2015 Charlotte Hornets Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Charlotte Hornets averaged 296 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kemba Walker to Marvin Williams, with 90 assists on 1075 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kemba Walker to Marvin Williams10759010924844.0%
Kemba Walker to Nicolas Batum13698813732342.4%
Nicolas Batum to Cody Zeller402838817849.4%
Nicolas Batum to Marvin Williams461768519344.0%
Nicolas Batum to Kemba Walker10566812028542.1%
Kemba Walker to Cody Zeller384525812546.4%
Kemba Walker to Al Jefferson278426714745.6%
Jeremy Lin to Frank Kaminsky340344410541.9%
Kemba Walker to Frank Kaminsky507344513533.3%
Jeremy Lin to Jeremy Lamb268325310849.1%
Jeremy Lin to Spencer Hawes31032409940.4%
Nicolas Batum to Al Jefferson230315211744.4%
Nicolas Batum to Frank Kaminsky22030409442.6%
Nicolas Batum to Jeremy Lin313305510651.9%
Spencer Hawes to Jeremy Lamb16529387749.4%
Nicolas Batum to PJ Hairston13428297140.8%
Kemba Walker to Jeremy Lin554275216930.8%
Nicolas Batum to Courtney Lee15226316349.2%
Jeremy Lin to Marvin Williams20626297339.7%
Marvin Williams to Nicolas Batum561265313938.1%
Jeremy Lin to Al Jefferson17225377946.8%
Jeremy Lin to Kemba Walker394245613441.8%
Kemba Walker to PJ Hairston21223249026.7%
Spencer Hawes to Jeremy Lin30421348938.2%
Kemba Walker to Troy Daniels10820214645.7%
Marvin Williams to Kemba Walker20882010328536.1%
Frank Kaminsky to Jeremy Lamb19218286245.2%
Jeremy Lamb to Spencer Hawes14318204643.5%
Frank Kaminsky to Troy Daniels8617194146.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Jeremy Lin711174313332.3%
Courtney Lee to Marvin Williams11117224845.8%
Jeremy Lin to Cody Zeller13217175232.7%
Jeremy Lin to Nicolas Batum33516317839.7%
Kemba Walker to Jeremy Lamb24415258031.3%
Al Jefferson to Nicolas Batum14314173943.6%
Kemba Walker to Courtney Lee21414205536.4%
Marvin Williams to Cody Zeller8414153839.5%
Cody Zeller to Kemba Walker504145214136.9%
Cody Zeller to Marvin Williams12014164139.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Nicolas Batum23913215438.9%
Jeremy Lamb to Frank Kaminsky15613195633.9%
Cody Zeller to Nicolas Batum26913237530.7%
Spencer Hawes to Kemba Walker20512235442.6%
Al Jefferson to Kemba Walker22412225738.6%
Al Jefferson to Jeremy Lin12412163545.7%
Courtney Lee to Kemba Walker21911266440.6%
Frank Kaminsky to Kemba Walker1000105615735.7%
Courtney Lee to Nicolas Batum12210122548.0%
Spencer Hawes to Marvin Williams55991850.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Al Jefferson1169246636.4%
Kemba Walker to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist419111668.8%
Kemba Walker to Spencer Hawes2029113928.2%
Nicolas Batum to Spencer Hawes1338113630.6%
Jorge Gutierrez to Troy Daniels25881266.7%
Spencer Hawes to Nicolas Batum1188134628.3%
Al Jefferson to Marvin Williams478111957.9%
Jeremy Lin to PJ Hairston49892240.9%
Brian Roberts to Frank Kaminsky1398134032.5%
Marvin Williams to PJ Hairston1088102441.7%
Marvin Williams to Jeremy Lin3818236833.8%
Marvin Williams to Courtney Lee1348182962.1%
Spencer Hawes to Frank Kaminsky65772924.1%
Spencer Hawes to PJ Hairston24771838.9%
Al Jefferson to Jeremy Lamb787102343.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Nicolas Batum937132356.5%
Jeremy Lin to Troy Daniels75781650.0%
Brian Roberts to Troy Daniels46781457.1%
Nicolas Batum to Jeremy Lamb956144035.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Cody Zeller60682040.0%
Courtney Lee to Al Jefferson416112250.0%
Brian Roberts to Spencer Hawes70662524.0%
Marvin Williams to Al Jefferson38691752.9%
Nicolas Batum to Troy Daniels20551050.0%
PJ Hairston to Jeremy Lin55561735.3%
PJ Hairston to Nicolas Batum101582630.8%
PJ Hairston to Marvin Williams69552123.8%
Al Jefferson to Courtney Lee39551050.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Spencer Hawes44572035.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Marvin Williams23551050.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Kemba Walker1965134032.5%
Courtney Lee to Frank Kaminsky34551050.0%
Jeremy Lin to Tyler Hansbrough25551241.7%
Brian Roberts to Jeremy Lin68581844.4%
Marvin Williams to Jeremy Lamb104593525.7%
Marvin Williams to Spencer Hawes44561346.2%
Cody Zeller to Frank Kaminsky38551241.7%
Cody Zeller to Jeremy Lin1575154037.5%
Cody Zeller to Courtney Lee57572133.3%
Nicolas Batum to Brian Roberts45481266.7%
Troy Daniels to Frank Kaminsky48451827.8%
Troy Daniels to Al Jefferson304112055.0%
PJ Hairston to Kemba Walker2014204841.7%
Spencer Hawes to Troy Daniels29461154.5%
Jeremy Lamb to Jeremy Lin212495018.0%
Courtney Lee to Cody Zeller58442416.7%
Courtney Lee to Jeremy Lin61471163.6%
Jeremy Lin to Courtney Lee68451926.3%
Nicolas Batum to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist36371643.8%
Troy Daniels to Tyler Hansbrough24351241.7%
Jorge Gutierrez to Jeremy Lamb1033475.0%
PJ Hairston to Frank Kaminsky2034580.0%
PJ Hairston to Al Jefferson29371450.0%
Spencer Hawes to Cody Zeller1533650.0%
Spencer Hawes to Brian Roberts55331225.0%
Spencer Hawes to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist1034666.7%
Spencer Hawes to Al Jefferson935683.3%
Frank Kaminsky to PJ Hairston41341136.4%
Frank Kaminsky to Brian Roberts2613103033.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Marvin Williams51341136.4%
Frank Kaminsky to Al Jefferson31361637.5%
Jeremy Lamb to PJ Hairston1233742.9%
Jeremy Lamb to Brian Roberts3434850.0%
Courtney Lee to Troy Daniels733560.0%
Brian Roberts to Jeremy Lamb45361540.0%
Brian Roberts to Tyler Hansbrough29331421.4%
Brian Roberts to Marvin Williams2333650.0%
Marvin Williams to Frank Kaminsky34341233.3%
Marvin Williams to Troy Daniels1533650.0%
Cody Zeller to PJ Hairston29331030.0%
Cody Zeller to Jeremy Lamb44351145.5%
Troy Daniels to Cody Zeller722366.7%
Troy Daniels to Spencer Hawes3024850.0%
Jorge Gutierrez to Spencer Hawes21233100.0%
PJ Hairston to Spencer Hawes2722825.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Troy Daniels1522540.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Brian Roberts41231225.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Nicolas Batum1522540.0%
Aaron Harrison to Tyler Hansbrough922540.0%
Al Jefferson to Frank Kaminsky2122728.6%
Al Jefferson to PJ Hairston2622728.6%
Al Jefferson to Troy Daniels1522540.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Courtney Lee41221216.7%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Nicolas Batum2922728.6%
Jeremy Lamb to Troy Daniels23221118.2%
Jeremy Lamb to Tyler Hansbrough1622540.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Courtney Lee922450.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Marvin Williams57221414.3%
Courtney Lee to Jeremy Lamb1222540.0%
Jeremy Lin to Brian Roberts37241330.8%
Jeremy Lin to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist1422540.0%
Brian Roberts to Aaron Harrison1322728.6%
Kemba Walker to Brian Roberts2322633.3%
Cody Zeller to Al Jefferson1524850.0%
Nicolas Batum to Jorge Gutierrez2111100.0%
Nicolas Batum to Tyler Hansbrough2312728.6%
Troy Daniels to Aaron Harrison611250.0%
Troy Daniels to Brian Roberts2814850.0%
Troy Daniels to Jeremy Lamb1313560.0%
Troy Daniels to Jeremy Lin63121118.2%
Troy Daniels to Nicolas Batum2011425.0%
Troy Daniels to Courtney Lee2111100.0%
Jorge Gutierrez to Frank Kaminsky1011333.3%
Jorge Gutierrez to Aaron Harrison1411616.7%
Jorge Gutierrez to Nicolas Batum311250.0%
Jorge Gutierrez to Al Jefferson411250.0%
PJ Hairston to Cody Zeller4311128.3%
PJ Hairston to Jeremy Lamb1111250.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Frank Kaminsky1712633.3%
Spencer Hawes to Tyler Hansbrough511425.0%
Spencer Hawes to Courtney Lee1011333.3%
Al Jefferson to Spencer Hawes1111100.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist311333.3%
Frank Kaminsky to Tyler Hansbrough1012450.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Frank Kaminsky411250.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Jeremy Lin1513650.0%
Brian Roberts to PJ Hairston1711520.0%
Brian Roberts to Kemba Walker1911425.0%
Marvin Williams to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist27121020.0%
Marvin Williams to Tyler Hansbrough611250.0%
Cody Zeller to Troy Daniels3111100.0%
Nicolas Batum to Nicolas Batum30000.0%
Troy Daniels to PJ Hairston50030.0%
Troy Daniels to Jorge Gutierrez12011100.0%
Troy Daniels to Kemba Walker76051926.3%
Troy Daniels to Marvin Williams80030.0%
Jorge Gutierrez to Jeremy Lin10000.0%
Jorge Gutierrez to Tyler Hansbrough100030.0%
Jorge Gutierrez to Courtney Lee20000.0%
PJ Hairston to Troy Daniels50000.0%
PJ Hairston to Brian Roberts1703475.0%
PJ Hairston to Tyler Hansbrough80010.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Aaron Harrison40000.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to PJ Hairston30020.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Jorge Gutierrez100020.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Jeremy Lamb110020.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist10000.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Kemba Walker2201714.3%
Tyler Hansbrough to Jeremy Lin1902633.3%
Tyler Hansbrough to Tyler Hansbrough10000.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Courtney Lee20010.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Spencer Hawes10000.0%
Tyler Hansbrough to Marvin Williams60000.0%
Aaron Harrison to Frank Kaminsky70010.0%
Aaron Harrison to PJ Hairston20010.0%
Aaron Harrison to Troy Daniels60030.0%
Aaron Harrison to Jorge Gutierrez110010.0%
Aaron Harrison to Brian Roberts11022100.0%
Aaron Harrison to Jeremy Lamb10000.0%
Aaron Harrison to Jeremy Lin70020.0%
Aaron Harrison to Spencer Hawes20000.0%
Spencer Hawes to Aaron Harrison40000.0%
Spencer Hawes to Jorge Gutierrez260010.0%
Al Jefferson to Cody Zeller301250.0%
Al Jefferson to Jorge Gutierrez40010.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Aaron Harrison110020.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Cody Zeller130020.0%
Frank Kaminsky to Jorge Gutierrez40033100.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Cody Zeller6011100.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Brian Roberts6011100.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Kemba Walker3501119.1%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Tyler Hansbrough10010.0%
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to Spencer Hawes90010.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Jorge Gutierrez8011100.0%
Jeremy Lamb to Jeremy Lamb10000.0%
Courtney Lee to Jorge Gutierrez20000.0%
Courtney Lee to Tyler Hansbrough30000.0%
Courtney Lee to Spencer Hawes1501520.0%
Jeremy Lin to Aaron Harrison20010.0%
Jeremy Lin to Jeremy Lin30000.0%
Brian Roberts to Cody Zeller140010.0%
Brian Roberts to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist60020.0%
Brian Roberts to Nicolas Batum4002728.6%
Kemba Walker to Aaron Harrison10000.0%
Kemba Walker to Tyler Hansbrough150040.0%
Kemba Walker to LeBron James10000.0%
Marvin Williams to Aaron Harrison20000.0%
Marvin Williams to Brian Roberts56031127.3%
Cody Zeller to Brian Roberts2201333.3%
Cody Zeller to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist1101425.0%
Cody Zeller to Spencer Hawes170010.0%