2022 Charlotte Hornets Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Charlotte Hornets averaged 286 passes per game. The leading assist duo was LaMelo Ball to P.J. Washington, with 78 assists on 435 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
LaMelo Ball to P.J. Washington435788317248.3%
Terry Rozier to P.J. Washington561778722538.7%
LaMelo Ball to Mason Plumlee323576810564.8%
Terry Rozier to Kelly Oubre Jr.363567018937.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to P.J. Washington332546515940.9%
Mason Plumlee to Kelly Oubre Jr.173424510343.7%
Mason Plumlee to Terry Rozier507417716546.7%
LaMelo Ball to Terry Rozier502386117035.9%
Terry Rozier to LaMelo Ball346364611440.4%
LaMelo Ball to Gordon Hayward332335212043.3%
Gordon Hayward to Terry Rozier350335012540.0%
Mason Plumlee to P.J. Washington21632358640.7%
Gordon Hayward to P.J. Washington22031389938.4%
Gordon Hayward to Kelly Oubre Jr.12531347644.7%
P.J. Washington to Terry Rozier740307118139.2%
Terry Rozier to Jalen McDaniels29929399541.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Nick Richards10928295750.9%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Kelly Oubre Jr.251284312634.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Gordon Hayward316284010139.6%
Mason Plumlee to Gordon Hayward14527316746.3%
Terry Rozier to Gordon Hayward407275212641.3%
Jalen McDaniels to P.J. Washington16026317143.7%
P.J. Washington to Mason Plumlee11026285056.0%
Mason Plumlee to LaMelo Ball39825429842.9%
Terry Rozier to Mason Plumlee34525347744.2%
LaMelo Ball to Mark Williams7624253964.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Terry Rozier402225114136.2%
P.J. Washington to Gordon Hayward16622266540.0%
Mason Plumlee to Jalen McDaniels17321287636.8%
LaMelo Ball to Jalen McDaniels18520225540.0%
Gordon Hayward to Mark Williams5419213070.0%
Gordon Hayward to LaMelo Ball21518317044.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Mark Williams6718204148.8%
LaMelo Ball to Kelly Oubre Jr.11517236734.3%
Gordon Hayward to Dennis Smith Jr.23117235839.7%
Theo Maledon to Bryce McGowens15917225639.3%
Theo Maledon to Nick Richards11817203458.8%
Terry Rozier to Nick Richards10117173647.2%
P.J. Washington to LaMelo Ball800175415036.0%
P.J. Washington to Jalen McDaniels13717205040.0%
Theo Maledon to P.J. Washington15416266043.3%
P.J. Washington to Dennis Smith Jr.44516337245.8%
Terry Rozier to Dennis Smith Jr.30115185930.5%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Jalen McDaniels12815164139.0%
P.J. Washington to Kelly Oubre Jr.13115206132.8%
Theo Maledon to Mark Williams6314152462.5%
Jalen McDaniels to Terry Rozier37914318735.6%
Gordon Hayward to Jalen McDaniels6613163447.1%
Jalen McDaniels to Kelly Oubre Jr.9213164139.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to JT Thor8713143145.2%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Mason Plumlee17213153345.5%
Theo Maledon to JT Thor12312143935.9%
Theo Maledon to Jalen McDaniels15412144233.3%
Theo Maledon to Kelly Oubre Jr.12112256141.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to JT Thor5912132748.1%
P.J. Washington to Nick Richards4112122450.0%
LaMelo Ball to Nick Richards4311112347.8%
LaMelo Ball to Dennis Smith Jr.12711153938.5%
Gordon Hayward to Mason Plumlee12811132846.4%
Theo Maledon to James Bouknight14911174240.5%
Theo Maledon to Svi Mykhailiuk15811215538.2%
Jalen McDaniels to Mason Plumlee10411152755.6%
Jalen McDaniels to Gordon Hayward6111152657.7%
Gordon Hayward to JT Thor6510102638.5%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Bryce McGowens8910103429.4%
Dennis Smith Jr. to LaMelo Ball14010133735.1%
Theo Maledon to Mason Plumlee959101662.5%
Jalen McDaniels to LaMelo Ball2589307341.1%
Bryce McGowens to Mark Williams24991464.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to P.J. Washington1159113928.2%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Terry Rozier2929287835.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Mason Plumlee1259153050.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Kai Jones479111764.7%
Gordon Hayward to Nick Richards63892142.9%
Theo Maledon to Kai Jones698102343.5%
Terry Rozier to Bryce McGowens61892240.9%
James Bouknight to Theo Maledon1457102638.5%
Kai Jones to Svi Mykhailiuk29771258.3%
Jalen McDaniels to Nick Richards637101376.9%
Jalen McDaniels to Dennis Smith Jr.1987163644.4%
Bryce McGowens to Nick Richards36771258.3%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Bryce McGowens36771643.8%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Gordon Hayward71792045.0%
Mason Plumlee to Dennis Smith Jr.1547122842.9%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Svi Mykhailiuk41771936.8%
P.J. Washington to Mark Williams27771546.7%
James Bouknight to Nick Richards3366966.7%
James Bouknight to P.J. Washington40661637.5%
Theo Maledon to Terry Rozier1306123930.8%
Bryce McGowens to Kai Jones33671163.6%
Bryce McGowens to Svi Mykhailiuk35671643.8%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Dennis Smith Jr.1866102638.5%
Nick Richards to Kelly Oubre Jr.39691656.3%
Terry Rozier to JT Thor122683522.9%
Gordon Hayward to Svi Mykhailiuk2056966.7%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Mark Williams16561154.5%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Nick Richards2155862.5%
Nick Richards to Theo Maledon205592339.1%
Nick Richards to Terry Rozier2585194443.2%
Terry Rozier to Theo Maledon84571741.2%
LaMelo Ball to Bryce McGowens1544850.0%
LaMelo Ball to JT Thor40441233.3%
James Bouknight to Kai Jones39451050.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Mark Williams27451145.5%
Jalen McDaniels to James Bouknight54471741.2%
Bryce McGowens to Theo Maledon1164102441.7%
Bryce McGowens to P.J. Washington26441233.3%
Bryce McGowens to Kelly Oubre Jr.26481942.1%
Svi Mykhailiuk to James Bouknight25451050.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Theo Maledon79441040.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to P.J. Washington23461154.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jalen McDaniels46461442.9%
Mason Plumlee to Theo Maledon7744850.0%
Nick Richards to P.J. Washington81471838.9%
Terry Rozier to Mark Williams61451926.3%
Terry Rozier to Kai Jones45451631.3%
JT Thor to Mark Williams1845771.4%
JT Thor to Kai Jones7444100.0%
JT Thor to Jalen McDaniels34461250.0%
JT Thor to Gordon Hayward48491275.0%
P.J. Washington to James Bouknight51471741.2%
Mark Williams to LaMelo Ball1224103033.3%
Mark Williams to P.J. Washington3045771.4%
Mark Williams to Terry Rozier1184143540.0%
James Bouknight to JT Thor38341233.3%
Gordon Hayward to Bryce McGowens2033742.9%
Theo Maledon to LaMelo Ball35361154.5%
Theo Maledon to Gordon Hayward104382334.8%
Jalen McDaniels to Theo Maledon219362524.0%
Bryce McGowens to JT Thor37331225.0%
Bryce McGowens to Jalen McDaniels1233837.5%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Xavier Sneed5333100.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Gordon Hayward1634666.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Nick Richards4533650.0%
Nick Richards to James Bouknight3434944.4%
Nick Richards to Jalen McDaniels5435955.6%
Nick Richards to Gordon Hayward59361637.5%
Terry Rozier to James Bouknight54331520.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Cody Martin2033933.3%
JT Thor to Theo Maledon225382828.6%
JT Thor to LaMelo Ball101372231.8%
JT Thor to Terry Rozier181392437.5%
JT Thor to Kelly Oubre Jr.1733650.0%
P.J. Washington to Bryce McGowens2933837.5%
P.J. Washington to Theo Maledon188372133.3%
LaMelo Ball to Theo Maledon2023475.0%
LaMelo Ball to Cody Martin2222540.0%
James Bouknight to Jalen McDaniels3322633.3%
James Bouknight to Svi Mykhailiuk1822728.6%
James Bouknight to Dennis Smith Jr.3324666.7%
James Bouknight to Terry Rozier47241428.6%
James Bouknight to Kelly Oubre Jr.1623837.5%
Gordon Hayward to James Bouknight1022633.3%
Gordon Hayward to Theo Maledon65251827.8%
Kai Jones to James Bouknight39241136.4%
Cody Martin to JT Thor622366.7%
Cody Martin to LaMelo Ball23231030.0%
Cody Martin to Jalen McDaniels922450.0%
Cody Martin to Terry Rozier23251050.0%
Cody Martin to Mason Plumlee7222100.0%
Bryce McGowens to Dennis Smith Jr.85251926.3%
Bryce McGowens to Terry Rozier75231520.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Kai Jones1922450.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Dennis Smith Jr.47251145.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Bryce McGowens1622540.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to LaMelo Ball102261833.3%
Mason Plumlee to Bryce McGowens1523560.0%
Mason Plumlee to JT Thor1722633.3%
Mason Plumlee to Kai Jones822450.0%
Mason Plumlee to Cody Martin4222100.0%
Nick Richards to JT Thor2523650.0%
Nick Richards to Svi Mykhailiuk19222100.0%
Nick Richards to Dennis Smith Jr.164292437.5%
Terry Rozier to Svi Mykhailiuk1322450.0%
Terry Rozier to Cody Martin1623560.0%
Kobi Simmons to James Bouknight1022540.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to James Bouknight33251435.7%
Xavier Sneed to JT Thor3222100.0%
Xavier Sneed to James Bouknight1823650.0%
JT Thor to Svi Mykhailiuk3224850.0%
JT Thor to Dennis Smith Jr.201263417.6%
P.J. Washington to Svi Mykhailiuk34271353.8%
Mark Williams to Kelly Oubre Jr.1222540.0%
Mark Williams to Gordon Hayward34261540.0%
LaMelo Ball to James Bouknight711250.0%
LaMelo Ball to Kai Jones711250.0%
LaMelo Ball to Svi Mykhailiuk811520.0%
James Bouknight to Mason Plumlee8111100.0%
James Bouknight to Gordon Hayward7133100.0%
Kai Jones to Bryce McGowens33131030.0%
Kai Jones to JT Thor1611333.3%
Kai Jones to Xavier Sneed6111100.0%
Kai Jones to Theo Maledon106151241.7%
Kai Jones to LaMelo Ball1211425.0%
Kai Jones to Dennis Smith Jr.89141233.3%
Theo Maledon to Xavier Sneed6111100.0%
Cody Martin to Dennis Smith Jr.2213560.0%
Jalen McDaniels to JT Thor3611128.3%
Bryce McGowens to James Bouknight1112540.0%
Bryce McGowens to LaMelo Ball1412540.0%
Bryce McGowens to Kobi Simmons4111100.0%
Bryce McGowens to Mason Plumlee1411425.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Terry Rozier1012366.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to JT Thor1911250.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Kai Jones8111100.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Theo Maledon73151338.5%
Nick Richards to Kai Jones21122100.0%
Nick Richards to LaMelo Ball1091103033.3%
Kobi Simmons to Bryce McGowens3111100.0%
Kobi Simmons to Mark Williams2111100.0%
Kobi Simmons to Nick Richards3111100.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Theo Maledon6122100.0%
Xavier Sneed to Theo Maledon1412540.0%
JT Thor to Bryce McGowens4111166.3%
JT Thor to Nick Richards2212633.3%
JT Thor to P.J. Washington1711520.0%
P.J. Washington to Kai Jones611250.0%
Mark Williams to JT Thor2411520.0%
Mark Williams to Svi Mykhailiuk1811520.0%
LaMelo Ball to Wenyen Gabriel10000.0%
James Bouknight to Bryce McGowens270050.0%
James Bouknight to Mark Williams40000.0%
James Bouknight to Xavier Sneed100010.0%
James Bouknight to LaMelo Ball50000.0%
James Bouknight to Kobi Simmons40010.0%
Gordon Hayward to Kai Jones90020.0%
Gordon Hayward to Cody Martin10000.0%
Kai Jones to Mark Williams301250.0%
Kai Jones to Nick Richards40020.0%
Kai Jones to Jalen McDaniels501250.0%
Kai Jones to P.J. Washington160060.0%
Kai Jones to Kobi Simmons50010.0%
Kai Jones to Terry Rozier66031030.0%
Kai Jones to Kelly Oubre Jr.2302728.6%
Kai Jones to Mason Plumlee40000.0%
Kai Jones to Gordon Hayward701333.3%
Theo Maledon to Kobi Simmons100010.0%
Theo Maledon to Dennis Smith Jr.180060.0%
Cody Martin to Mark Williams40020.0%
Cody Martin to Nick Richards30010.0%
Cody Martin to P.J. Washington90010.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Bryce McGowens100010.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Kai Jones90030.0%
Jalen McDaniels to Cody Martin1301812.5%
Bryce McGowens to Xavier Sneed60030.0%
Bryce McGowens to Cody Martin10010.0%
Bryce McGowens to Gordon Hayward120010.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to LaMelo Ball50030.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Kobi Simmons10010.0%
Svi Mykhailiuk to Kelly Oubre Jr.60020.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Mark Williams120010.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to James Bouknight80030.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Svi Mykhailiuk30020.0%
Mason Plumlee to James Bouknight80000.0%
Nick Richards to Bryce McGowens36021216.7%
Nick Richards to Cody Martin20000.0%
Nick Richards to Kobi Simmons10000.0%
Kobi Simmons to Kai Jones401250.0%
Kobi Simmons to Xavier Sneed20000.0%
Kobi Simmons to Theo Maledon90010.0%
Xavier Sneed to Bryce McGowens501250.0%
Xavier Sneed to Kai Jones10000.0%
Xavier Sneed to Nick Richards10000.0%
Xavier Sneed to Svi Mykhailiuk3011100.0%
Xavier Sneed to Kobi Simmons30010.0%
JT Thor to James Bouknight40031323.1%
JT Thor to Xavier Sneed60020.0%
JT Thor to Cody Martin60030.0%
JT Thor to Kobi Simmons20000.0%
JT Thor to Mason Plumlee40010.0%
P.J. Washington to JT Thor80000.0%
P.J. Washington to Cody Martin60010.0%
Mark Williams to Bryce McGowens2403837.5%
Mark Williams to James Bouknight180040.0%
Mark Williams to Kai Jones10000.0%
Mark Williams to Xavier Sneed10000.0%
Mark Williams to Theo Maledon103031618.8%
Mark Williams to Jalen McDaniels3201333.3%
Mark Williams to Cody Martin40010.0%
Mark Williams to Kobi Simmons10000.0%
Mark Williams to Dennis Smith Jr.7703837.5%