2022 Indiana Pacers Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Indiana Pacers averaged 305 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tyrese Haliburton to Buddy Hield, with 140 assists on 1083 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tyrese Haliburton to Buddy Hield108314016839143.0%
Tyrese Haliburton to Myles Turner68412713528347.7%
T.J. McConnell to Bennedict Mathurin6868911931038.4%
Andrew Nembhard to Myles Turner336697614552.4%
Tyrese Haliburton to Aaron Nesmith394657316644.0%
Tyrese Haliburton to Jalen Smith345626416239.5%
T.J. McConnell to Buddy Hield433627114449.3%
Tyrese Haliburton to Andrew Nembhard573607314849.3%
Tyrese Haliburton to Bennedict Mathurin375486015738.2%
Andrew Nembhard to Isaiah Jackson19546488755.2%
Andrew Nembhard to Buddy Hield365384611141.4%
T.J. McConnell to Myles Turner221374311138.7%
Andrew Nembhard to Aaron Nesmith244373910636.8%
T.J. McConnell to Oshae Brissett293363811433.3%
Buddy Hield to Tyrese Haliburton11493511123846.6%
Andrew Nembhard to Bennedict Mathurin327354613933.1%
Buddy Hield to Myles Turner25033429842.9%
Andrew Nembhard to Jalen Smith18733348042.5%
Myles Turner to Buddy Hield29533428748.3%
Buddy Hield to Aaron Nesmith20328368741.4%
T.J. McConnell to Jalen Smith17728326847.1%
Tyrese Haliburton to Isaiah Jackson12826275251.9%
T.J. McConnell to Aaron Nesmith24726309531.6%
T.J. McConnell to Isaiah Jackson18125275846.6%
T.J. McConnell to Chris Duarte330253911932.8%
Buddy Hield to Bennedict Mathurin18424308037.5%
Andrew Nembhard to Tyrese Haliburton466245010846.3%
Buddy Hield to Andrew Nembhard520234811043.6%
Buddy Hield to Jalen Smith13422225044.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Buddy Hield17119225540.0%
T.J. McConnell to Jordan Nwora11919266043.3%
T.J. McConnell to Andrew Nembhard20818225242.3%
Andrew Nembhard to Jordan Nwora14018255545.5%
Aaron Nesmith to Myles Turner11318224351.2%
Aaron Nesmith to Tyrese Haliburton52616419941.4%
Aaron Nesmith to Andrew Nembhard38716357050.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Myles Turner8915193455.9%
Andrew Nembhard to Oshae Brissett12315175530.9%
Myles Turner to Aaron Nesmith8915173548.6%
Chris Duarte to Myles Turner6614163053.3%
Bennedict Mathurin to T.J. McConnell47014357546.7%
Tyrese Haliburton to Jordan Nwora4613152365.2%
Buddy Hield to Chris Duarte8413143342.4%
Jalen Smith to Buddy Hield15213163743.2%
Myles Turner to Tyrese Haliburton643135010448.1%
Tyrese Haliburton to Oshae Brissett9612143737.8%
Buddy Hield to T.J. McConnell52912459050.0%
Isaiah Jackson to Bennedict Mathurin11512205536.4%
Bennedict Mathurin to Andrew Nembhard27212266838.2%
Tyrese Haliburton to T.J. McConnell14411183256.3%
Buddy Hield to Isaiah Jackson8211112642.3%
T.J. McConnell to Tyrese Haliburton17911153246.9%
Aaron Nesmith to Buddy Hield15411173943.6%
Jordan Nwora to Jalen Smith4111121675.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Jalen Smith6410102441.7%
Bennedict Mathurin to Aaron Nesmith11610113432.4%
Jalen Smith to Myles Turner4510101566.7%
Jalen Smith to T.J. McConnell24810202871.4%
Oshae Brissett to Bennedict Mathurin1349144630.4%
Myles Turner to Bennedict Mathurin1409225540.0%
Chris Duarte to Buddy Hield59892045.0%
Tyrese Haliburton to Daniel Theis34881747.1%
Buddy Hield to Jordan Nwora42881747.1%
Isaiah Jackson to Tyrese Haliburton1728224351.2%
Bennedict Mathurin to Chris Duarte788122941.4%
Bennedict Mathurin to Tyrese Haliburton3468347744.2%
Andrew Nembhard to Chris Duarte878113234.4%
Aaron Nesmith to Bennedict Mathurin978153839.5%
Aaron Nesmith to Jalen Smith48881942.1%
Jordan Nwora to Aaron Nesmith39891464.3%
Jalen Smith to Oshae Brissett38881650.0%
George Hill to Buddy Hield36771258.3%
Isaiah Jackson to Aaron Nesmith457101952.6%
Jalen Smith to Bennedict Mathurin1037144531.1%
Myles Turner to Andrew Nembhard2237124725.5%
Chris Duarte to Jalen Smith57662030.0%
Chris Duarte to Tyrese Haliburton104681942.1%
Isaiah Jackson to Buddy Hield108682927.6%
Bennedict Mathurin to Oshae Brissett86662326.1%
Andrew Nembhard to James Johnson2466966.7%
Aaron Nesmith to Jordan Nwora35671450.0%
Jordan Nwora to Bennedict Mathurin39691560.0%
Goga Bitadze to Bennedict Mathurin33572035.0%
Oshae Brissett to Andrew Nembhard2085143342.4%
Oshae Brissett to Buddy Hield93571936.8%
Chris Duarte to Andrew Nembhard116582040.0%
Chris Duarte to T.J. McConnell2995194047.5%
Tyrese Haliburton to Chris Duarte90592931.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Isaiah Jackson73582334.8%
T.J. McConnell to Terry Taylor39561637.5%
Andrew Nembhard to T.J. McConnell1825152951.7%
Aaron Nesmith to T.J. McConnell3555224351.2%
Jordan Nwora to Buddy Hield34561442.9%
Jalen Smith to Andrew Nembhard1745113036.7%
Oshae Brissett to Tyrese Haliburton1484102835.7%
Oshae Brissett to Jordan Nwora1945955.6%
Chris Duarte to Oshae Brissett35441040.0%
Chris Duarte to Goga Bitadze1544666.7%
Tyrese Haliburton to Terry Taylor3644850.0%
Buddy Hield to Oshae Brissett66452123.8%
George Hill to Oshae Brissett36441428.6%
Isaiah Jackson to Andrew Nembhard160472330.4%
Isaiah Jackson to T.J. McConnell2404173548.6%
T.J. McConnell to Goga Bitadze61441330.8%
T.J. McConnell to Daniel Theis3944850.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Isaiah Jackson44441330.8%
Jordan Nwora to Isaiah Jackson2444757.1%
Jalen Smith to Tyrese Haliburton4244255942.4%
Jalen Smith to Jordan Nwora26451145.5%
Goga Bitadze to Chris Duarte2034757.1%
Goga Bitadze to Buddy Hield1433560.0%
Oshae Brissett to Isaiah Jackson2533475.0%
Oshae Brissett to Aaron Nesmith38341330.8%
Oshae Brissett to Myles Turner2233650.0%
Oshae Brissett to T.J. McConnell4413306347.6%
Chris Duarte to Bennedict Mathurin63331618.8%
Chris Duarte to Isaiah Jackson2433837.5%
Tyrese Haliburton to Goga Bitadze3533933.3%
Buddy Hield to Terry Taylor2033742.9%
Buddy Hield to Gabe York1033560.0%
George Hill to Jalen Smith2133933.3%
Isaiah Jackson to Chris Duarte43331421.4%
James Johnson to Isaiah Jackson933650.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Goga Bitadze15333100.0%
T.J. McConnell to Trevelin Queen1633742.9%
T.J. McConnell to George Hill2933742.9%
Andrew Nembhard to George Hill1433560.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Oshae Brissett50331323.1%
Jordan Nwora to Tyrese Haliburton50351241.7%
Jordan Nwora to Andrew Nembhard118371643.8%
Jordan Nwora to Myles Turner1533837.5%
Jordan Nwora to George Hill17333100.0%
Jalen Smith to Aaron Nesmith44331323.1%
Terry Taylor to Buddy Hield1934757.1%
Daniel Theis to Buddy Hield2034850.0%
Myles Turner to Chris Duarte44361637.5%
Myles Turner to Jalen Smith24331717.6%
Myles Turner to T.J. McConnell1653122060.0%
Goga Bitadze to T.J. McConnell5823837.5%
Oshae Brissett to George Hill3722540.0%
Chris Duarte to Terry Taylor822450.0%
Buddy Hield to George Hill3822540.0%
George Hill to Jordan Nwora1122633.3%
George Hill to James Johnson2823837.5%
Isaiah Jackson to Oshae Brissett43221811.1%
Isaiah Jackson to Goga Bitadze2222100.0%
James Johnson to Bennedict Mathurin1722450.0%
James Johnson to Jordan Nwora1022366.7%
James Johnson to Gabe York522450.0%
James Johnson to Buddy Hield2322825.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Terry Taylor1722450.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Jordan Nwora37241233.3%
Bennedict Mathurin to Daniel Theis1022633.3%
Andrew Nembhard to Goga Bitadze2922922.2%
Aaron Nesmith to Goga Bitadze5222100.0%
Jordan Nwora to Chris Duarte1322540.0%
Terry Taylor to Bennedict Mathurin2223933.3%
Terry Taylor to Chris Duarte1022633.3%
Daniel Theis to Aaron Nesmith4222100.0%
Myles Turner to Oshae Brissett2223650.0%
Gabe York to Buddy Hield1023475.0%
Goga Bitadze to Jalen Smith211250.0%
Goga Bitadze to Aaron Nesmith1112540.0%
Goga Bitadze to Andrew Nembhard28122100.0%
Goga Bitadze to Oshae Brissett1111425.0%
Oshae Brissett to Chris Duarte38121315.4%
Oshae Brissett to Jalen Smith2611119.1%
Oshae Brissett to Daniel Theis1111100.0%
Kendall Brown to Andrew Nembhard5111100.0%
Kendall Brown to Oshae Brissett4111100.0%
Kendall Brown to T.J. McConnell6111100.0%
Chris Duarte to Trevelin Queen311250.0%
Chris Duarte to Aaron Nesmith2111911.1%
Chris Duarte to Jordan Nwora1212728.6%
Chris Duarte to Daniel Theis711250.0%
Buddy Hield to Goga Bitadze1211250.0%
Buddy Hield to Daniel Theis1011333.3%
Buddy Hield to James Johnson2113475.0%
George Hill to Isaiah Jackson711250.0%
George Hill to Andrew Nembhard2011425.0%
George Hill to Gabe York611250.0%
Isaiah Jackson to Trevelin Queen811333.3%
Isaiah Jackson to Jalen Smith1011520.0%
Isaiah Jackson to Jordan Nwora23111010.0%
James Johnson to Chris Duarte1413650.0%
James Johnson to Tyrese Haliburton1411333.3%
James Johnson to Andrew Nembhard2011616.7%
James Johnson to George Hill1911250.0%
T.J. McConnell to Kendall Brown4111100.0%
T.J. McConnell to James Johnson2012540.0%
Andrew Nembhard to Daniel Theis1011333.3%
Andrew Nembhard to Gabe York6111100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Daniel Theis8111100.0%
Jordan Nwora to Daniel Theis411250.0%
Jordan Nwora to T.J. McConnell109151241.7%
Trevelin Queen to Terry Taylor2111100.0%
Trevelin Queen to Isaiah Jackson811333.3%
Trevelin Queen to Jalen Smith511250.0%
Trevelin Queen to Buddy Hield1311425.0%
Trevelin Queen to T.J. McConnell9111100.0%
Trevelin Queen to James Johnson3111100.0%
Jalen Smith to Isaiah Jackson1511425.0%
Jalen Smith to Chris Duarte62142020.0%
Terry Taylor to Jalen Smith2111100.0%
Terry Taylor to Oshae Brissett411250.0%
Terry Taylor to T.J. McConnell4314580.0%
Daniel Theis to Bennedict Mathurin27141428.6%
Daniel Theis to Tyrese Haliburton2811250.0%
Daniel Theis to Oshae Brissett2111100.0%
Daniel Theis to T.J. McConnell1912366.7%
Myles Turner to Jordan Nwora1512633.3%
Gabe York to Bennedict Mathurin511250.0%
Gabe York to Aaron Nesmith2111100.0%
Gabe York to George Hill811333.3%
Goga Bitadze to Kendall Brown10000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Terry Taylor30000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Isaiah Jackson10000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Trevelin Queen40000.0%
Goga Bitadze to Tyrese Haliburton4302922.2%
Goga Bitadze to James Johnson60010.0%
Oshae Brissett to Kendall Brown40000.0%
Oshae Brissett to Terry Taylor60010.0%
Oshae Brissett to Trevelin Queen30010.0%
Oshae Brissett to Goga Bitadze60000.0%
Oshae Brissett to Gabe York40010.0%
Oshae Brissett to James Johnson1802540.0%
Kendall Brown to Bennedict Mathurin10000.0%
Kendall Brown to Terry Taylor10010.0%
Kendall Brown to Isaiah Jackson90020.0%
Kendall Brown to Trevelin Queen10000.0%
Kendall Brown to Jalen Smith1011100.0%
Kendall Brown to Buddy Hield2011100.0%
Chris Duarte to James Johnson80020.0%
Chris Duarte to George Hill10000.0%
Tyrese Haliburton to Tyrese Haliburton10000.0%
Tyrese Haliburton to James Johnson130030.0%
Buddy Hield to Kendall Brown10000.0%
Buddy Hield to Trevelin Queen170020.0%
George Hill to Bennedict Mathurin1101333.3%
George Hill to Chris Duarte20000.0%
George Hill to Aaron Nesmith60020.0%
George Hill to Myles Turner30010.0%
George Hill to T.J. McConnell4007887.5%
Isaiah Jackson to Kendall Brown20010.0%
Isaiah Jackson to Terry Taylor40010.0%
Isaiah Jackson to Gabe York40020.0%
Isaiah Jackson to James Johnson40000.0%
Isaiah Jackson to George Hill8022100.0%
James Johnson to Terry Taylor30010.0%
James Johnson to Trevelin Queen30010.0%
James Johnson to Jalen Smith70030.0%
James Johnson to Aaron Nesmith40000.0%
James Johnson to Oshae Brissett90030.0%
James Johnson to Goga Bitadze20000.0%
James Johnson to T.J. McConnell1101250.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Kendall Brown50000.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Trevelin Queen70010.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to Gabe York30000.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to James Johnson50020.0%
Bennedict Mathurin to George Hill90000.0%
T.J. McConnell to Gabe York60020.0%
Andrew Nembhard to Kendall Brown601250.0%
Andrew Nembhard to Terry Taylor1701425.0%
Andrew Nembhard to Trevelin Queen1101520.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Terry Taylor3011100.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Chris Duarte90030.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Trevelin Queen40010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to Gabe York30020.0%
Aaron Nesmith to James Johnson10010.0%
Aaron Nesmith to George Hill60010.0%
Jordan Nwora to Oshae Brissett60010.0%
Jordan Nwora to Gabe York20010.0%
Jordan Nwora to James Johnson5022100.0%
Trevelin Queen to Kendall Brown20010.0%
Trevelin Queen to Bennedict Mathurin1301520.0%
Trevelin Queen to Chris Duarte30000.0%
Trevelin Queen to Aaron Nesmith10000.0%
Trevelin Queen to Andrew Nembhard120010.0%
Trevelin Queen to Oshae Brissett30000.0%
Trevelin Queen to Goga Bitadze20010.0%
Trevelin Queen to Myles Turner4011100.0%
Jalen Smith to Terry Taylor40000.0%
Jalen Smith to Trevelin Queen30000.0%
Jalen Smith to Goga Bitadze10000.0%
Jalen Smith to James Johnson5011100.0%
Jalen Smith to George Hill2201250.0%
Terry Taylor to Isaiah Jackson60010.0%
Terry Taylor to Trevelin Queen70030.0%
Terry Taylor to Aaron Nesmith10000.0%
Terry Taylor to Tyrese Haliburton48041040.0%
Terry Taylor to Andrew Nembhard210020.0%
Terry Taylor to Goga Bitadze10000.0%
Terry Taylor to Myles Turner40000.0%
Terry Taylor to James Johnson40020.0%
Daniel Theis to Chris Duarte70010.0%
Daniel Theis to Jordan Nwora20010.0%
Daniel Theis to Andrew Nembhard4011100.0%
Daniel Theis to George Hill10000.0%
Myles Turner to Terry Taylor10000.0%
Myles Turner to Trevelin Queen20000.0%
Myles Turner to George Hill40010.0%
Gabe York to Jordan Nwora30010.0%
Gabe York to Andrew Nembhard40000.0%
Gabe York to Oshae Brissett40010.0%
Gabe York to T.J. McConnell20000.0%
Gabe York to James Johnson20000.0%