2016 Utah Jazz Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Utah Jazz averaged 315 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Joe Ingles to Gordon Hayward, with 63 assists on 429 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Joe Ingles to Gordon Hayward429638916454.3%
Gordon Hayward to Rudy Gobert406616712951.9%
George Hill to Rudy Gobert59244458254.9%
Boris Diaw to Rudy Gobert15442436764.2%
Joe Ingles to Rudy Gobert23842458453.6%
Boris Diaw to Gordon Hayward346405914341.3%
Rudy Gobert to Gordon Hayward763397318240.1%
George Hill to Gordon Hayward452336015838.0%
Shelvin Mack to Gordon Hayward416336413746.7%
Dante Exum to Rudy Gobert29330305554.5%
George Hill to Derrick Favors30929306645.5%
Gordon Hayward to Derrick Favors17628336848.5%
George Hill to Rodney Hood20828389141.8%
Gordon Hayward to Joe Ingles36227388743.7%
Joe Johnson to Gordon Hayward27726449546.3%
Joe Johnson to Rudy Gobert11224244060.0%
Gordon Hayward to Joe Johnson23122347644.7%
Dante Exum to Derrick Favors11421233762.2%
Joe Johnson to George Hill34421357646.1%
Shelvin Mack to Joe Ingles22021254753.2%
Boris Diaw to Joe Ingles24420265052.0%
Gordon Hayward to George Hill40020439943.4%
George Hill to Joe Ingles23120255545.5%
George Hill to Joe Johnson29620429643.8%
Shelvin Mack to Trey Lyles33520247233.3%
Gordon Hayward to Shelvin Mack28119295750.9%
Joe Ingles to Joe Johnson21319367846.2%
Gordon Hayward to Trey Lyles19118296743.3%
Rodney Hood to Rudy Gobert13918203951.3%
Joe Ingles to Derrick Favors13617215637.5%
Shelvin Mack to Rodney Hood15716266937.7%
Shelvin Mack to Joe Johnson28316269328.0%
Boris Diaw to George Hill31615286741.8%
Derrick Favors to Gordon Hayward25615307241.7%
Rudy Gobert to George Hill882154912140.5%
Gordon Hayward to Rodney Hood27415339734.0%
Gordon Hayward to Boris Diaw34315277138.0%
Joe Johnson to Joe Ingles20215235145.1%
Shelvin Mack to Rudy Gobert27915183748.6%
Joe Ingles to Trey Lyles17914237132.4%
Joe Ingles to Dante Exum15614194146.3%
Boris Diaw to Rodney Hood15513235939.0%
Gordon Hayward to Dante Exum17413206033.3%
Rodney Hood to Derrick Favors11813154235.7%
Joe Johnson to Rodney Hood16513266043.3%
Trey Lyles to Rodney Hood16213294959.2%
Dante Exum to Gordon Hayward20711236038.3%
Rudy Gobert to Derrick Favors6311111861.1%
Rodney Hood to Dante Exum12411163545.7%
Joe Ingles to George Hill27311246636.4%
Joe Johnson to Trey Lyles11011154235.7%
Trey Lyles to George Hill17111213461.8%
Shelvin Mack to Derrick Favors15911134231.0%
Boris Diaw to Alec Burks10110194542.2%
Derrick Favors to Rudy Gobert4210111573.3%
Rudy Gobert to Rodney Hood31510298135.8%
George Hill to Boris Diaw32410194344.2%
Rodney Hood to Gordon Hayward21110216035.0%
Rodney Hood to George Hill20510225143.1%
Dante Exum to Joe Ingles1399123040.0%
George Hill to Trey Lyles1739114126.8%
Trey Lyles to Joe Johnson1489243764.9%
Dante Exum to Trey Lyles1418113531.4%
Rodney Hood to Boris Diaw1508144134.1%
Joe Ingles to Shelvin Mack2308215637.5%
Joe Johnson to Shelvin Mack2908174339.5%
Joe Johnson to Derrick Favors68892339.1%
Shelvin Mack to Jeff Withey73881172.7%
Boris Diaw to Derrick Favors32771546.7%
Boris Diaw to Joe Johnson1297144332.6%
Derrick Favors to Rodney Hood1457133735.1%
Derrick Favors to George Hill3817266043.3%
Rudy Gobert to Boris Diaw1007122646.2%
Rodney Hood to Trey Lyles88793129.0%
Rodney Hood to Joe Johnson1217184242.9%
Joe Ingles to Boris Diaw2007173844.7%
Joe Johnson to Dante Exum1657173154.8%
Alec Burks to Derrick Favors47682138.1%
Boris Diaw to Dante Exum2726145425.9%
Boris Diaw to Shelvin Mack1746112937.9%
Dante Exum to Rodney Hood1286133537.1%
Derrick Favors to Joe Ingles136681747.1%
Rodney Hood to Shelvin Mack1336143342.4%
Joe Ingles to Rodney Hood856164139.0%
Joe Ingles to Jeff Withey58661833.3%
Joe Ingles to Alec Burks456101855.6%
Trey Lyles to Shelvin Mack3826245841.4%
Trey Lyles to Derrick Favors31671643.8%
Alec Burks to Trey Lyles78592536.0%
Alec Burks to Rudy Gobert59551145.5%
Dante Exum to Shelvin Mack49571546.7%
Dante Exum to Joe Johnson1205152853.6%
Rudy Gobert to Dante Exum3875183650.0%
Rudy Gobert to Joe Johnson1725124327.9%
Joe Ingles to Raul Neto645102245.5%
Trey Lyles to Joe Ingles181592437.5%
Trey Lyles to Rudy Gobert45561637.5%
Shelvin Mack to Boris Diaw1715112642.3%
Raul Neto to Dante Exum27561250.0%
Raul Neto to Rudy Gobert6056966.7%
Dante Exum to Raul Neto17471070.0%
Dante Exum to Alec Burks52441625.0%
Rudy Gobert to Alec Burks90481942.1%
Gordon Hayward to Jeff Withey26451145.5%
George Hill to Dante Exum28461060.0%
George Hill to Alec Burks72472429.2%
Joe Johnson to Alec Burks804102737.0%
Joe Johnson to Boris Diaw1064132454.2%
Trey Lyles to Gordon Hayward2104165429.6%
Raul Neto to Derrick Favors3644850.0%
Derrick Favors to Shelvin Mack210372231.8%
Gordon Hayward to Alec Burks58382236.4%
Rodney Hood to Joe Ingles61351338.5%
Rodney Hood to Jeff Withey2033837.5%
Shelvin Mack to Dante Exum47341526.7%
Raul Neto to Trey Lyles75341526.7%
Raul Neto to Gordon Hayward52361346.2%
Raul Neto to Boris Diaw70361154.5%
Raul Neto to Joe Johnson60381942.1%
Alec Burks to Dante Exum53231323.1%
Alec Burks to Jeff Withey1522366.7%
Alec Burks to Gordon Hayward622112445.8%
Alec Burks to Boris Diaw7723933.3%
Dante Exum to Jeff Withey49221216.7%
Dante Exum to George Hill39255100.0%
Dante Exum to Boris Diaw236282040.0%
Derrick Favors to Trey Lyles2922728.6%
Derrick Favors to Dante Exum126251241.7%
Derrick Favors to Boris Diaw1823560.0%
Derrick Favors to Joe Johnson1052142751.9%
Rudy Gobert to Trey Lyles53221414.3%
Rudy Gobert to Joe Ingles314283423.5%
Rudy Gobert to Shelvin Mack4482153839.5%
Gordon Hayward to Raul Neto3123560.0%
George Hill to Jeff Withey2322728.6%
Joe Johnson to Raul Neto67251145.5%
Joe Johnson to Jeff Withey1622366.7%
Trey Lyles to Dante Exum195262030.0%
Trey Lyles to Raul Neto6923837.5%
Trey Lyles to Jeff Withey1423650.0%
Trey Lyles to Alec Burks92272626.9%
Shelvin Mack to Joel Bolomboy1022450.0%
Raul Neto to Joel Bolomboy622366.7%
Raul Neto to Joe Ingles6023933.3%
Raul Neto to Alec Burks1122540.0%
Jeff Withey to Rodney Hood42241625.0%
Jeff Withey to Alec Burks2922366.7%
Joel Bolomboy to Dante Exum1312366.7%
Joel Bolomboy to Alec Burks511333.3%
Alec Burks to Joe Ingles5711911.1%
Alec Burks to Rodney Hood1212540.0%
Alec Burks to Shelvin Mack2812825.0%
Alec Burks to Joe Johnson55141136.4%
Boris Diaw to Raul Neto7311812.5%
Boris Diaw to Jeff Withey4133100.0%
Dante Exum to Joel Bolomboy9111100.0%
George Hill to Shelvin Mack12122100.0%
Rodney Hood to Alec Burks711250.0%
Joe Ingles to Joel Bolomboy711333.3%
Trey Lyles to Joel Bolomboy3122100.0%
Trey Lyles to Boris Diaw4111100.0%
Shelvin Mack to Raul Neto13111100.0%
Shelvin Mack to Alec Burks33141136.4%
Raul Neto to Rodney Hood1812922.2%
Raul Neto to Jeff Withey1611333.3%
Jeff Withey to Trey Lyles2213837.5%
Jeff Withey to Dante Exum7015771.4%
Jeff Withey to Shelvin Mack124131127.3%
Joel Bolomboy to Trey Lyles30000.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Joe Ingles80030.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Rodney Hood1011100.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Raul Neto80000.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Shelvin Mack110010.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Joe Johnson70000.0%
Alec Burks to Joel Bolomboy10010.0%
Alec Burks to Raul Neto120010.0%
Alec Burks to George Hill69071546.7%
Boris Diaw to Trey Lyles902633.3%
Derrick Favors to Raul Neto3101250.0%
Derrick Favors to Alec Burks67041723.5%
Derrick Favors to Derrick Favors10000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Raul Neto9203742.9%
George Hill to Raul Neto20000.0%
Rodney Hood to Raul Neto1801333.3%
Joe Johnson to Joel Bolomboy20010.0%
Shelvin Mack to George Hill2502633.3%
Raul Neto to Shelvin Mack1102540.0%
Raul Neto to George Hill20000.0%
Jeff Withey to Joel Bolomboy10000.0%
Jeff Withey to Joe Ingles5502450.0%
Jeff Withey to Raul Neto3101250.0%
Jeff Withey to Gordon Hayward4802922.2%
Jeff Withey to George Hill4704757.1%
Jeff Withey to Boris Diaw30000.0%
Jeff Withey to Joe Johnson3304666.7%