2016 Memphis Grizzlies Team Passing Stats

The 2016 Memphis Grizzlies averaged 303 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Mike Conley to Marc Gasol, with 147 assists on 1550 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Mike Conley to Marc Gasol155014720148841.2%
Marc Gasol to Mike Conley14388015940539.3%
Mike Conley to Zach Randolph473588020339.4%
Marc Gasol to Tony Allen353526816341.7%
Marc Gasol to JaMychal Green21342469250.0%
Andrew Harrison to Marc Gasol604416316538.2%
Vince Carter to Marc Gasol347385412443.5%
Marc Gasol to Zach Randolph15038508757.5%
Mike Conley to Troy Daniels199374010538.1%
Vince Carter to Zach Randolph263356412650.8%
Mike Conley to JaMychal Green416354110838.0%
Mike Conley to Brandan Wright12932325459.3%
Marc Gasol to Vince Carter289324312135.5%
Mike Conley to Tony Allen33931369338.7%
Andrew Harrison to JaMychal Green30529346651.5%
Andrew Harrison to Vince Carter29427378742.5%
Mike Conley to Vince Carter36025359238.0%
Marc Gasol to James Ennis III17425337643.4%
Tony Allen to JaMychal Green20922244850.0%
Mike Conley to James Ennis III22122267833.3%
Zach Randolph to Troy Daniels18622287139.4%
Mike Conley to Chandler Parsons26621298036.3%
Zach Randolph to Vince Carter21121347943.0%
Andrew Harrison to Zach Randolph396204912439.5%
Tony Allen to Marc Gasol33719368442.9%
JaMychal Green to Marc Gasol31719316647.0%
Chandler Parsons to Marc Gasol23819316547.7%
Tony Allen to Mike Conley47418398347.0%
Vince Carter to Mike Conley48318428648.8%
Andrew Harrison to Troy Daniels17618268231.7%
Tony Allen to Zach Randolph16017245742.1%
Wade Baldwin IV to Troy Daniels7917203557.1%
Zach Randolph to Mike Conley565174411538.3%
Toney Douglas to Marc Gasol16616224252.4%
Andrew Harrison to James Ennis III12516184639.1%
Zach Randolph to Marc Gasol16116184738.3%
Marc Gasol to Troy Daniels15115195932.2%
James Ennis III to Zach Randolph11214244949.0%
JaMychal Green to James Ennis III8614172958.6%
Zach Randolph to Tony Allen12614184341.9%
Marc Gasol to Chandler Parsons23113208423.8%
Andrew Harrison to Tony Allen15213154037.5%
Troy Daniels to Zach Randolph18412289130.8%
James Ennis III to JaMychal Green7412152853.6%
JaMychal Green to Vince Carter14412133141.9%
JaMychal Green to Tony Allen20211174240.5%
Andrew Harrison to Jarell Martin9211123138.7%
Chandler Parsons to Mike Conley19311234946.9%
Toney Douglas to Troy Daniels8210103528.6%
Vince Carter to JaMychal Green1079132846.4%
Mike Conley to Andrew Harrison1349112839.3%
Troy Daniels to Marc Gasol1469214645.7%
James Ennis III to Marc Gasol1779164833.3%
James Ennis III to Mike Conley3209214843.8%
Marc Gasol to Troy Williams689123336.4%
Marc Gasol to Andrew Harrison57392511921.0%
Chandler Parsons to Tony Allen51992634.6%
Zach Randolph to James Ennis III978133043.3%
Wade Baldwin IV to Jarell Martin927102737.0%
Toney Douglas to Zach Randolph1197143935.9%
Chandler Parsons to JaMychal Green79781553.3%
Tony Allen to Chandler Parsons49661060.0%
Vince Carter to Tony Allen886102638.5%
Marc Gasol to Toney Douglas131682433.3%
Marc Gasol to Brandan Wright1166785.7%
Andrew Harrison to Troy Williams576102835.7%
Andrew Harrison to Brandan Wright42661250.0%
Zach Randolph to JaMychal Green38672133.3%
Wade Baldwin IV to Marc Gasol82592240.9%
Wade Baldwin IV to Zach Randolph1115103727.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Vince Carter47571741.2%
Vince Carter to Troy Daniels41551435.7%
Vince Carter to James Ennis III43561346.2%
Toney Douglas to Mike Conley80592142.9%
James Ennis III to Brandan Wright2055955.6%
JaMychal Green to Troy Daniels83571838.9%
JaMychal Green to Chandler Parsons93551338.5%
Andrew Harrison to Deyonta Davis2555955.6%
Brandan Wright to Troy Daniels35561060.0%
Tony Allen to Troy Daniels57441136.4%
Tony Allen to Brandan Wright2144580.0%
Tony Allen to Vince Carter86451145.5%
Wade Baldwin IV to James Ennis III30441136.4%
Wade Baldwin IV to Tony Allen1545862.5%
Mike Conley to Jarell Martin33441526.7%
Toney Douglas to James Ennis III2544944.4%
Toney Douglas to Brandan Wright2745862.5%
Toney Douglas to Tony Allen23461346.2%
James Ennis III to Tony Allen50461833.3%
Marc Gasol to Wayne Selden32461637.5%
JaMychal Green to Mike Conley8474419045.6%
Andrew Harrison to Mike Conley1464113234.4%
Zach Randolph to Andrew Harrison3884145226.9%
Troy Williams to Troy Daniels18461250.0%
Troy Williams to Tony Allen1944944.4%
Brandan Wright to Zach Randolph1844757.1%
Wade Baldwin IV to JaMychal Green66331127.3%
Vince Carter to Deyonta Davis9333100.0%
Vince Carter to Andrew Harrison280373917.9%
Vince Carter to Brandan Wright2333933.3%
Mike Conley to Troy Williams2334666.7%
Troy Daniels to Brandan Wright2933837.5%
Troy Daniels to Mike Conley1723142556.0%
Troy Daniels to Tony Allen3134666.7%
Troy Daniels to Vince Carter3333650.0%
James Ennis III to Andrew Harrison152371741.2%
James Ennis III to Vince Carter56331421.4%
Marc Gasol to Jarell Martin24331225.0%
JaMychal Green to Toney Douglas107382040.0%
JaMychal Green to Zach Randolph75372626.9%
Chandler Parsons to Andrew Harrison4134850.0%
Chandler Parsons to Brandan Wright633475.0%
Zach Randolph to Wade Baldwin IV102351241.7%
Zach Randolph to Jarell Martin2034944.4%
Zach Randolph to Chandler Parsons34351241.7%
Zach Randolph to Brandan Wright1433475.0%
Wayne Selden to Marc Gasol1533742.9%
Wayne Selden to Brandan Wright1233560.0%
Troy Williams to Jarell Martin2333933.3%
Troy Williams to Marc Gasol52371741.2%
Tony Allen to Troy Williams3126966.7%
Tony Allen to James Ennis III45221020.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Deyonta Davis4324850.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Andrew Harrison3822633.3%
Wade Baldwin IV to Brandan Wright1322450.0%
Vince Carter to Jarell Martin1823742.9%
Vince Carter to Chandler Parsons2422728.6%
Mike Conley to Wade Baldwin IV1022366.7%
Mike Conley to Toney Douglas47221020.0%
Troy Daniels to Jarell Martin25221118.2%
Troy Daniels to Andrew Harrison144272035.0%
Troy Daniels to James Ennis III1723837.5%
Troy Daniels to JaMychal Green41231030.0%
Toney Douglas to Deyonta Davis722366.7%
Toney Douglas to Vince Carter80241822.2%
James Ennis III to Jarell Martin1322633.3%
James Ennis III to Chandler Parsons1524666.7%
JaMychal Green to Troy Williams59241330.8%
JaMychal Green to Wade Baldwin IV87231421.4%
Jarell Martin to Troy Daniels47251729.4%
Jarell Martin to James Ennis III1622366.7%
Chandler Parsons to James Ennis III2222540.0%
Zach Randolph to Toney Douglas116241625.0%
Troy Williams to JaMychal Green3422825.0%
Troy Williams to Mike Conley2322366.7%
Brandan Wright to Tony Allen26233100.0%
Tony Allen to Jarell Martin2212540.0%
Tony Allen to Andrew Harrison157142119.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Wayne Selden2612825.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Mike Conley2613650.0%
Vince Carter to Troy Williams412366.7%
Vince Carter to Wayne Selden4111100.0%
Vince Carter to Wade Baldwin IV3711425.0%
Vince Carter to Toney Douglas7912825.0%
Mike Conley to Wayne Selden1611250.0%
Mike Conley to Deyonta Davis811425.0%
Troy Daniels to Troy Williams1111520.0%
Troy Daniels to Wayne Selden1011333.3%
Troy Daniels to Deyonta Davis1413475.0%
Troy Daniels to Wade Baldwin IV5611616.7%
Deyonta Davis to Wade Baldwin IV62141040.0%
Deyonta Davis to Troy Daniels2211616.7%
Toney Douglas to Troy Williams3111100.0%
Toney Douglas to Andrew Harrison2711425.0%
Toney Douglas to JaMychal Green49121020.0%
James Ennis III to Wayne Selden1011250.0%
JaMychal Green to Wayne Selden4111100.0%
JaMychal Green to Deyonta Davis2111100.0%
JaMychal Green to Andrew Harrison4311113432.4%
Andrew Harrison to Wayne Selden1613933.3%
Andrew Harrison to Chandler Parsons41121118.2%
Jarell Martin to Wade Baldwin IV172181942.1%
Jarell Martin to JaMychal Green1811250.0%
Jarell Martin to Toney Douglas3511333.3%
Jarell Martin to Zach Randolph31131030.0%
Chandler Parsons to Jarell Martin1111100.0%
Chandler Parsons to Troy Daniels511250.0%
Zach Randolph to Troy Williams1414666.7%
Wayne Selden to Jarell Martin1111100.0%
Wayne Selden to Troy Daniels1312633.3%
Wayne Selden to James Ennis III511250.0%
Wayne Selden to Mike Conley2212450.0%
Wayne Selden to Tony Allen5111100.0%
Wayne Selden to Zach Randolph1512540.0%
Troy Williams to Deyonta Davis811250.0%
Troy Williams to Zach Randolph911333.3%
Troy Williams to Vince Carter611333.3%
Brandan Wright to Wayne Selden511250.0%
Brandan Wright to Toney Douglas4612366.7%
Brandan Wright to Mike Conley1541114126.8%
Brandan Wright to Vince Carter1412450.0%
Tony Allen to Wayne Selden70000.0%
Tony Allen to Deyonta Davis40030.0%
Tony Allen to Wade Baldwin IV150030.0%
Tony Allen to Toney Douglas3301425.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Troy Williams26041040.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Chandler Parsons30000.0%
Wade Baldwin IV to Toney Douglas30010.0%
Vince Carter to Ramon Sessions10000.0%
Troy Daniels to Chandler Parsons10000.0%
Troy Daniels to Toney Douglas6102922.2%
Deyonta Davis to Troy Williams60020.0%
Deyonta Davis to Wayne Selden70030.0%
Deyonta Davis to Jarell Martin80000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Andrew Harrison4604944.4%
Deyonta Davis to James Ennis III20000.0%
Deyonta Davis to JaMychal Green30000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Chandler Parsons20000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Toney Douglas701333.3%
Deyonta Davis to Marc Gasol10000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Brandan Wright20000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Mike Conley24033100.0%
Deyonta Davis to Zach Randolph40000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Vince Carter80020.0%
Toney Douglas to Wade Baldwin IV60000.0%
Toney Douglas to Jarell Martin110020.0%
Toney Douglas to Chandler Parsons180050.0%
Toney Douglas to Toney Douglas10000.0%
James Ennis III to Deyonta Davis20010.0%
James Ennis III to Wade Baldwin IV4002540.0%
James Ennis III to Troy Daniels3300120.0%
James Ennis III to Toney Douglas4302540.0%
Marc Gasol to Wade Baldwin IV79021020.0%
JaMychal Green to Jarell Martin150040.0%
JaMychal Green to Brandan Wright20020.0%
Andrew Harrison to Wade Baldwin IV34021216.7%
Andrew Harrison to Toney Douglas210030.0%
Jarell Martin to Troy Williams220060.0%
Jarell Martin to Wayne Selden201250.0%
Jarell Martin to Deyonta Davis40000.0%
Jarell Martin to Andrew Harrison224052718.5%
Jarell Martin to Chandler Parsons30000.0%
Jarell Martin to Marc Gasol3001425.0%
Jarell Martin to Mike Conley77061442.9%
Jarell Martin to Tony Allen2301250.0%
Jarell Martin to Vince Carter2701425.0%
Chandler Parsons to Deyonta Davis20000.0%
Chandler Parsons to Wade Baldwin IV40010.0%
Chandler Parsons to Toney Douglas120010.0%
Chandler Parsons to Zach Randolph3101911.1%
Chandler Parsons to Vince Carter220060.0%
Zach Randolph to Wayne Selden230050.0%
Zach Randolph to Deyonta Davis10000.0%
Wayne Selden to Deyonta Davis10000.0%
Wayne Selden to Wade Baldwin IV150040.0%
Wayne Selden to Andrew Harrison2601250.0%
Wayne Selden to JaMychal Green40010.0%
Wayne Selden to Vince Carter40010.0%
Troy Williams to Wade Baldwin IV3302728.6%
Troy Williams to Andrew Harrison6702728.6%
Troy Williams to James Ennis III10000.0%
Troy Williams to Toney Douglas110010.0%
Brandan Wright to Wade Baldwin IV200040.0%
Brandan Wright to Andrew Harrison470090.0%
Brandan Wright to James Ennis III240000.0%
Brandan Wright to JaMychal Green10000.0%
Brandan Wright to Chandler Parsons40010.0%
Brandan Wright to Marc Gasol1301333.3%