2016 Indiana Pacers Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Indiana Pacers averaged 287 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jeff Teague to Myles Turner, with 185 assists on 913 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jeff Teague to Myles Turner91318519842846.3%
Jeff Teague to Paul George141316026361842.6%
Jeff Teague to Thaddeus Young81612513927350.9%
Paul George to Myles Turner523626716540.6%
Paul George to Thaddeus Young338526712752.8%
Jeff Teague to CJ Miles311506016336.8%
Monta Ellis to Myles Turner282455211943.7%
Thaddeus Young to Paul George465437316245.1%
Aaron Brooks to Al Jefferson249385711250.9%
Monta Ellis to Paul George327386313247.7%
Monta Ellis to Thaddeus Young24434408050.0%
Paul George to CJ Miles14733388644.2%
Thaddeus Young to Myles Turner16933377152.1%
Jeff Teague to Glenn Robinson III20631336947.8%
Monta Ellis to Al Jefferson250305311446.5%
Myles Turner to Thaddeus Young27530345561.8%
Jeff Teague to Monta Ellis602285615635.9%
Paul George to Jeff Teague943268120339.9%
Monta Ellis to CJ Miles10624255743.9%
Aaron Brooks to CJ Miles15723277934.2%
Myles Turner to CJ Miles12523274461.4%
Paul George to Monta Ellis25422358242.7%
Myles Turner to Paul George370196212948.1%
Jeff Teague to Lavoy Allen11117183158.1%
Jeff Teague to Al Jefferson9215214250.0%
Lavoy Allen to CJ Miles7114152755.6%
Rodney Stuckey to Al Jefferson13814285550.9%
Aaron Brooks to Kevin Seraphin7813173548.6%
Al Jefferson to CJ Miles9613194245.2%
Jeff Teague to Kevin Seraphin6513162466.7%
Thaddeus Young to Jeff Teague1432137218838.3%
Monta Ellis to Glenn Robinson III9612153345.5%
Monta Ellis to Jeff Teague39612317939.2%
Paul George to Lavoy Allen5412121770.6%
Aaron Brooks to Paul George12211214843.8%
CJ Miles to Paul George14811205139.2%
Rodney Stuckey to Paul George11711174240.5%
Myles Turner to Jeff Teague1341117721635.6%
Thaddeus Young to Glenn Robinson III9111162759.3%
Monta Ellis to Lavoy Allen9710112740.7%
Al Jefferson to Glenn Robinson III7010102245.5%
Rodney Stuckey to Monta Ellis24610245147.1%
Rodney Stuckey to CJ Miles8510113432.4%
Myles Turner to Glenn Robinson III10010162466.7%
Lavoy Allen to Paul George999173745.9%
Monta Ellis to Kevin Seraphin559132356.5%
Paul George to Glenn Robinson III919104025.0%
Paul George to Kevin Seraphin589122254.5%
Al Jefferson to Monta Ellis1699183748.6%
Rodney Stuckey to Myles Turner669111668.8%
Rodney Stuckey to Glenn Robinson III799112347.8%
Aaron Brooks to Myles Turner518102540.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Thaddeus Young738132454.2%
Lance Stephenson to CJ Miles32882040.0%
Thaddeus Young to Monta Ellis2778224845.8%
Thaddeus Young to CJ Miles1178103826.3%
Lavoy Allen to Aaron Brooks2707183847.4%
Monta Ellis to Rakeem Christmas28781361.5%
Monta Ellis to Rodney Stuckey1697174637.0%
Paul George to Al Jefferson747123633.3%
CJ Miles to Al Jefferson587122450.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Paul George88783225.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Jeff Teague2787326747.8%
Lance Stephenson to Kevin Seraphin35791850.0%
Lavoy Allen to Jeff Teague2756144035.0%
Aaron Brooks to Glenn Robinson III79682630.8%
Aaron Brooks to Lavoy Allen116661833.3%
Aaron Brooks to Monta Ellis2256194443.2%
CJ Miles to Myles Turner78692437.5%
Kevin Seraphin to CJ Miles37671741.2%
Joe Young to Glenn Robinson III34661060.0%
Aaron Brooks to Thaddeus Young63561637.5%
Monta Ellis to Aaron Brooks1405122842.9%
Paul George to Rodney Stuckey93582236.4%
Al Jefferson to Aaron Brooks2535123732.4%
CJ Miles to Jeff Teague3825327244.4%
CJ Miles to Thaddeus Young66581942.1%
Glenn Robinson III to Myles Turner60572035.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Monta Ellis1285123732.4%
Rodney Stuckey to Kevin Seraphin36561442.9%
Myles Turner to Kevin Seraphin2455955.6%
Lavoy Allen to Glenn Robinson III65471838.9%
Lavoy Allen to Rodney Stuckey1254122646.2%
Lavoy Allen to Al Jefferson33461250.0%
Al Jefferson to Paul George674102638.5%
Al Jefferson to Rodney Stuckey173473818.4%
Al Jefferson to Thaddeus Young3445862.5%
Glenn Robinson III to Al Jefferson734102737.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Myles Turner1244580.0%
Lance Stephenson to Thaddeus Young1444666.7%
Rodney Stuckey to Aaron Brooks754112347.8%
Myles Turner to Lavoy Allen39441040.0%
Myles Turner to Monta Ellis2104122548.0%
Paul George to Aaron Brooks87372035.0%
CJ Miles to Glenn Robinson III2434850.0%
CJ Miles to Monta Ellis110392536.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Lavoy Allen3333837.5%
Glenn Robinson III to CJ Miles44331225.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Monta Ellis43371546.7%
Rodney Stuckey to Thaddeus Young44351145.5%
Lavoy Allen to Monta Ellis121282729.6%
Aaron Brooks to Lance Stephenson44251533.3%
Aaron Brooks to Rodney Stuckey95262722.2%
Paul George to Rakeem Christmas1422633.3%
Paul George to Lance Stephenson2123837.5%
Al Jefferson to Kevin Seraphin922450.0%
CJ Miles to Aaron Brooks2092103826.3%
Georges Niang to Kevin Seraphin5233100.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Aaron Brooks120292142.9%
Glenn Robinson III to Rodney Stuckey118292931.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Joe Young49231225.0%
Lance Stephenson to Myles Turner1623933.3%
Rodney Stuckey to Rakeem Christmas1922728.6%
Rodney Stuckey to Lavoy Allen5722922.2%
Joe Young to Georges Niang3322922.2%
Joe Young to CJ Miles27231030.0%
Joe Young to Al Jefferson15251050.0%
Thaddeus Young to Al Jefferson23251338.5%
Lavoy Allen to Georges Niang311333.3%
Lavoy Allen to Rakeem Christmas4111100.0%
Lavoy Allen to Myles Turner24111010.0%
Lavoy Allen to Kevin Seraphin911425.0%
Aaron Brooks to Rakeem Christmas911425.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Joe Young1011425.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Glenn Robinson III1312366.7%
Rakeem Christmas to Paul George1112366.7%
Rakeem Christmas to Thaddeus Young7111100.0%
Paul George to Joe Young1311333.3%
Al Jefferson to Georges Niang311250.0%
Al Jefferson to Myles Turner1111100.0%
Al Jefferson to Lavoy Allen3411425.0%
Al Jefferson to Jeff Teague109181844.4%
CJ Miles to Georges Niang5111100.0%
CJ Miles to Lavoy Allen3011714.3%
CJ Miles to Lance Stephenson1912450.0%
CJ Miles to Kevin Seraphin2112633.3%
Georges Niang to Joe Young51141526.7%
Georges Niang to Glenn Robinson III1411425.0%
Georges Niang to Thaddeus Young311250.0%
Georges Niang to CJ Miles3111100.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Joe Young4616966.7%
Glenn Robinson III to Kevin Seraphin1913650.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Glenn Robinson III35131225.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Lance Stephenson1912450.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Jeff Teague122172330.4%
Kevin Seraphin to Aaron Brooks122192142.9%
Kevin Seraphin to Rodney Stuckey5712728.6%
Kevin Seraphin to Thaddeus Young911333.3%
Lance Stephenson to Paul George28141330.8%
Lance Stephenson to Aaron Brooks2613837.5%
Rodney Stuckey to Jeff Teague81141625.0%
Jeff Teague to Rakeem Christmas611425.0%
Jeff Teague to Lance Stephenson2011714.3%
Jeff Teague to Rodney Stuckey67151435.7%
Myles Turner to Aaron Brooks91161250.0%
Myles Turner to Rodney Stuckey89161735.3%
Myles Turner to Al Jefferson1111100.0%
Joe Young to Lavoy Allen2011520.0%
Joe Young to Kevin Seraphin36121020.0%
Thaddeus Young to Aaron Brooks120161637.5%
Thaddeus Young to Rodney Stuckey7512728.6%
Lavoy Allen to Joe Young350040.0%
Lavoy Allen to Lance Stephenson1301250.0%
Aaron Brooks to Georges Niang190070.0%
Aaron Brooks to Joe Young3102540.0%
Aaron Brooks to Jeff Teague120050.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Georges Niang201250.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Lavoy Allen80010.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Kevin Seraphin30010.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Jeff Teague130050.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Aaron Brooks150010.0%
Rakeem Christmas to Rodney Stuckey2201616.7%
Rakeem Christmas to Monta Ellis2202728.6%
Rakeem Christmas to CJ Miles60010.0%
Monta Ellis to Georges Niang30020.0%
Monta Ellis to Joe Young70020.0%
Paul George to Georges Niang10000.0%
Al Jefferson to Joe Young901333.3%
CJ Miles to Joe Young1901714.3%
CJ Miles to Rakeem Christmas30000.0%
CJ Miles to Rodney Stuckey98061735.3%
Georges Niang to Lavoy Allen40000.0%
Georges Niang to Paul George30000.0%
Georges Niang to Jeff Teague1301250.0%
Georges Niang to Aaron Brooks220040.0%
Georges Niang to Rodney Stuckey20010.0%
Georges Niang to Monta Ellis10010.0%
Georges Niang to Al Jefferson10000.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Georges Niang1002540.0%
Glenn Robinson III to Rakeem Christmas80000.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Georges Niang60030.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Rakeem Christmas30010.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Lavoy Allen1202450.0%
Kevin Seraphin to Paul George39041526.7%
Kevin Seraphin to Al Jefferson40010.0%
Lance Stephenson to Lavoy Allen30000.0%
Lance Stephenson to Jeff Teague12011100.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Georges Niang20010.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Joe Young60000.0%
Rodney Stuckey to Rodney Stuckey10010.0%
Jeff Teague to Georges Niang40000.0%
Jeff Teague to Aaron Brooks1001425.0%
Myles Turner to Joe Young40000.0%
Myles Turner to Lance Stephenson15011100.0%
Joe Young to Rakeem Christmas120050.0%
Joe Young to Myles Turner30000.0%
Joe Young to Paul George100030.0%
Joe Young to Aaron Brooks20011100.0%
Joe Young to Rodney Stuckey60000.0%
Joe Young to Thaddeus Young30000.0%
Joe Young to Monta Ellis90020.0%
Thaddeus Young to Georges Niang20000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Joe Young120010.0%
Thaddeus Young to Rakeem Christmas20000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Lavoy Allen30000.0%
Thaddeus Young to Lance Stephenson27022100.0%
Thaddeus Young to Kevin Seraphin10000.0%