmons56231717.6%
Boban Marjanovic to Patty Mills8222922.2%
Boban Marjanovic to Matt Bonner1222366.7%
Boban Marjanovic to Boris Diaw21233100.0%
Kevin Martin to Patty Mills3423742.9%
Ray McCallum to Kawhi Leonard30231127.3%
Ray McCallum to LaMarcus Aldridge40221216.7%
Ray McCallum to Rasual Butler4425955.6%
Andre Miller to Kevin Martin38231030.0%
Andre Miller to Tim Duncan2723650.0%
Tony Parker to Matt Bonner922450.0%
David West to Matt Bonner823560.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Matt Bonner312366.7%
Kyle Anderson to Rasual Butler55121020.0%
Matt Bonner to Patty Mills6411616.7%
Matt Bonner to David West711250.0%
Matt Bonner to Andre Miller22144100.0%
Rasual Butler to Boban Marjanovic23161154.5%
Rasual Butler to Jonathon Simmons50121020.0%
Rasual Butler to Boris Diaw4214580.0%
Rasual Butler to David West3311520.0%
Rasual Butler to Tony Parker2614850.0%
Rasual Butler to Tim Duncan511250.0%
Boris Diaw to Ray McCallum40122100.0%
Boris Diaw to Kevin Martin1911812.5%
Tim Duncan to Boban Marjanovic4111100.0%
Tim Duncan to Boris Diaw2313650.0%
Tim Duncan to Andre Miller2512633.3%
Manu Ginobili to Kyle Anderson83121811.1%
Manu Ginobili to Matt Bonner511250.0%
Danny Green to Matt Bonner1412540.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Boban Marjanovic8111100.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Rasual Butler911250.0%
Boban Marjanovic to LaMarcus Aldridge4111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Manu Ginobili2112540.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Andre Miller29122100.0%
Kevin Martin to Boban Marjanovic1411425.0%
Kevin Martin to Kyle Anderson2613560.0%
Kevin Martin to Danny Green711333.3%
Kevin Martin to Matt Bonner1011250.0%
Kevin Martin to Boris Diaw2011616.7%
Kevin Martin to David West2213560.0%
Kevin Martin to Tony Parker2412540.0%
Ray McCallum to Danny Green3511425.0%
Ray McCallum to Boris Diaw4212450.0%
Andre Miller to Patty Mills1211250.0%
Andre Miller to Boris Diaw3112540.0%
Andre Miller to Manu Ginobili7111100.0%
Patty Mills to Matt Bonner1311250.0%
Tony Parker to Boban Marjanovic15122100.0%
Tony Parker to Jonathon Simmons5112825.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Kawhi Leonard30131225.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Tony Parker4912633.3%
David West to Kevin Martin36121020.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Boban Marjanovic10000.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Ray McCallum440040.0%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kevin Martin901333.3%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Rasual Butler150020.0%
Kyle Anderson to Andre Miller460050.0%
Matt Bonner to Boban Marjanovic120040.0%
Matt Bonner to Kyle Anderson4403837.5%
Matt Bonner to Ray McCallum3302366.7%
Matt Bonner to Kawhi Leonard30000.0%
Matt Bonner to Danny Green17011100.0%
Matt Bonner to LaMarcus Aldridge10000.0%
Matt Bonner to Kevin Martin701250.0%
Matt Bonner to Boris Diaw40000.0%
Matt Bonner to Tony Parker50000.0%
Matt Bonner to Manu Ginobili40010.0%
Rasual Butler to Kyle Anderson5703933.3%
Rasual Butler to Matt Bonner130020.0%
Rasual Butler to Andre Miller20000.0%
Boris Diaw to Matt Bonner50030.0%
Boris Diaw to Boris Diaw10000.0%
Tim Duncan to Rasual Butler50000.0%
Manu Ginobili to Ray McCallum60000.0%
Danny Green to Ray McCallum2701425.0%
Danny Green to Kevin Martin50000.0%
Danny Green to Andre Miller400020.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Ray McCallum2201333.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Kawhi Leonard30000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Andre Miller80020.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Danny Green300010.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Kevin Martin1401520.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Rasual Butler160020.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Tony Parker3403560.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Tim Duncan10000.0%
Kevin Martin to Jonathon Simmons60010.0%
Kevin Martin to Kawhi Leonard801250.0%
Kevin Martin to LaMarcus Aldridge901250.0%
Kevin Martin to Andre Miller3203933.3%
Kevin Martin to Tim Duncan150020.0%
Ray McCallum to Patty Mills60010.0%
Ray McCallum to Tony Parker801250.0%
Ray McCallum to Tim Duncan210050.0%
Andre Miller to Boban Marjanovic230040.0%
Andre Miller to Kawhi Leonard1002366.7%
Andre Miller to Matt Bonner180020.0%
Andre Miller to Rasual Butler60010.0%
Andre Miller to Tony Parker40010.0%
Patty Mills to Ray McCallum40000.0%
Patty Mills to Patty Mills10000.0%
Patty Mills to Andre Miller110010.0%
Tony Parker to Ray McCallum100020.0%
Tony Parker to Kevin Martin280050.0%
Tony Parker to Tony Parker10000.0%
Tony Parker to Andre Miller7011100.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Ray McCallum390050.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Kevin Martin180050.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Andre Miller2702450.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Tim Duncan2302540.0%
David West to Andre Miller5501333.3%