2015 Utah Jazz Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Utah Jazz averaged 352 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Gordon Hayward to Derrick Favors, with 57 assists on 478 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Gordon Hayward to Derrick Favors478578518545.9%
Rodney Hood to Derrick Favors511568217746.3%
Gordon Hayward to Rodney Hood703448121437.9%
Shelvin Mack to Derrick Favors409394811442.1%
Gordon Hayward to Trey Lyles298385111245.5%
Gordon Hayward to Rudy Gobert33936439545.3%
Rodney Hood to Gordon Hayward560366515043.3%
Raul Neto to Derrick Favors43734438749.4%
Rudy Gobert to Gordon Hayward679316817139.8%
Trey Burke to Derrick Favors32829397552.0%
Raul Neto to Gordon Hayward461295713243.2%
Shelvin Mack to Rodney Hood21927438053.8%
Derrick Favors to Gordon Hayward629255113637.5%
Rodney Hood to Trey Lyles28924358342.2%
Shelvin Mack to Gordon Hayward341244211735.9%
Trey Burke to Trevor Booker45723275747.4%
Gordon Hayward to Raul Neto34823338937.1%
Trey Burke to Gordon Hayward320223410831.5%
Raul Neto to Trey Lyles33322296842.6%
Rodney Hood to Rudy Gobert30020235046.0%
Raul Neto to Rudy Gobert44020234551.1%
Derrick Favors to Rodney Hood550194311138.7%
Gordon Hayward to Trey Burke25419279628.1%
Rodney Hood to Trey Burke21119356950.7%
Raul Neto to Rodney Hood29719399839.8%
Gordon Hayward to Trevor Booker29717237132.4%
Gordon Hayward to Shelvin Mack30316297837.2%
Joe Ingles to Trevor Booker21016204742.6%
Rudy Gobert to Rodney Hood494154310740.2%
Rudy Gobert to Derrick Favors6915172763.0%
Gordon Hayward to Alec Burks21615317541.3%
Shelvin Mack to Trey Lyles17115194047.5%
Shelvin Mack to Rudy Gobert30915185234.6%
Raul Neto to Trevor Booker22115192867.9%
Trevor Booker to Trey Burke69814459845.9%
Trevor Booker to Gordon Hayward426143210430.8%
Trey Burke to Rodney Hood21114278531.8%
Trey Lyles to Gordon Hayward394143910039.0%
Trevor Booker to Joe Ingles26513224548.9%
Rodney Hood to Shelvin Mack20213224647.8%
Joe Ingles to Derrick Favors14613215141.2%
Trey Burke to Joe Ingles15212153740.5%
Alec Burks to Gordon Hayward16312165032.0%
Rodney Hood to Raul Neto29512266937.7%
Joe Ingles to Trey Burke19312245940.7%
Chris Johnson to Gordon Hayward14012194443.2%
Trey Burke to Jeff Withey17511112740.7%
Alec Burks to Trey Burke16011165230.8%
Rodney Hood to Joe Ingles16611143046.7%
Shelvin Mack to Trevor Booker11911112250.0%
Raul Neto to Joe Ingles12311142653.8%
Trevor Booker to Derrick Favors7910112152.4%
Trey Burke to Alec Burks13510154334.9%
Alec Burks to Derrick Favors15610174736.2%
Derrick Favors to Rudy Gobert11210122352.2%
Gordon Hayward to Jeff Withey6410111957.9%
Gordon Hayward to Chris Johnson13210123732.4%
Joe Ingles to Gordon Hayward20310277337.0%
Trey Lyles to Joe Ingles13510122548.0%
Trey Lyles to Rodney Hood32210297538.7%
Trey Burke to Trey Lyles2029142948.3%
Joe Ingles to Jeff Withey56991464.3%
Shelvin Mack to Joe Ingles67991947.4%
Raul Neto to Jeff Withey137992240.9%
Trevor Booker to Rodney Hood3178358640.7%
Derrick Favors to Shelvin Mack4228265151.0%
Rudy Gobert to Raul Neto5478236237.1%
Rodney Hood to Trevor Booker2328112740.7%
Alec Burks to Rudy Gobert69771450.0%
Derrick Favors to Raul Neto5097225044.0%
Derrick Favors to Trevor Booker43771450.0%
Rodney Hood to Jeff Withey65771838.9%
Joe Ingles to Trey Lyles1407123831.6%
Joe Ingles to Rodney Hood2137185433.3%
Chris Johnson to Trevor Booker58781457.1%
Trevor Booker to Raul Neto3576143046.7%
Trey Burke to Chris Johnson85683125.8%
Alec Burks to Jeff Withey40661154.5%
Alec Burks to Trevor Booker1096102441.7%
Derrick Favors to Trey Burke3396174339.5%
Rudy Gobert to Trey Burke3026154731.9%
Gordon Hayward to Joe Ingles156662227.3%
Trey Lyles to Trey Burke3156225242.3%
Trevor Booker to Jeff Withey46551145.5%
Trevor Booker to Chris Johnson96581844.4%
Rudy Gobert to Chris Johnson58571643.8%
Joe Ingles to Raul Neto1335163447.1%
Joe Ingles to Rudy Gobert105561442.9%
Joe Ingles to Alec Burks925142948.3%
Chris Johnson to Trey Burke1105183452.9%
Chris Johnson to Jeff Withey28551145.5%
Chris Johnson to Derrick Favors42551241.7%
Trey Lyles to Raul Neto4255113630.6%
Trey Burke to Tibor Pleiss3044666.7%
Derrick Favors to Trey Lyles48451145.5%
Derrick Favors to Alec Burks1914234551.1%
Rudy Gobert to Joe Ingles138462425.0%
Rudy Gobert to Shelvin Mack4104195335.8%
Rudy Gobert to Alec Burks1084152657.7%
Chris Johnson to Raul Neto72461250.0%
Trey Lyles to Shelvin Mack2284113531.4%
Jeff Withey to Joe Ingles65451050.0%
Jeff Withey to Gordon Hayward1364162857.1%
Trevor Booker to Trey Lyles3234850.0%
Trevor Booker to Shelvin Mack1923112544.0%
Trey Burke to Rudy Gobert215341526.7%
Alec Burks to Joe Ingles79341330.8%
Alec Burks to Rodney Hood1153143540.0%
Derrick Favors to Joe Ingles151361637.5%
Rudy Gobert to Trey Lyles43331421.4%
Rudy Gobert to Trevor Booker4233933.3%
Rodney Hood to Chris Johnson3633742.9%
Joe Ingles to Shelvin Mack803111764.7%
Trey Lyles to Jeff Withey3835955.6%
Elijah Millsap to Jeff Withey1433560.0%
Elijah Millsap to Chris Johnson533475.0%
Raul Neto to Alec Burks27361060.0%
Jeff Withey to Rodney Hood112382138.1%
Jeff Withey to Raul Neto163391560.0%
Jeff Withey to Trey Burke2623164238.1%
Trevor Booker to Rudy Gobert64241040.0%
Alec Burks to Trey Lyles5123837.5%
Derrick Favors to Chris Johnson49221216.7%
Rodney Hood to Alec Burks83242814.3%
Chris Johnson to Rudy Gobert4722633.3%
Chris Johnson to Tibor Pleiss1222633.3%
Trey Lyles to Rudy Gobert61221020.0%
Trey Lyles to Chris Johnson71251631.3%
Shelvin Mack to Jeff Withey1423475.0%
Shelvin Mack to Chris Johnson27221118.2%
Elijah Millsap to Rodney Hood1123475.0%
Elijah Millsap to Raul Neto1422366.7%
Elijah Millsap to Trey Burke2822450.0%
Elijah Millsap to Trevor Booker1422540.0%
Raul Neto to Chris Johnson56231520.0%
Raul Neto to Shelvin Mack1122366.7%
Tibor Pleiss to Chris Johnson21233100.0%
Jeff Withey to Chris Johnson3823837.5%
Jeff Withey to Trevor Booker2322540.0%
Trevor Booker to Alec Burks2161105817.2%
Trevor Booker to Elijah Millsap1712633.3%
Trey Burke to Raul Neto1811333.3%
Trey Burke to Elijah Millsap28121020.0%
Alec Burks to Raul Neto3612825.0%
Alec Burks to Chris Johnson1011425.0%
Alec Burks to Elijah Millsap1811425.0%
Erick Green to Rodney Hood1713837.5%
Erick Green to Chris Johnson3111100.0%
Rodney Hood to Erick Green13111100.0%
Joe Ingles to Chris Johnson54121020.0%
Joe Ingles to Elijah Millsap1512633.3%
Joe Ingles to Tibor Pleiss1111425.0%
Chris Johnson to Trey Lyles5211156.7%
Chris Johnson to Joe Ingles47141136.4%
Trey Lyles to Elijah Millsap1411425.0%
Trey Lyles to Tibor Pleiss411250.0%
Trey Lyles to Trevor Booker1914757.1%
Trey Lyles to Derrick Favors4813933.3%
Shelvin Mack to Raul Neto3111100.0%
Shelvin Mack to Trey Burke2414757.1%
Elijah Millsap to Trey Lyles1411520.0%
Elijah Millsap to Joe Ingles11122100.0%
Elijah Millsap to Alec Burks30131030.0%
Elijah Millsap to Tibor Pleiss3111100.0%
Elijah Millsap to Gordon Hayward1814757.1%
Raul Neto to Trey Burke2712540.0%
Raul Neto to Elijah Millsap1811616.7%
Raul Neto to Tibor Pleiss1711250.0%
Trevor Booker to Erick Green140020.0%
Trevor Booker to Tibor Pleiss60000.0%
Trey Burke to Shelvin Mack10011100.0%
Alec Burks to Shelvin Mack20020.0%
Derrick Favors to Jeff Withey50000.0%
Derrick Favors to Erick Green10000.0%
Derrick Favors to Elijah Millsap110000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Erick Green60000.0%
Rudy Gobert to Elijah Millsap30000.0%
Erick Green to Trey Lyles1201333.3%
Erick Green to Joe Ingles40000.0%
Erick Green to Rudy Gobert40000.0%
Erick Green to Jeff Withey4011100.0%
Erick Green to Tibor Pleiss10000.0%
Erick Green to Trevor Booker10011100.0%
Erick Green to Gordon Hayward501250.0%
Erick Green to Derrick Favors40000.0%
Gordon Hayward to Erick Green30000.0%
Gordon Hayward to Elijah Millsap200030.0%
Gordon Hayward to Tibor Pleiss50010.0%
Gordon Hayward to Gordon Hayward20000.0%
Rodney Hood to Elijah Millsap70000.0%
Rodney Hood to Tibor Pleiss90010.0%
Joe Ingles to JJ O'Brien10010.0%
Joe Ingles to Joe Ingles10000.0%
Joe Ingles to Erick Green401250.0%
Chris Johnson to Rodney Hood68031520.0%
Chris Johnson to Erick Green3022100.0%
Chris Johnson to Shelvin Mack4102540.0%
Chris Johnson to Alec Burks70020.0%
Chris Johnson to Elijah Millsap80020.0%
Trey Lyles to Trey Lyles10000.0%
Trey Lyles to Erick Green1901520.0%
Trey Lyles to Alec Burks77051533.3%
Shelvin Mack to Alec Burks20000.0%
Elijah Millsap to Rudy Gobert10010.0%
Elijah Millsap to Derrick Favors80010.0%
JJ O'Brien to Joe Ingles10000.0%
JJ O'Brien to Raul Neto1011100.0%
JJ O'Brien to Chris Johnson10000.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Joe Ingles1201333.3%
Tibor Pleiss to Rodney Hood100010.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Raul Neto200010.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Trey Burke220050.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Erick Green30000.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Alec Burks10000.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Elijah Millsap30010.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Trevor Booker2011100.0%
Tibor Pleiss to Gordon Hayward120040.0%
Jeff Withey to JJ O'Brien10000.0%
Jeff Withey to Trey Lyles1702366.7%
Jeff Withey to Erick Green30000.0%
Jeff Withey to Shelvin Mack1401250.0%
Jeff Withey to Alec Burks6800120.0%
Jeff Withey to Elijah Millsap100020.0%
Jeff Withey to Derrick Favors20010.0%