2021 Charlotte Hornets Team Passing Stats

The 2021 Charlotte Hornets averaged 302 passes per game. The leading assist duo was LaMelo Ball to Miles Bridges, with 132 assists on 1094 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
LaMelo Ball to Miles Bridges109413219041146.2%
LaMelo Ball to Terry Rozier9629312630341.6%
Terry Rozier to Miles Bridges6997410125639.5%
LaMelo Ball to Mason Plumlee618657312160.3%
LaMelo Ball to P.J. Washington424636514245.8%
Miles Bridges to LaMelo Ball10586311524646.7%
Mason Plumlee to Terry Rozier558618518945.0%
LaMelo Ball to Kelly Oubre Jr.318606515841.1%
Miles Bridges to Terry Rozier713558718746.5%
Terry Rozier to LaMelo Ball819548721241.0%
LaMelo Ball to Gordon Hayward479456917040.6%
Terry Rozier to Kelly Oubre Jr.305455314337.1%
Mason Plumlee to Miles Bridges325415311346.9%
Miles Bridges to Kelly Oubre Jr.207404411040.0%
Cody Martin to Kelly Oubre Jr.17739459248.9%
Mason Plumlee to LaMelo Ball781386317735.6%
Terry Rozier to P.J. Washington29735377549.3%
P.J. Washington to Miles Bridges240334710345.6%
Mason Plumlee to Gordon Hayward17632367250.0%
Miles Bridges to P.J. Washington19131318536.5%
Gordon Hayward to Terry Rozier26931408944.9%
Miles Bridges to Gordon Hayward25830419145.1%
Gordon Hayward to Miles Bridges250304510841.7%
Cody Martin to Miles Bridges23829459050.0%
LaMelo Ball to Montrezl Harrell17828305653.6%
Terry Rozier to Gordon Hayward26128368840.9%
Terry Rozier to Mason Plumlee43827316150.8%
Ish Smith to Kelly Oubre Jr.11627296643.9%
LaMelo Ball to Cody Martin23525276939.1%
Gordon Hayward to Kelly Oubre Jr.15825348639.5%
Cody Martin to P.J. Washington12424244454.5%
LaMelo Ball to Jalen McDaniels16622265349.1%
Miles Bridges to Cody Martin22722305356.6%
Cody Martin to Terry Rozier32322328836.4%
P.J. Washington to Kelly Oubre Jr.13922277237.5%
Miles Bridges to Mason Plumlee18219214645.7%
Gordon Hayward to LaMelo Ball464193810934.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Miles Bridges15619255545.5%
Terry Rozier to Cody Martin21719246735.8%
P.J. Washington to LaMelo Ball619194812438.7%
P.J. Washington to Terry Rozier40618338837.5%
Gordon Hayward to Mason Plumlee17117203557.1%
Mason Plumlee to Kelly Oubre Jr.10617175530.9%
Montrezl Harrell to LaMelo Ball16415275549.1%
Cody Martin to Mason Plumlee10615182669.2%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Cody Martin10915172958.6%
Terry Rozier to Montrezl Harrell13815173450.0%
P.J. Washington to Gordon Hayward13015204346.5%
Gordon Hayward to P.J. Washington13114153938.5%
Gordon Hayward to Cody Martin14114153938.5%
Terry Rozier to Jalen McDaniels12914174438.6%
Cody Martin to LaMelo Ball40313348142.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Terry Rozier25912185036.0%
Mason Plumlee to Cody Martin10412183551.4%
Ish Smith to P.J. Washington12912134727.7%
Ish Smith to Miles Bridges9112214546.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Kelly Oubre Jr.6010133240.6%
Cody Martin to Gordon Hayward15810164238.1%
Mason Plumlee to P.J. Washington8410112445.8%
Ish Smith to Cody Martin9010113036.7%
P.J. Washington to Cody Martin16610163941.0%
LaMelo Ball to Nick Richards389101855.6%
Gordon Hayward to Jalen McDaniels519102050.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Kelly Oubre Jr.639122450.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to P.J. Washington789102147.6%
Ish Smith to Nick Richards40991560.0%
Miles Bridges to Jalen McDaniels608112347.8%
Cody Martin to Jalen McDaniels65882334.8%
Jalen McDaniels to P.J. Washington49881942.1%
Jalen McDaniels to Cody Martin838122060.0%
Ish Smith to Gordon Hayward1198113333.3%
LaMelo Ball to James Bouknight44781942.1%
Miles Bridges to Montrezl Harrell35771546.7%
Montrezl Harrell to Isaiah Thomas48791850.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Miles Bridges62792437.5%
Jalen McDaniels to Terry Rozier1897113036.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Gordon Hayward957102835.7%
P.J. Washington to Montrezl Harrell24781553.3%
P.J. Washington to Mason Plumlee33771450.0%
LaMelo Ball to Isaiah Thomas55692142.9%
Miles Bridges to Isaiah Thomas35691369.2%
Cody Martin to Nick Richards3666875.0%
Jalen McDaniels to LaMelo Ball2346175232.7%
Mason Plumlee to Jalen McDaniels58671838.9%
Nick Richards to Kelly Oubre Jr.33692339.1%
Miles Bridges to JT Thor22551050.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Miles Bridges39561154.5%
Gordon Hayward to James Bouknight20551241.7%
Gordon Hayward to Nick Richards34555100.0%
Cody Martin to Montrezl Harrell50571163.6%
Ish Smith to LaMelo Ball56591656.3%
Ish Smith to Jalen McDaniels69571741.2%
JT Thor to LaMelo Ball4256875.0%
P.J. Washington to Jalen McDaniels44561931.6%
James Bouknight to Jalen McDaniels1945955.6%
James Bouknight to Kelly Oubre Jr.2444944.4%
Miles Bridges to Nick Richards21441040.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Cody Martin37441233.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Terry Rozier1364122646.2%
Gordon Hayward to Ish Smith85451827.8%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jalen McDaniels3845955.6%
Terry Rozier to Nick Richards2844757.1%
Ish Smith to Terry Rozier80452222.7%
Isaiah Thomas to P.J. Washington3844666.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Terry Rozier35471258.3%
Isaiah Thomas to Kelly Oubre Jr.26451435.7%
P.J. Washington to James Bouknight36441233.3%
P.J. Washington to Isaiah Thomas60461346.2%
P.J. Washington to Ish Smith1834112445.8%
LaMelo Ball to JT Thor1733650.0%
James Bouknight to Kai Jones1033475.0%
James Bouknight to Nick Richards19344100.0%
James Bouknight to LaMelo Ball40351241.7%
James Bouknight to P.J. Washington2533742.9%
Miles Bridges to James Bouknight2334850.0%
Cody Martin to Ish Smith119392142.9%
Jalen McDaniels to Montrezl Harrell1533650.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Ish Smith99371643.8%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Isaiah Thomas2835955.6%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Ish Smith100392339.1%
Terry Rozier to James Bouknight34331225.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Miles Bridges3033650.0%
JT Thor to P.J. Washington1633560.0%
JT Thor to Terry Rozier3635771.4%
JT Thor to Kelly Oubre Jr.1933933.3%
James Bouknight to Montrezl Harrell1022366.7%
Miles Bridges to Ish Smith1092122254.5%
Gordon Hayward to JT Thor1322540.0%
Kai Jones to JT Thor522366.7%
Kai Jones to James Bouknight1824757.1%
Cody Martin to Isaiah Thomas3723933.3%
Jalen McDaniels to Nick Richards1022366.7%
Jalen McDaniels to Mason Plumlee3422633.3%
Jalen McDaniels to Gordon Hayward60272330.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Kai Jones522366.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Nick Richards2522366.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to LaMelo Ball3202196827.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Montrezl Harrell50241233.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Mason Plumlee6022540.0%
Mason Plumlee to Montrezl Harrell5222100.0%
Mason Plumlee to Isaiah Thomas28241330.8%
Terry Rozier to Ish Smith53241526.7%
Ish Smith to Kai Jones11222100.0%
Ish Smith to Mason Plumlee5522540.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Nick Richards1022366.7%
Isaiah Thomas to LaMelo Ball62251435.7%
Isaiah Thomas to Montrezl Harrell5222922.2%
James Bouknight to JT Thor1911520.0%
James Bouknight to Miles Bridges2012540.0%
James Bouknight to Isaiah Thomas511250.0%
James Bouknight to Ish Smith2211520.0%
Miles Bridges to Vernon Carey Jr.1111100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to JT Thor5111100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Jalen McDaniels1612633.3%
Montrezl Harrell to P.J. Washington2212450.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Gordon Hayward411250.0%
Gordon Hayward to Montrezl Harrell3111100.0%
Scottie Lewis to Jalen McDaniels1111100.0%
Cody Martin to James Bouknight25121020.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Isaiah Thomas59141136.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to JT Thor1712450.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to James Bouknight1012540.0%
Mason Plumlee to JT Thor511250.0%
Mason Plumlee to Ish Smith66161060.0%
Nick Richards to JT Thor3111100.0%
Nick Richards to LaMelo Ball62151145.5%
Nick Richards to P.J. Washington911250.0%
Nick Richards to Miles Bridges3313837.5%
Nick Richards to Gordon Hayward2714757.1%
Terry Rozier to JT Thor2011250.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Jalen McDaniels2511520.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Cody Martin2711250.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Mason Plumlee2611333.3%
JT Thor to James Bouknight2513742.9%
JT Thor to Kai Jones4111100.0%
JT Thor to Miles Bridges1913560.0%
JT Thor to Isaiah Thomas911333.3%
JT Thor to Gordon Hayward1813837.5%
P.J. Washington to JT Thor1411333.3%
LaMelo Ball to Kai Jones20010.0%
LaMelo Ball to LaMelo Ball10000.0%
LaMelo Ball to Ish Smith330080.0%
James Bouknight to Vernon Carey Jr.20010.0%
James Bouknight to Arnoldas Kulboka10010.0%
James Bouknight to Cody Martin190010.0%
James Bouknight to Terry Rozier2402540.0%
James Bouknight to Mason Plumlee60010.0%
James Bouknight to Gordon Hayward130020.0%
Miles Bridges to Kai Jones20020.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to JT Thor10000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to James Bouknight30000.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Cody Martin10010.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Miles Bridges30010.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Kelly Oubre Jr.20010.0%
Vernon Carey Jr. to Gordon Hayward401250.0%
Montrezl Harrell to James Bouknight90040.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Mason Plumlee20000.0%
Gordon Hayward to Kai Jones10000.0%
Gordon Hayward to Vernon Carey Jr.40000.0%
Kai Jones to P.J. Washington30010.0%
Kai Jones to Cody Martin20000.0%
Kai Jones to Miles Bridges20000.0%
Kai Jones to Terry Rozier30000.0%
Kai Jones to Kelly Oubre Jr.2011100.0%
Kai Jones to Isaiah Thomas40020.0%
Kai Jones to Ish Smith130010.0%
Kai Jones to Gordon Hayward10010.0%
Arnoldas Kulboka to James Bouknight20010.0%
Scottie Lewis to JT Thor10010.0%
Scottie Lewis to Kai Jones20000.0%
Scottie Lewis to Nick Richards10000.0%
Scottie Lewis to Terry Rozier10000.0%
Cody Martin to JT Thor120070.0%
Cody Martin to Vernon Carey Jr.30010.0%
Cody Martin to Arnoldas Kulboka10000.0%
Cody Martin to Cody Martin10000.0%
Jalen McDaniels to JT Thor70020.0%
Jalen McDaniels to James Bouknight1801425.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Kai Jones10000.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Vernon Carey Jr.40010.0%
Mason Plumlee to James Bouknight130050.0%
Nick Richards to Scottie Lewis20000.0%
Nick Richards to James Bouknight37011010.0%
Nick Richards to Kai Jones40010.0%
Nick Richards to Vernon Carey Jr.10010.0%
Nick Richards to Jalen McDaniels1701250.0%
Nick Richards to Cody Martin3801911.1%
Nick Richards to Terry Rozier4202633.3%
Nick Richards to Isaiah Thomas8011100.0%
Nick Richards to Ish Smith5103560.0%
Terry Rozier to Scottie Lewis20000.0%
Terry Rozier to Kai Jones10000.0%
Terry Rozier to Isaiah Thomas400060.0%
Ish Smith to JT Thor80030.0%
Ish Smith to James Bouknight2902922.2%
Isaiah Thomas to JT Thor802366.7%
Isaiah Thomas to James Bouknight50000.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Kai Jones10000.0%
JT Thor to Scottie Lewis10000.0%
JT Thor to Nick Richards1101250.0%
JT Thor to Vernon Carey Jr.10000.0%
JT Thor to Jalen McDaniels30000.0%
JT Thor to Cody Martin170020.0%
JT Thor to Montrezl Harrell301250.0%
JT Thor to Mason Plumlee10000.0%
JT Thor to Ish Smith12011100.0%
P.J. Washington to Kai Jones20010.0%
P.J. Washington to Nick Richards20010.0%