2017 Indiana Pacers Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Indiana Pacers averaged 298 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Darren Collison to Myles Turner, with 79 assists on 474 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Darren Collison to Myles Turner474798220540.0%
Victor Oladipo to Myles Turner470718618845.7%
Darren Collison to Thaddeus Young553659720148.3%
Darren Collison to Bojan Bogdanovic510638219542.1%
Victor Oladipo to Domantas Sabonis441617013850.7%
Victor Oladipo to Bojan Bogdanovic341607818043.3%
Lance Stephenson to Domantas Sabonis399596916342.3%
Victor Oladipo to Thaddeus Young441567416544.8%
Darren Collison to Victor Oladipo8855513431742.3%
Cory Joseph to Domantas Sabonis605486212350.4%
Thaddeus Young to Bojan Bogdanovic284485611449.1%
Darren Collison to Domantas Sabonis401444711441.2%
Cory Joseph to Bojan Bogdanovic329384712138.8%
Domantas Sabonis to Victor Oladipo587378018543.2%
Thaddeus Young to Victor Oladipo618379420645.6%
Cory Joseph to Victor Oladipo521348320141.3%
Cory Joseph to Thaddeus Young348334911741.9%
Victor Oladipo to Darren Collison639316113345.9%
Lance Stephenson to Thaddeus Young13030326152.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Thaddeus Young22429489550.5%
Cory Joseph to Myles Turner32728338439.3%
Darren Collison to Lance Stephenson23925459348.4%
Domantas Sabonis to Cory Joseph801254811840.7%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Victor Oladipo356245212342.3%
Lance Stephenson to Bojan Bogdanovic13722326549.2%
Thaddeus Young to Darren Collison93422379339.8%
Myles Turner to Thaddeus Young22721245841.4%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Darren Collison36520296246.8%
Lance Stephenson to Al Jefferson12320355959.3%
Myles Turner to Bojan Bogdanovic21020356752.2%
Cory Joseph to Lance Stephenson450195414736.7%
Domantas Sabonis to Lance Stephenson42019399043.3%
Lance Stephenson to Myles Turner13019224845.8%
Lance Stephenson to Cory Joseph39619297638.2%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Myles Turner20517265052.0%
Lance Stephenson to T.J. Leaf8417214744.7%
Thaddeus Young to Myles Turner12517225440.7%
Domantas Sabonis to Thaddeus Young16616204643.5%
Myles Turner to Victor Oladipo513166513946.8%
Myles Turner to Darren Collison70016468156.8%
Victor Oladipo to Cory Joseph34415277237.5%
Domantas Sabonis to Bojan Bogdanovic22615307938.0%
Lance Stephenson to Victor Oladipo17415287736.4%
Domantas Sabonis to Darren Collison56414378145.7%
Lance Stephenson to Darren Collison23014265250.0%
Cory Joseph to Al Jefferson16513204643.5%
Darren Collison to Al Jefferson9212142850.0%
Cory Joseph to Darren Collison26312256339.7%
Victor Oladipo to Lance Stephenson12512225341.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Domantas Sabonis17511163151.6%
Darren Collison to Cory Joseph18711153148.4%
Cory Joseph to T.J. Leaf10411123237.5%
Domantas Sabonis to Joe Young20011153345.5%
Thaddeus Young to Cory Joseph53510246437.5%
Cory Joseph to Joe Young859102934.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Cory Joseph2478205337.7%
Al Jefferson to Cory Joseph2008183650.0%
Victor Oladipo to Al Jefferson628101952.6%
Joe Young to Domantas Sabonis1298122941.4%
Thaddeus Young to Domantas Sabonis868142556.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Lance Stephenson1157224450.0%
Lance Stephenson to Joe Young937143342.4%
Lance Stephenson to Glenn Robinson III50791752.9%
Thaddeus Young to Lance Stephenson1897234847.9%
Darren Collison to Trevor Booker29661154.5%
Al Jefferson to Joe Young796102147.6%
Al Jefferson to Darren Collison1045101855.6%
Cory Joseph to Trevor Booker54581844.4%
Myles Turner to Cory Joseph4555245444.4%
Joe Young to Glenn Robinson III2155955.6%
Trevor Booker to Domantas Sabonis1044666.7%
Trevor Booker to Cory Joseph110471741.2%
Darren Collison to T.J. Leaf28451145.5%
Al Jefferson to Thaddeus Young2346966.7%
Domantas Sabonis to Glenn Robinson III57451435.7%
Myles Turner to Lance Stephenson1384103627.8%
Joe Young to Al Jefferson50481361.5%
Trevor Booker to Glenn Robinson III1633742.9%
Darren Collison to Glenn Robinson III1533742.9%
Cory Joseph to Glenn Robinson III43341428.6%
T.J. Leaf to Cory Joseph182382334.8%
Glenn Robinson III to Lance Stephenson58392240.9%
Glenn Robinson III to Trevor Booker1333933.3%
Domantas Sabonis to T.J. Leaf1633650.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Myles Turner21331127.3%
Lance Stephenson to Trevor Booker41351631.3%
Myles Turner to Domantas Sabonis2833933.3%
Joe Young to T.J. Leaf40351533.3%
Joe Young to Alex Poythress1633742.9%
Joe Young to Myles Turner2133742.9%
Joe Young to Bojan Bogdanovic38371258.3%
Joe Young to Damien Wilkins2033933.3%
Trevor Booker to Lance Stephenson58251729.4%
Trevor Booker to Darren Collison68251241.7%
Al Jefferson to Domantas Sabonis1622633.3%
Al Jefferson to Lance Stephenson122252420.8%
Cory Joseph to Alex Poythress922366.7%
T.J. Leaf to Domantas Sabonis1222366.7%
Victor Oladipo to Trevor Booker18244100.0%
Victor Oladipo to Damien Wilkins4222100.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Victor Oladipo1625771.4%
Glenn Robinson III to Bojan Bogdanovic1222633.3%
Glenn Robinson III to Thaddeus Young3233100.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Al Jefferson723475.0%
Damien Wilkins to T.J. Leaf9222100.0%
Damien Wilkins to Al Jefferson6222100.0%
Joe Young to Cory Joseph88271741.2%
Joe Young to Lance Stephenson109294022.5%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Joe Young3011333.3%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Glenn Robinson III1211425.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Al Jefferson2914850.0%
Trevor Booker to Victor Oladipo28151050.0%
Trevor Booker to Bojan Bogdanovic2111714.3%
Trevor Booker to Thaddeus Young2111100.0%
Al Jefferson to T.J. Leaf2912450.0%
Al Jefferson to Victor Oladipo841122254.5%
Al Jefferson to Bojan Bogdanovic2812825.0%
T.J. Leaf to Joe Young66131127.3%
T.J. Leaf to Bojan Bogdanovic911250.0%
T.J. Leaf to Lance Stephenson104152222.7%
T.J. Leaf to Darren Collison3412540.0%
T.J. Leaf to Al Jefferson913650.0%
Ben Moore to Alex Poythress1111100.0%
Alex Poythress to Cory Joseph2413475.0%
Alex Poythress to Al Jefferson3111100.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Domantas Sabonis3611333.3%
Glenn Robinson III to Myles Turner811250.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Darren Collison22144100.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Al Jefferson511333.3%
Domantas Sabonis to Alex Poythress6111100.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Trevor Booker2412633.3%
Lance Stephenson to Alex Poythress812366.7%
Myles Turner to Glenn Robinson III1111425.0%
Damien Wilkins to Ike Anigbogu711250.0%
Damien Wilkins to Alex Poythress711333.3%
Damien Wilkins to Cory Joseph2712450.0%
Damien Wilkins to Lance Stephenson2314850.0%
Damien Wilkins to Darren Collison911250.0%
Joe Young to Ike Anigbogu1111425.0%
Joe Young to Victor Oladipo40151435.7%
Joe Young to Thaddeus Young34141233.3%
Thaddeus Young to Joe Young5715771.4%
Thaddeus Young to Al Jefferson711616.7%
Ike Anigbogu to T.J. Leaf30000.0%
Ike Anigbogu to Alex Poythress20010.0%
Ike Anigbogu to Joe Young2203650.0%
Ike Anigbogu to Bojan Bogdanovic10000.0%
Ike Anigbogu to Cory Joseph60000.0%
Ike Anigbogu to Lance Stephenson40000.0%
Ike Anigbogu to Damien Wilkins60000.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to T.J. Leaf10010.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Alex Poythress10010.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Trevor Booker110010.0%
Bojan Bogdanovic to Damien Wilkins10000.0%
Trevor Booker to T.J. Leaf10010.0%
Trevor Booker to Joe Young11011100.0%
Trevor Booker to Myles Turner401425.0%
Trevor Booker to Al Jefferson30020.0%
Darren Collison to Joe Young20010.0%
Darren Collison to Damien Wilkins60010.0%
Al Jefferson to Alex Poythress20000.0%
Al Jefferson to Glenn Robinson III80020.0%
Al Jefferson to Trevor Booker50000.0%
Al Jefferson to Damien Wilkins90010.0%
Cory Joseph to Ben Moore10000.0%
Cory Joseph to Ike Anigbogu40010.0%
Cory Joseph to Damien Wilkins3101714.3%
T.J. Leaf to Alex Poythress50010.0%
T.J. Leaf to Myles Turner20010.0%
T.J. Leaf to Glenn Robinson III60030.0%
T.J. Leaf to Victor Oladipo1303837.5%
T.J. Leaf to Trevor Booker10010.0%
T.J. Leaf to Thaddeus Young20000.0%
T.J. Leaf to Damien Wilkins1501333.3%
Trey McKinney-Jones to Joe Young10000.0%
Ben Moore to Joe Young10010.0%
Ben Moore to Bojan Bogdanovic10000.0%
Ben Moore to Cory Joseph40010.0%
Ben Moore to Lance Stephenson10000.0%
Victor Oladipo to T.J. Leaf40010.0%
Victor Oladipo to Joe Young200050.0%
Victor Oladipo to Glenn Robinson III50020.0%
Alex Poythress to Edmond Sumner10000.0%
Alex Poythress to T.J. Leaf20000.0%
Alex Poythress to Ike Anigbogu40000.0%
Alex Poythress to Domantas Sabonis20000.0%
Alex Poythress to Joe Young3503837.5%
Alex Poythress to Myles Turner10000.0%
Alex Poythress to Glenn Robinson III10000.0%
Alex Poythress to Victor Oladipo301250.0%
Alex Poythress to Lance Stephenson1101333.3%
Alex Poythress to Darren Collison20000.0%
Alex Poythress to Damien Wilkins60010.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Edmond Sumner10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to T.J. Leaf30000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Alex Poythress10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Joe Young2102450.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Cory Joseph73051145.5%
Domantas Sabonis to Ben Moore10000.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Tyler Dorsey10000.0%
Domantas Sabonis to Damien Wilkins2302540.0%
Lance Stephenson to Ike Anigbogu10000.0%
Lance Stephenson to Damien Wilkins1801616.7%
Edmond Sumner to Alex Poythress20010.0%
Myles Turner to T.J. Leaf20010.0%
Myles Turner to Joe Young2901333.3%
Myles Turner to Trevor Booker60000.0%
Myles Turner to Damien Wilkins3011100.0%
Damien Wilkins to Domantas Sabonis13022100.0%
Damien Wilkins to Joe Young2904850.0%
Damien Wilkins to Myles Turner30000.0%
Damien Wilkins to Victor Oladipo4011100.0%
Damien Wilkins to Bojan Bogdanovic10000.0%
Damien Wilkins to Thaddeus Young10000.0%
Joe Young to Ben Moore10000.0%
Joe Young to Edmond Sumner10000.0%
Joe Young to Trevor Booker100030.0%
Joe Young to Darren Collison40000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Glenn Robinson III20000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Damien Wilkins30010.0%