2015 Indiana Pacers Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Indiana Pacers averaged 304 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Monta Ellis to Paul George, with 92 assists on 1060 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Monta Ellis to Paul George10609216643837.9%
Paul George to Ian Mahinmi400758014953.7%
Monta Ellis to Ian Mahinmi506687513356.4%
George Hill to Paul George9496513735338.8%
Paul George to George Hill800517316843.5%
Monta Ellis to Myles Turner276475212143.0%
Paul George to Myles Turner203465110051.0%
Monta Ellis to CJ Miles249435312442.7%
Monta Ellis to George Hill673395514238.7%
Paul George to Monta Ellis754368222037.3%
George Hill to Monta Ellis1040358824236.4%
Ian Mahinmi to Paul George442346316937.3%
Monta Ellis to Jordan Hill355334710644.3%
Paul George to Jordan Hill21332398645.3%
George Hill to Ian Mahinmi481324410044.0%
Paul George to Lavoy Allen22530336253.2%
George Hill to Myles Turner277304011435.1%
George Hill to CJ Miles25729399640.6%
Monta Ellis to Lavoy Allen33827308137.0%
Paul George to CJ Miles19624298334.9%
George Hill to Jordan Hill36324358342.2%
Lavoy Allen to Paul George27222389938.4%
Rodney Stuckey to CJ Miles10821256141.0%
Joe Young to Myles Turner6221223562.9%
Rodney Stuckey to Lavoy Allen14220214151.2%
George Hill to Lavoy Allen24318214250.0%
Jordan Hill to Monta Ellis42818489351.6%
Rodney Stuckey to Jordan Hill18218285749.1%
Paul George to Rodney Stuckey14216165131.4%
Ian Mahinmi to George Hill72816329334.4%
Ian Mahinmi to Monta Ellis640154911741.9%
CJ Miles to Paul George18915267335.6%
Monta Ellis to Solomon Hill11514203066.7%
Rodney Stuckey to Paul George17014197425.7%
Jordan Hill to Paul George25013268431.0%
Jordan Hill to George Hill57513235046.0%
Jordan Hill to CJ Miles12913215935.6%
Ty Lawson to Myles Turner4713152951.7%
Ty Lawson to Rodney Stuckey11413163743.2%
Ian Mahinmi to Myles Turner5212153246.9%
Ian Mahinmi to CJ Miles14712205834.5%
CJ Miles to George Hill29312214546.7%
Rodney Stuckey to Myles Turner6512123336.4%
Ty Lawson to CJ Miles5911123435.3%
Lavoy Allen to Jordan Hill8510142751.9%
George Hill to Chase Budinger14110123237.5%
Rodney Stuckey to Chase Budinger8410103826.3%
Rodney Stuckey to George Hill21210194938.8%
Rodney Stuckey to Monta Ellis20310215637.5%
Chase Budinger to George Hill1199112445.8%
Solomon Hill to CJ Miles619113036.7%
Joe Young to Jordan Hill989173450.0%
Lavoy Allen to Monta Ellis4708358640.7%
George Hill to Rodney Stuckey2818216731.3%
Jordan Hill to Rodney Stuckey2488206232.3%
Ty Lawson to Solomon Hill51881747.1%
CJ Miles to Jordan Hill658122548.0%
Joe Young to Lavoy Allen878101566.7%
Lavoy Allen to George Hill4427255843.1%
Chase Budinger to Jordan Hill977163743.2%
Chase Budinger to Rodney Stuckey707132552.0%
Monta Ellis to Chase Budinger64791656.3%
Jordan Hill to Chase Budinger85792832.1%
CJ Miles to Myles Turner417122157.1%
Rodney Stuckey to Ian Mahinmi58781553.3%
Myles Turner to Ian Mahinmi647112250.0%
Lavoy Allen to Rodney Stuckey2146196230.6%
Lavoy Allen to CJ Miles1026113432.4%
Chase Budinger to Myles Turner30681457.1%
Monta Ellis to Glenn Robinson III50672528.0%
Solomon Hill to Lavoy Allen46681266.7%
Solomon Hill to George Hill152681747.1%
CJ Miles to Rodney Stuckey926132552.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Glenn Robinson III25671070.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Solomon Hill78692339.1%
Myles Turner to Paul George1626184837.5%
Joe Young to Glenn Robinson III72692437.5%
Chase Budinger to CJ Miles30551241.7%
Monta Ellis to Rodney Stuckey1855134231.0%
Paul George to Glenn Robinson III27561154.5%
Paul George to Solomon Hill68571643.8%
Jordan Hill to Solomon Hill52581747.1%
Jordan Hill to Lavoy Allen55551145.5%
Solomon Hill to Myles Turner36551241.7%
Solomon Hill to Glenn Robinson III26551050.0%
Ty Lawson to Lavoy Allen4155771.4%
Ty Lawson to Jordan Hill41571163.6%
Ian Mahinmi to Rodney Stuckey97582433.3%
Myles Turner to George Hill4655144332.6%
Joe Young to Solomon Hill85561637.5%
Lavoy Allen to Glenn Robinson III58451145.5%
Lavoy Allen to Chase Budinger68471741.2%
Chase Budinger to Glenn Robinson III2645955.6%
Chase Budinger to Monta Ellis84462227.3%
Paul George to Joe Young46461346.2%
Paul George to Chase Budinger26441330.8%
George Hill to Solomon Hill90452420.8%
Jordan Hill to Myles Turner2044850.0%
Solomon Hill to Chase Budinger39451435.7%
Solomon Hill to Rodney Stuckey75472231.8%
Glenn Robinson III to Myles Turner1444580.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Jordan Hill51472035.0%
Glenn Robinson III to CJ Miles34481457.1%
Myles Turner to Rodney Stuckey80481844.4%
Myles Turner to Monta Ellis3334276144.3%
Joe Young to Paul George544112152.4%
Joe Young to Chase Budinger3444850.0%
Joe Young to CJ Miles57462623.1%
Lavoy Allen to Ian Mahinmi63371741.2%
Chase Budinger to Paul George49331717.6%
George Hill to Glenn Robinson III56361540.0%
Solomon Hill to Joe Young1173102245.5%
Solomon Hill to Paul George863102737.0%
Solomon Hill to Jordan Hill52361833.3%
Solomon Hill to Monta Ellis1593113432.4%
Solomon Hill to Ian Mahinmi3333742.9%
Ian Mahinmi to Solomon Hill2133742.9%
Ian Mahinmi to Chase Budinger2633837.5%
CJ Miles to Glenn Robinson III2933933.3%
Glenn Robinson III to George Hill5235955.6%
Myles Turner to Solomon Hill3133742.9%
Myles Turner to Lavoy Allen1633650.0%
Myles Turner to CJ Miles61371450.0%
Lavoy Allen to Myles Turner2223742.9%
Lavoy Allen to Solomon Hill40231225.0%
Chase Budinger to Lavoy Allen44221020.0%
Chase Budinger to Ian Mahinmi2022450.0%
Jordan Hill to Joe Young119272429.2%
Solomon Hill to Ty Lawson111251435.7%
Ian Mahinmi to Lavoy Allen4822633.3%
CJ Miles to Lavoy Allen65241526.7%
CJ Miles to Monta Ellis2522154037.5%
CJ Miles to Ian Mahinmi74261931.6%
Glenn Robinson III to Joe Young59231323.1%
Glenn Robinson III to Lavoy Allen4422825.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Chase Budinger27241136.4%
Rodney Stuckey to Rakeem Christmas2222100.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Ty Lawson52251435.7%
Myles Turner to Jordan Hill3625955.6%
Joe Young to Monta Ellis39251241.7%
Chase Budinger to Joe Young39161250.0%
Chase Budinger to Solomon Hill3013742.9%
Jordan Hill to Glenn Robinson III5811156.7%
Ty Lawson to Glenn Robinson III911333.3%
Ty Lawson to Paul George2512825.0%
Ty Lawson to Ian Mahinmi1912450.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Jordan Hill611425.0%
CJ Miles to Joe Young63121118.2%
CJ Miles to Solomon Hill2911333.3%
CJ Miles to Chase Budinger2211520.0%
CJ Miles to Ty Lawson3214944.4%
Glenn Robinson III to Shayne Whittington411250.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Solomon Hill3313837.5%
Glenn Robinson III to Paul George38141625.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Rodney Stuckey22144100.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Monta Ellis61141428.6%
Rodney Stuckey to Joe Young1311425.0%
Myles Turner to Joe Young83171450.0%
Myles Turner to Glenn Robinson III1911616.7%
Shayne Whittington to Lavoy Allen2111100.0%
Shayne Whittington to Monta Ellis2111100.0%
Shayne Whittington to CJ Miles1111100.0%
Joe Young to Shayne Whittington811250.0%
Joe Young to Ty Lawson6111100.0%
Lavoy Allen to Joe Young1760112740.7%
Lavoy Allen to Shayne Whittington10010.0%
Lavoy Allen to Ty Lawson6703742.9%
Chase Budinger to Shayne Whittington10000.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Joe Young30020.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Jordan Hill10000.0%
Monta Ellis to Joe Young1701425.0%
Monta Ellis to Shayne Whittington10000.0%
Monta Ellis to Ty Lawson30010.0%
Paul George to Shayne Whittington10000.0%
Paul George to Paul George40000.0%
Paul George to Ty Lawson140020.0%
George Hill to Joe Young110030.0%
George Hill to Shayne Whittington10000.0%
George Hill to Ty Lawson140000.0%
Jordan Hill to Shayne Whittington10010.0%
Jordan Hill to Ty Lawson5802540.0%
Jordan Hill to Ian Mahinmi60010.0%
Solomon Hill to Shayne Whittington801250.0%
Ty Lawson to Joe Young90030.0%
Ty Lawson to Rakeem Christmas10000.0%
Ty Lawson to Shayne Whittington20000.0%
Ty Lawson to George Hill9011100.0%
Ty Lawson to Monta Ellis30000.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Joe Young110020.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Glenn Robinson III50010.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Ty Lawson2801333.3%
CJ Miles to Shayne Whittington10000.0%
CJ Miles to CJ Miles20000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Rakeem Christmas10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Ty Lawson30000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Ian Mahinmi60020.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Shayne Whittington301250.0%
Myles Turner to Myles Turner10000.0%
Myles Turner to Shayne Whittington10000.0%
Myles Turner to Chase Budinger10011100.0%
Myles Turner to Ty Lawson6803650.0%
Shayne Whittington to Joe Young210010.0%
Shayne Whittington to Glenn Robinson III40020.0%
Shayne Whittington to Solomon Hill40020.0%
Shayne Whittington to Jordan Hill40010.0%
Shayne Whittington to George Hill50000.0%
Shayne Whittington to Rodney Stuckey30010.0%
Joe Young to George Hill120010.0%
Joe Young to Rodney Stuckey210050.0%
Joe Young to Ian Mahinmi50030.0%