2016 San Antonio Spurs Team Passing Stats

The 2016 San Antonio Spurs averaged 316 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tony Parker to LaMarcus Aldridge, with 83 assists on 683 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tony Parker to LaMarcus Aldridge6838312127144.6%
Tony Parker to Pau Gasol481536113943.9%
Tony Parker to Kawhi Leonard666529723241.8%
Patty Mills to LaMarcus Aldridge510487518341.0%
Kawhi Leonard to LaMarcus Aldridge407466115639.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kawhi Leonard404446917140.4%
Patty Mills to Kawhi Leonard513428219342.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Pau Gasol34140459746.4%
Pau Gasol to Kawhi Leonard396376915245.4%
Kawhi Leonard to Patty Mills34336389141.8%
Manu Ginobili to Patty Mills32435377052.9%
Danny Green to LaMarcus Aldridge286355312343.1%
David Lee to Patty Mills668354510443.3%
Patty Mills to David Lee40934377946.8%
Patty Mills to Pau Gasol361344711142.3%
Tony Parker to Danny Green39633368442.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Danny Green24232379638.5%
Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard210315010647.2%
Patty Mills to Manu Ginobili536314511738.5%
Danny Green to Kawhi Leonard311295114036.4%
Manu Ginobili to Pau Gasol21127357844.9%
Patty Mills to Jonathon Simmons31727367349.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Tony Parker39325419642.7%
Pau Gasol to LaMarcus Aldridge15824347744.2%
Manu Ginobili to David Lee19623295354.7%
Kawhi Leonard to David Lee13622263770.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Patty Mills25821246437.5%
Manu Ginobili to LaMarcus Aldridge18420316349.2%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Danny Green30319205933.9%
Tony Parker to Dewayne Dedmon15019193357.6%
Pau Gasol to Tony Parker689184710743.9%
Manu Ginobili to Davis Bertans7617182962.1%
Patty Mills to Dewayne Dedmon12917172665.4%
David Lee to Kawhi Leonard21416359138.5%
Kawhi Leonard to Manu Ginobili14416164238.1%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Patty Mills49815286741.8%
Pau Gasol to Patty Mills57715246238.7%
Kawhi Leonard to Dewayne Dedmon13515173154.8%
Jonathon Simmons to Davis Bertans12915163941.0%
Jonathon Simmons to David Lee15015214250.0%
Kyle Anderson to Pau Gasol9514152560.0%
Pau Gasol to Danny Green19214153345.5%
Danny Green to Pau Gasol15714174141.5%
Patty Mills to Danny Green18214164634.8%
Tony Parker to David Lee14214193455.9%
Jonathon Simmons to Kawhi Leonard9614215538.2%
Jonathon Simmons to Pau Gasol11514143540.0%
Danny Green to David Lee10612162466.7%
David Lee to Manu Ginobili20012194839.6%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Tony Parker653114810744.9%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Manu Ginobili16411194146.3%
Pau Gasol to David Lee5011111957.9%
Danny Green to Tony Parker60811459646.9%
Patty Mills to Davis Bertans11211123534.3%
Dejounte Murray to David Lee5911121675.0%
Kyle Anderson to Jonathon Simmons12410163545.7%
Kyle Anderson to David Lee11310122646.2%
Manu Ginobili to Dewayne Dedmon6810112152.4%
Tony Parker to Davis Bertans8010103132.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Manu Ginobili13010154235.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Patty Mills2899224845.8%
Pau Gasol to Kyle Anderson1049102050.0%
David Lee to Jonathon Simmons1709144531.1%
David Lee to Danny Green1169113036.7%
Patty Mills to Kyle Anderson1489112544.0%
Dejounte Murray to Kawhi Leonard849233663.9%
Jonathon Simmons to LaMarcus Aldridge1179134429.5%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Pau Gasol918152171.4%
Kyle Anderson to Davis Bertans62881844.4%
Kyle Anderson to LaMarcus Aldridge858112740.7%
Pau Gasol to Jonathon Simmons114882927.6%
Pau Gasol to Manu Ginobili1868134330.2%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Jonathon Simmons1227113333.3%
Kyle Anderson to Dewayne Dedmon407101376.9%
Kyle Anderson to Patty Mills1887112642.3%
Davis Bertans to Dewayne Dedmon27791275.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Kawhi Leonard1567245940.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to LaMarcus Aldridge587111861.1%
David Lee to Davis Bertans33771163.6%
David Lee to LaMarcus Aldridge747132650.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Jonathon Simmons79792536.0%
Tony Parker to Jonathon Simmons1377103528.6%
Jonathon Simmons to Dewayne Dedmon58772330.4%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Kyle Anderson64661540.0%
Kyle Anderson to Manu Ginobili60672133.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Jonathon Simmons1226143243.8%
Danny Green to Patty Mills2396163250.0%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Dewayne Dedmon27661346.2%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Pau Gasol43681457.1%
David Lee to Kyle Anderson976102050.0%
David Lee to Dewayne Dedmon41661346.2%
Kawhi Leonard to Davis Bertans49661735.3%
LaMarcus Aldridge to David Lee42551338.5%
Kyle Anderson to Kawhi Leonard915153542.9%
Davis Bertans to Jonathon Simmons1305122842.9%
Davis Bertans to Patty Mills1875123138.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to David Lee4156875.0%
Manu Ginobili to Danny Green42551435.7%
Danny Green to Dewayne Dedmon68561442.9%
Kawhi Leonard to Dejounte Murray37551435.7%
Dejounte Murray to Kyle Anderson53551241.7%
Jonathon Simmons to Tony Parker1235132454.2%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Dejounte Murray66491656.3%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Dewayne Dedmon3345771.4%
Kyle Anderson to Joel Anthony944580.0%
Davis Bertans to Kyle Anderson76461250.0%
Davis Bertans to Kawhi Leonard57492832.1%
Davis Bertans to Manu Ginobili71462030.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Danny Green107482040.0%
Bryn Forbes to Jonathon Simmons63452222.7%
Bryn Forbes to Davis Bertans40461346.2%
Bryn Forbes to David Lee36461346.2%
Bryn Forbes to Pau Gasol39441040.0%
David Lee to Bryn Forbes49471070.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Nicolas Laprovittola2744580.0%
Dejounte Murray to Dewayne Dedmon2844757.1%
Dejounte Murray to Danny Green52461060.0%
Tony Parker to Kyle Anderson85461540.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Kyle Anderson101482630.8%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Davis Bertans1033650.0%
Kyle Anderson to Dejounte Murray69351435.7%
Kyle Anderson to Danny Green4033742.9%
Davis Bertans to Dejounte Murray104371936.8%
Davis Bertans to David Lee1433837.5%
Pau Gasol to Dewayne Dedmon7333100.0%
Manu Ginobili to Kyle Anderson47331421.4%
Manu Ginobili to Jonathon Simmons107372133.3%
Danny Green to Dejounte Murray7537977.8%
Danny Green to Jonathon Simmons51361540.0%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Jonathon Simmons3335771.4%
David Lee to Nicolas Laprovittola4133650.0%
David Lee to Dejounte Murray80331030.0%
David Lee to Pau Gasol61351631.3%
Kawhi Leonard to Bryn Forbes1133560.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Kyle Anderson39331127.3%
Dejounte Murray to Jonathon Simmons65352520.0%
Dejounte Murray to Davis Bertans66341136.4%
Dejounte Murray to LaMarcus Aldridge77361735.3%
Jonathon Simmons to Bryn Forbes40341428.6%
Jonathon Simmons to Danny Green51331323.1%
Kyle Anderson to Tony Parker111292536.0%
Davis Bertans to Bryn Forbes68231127.3%
Davis Bertans to Joel Anthony7222100.0%
Davis Bertans to Tony Parker110291560.0%
Davis Bertans to Pau Gasol19241040.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Kyle Anderson5425955.6%
Dewayne Dedmon to Davis Bertans2423933.3%
Bryn Forbes to Kawhi Leonard2123650.0%
Manu Ginobili to Bryn Forbes922450.0%
Manu Ginobili to Tony Parker4224757.1%
Danny Green to Davis Bertans2222633.3%
Danny Green to Manu Ginobili4124944.4%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Bryn Forbes622366.7%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Kawhi Leonard39261442.9%
Nicolas Laprovittola to David Lee3722633.3%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Manu Ginobili2422922.2%
David Lee to Tony Parker2342112937.9%
Patty Mills to Bryn Forbes26221020.0%
Dejounte Murray to Pau Gasol1522366.7%
Dejounte Murray to Manu Ginobili1723560.0%
Tony Parker to Patty Mills1022450.0%
Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili82221216.7%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Nicolas Laprovittola4813933.3%
Kyle Anderson to Nicolas Laprovittola3512366.7%
Kyle Anderson to Bryn Forbes56121216.7%
Joel Anthony to Jonathon Simmons2312540.0%
Joel Anthony to Davis Bertans812366.7%
Davis Bertans to Danny Green3012540.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Dejounte Murray68141526.7%
Dewayne Dedmon to Joel Anthony1111100.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Tony Parker3191114126.8%
Bryn Forbes to Nicolas Laprovittola6111100.0%
Bryn Forbes to Kyle Anderson3512540.0%
Bryn Forbes to Dewayne Dedmon1612633.3%
Bryn Forbes to Joel Anthony1111425.0%
Bryn Forbes to LaMarcus Aldridge711333.3%
Pau Gasol to Nicolas Laprovittola4413650.0%
Pau Gasol to Davis Bertans1811520.0%
Manu Ginobili to Dejounte Murray1111333.3%
Danny Green to Nicolas Laprovittola2411250.0%
Danny Green to Kyle Anderson4212728.6%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Kyle Anderson2211616.7%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Davis Bertans2611333.3%
Patty Mills to Tony Parker811250.0%
Dejounte Murray to Bryn Forbes1011425.0%
Dejounte Murray to Patty Mills4111100.0%
Tony Parker to Bryn Forbes811250.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Nicolas Laprovittola4311250.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Dejounte Murray52151435.7%
LaMarcus Aldridge to Bryn Forbes1101425.0%
Joel Anthony to Bryn Forbes2303560.0%
Joel Anthony to Dejounte Murray100010.0%
Joel Anthony to Kyle Anderson130030.0%
Joel Anthony to Patty Mills1301250.0%
Joel Anthony to Danny Green10000.0%
Joel Anthony to David Lee20000.0%
Joel Anthony to Pau Gasol10000.0%
Joel Anthony to Manu Ginobili30000.0%
Davis Bertans to Nicolas Laprovittola320030.0%
Davis Bertans to Davis Bertans10000.0%
Davis Bertans to LaMarcus Aldridge1602728.6%
Dewayne Dedmon to Nicolas Laprovittola3201333.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Bryn Forbes1901333.3%
Dewayne Dedmon to Omri Casspi10000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Pau Gasol30000.0%
Dewayne Dedmon to Manu Ginobili96061637.5%
Bryn Forbes to Dejounte Murray50000.0%
Bryn Forbes to Patty Mills16011100.0%
Bryn Forbes to Danny Green30010.0%
Bryn Forbes to Tony Parker501250.0%
Bryn Forbes to Manu Ginobili90000.0%
Pau Gasol to Bryn Forbes460040.0%
Pau Gasol to Dejounte Murray400010.0%
Pau Gasol to Joel Anthony10000.0%
Manu Ginobili to Nicolas Laprovittola120030.0%
Manu Ginobili to Joel Anthony20010.0%
Danny Green to Bryn Forbes30010.0%
Danny Green to Danny Green10000.0%
Danny Green to Joel Anthony30000.0%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Dejounte Murray1001425.0%
Nicolas Laprovittola to Danny Green110020.0%
Nicolas Laprovittola to LaMarcus Aldridge4402825.0%
David Lee to David Lee10000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Kawhi Leonard10000.0%
Kawhi Leonard to Joel Anthony10000.0%
Patty Mills to Nicolas Laprovittola20010.0%
Patty Mills to Dejounte Murray30000.0%
Patty Mills to Patty Mills10000.0%
Patty Mills to Joel Anthony30000.0%
Dejounte Murray to Nicolas Laprovittola100020.0%
Dejounte Murray to Joel Anthony9011100.0%
Dejounte Murray to Tony Parker60020.0%
Tony Parker to Dejounte Murray30010.0%
Tony Parker to Joel Anthony10000.0%
Jonathon Simmons to Joel Anthony130020.0%