2022 Utah Jazz Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Utah Jazz averaged 271 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Mike Conley to Lauri Markkanen, with 85 assists on 420 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Mike Conley to Lauri Markkanen4208510223443.6%
Jordan Clarkson to Lauri Markkanen271627116243.8%
Kelly Olynyk to Lauri Markkanen244596514544.8%
Mike Conley to Jordan Clarkson546539021741.5%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Lauri Markkanen269536615343.1%
Jordan Clarkson to Kelly Olynyk31542448949.4%
Mike Conley to Kelly Olynyk381424710843.5%
Mike Conley to Malik Beasley283394512037.5%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Lauri Markkanen12539438252.4%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Walker Kessler16836385964.4%
Mike Conley to Jarred Vanderbilt28034358342.2%
Mike Conley to Walker Kessler18333345957.6%
Collin Sexton to Lauri Markkanen227333810038.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Jarred Vanderbilt16830315853.4%
Jordan Clarkson to Malik Beasley14430337444.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Malik Beasley13528327045.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Jordan Clarkson310284911443.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Walker Kessler11028294170.7%
Jordan Clarkson to Walker Kessler10227273773.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Ochai Agbaji20727278432.1%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Kelly Olynyk40227387948.1%
Kelly Olynyk to Jordan Clarkson445265214037.1%
Collin Sexton to Kelly Olynyk21923285749.1%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Jordan Clarkson21923439246.7%
Kelly Olynyk to Ochai Agbaji15421246835.3%
Malik Beasley to Lauri Markkanen8019274757.4%
Kris Dunn to Ochai Agbaji13119215637.5%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Simone Fontecchio11819195733.3%
Mike Conley to Collin Sexton14618286642.4%
Kris Dunn to Simone Fontecchio11718195335.8%
Kelly Olynyk to Jarred Vanderbilt10318193850.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Malik Beasley10718244553.3%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Lauri Markkanen8717184341.9%
Jordan Clarkson to Collin Sexton21617296743.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Mike Conley40417258031.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Talen Horton-Tucker15816226235.5%
Collin Sexton to Malik Beasley16116197226.4%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Malik Beasley11516185334.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Kelly Olynyk15315173745.9%
Kelly Olynyk to Talen Horton-Tucker489155111345.1%
Collin Sexton to Walker Kessler8615172860.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Kelly Olynyk10815184440.9%
Kris Dunn to Lauri Markkanen9214165131.4%
Kelly Olynyk to Mike Conley53314266838.2%
Collin Sexton to Jordan Clarkson298144210540.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Kelly Olynyk7613163151.6%
Walker Kessler to Lauri Markkanen5513172958.6%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Malik Beasley12512165628.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Jordan Clarkson22912307838.5%
Lauri Markkanen to Collin Sexton30112307341.1%
Lauri Markkanen to Malik Beasley9712185036.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Collin Sexton32112306347.6%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Mike Conley34512194641.3%
Ochai Agbaji to Walker Kessler3511111668.8%
Malik Beasley to Walker Kessler7811111668.8%
Mike Conley to Ochai Agbaji4111121963.2%
Kris Dunn to Kelly Olynyk14711194245.2%
Kris Dunn to Rudy Gay10111143935.9%
Rudy Gay to Lauri Markkanen4411133141.9%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Simone Fontecchio3511122254.5%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Walker Kessler6210101566.7%
Jordan Clarkson to Ochai Agbaji4210102147.6%
Walker Kessler to Ochai Agbaji4510101566.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Walker Kessler7810111861.1%
Collin Sexton to Jarred Vanderbilt10610112445.8%
Malik Beasley to Jarred Vanderbilt57991656.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Rudy Gay54992931.0%
Kris Dunn to Udoka Azubuike37991369.2%
Kris Dunn to Damian Jones58991369.2%
Rudy Gay to Malik Beasley729133735.1%
Walker Kessler to Mike Conley1719143540.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Talen Horton-Tucker799142458.3%
Ochai Agbaji to Lauri Markkanen50893228.1%
Malik Beasley to Collin Sexton1698234650.0%
Kris Dunn to Luka Samanic68892931.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Udoka Azubuike28881266.7%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Rudy Gay1018103132.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Ochai Agbaji50891947.4%
Lauri Markkanen to Jarred Vanderbilt71892142.9%
Lauri Markkanen to Mike Conley3928195832.8%
Kelly Olynyk to Simone Fontecchio69893129.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Kris Dunn1738213560.0%
Luka Samanic to Udoka Azubuike13888100.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Nickeil Alexander-Walker928122254.5%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Collin Sexton1518194146.3%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jordan Clarkson1287225044.0%
Malik Beasley to Jordan Clarkson1537226334.9%
Malik Beasley to Mike Conley2557183256.3%
Malik Beasley to Rudy Gay527112839.3%
Mike Conley to Rudy Gay69782630.8%
Simone Fontecchio to Lauri Markkanen28791464.3%
Rudy Gay to Collin Sexton1567143243.8%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Jarred Vanderbilt51771258.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Talen Horton-Tucker1937184936.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Ochai Agbaji29661442.9%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Udoka Azubuike1766785.7%
Malik Beasley to Talen Horton-Tucker1356173154.8%
Kris Dunn to Johnny Juzang83682828.6%
Simone Fontecchio to Kelly Olynyk48681266.7%
Walker Kessler to Jordan Clarkson1906296842.6%
Lauri Markkanen to Nickeil Alexander-Walker91672133.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Rudy Gay38671450.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Damian Jones1066785.7%
Ochai Agbaji to Simone Fontecchio44552222.7%
Ochai Agbaji to Talen Horton-Tucker2275256141.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Kris Dunn108592142.9%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Rudy Gay57562030.0%
Malik Beasley to Ochai Agbaji18561154.5%
Malik Beasley to Kelly Olynyk73551050.0%
Mike Conley to Talen Horton-Tucker48592142.9%
Kris Dunn to Walker Kessler2555771.4%
Simone Fontecchio to Walker Kessler18566100.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Ochai Agbaji39561931.6%
Rudy Gay to Simone Fontecchio33551827.8%
Rudy Gay to Ochai Agbaji2755955.6%
Walker Kessler to Talen Horton-Tucker2585225639.3%
Walker Kessler to Kelly Olynyk113552222.7%
Kelly Olynyk to Udoka Azubuike1555683.3%
Collin Sexton to Talen Horton-Tucker67582532.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Ochai Agbaji39571546.7%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Lauri Markkanen1355955.6%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Ochai Agbaji2256966.7%
Ochai Agbaji to Udoka Azubuike1344666.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Simone Fontecchio29451241.7%
Malik Beasley to Nickeil Alexander-Walker106482138.1%
Jordan Clarkson to Nickeil Alexander-Walker64481553.3%
Kris Dunn to Talen Horton-Tucker57482236.4%
Kris Dunn to Juan Toscano-Anderson121472429.2%
Rudy Gay to Walker Kessler10444100.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Nickeil Alexander-Walker60461346.2%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Juan Toscano-Anderson35451145.5%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Collin Sexton84462128.6%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Damian Jones2845955.6%
Damian Jones to Simone Fontecchio1945683.3%
Walker Kessler to Simone Fontecchio26451145.5%
Walker Kessler to Malik Beasley1094173647.2%
Kelly Olynyk to Luka Samanic19451050.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Nickeil Alexander-Walker101481942.1%
Collin Sexton to Simone Fontecchio32451338.5%
Collin Sexton to Ochai Agbaji2344850.0%
Collin Sexton to Udoka Azubuike10444100.0%
Collin Sexton to Rudy Gay874143836.8%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Luka Samanic16455100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Talen Horton-Tucker76472231.8%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Rudy Gay27441625.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Johnny Juzang2034944.4%
Ochai Agbaji to Rudy Gay1634944.4%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Jarred Vanderbilt77361060.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Collin Sexton43381553.3%
Malik Beasley to Simone Fontecchio18331127.3%
Leandro Bolmaro to Nickeil Alexander-Walker2034944.4%
Simone Fontecchio to Udoka Azubuike833475.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Kris Dunn1073122450.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Rudy Gay18331127.3%
Rudy Gay to Johnny Juzang17341233.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Johnny Juzang11333100.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Kris Dunn40371258.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Mike Conley4834757.1%
Walker Kessler to Collin Sexton1213113135.5%
Lauri Markkanen to Simone Fontecchio24341330.8%
Kelly Olynyk to Johnny Juzang1334944.4%
Collin Sexton to Mike Conley124372035.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Johnny Juzang23331127.3%
Ochai Agbaji to Jarred Vanderbilt722450.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Damian Jones11222100.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Mike Conley70241330.8%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Kelly Olynyk62231127.3%
Udoka Azubuike to Simone Fontecchio1022633.3%
Udoka Azubuike to Talen Horton-Tucker3622825.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Rudy Gay1223475.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Simone Fontecchio1222633.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Kris Dunn1622633.3%
Mike Conley to Simone Fontecchio822540.0%
Kris Dunn to Jarrell Brantley2623933.3%
Kris Dunn to Jordan Clarkson33231127.3%
Simone Fontecchio to Juan Toscano-Anderson2522922.2%
Simone Fontecchio to Collin Sexton52271070.0%
Rudy Gay to Talen Horton-Tucker130283026.7%
Rudy Gay to Jarred Vanderbilt1822825.0%
Rudy Gay to Jordan Clarkson952113531.4%
Rudy Gay to Mike Conley1102102147.6%
Damian Jones to Lauri Markkanen622540.0%
Damian Jones to Kris Dunn7226966.7%
Johnny Juzang to Micah Potter7222100.0%
Johnny Juzang to Luka Samanic822540.0%
Johnny Juzang to Kris Dunn74251338.5%
Walker Kessler to Nickeil Alexander-Walker7225955.6%
Walker Kessler to Kris Dunn40255100.0%
Walker Kessler to Rudy Gay2322450.0%
Micah Potter to Damian Jones2222100.0%
Luka Samanic to Micah Potter622366.7%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Walker Kessler3222100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Rudy Gay1023742.9%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Simone Fontecchio622366.7%
Ochai Agbaji to Luka Samanic911333.3%
Ochai Agbaji to Nickeil Alexander-Walker3312728.6%
Ochai Agbaji to Juan Toscano-Anderson2211333.3%
Ochai Agbaji to Collin Sexton47141136.4%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Micah Potter3111100.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Ochai Agbaji1312450.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Luka Samanic611250.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Nickeil Alexander-Walker1511250.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Jordan Clarkson712450.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Kelly Olynyk1611425.0%
Malik Beasley to Udoka Azubuike211250.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Walker Kessler1111100.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Talen Horton-Tucker2314666.7%
Leandro Bolmaro to Lauri Markkanen1111100.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Malik Beasley2111100.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Micah Potter311250.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Udoka Azubuike1111100.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Damian Jones611333.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Juan Toscano-Anderson10111100.0%
Kris Dunn to Micah Potter1111250.0%
Kris Dunn to Collin Sexton1612728.6%
Simone Fontecchio to Micah Potter2111100.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Johnny Juzang911425.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Jarrell Brantley2111100.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Nickeil Alexander-Walker3713650.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Damian Jones11122100.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Malik Beasley1211714.3%
Rudy Gay to Nickeil Alexander-Walker103171643.8%
Rudy Gay to Juan Toscano-Anderson411250.0%
Rudy Gay to Udoka Azubuike611250.0%
Rudy Gay to Damian Jones7111100.0%
Rudy Gay to Kris Dunn111181553.3%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Luka Samanic1211333.3%
Frank Jackson to Johnny Juzang2111100.0%
Damian Jones to Johnny Juzang20121020.0%
Damian Jones to Luka Samanic411250.0%
Damian Jones to Juan Toscano-Anderson18133100.0%
Johnny Juzang to Simone Fontecchio1611616.7%
Johnny Juzang to Kelly Olynyk1111333.3%
Walker Kessler to Jarrell Brantley3122100.0%
Walker Kessler to Juan Toscano-Anderson10111100.0%
Walker Kessler to Jarred Vanderbilt411250.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Jarrell Brantley4111100.0%
Kelly Olynyk to Juan Toscano-Anderson2111616.7%
Micah Potter to Ochai Agbaji1311333.3%
Micah Potter to Nickeil Alexander-Walker10111100.0%
Luka Samanic to Simone Fontecchio912366.7%
Luka Samanic to Walker Kessler2122100.0%
Luka Samanic to Ochai Agbaji711425.0%
Luka Samanic to Juan Toscano-Anderson1311250.0%
Luka Samanic to Collin Sexton2111100.0%
Collin Sexton to Juan Toscano-Anderson611250.0%
Collin Sexton to Damian Jones2111100.0%
Collin Sexton to Kris Dunn911520.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Udoka Azubuike511250.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Damian Jones5111100.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Kris Dunn1511153444.1%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Kelly Olynyk2011250.0%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Walker Kessler5111100.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Micah Potter50010.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Leandro Bolmaro60030.0%
Ochai Agbaji to Malik Beasley1603742.9%
Ochai Agbaji to Jordan Clarkson47061346.2%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Leandro Bolmaro2001520.0%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Talen Horton-Tucker71052222.7%
Nickeil Alexander-Walker to Mike Conley220040.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Johnny Juzang30000.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Leandro Bolmaro90030.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Jarrell Brantley30000.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Juan Toscano-Anderson70000.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Collin Sexton801333.3%
Udoka Azubuike to Lauri Markkanen20000.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Kris Dunn4801520.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Malik Beasley20000.0%
Udoka Azubuike to Mike Conley10000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Simone Fontecchio70040.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Micah Potter20000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Ochai Agbaji701250.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Udoka Azubuike120010.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Jordan Clarkson30010.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Kelly Olynyk10000.0%
Leandro Bolmaro to Rudy Gay20000.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Walker Kessler30010.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Johnny Juzang60040.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Talen Horton-Tucker110020.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Juan Toscano-Anderson10000.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Lauri Markkanen10000.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Kris Dunn1701250.0%
Jarrell Brantley to Kelly Olynyk30010.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Johnny Juzang10010.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Leandro Bolmaro20000.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Udoka Azubuike10000.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Damian Jones10000.0%
Mike Conley to Nickeil Alexander-Walker110030.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Leandro Bolmaro60010.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Luka Samanic80010.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Talen Horton-Tucker1300113928.2%
Simone Fontecchio to Jarred Vanderbilt30000.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Frank Jackson10000.0%
Simone Fontecchio to Jordan Clarkson902633.3%
Simone Fontecchio to Mike Conley801333.3%
Rudy Gay to Leandro Bolmaro50000.0%
Rudy Gay to Kelly Olynyk40010.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Micah Potter10000.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Leandro Bolmaro1701425.0%
Talen Horton-Tucker to Jarrell Brantley6011100.0%
Frank Jackson to Simone Fontecchio30020.0%
Frank Jackson to Juan Toscano-Anderson10000.0%
Frank Jackson to Damian Jones10000.0%
Damian Jones to Micah Potter10000.0%
Damian Jones to Ochai Agbaji1901812.5%
Damian Jones to Jarrell Brantley40000.0%
Damian Jones to Talen Horton-Tucker380060.0%
Damian Jones to Collin Sexton2022100.0%
Damian Jones to Jordan Clarkson1011100.0%
Damian Jones to Kelly Olynyk60010.0%
Damian Jones to Rudy Gay701250.0%
Johnny Juzang to Ochai Agbaji1600110.0%
Johnny Juzang to Jarrell Brantley20000.0%
Johnny Juzang to Talen Horton-Tucker1101250.0%
Johnny Juzang to Juan Toscano-Anderson1101333.3%
Johnny Juzang to Udoka Azubuike50000.0%
Johnny Juzang to Lauri Markkanen301250.0%
Johnny Juzang to Damian Jones70000.0%
Johnny Juzang to Jordan Clarkson10000.0%
Johnny Juzang to Rudy Gay50030.0%
Walker Kessler to Johnny Juzang20000.0%
Walker Kessler to Leandro Bolmaro10000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Johnny Juzang20020.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Leandro Bolmaro30000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Luka Samanic10010.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Juan Toscano-Anderson60010.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Damian Jones50000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Kris Dunn72031618.8%
Kelly Olynyk to Leandro Bolmaro30010.0%
Micah Potter to Simone Fontecchio40010.0%
Micah Potter to Johnny Juzang50010.0%
Micah Potter to Leandro Bolmaro8011100.0%
Micah Potter to Jarrell Brantley10000.0%
Micah Potter to Luka Samanic30010.0%
Micah Potter to Talen Horton-Tucker2011100.0%
Micah Potter to Kris Dunn220030.0%
Luka Samanic to Johnny Juzang801333.3%
Luka Samanic to Talen Horton-Tucker2204757.1%
Luka Samanic to Lauri Markkanen10000.0%
Luka Samanic to Damian Jones10000.0%
Luka Samanic to Kris Dunn67081172.7%
Luka Samanic to Kelly Olynyk120010.0%
Collin Sexton to Nickeil Alexander-Walker260040.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Micah Potter10010.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Jarrell Brantley20010.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Collin Sexton801425.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Frank Jackson60020.0%
Juan Toscano-Anderson to Jordan Clarkson1504666.7%
Jarred Vanderbilt to Udoka Azubuike10000.0%