2016 Charlotte Hornets Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Charlotte Hornets averaged 291 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kemba Walker to Nicolas Batum, with 89 assists on 1567 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kemba Walker to Nicolas Batum15678914939637.6%
Kemba Walker to Marvin Williams876889923542.1%
Nicolas Batum to Cody Zeller440879919251.6%
Nicolas Batum to Marvin Williams543869422741.4%
Nicolas Batum to Kemba Walker10788514434342.0%
Kemba Walker to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist467667418041.1%
Kemba Walker to Cody Zeller428656813849.3%
Kemba Walker to Frank Kaminsky592576618236.3%
Nicolas Batum to Frank Kaminsky371546716939.6%
Nicolas Batum to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist310516115439.6%
Marco Belinelli to Frank Kaminsky252374211337.2%
Frank Kaminsky to Marco Belinelli310344511240.2%
Ramon Sessions to Frank Kaminsky342344611241.1%
Nicolas Batum to Marco Belinelli16830377648.7%
Marvin Williams to Nicolas Batum515305414736.7%
Cody Zeller to Kemba Walker464306215240.8%
Kemba Walker to Marco Belinelli342274010936.7%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Nicolas Batum27326377748.1%
Ramon Sessions to Marco Belinelli21726327542.7%
Ramon Sessions to Spencer Hawes20025275350.9%
Cody Zeller to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist11024305554.5%
Frank Kaminsky to Kemba Walker894228721540.5%
Frank Kaminsky to Nicolas Batum29422339136.3%
Marvin Williams to Kemba Walker20642015136741.1%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Marvin Williams16619235939.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jeremy Lamb18618347346.6%
Cody Zeller to Nicolas Batum29018309232.6%
Kemba Walker to Jeremy Lamb20917317939.2%
Marco Belinelli to Kemba Walker27016427853.8%
Frank Kaminsky to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist13916245246.2%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Cody Zeller12316182962.1%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Kemba Walker718164913436.6%
Ramon Sessions to Nicolas Batum21516216035.0%
Marvin Williams to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist23316247233.3%
Marco Belinelli to Spencer Hawes10615183354.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Frank Kaminsky17315236734.3%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Frank Kaminsky12014184045.0%
Marvin Williams to Marco Belinelli16814205437.0%
Nicolas Batum to Roy Hibbert8213154037.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Marco Belinelli12913173943.6%
Nicolas Batum to Jeremy Lamb6212152755.6%
Nicolas Batum to Spencer Hawes9412123435.3%
Marco Belinelli to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist5312122548.0%
Spencer Hawes to Marco Belinelli11912134528.9%
Frank Kaminsky to Ramon Sessions55712277038.6%
Brian Roberts to Jeremy Lamb14312245642.9%
Cody Zeller to Marvin Williams15512124825.0%
Spencer Hawes to Nicolas Batum9911123138.7%
Frank Kaminsky to Marvin Williams6711122744.4%
Brian Roberts to Marco Belinelli12511164337.2%
Marco Belinelli to Nicolas Batum13910174438.6%
Marco Belinelli to Ramon Sessions15010133636.1%
Ramon Sessions to Roy Hibbert6910112937.9%
Cody Zeller to Marco Belinelli4910112250.0%
Marco Belinelli to Cody Zeller729132356.5%
Marco Belinelli to Roy Hibbert679143046.7%
Marco Belinelli to Marvin Williams1129113333.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Spencer Hawes449102245.5%
Marvin Williams to Cody Zeller1009103231.3%
Nicolas Batum to Ramon Sessions1678123237.5%
Marco Belinelli to Brian Roberts64881361.5%
Spencer Hawes to Jeremy Lamb558132748.1%
Spencer Hawes to Kemba Walker1228123534.3%
Spencer Hawes to Ramon Sessions1738164436.4%
Jeremy Lamb to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist45891947.4%
Marco Belinelli to Jeremy Lamb987123930.8%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Marco Belinelli61782630.8%
Jeremy Lamb to Brian Roberts767101952.6%
Brian Roberts to Frank Kaminsky1167123138.7%
Kemba Walker to Roy Hibbert56781747.1%
Kemba Walker to Spencer Hawes133772924.1%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Spencer Hawes47671070.0%
Ramon Sessions to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist60661931.6%
Ramon Sessions to Marvin Williams62661833.3%
Briante Weber to Marco Belinelli49671546.7%
Roy Hibbert to Frank Kaminsky41551338.5%
Frank Kaminsky to Treveon Graham28561250.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Cody Zeller3956966.7%
Jeremy Lamb to Marvin Williams96571936.8%
Brian Roberts to Spencer Hawes2955771.4%
Marvin Williams to Frank Kaminsky81582927.6%
Marvin Williams to Jeremy Lamb1145194047.5%
Cody Zeller to Frank Kaminsky56551729.4%
Spencer Hawes to Frank Kaminsky51451827.8%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Jeremy Lamb57492240.9%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Roy Hibbert2245771.4%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Ramon Sessions116472528.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Miles Plumlee2145862.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Nicolas Batum56481553.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Spencer Hawes59451241.7%
Cody Zeller to Jeremy Lamb24461346.2%
Nicolas Batum to Brian Roberts5133837.5%
Spencer Hawes to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist34351533.3%
Spencer Hawes to Marvin Williams22333100.0%
Roy Hibbert to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2333475.0%
Roy Hibbert to Nicolas Batum57351631.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Brian Roberts155372231.8%
Jeremy Lamb to Roy Hibbert22331030.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Ramon Sessions82372133.3%
Brian Roberts to Marvin Williams73341136.4%
Ramon Sessions to Cody Zeller1833742.9%
Ramon Sessions to Jeremy Lamb893123633.3%
Nicolas Batum to Johnny O'Bryant III522366.7%
Marco Belinelli to Briante Weber2622633.3%
Marco Belinelli to Miles Plumlee13222100.0%
Treveon Graham to Cody Zeller4222100.0%
Aaron Harrison to Treveon Graham4222100.0%
Spencer Hawes to Cody Zeller3222100.0%
Spencer Hawes to Roy Hibbert922633.3%
Roy Hibbert to Kemba Walker642111957.9%
Roy Hibbert to Marco Belinelli2923837.5%
Roy Hibbert to Spencer Hawes722366.7%
Jeremy Lamb to Treveon Graham1423475.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Cody Zeller39221513.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Kemba Walker1462113531.4%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Nicolas Batum3222100.0%
Brian Roberts to Treveon Graham2122728.6%
Brian Roberts to Christian Wood822450.0%
Brian Roberts to Miles Plumlee1122366.7%
Brian Roberts to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2723837.5%
Kemba Walker to Johnny O'Bryant III522450.0%
Kemba Walker to Ramon Sessions39231030.0%
Briante Weber to Treveon Graham1222450.0%
Briante Weber to Jeremy Lamb66272035.0%
Marvin Williams to Roy Hibbert2022540.0%
Marvin Williams to Spencer Hawes1722728.6%
Nicolas Batum to Briante Weber4122100.0%
Nicolas Batum to Christian Wood1111425.0%
Nicolas Batum to Miles Plumlee811250.0%
Marco Belinelli to Christian Wood3111100.0%
Treveon Graham to Frank Kaminsky17121020.0%
Treveon Graham to Jeremy Lamb1312450.0%
Treveon Graham to Kemba Walker1512728.6%
Aaron Harrison to Frank Kaminsky5111100.0%
Spencer Hawes to Brian Roberts1611520.0%
Roy Hibbert to Jeremy Lamb2712825.0%
Roy Hibbert to Ramon Sessions64152619.2%
Frank Kaminsky to Briante Weber6112633.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Miles Plumlee4111100.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Roy Hibbert2212633.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Briante Weber2811333.3%
Jeremy Lamb to Christian Wood1212450.0%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Brian Roberts712366.7%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Jeremy Lamb611250.0%
Miles Plumlee to Treveon Graham6122100.0%
Miles Plumlee to Frank Kaminsky1011333.3%
Miles Plumlee to Brian Roberts1912633.3%
Miles Plumlee to Marvin Williams3111100.0%
Brian Roberts to Briante Weber6122100.0%
Brian Roberts to Johnny O'Bryant III3111100.0%
Brian Roberts to Cody Zeller3011616.7%
Brian Roberts to Nicolas Batum73121414.3%
Mike Tobey to Marco Belinelli411250.0%
Kemba Walker to Treveon Graham1211250.0%
Briante Weber to Christian Wood1011333.3%
Briante Weber to Frank Kaminsky72121513.3%
Briante Weber to Miles Plumlee711250.0%
Briante Weber to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2111100.0%
Briante Weber to Marvin Williams3411333.3%
Marvin Williams to Briante Weber10314944.4%
Marvin Williams to Johnny O'Bryant III3111100.0%
Marvin Williams to Brian Roberts235162722.2%
Christian Wood to Nicolas Batum411250.0%
Christian Wood to Spencer Hawes2122100.0%
Cody Zeller to Ramon Sessions1111520.0%
Nicolas Batum to Treveon Graham40010.0%
Marco Belinelli to Mike Tobey40000.0%
Marco Belinelli to Treveon Graham30020.0%
Marco Belinelli to Johnny O'Bryant III80010.0%
Treveon Graham to Briante Weber2301520.0%
Treveon Graham to Christian Wood30010.0%
Treveon Graham to Aaron Harrison30010.0%
Treveon Graham to Johnny O'Bryant III10000.0%
Treveon Graham to Brian Roberts3301616.7%
Treveon Graham to Miles Plumlee20020.0%
Treveon Graham to Nicolas Batum30000.0%
Treveon Graham to Ramon Sessions40010.0%
Treveon Graham to Marco Belinelli60010.0%
Treveon Graham to Spencer Hawes50020.0%
Treveon Graham to Marvin Williams100030.0%
Aaron Harrison to Christian Wood20010.0%
Aaron Harrison to Brian Roberts80010.0%
Aaron Harrison to Jeremy Lamb10000.0%
Aaron Harrison to Marco Belinelli20000.0%
Spencer Hawes to Treveon Graham90020.0%
Spencer Hawes to Aaron Harrison20000.0%
Roy Hibbert to Marvin Williams160030.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Aaron Harrison40010.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Briante Weber30000.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Christian Wood20010.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Aaron Harrison20000.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Johnny O'Bryant III10000.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Brian Roberts5802728.6%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Miles Plumlee40010.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10000.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Mike Tobey50010.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Aaron Harrison10000.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Johnny O'Bryant III601425.0%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Briante Weber10000.0%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Treveon Graham10000.0%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Kemba Walker50000.0%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Marco Belinelli10000.0%
Johnny O'Bryant III to Marvin Williams50010.0%
Miles Plumlee to Briante Weber1401333.3%
Miles Plumlee to Christian Wood10000.0%
Miles Plumlee to Jeremy Lamb1703742.9%
Miles Plumlee to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist20000.0%
Miles Plumlee to Kemba Walker701425.0%
Miles Plumlee to Nicolas Batum80000.0%
Miles Plumlee to Marco Belinelli1201425.0%
Brian Roberts to Mike Tobey50010.0%
Brian Roberts to Aaron Harrison90030.0%
Brian Roberts to Kemba Walker20000.0%
Brian Roberts to Roy Hibbert10000.0%
Brian Roberts to Ramon Sessions50020.0%
Ramon Sessions to Treveon Graham40030.0%
Ramon Sessions to Brian Roberts40000.0%
Ramon Sessions to Kemba Walker2602540.0%
Mike Tobey to Brian Roberts30010.0%
Mike Tobey to Jeremy Lamb601250.0%
Mike Tobey to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10010.0%
Mike Tobey to Kemba Walker10000.0%
Mike Tobey to Nicolas Batum20000.0%
Mike Tobey to Marvin Williams10000.0%
Kemba Walker to Mike Tobey40000.0%
Kemba Walker to Christian Wood60010.0%
Kemba Walker to Brian Roberts20010.0%
Briante Weber to Cody Zeller3011100.0%
Briante Weber to Brian Roberts80000.0%
Briante Weber to Nicolas Batum80020.0%
Marvin Williams to Mike Tobey10000.0%
Marvin Williams to Treveon Graham9011100.0%
Marvin Williams to Christian Wood20000.0%
Marvin Williams to Miles Plumlee10000.0%
Marvin Williams to Ramon Sessions149031717.6%
Marvin Williams to Marvin Williams10000.0%
Christian Wood to Briante Weber130020.0%
Christian Wood to Treveon Graham40020.0%
Christian Wood to Frank Kaminsky20000.0%
Christian Wood to Brian Roberts2702366.7%
Christian Wood to Miles Plumlee10000.0%
Christian Wood to Jeremy Lamb1601616.7%
Christian Wood to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10000.0%
Christian Wood to Kemba Walker1201250.0%
Christian Wood to Marco Belinelli20000.0%
Christian Wood to Marvin Williams50000.0%
Cody Zeller to Briante Weber30010.0%
Cody Zeller to Treveon Graham50010.0%
Cody Zeller to Brian Roberts2802633.3%
Cody Zeller to Spencer Hawes20000.0%