2017 Memphis Grizzlies Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Memphis Grizzlies averaged 322 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Tyreke Evans to Marc Gasol, with 69 assists on 745 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tyreke Evans to Marc Gasol745698420541.0%
Marc Gasol to Dillon Brooks526649121442.5%
Mario Chalmers to Marc Gasol627446015937.7%
Andrew Harrison to Marc Gasol712394914434.0%
Tyreke Evans to Dillon Brooks32337418548.2%
Marc Gasol to JaMychal Green20736408248.8%
Marc Gasol to Tyreke Evans790338018742.8%
Dillon Brooks to Marc Gasol613324914334.3%
Marc Gasol to Andrew Harrison845306216238.3%
Mario Chalmers to Dillon Brooks26327387749.4%
Tyreke Evans to Deyonta Davis9327273871.1%
Mike Conley to Marc Gasol24723317541.3%
Andrew Harrison to JaMychal Green18823276045.0%
Jarell Martin to Marc Gasol27923307042.9%
JaMychal Green to Marc Gasol22822277138.0%
Tyreke Evans to JaMychal Green18021256339.7%
Marc Gasol to Ben McLemore14821216233.9%
Andrew Harrison to Jarell Martin17921245246.2%
Tyreke Evans to Ben McLemore15920266241.9%
Marc Gasol to Jarell Martin18120256339.7%
Marc Gasol to Mario Chalmers663204210340.8%
Tyreke Evans to Jarell Martin14419235939.0%
Tyreke Evans to James Ennis III10318194047.5%
Andrew Harrison to Dillon Brooks32718278232.9%
Mario Chalmers to Tyreke Evans34417448651.2%
Dillon Brooks to JaMychal Green20116236833.8%
Tyreke Evans to Brandan Wright9016183551.4%
Marc Gasol to James Ennis III14616195236.5%
Mario Chalmers to JaMychal Green16315173943.6%
Mario Chalmers to Chandler Parsons16815264854.2%
Marc Gasol to Wayne Selden15815205139.2%
Mario Chalmers to Ben McLemore15914164337.2%
Andrew Harrison to Deyonta Davis7914152951.7%
Chandler Parsons to Marc Gasol14714164535.6%
Wayne Selden to Deyonta Davis5014142360.9%
Kobi Simmons to Ben McLemore11414163151.6%
Mario Chalmers to Jarell Martin16413164238.1%
Marc Gasol to Chandler Parsons13712173351.5%
JaMychal Green to Dillon Brooks16712174240.5%
Kobi Simmons to Dillon Brooks18112225837.9%
Dillon Brooks to Deyonta Davis7411112152.4%
Dillon Brooks to Ben McLemore6411112250.0%
Mario Chalmers to Deyonta Davis10111143243.8%
James Ennis III to Marc Gasol19311204445.5%
Marc Gasol to Mike Conley39611228226.8%
JaMychal Green to Tyreke Evans37611327741.6%
Andrew Harrison to Wayne Selden8511132454.2%
Dillon Brooks to Jarell Martin12610134528.9%
Wayne Selden to Marc Gasol14010163743.2%
Mario Chalmers to Ivan Rabb69991850.0%
Mario Chalmers to James Ennis III1069101855.6%
Mike Conley to Jarell Martin789102245.5%
James Ennis III to Jarell Martin649132161.9%
Tyreke Evans to Chandler Parsons1419153839.5%
Tyreke Evans to Mario Chalmers2479164932.7%
Andrew Harrison to James Ennis III909102737.0%
Chandler Parsons to Tyreke Evans1319234057.5%
Dillon Brooks to Tyreke Evans2768308336.1%
MarShon Brooks to Deyonta Davis27881266.7%
Andrew Harrison to Tyreke Evans2548275549.1%
Jarell Martin to Deyonta Davis2888988.9%
Jarell Martin to Ben McLemore50891850.0%
Ben McLemore to Marc Gasol1678103528.6%
Chandler Parsons to Mario Chalmers1468122450.0%
Wayne Selden to Jarell Martin638112642.3%
Kobi Simmons to Marc Gasol123891752.9%
Mario Chalmers to Wayne Selden89792931.0%
Mario Chalmers to Brandan Wright64771163.6%
Mike Conley to James Ennis III44771070.0%
Tyreke Evans to Andrew Harrison2117102835.7%
Marc Gasol to Kobi Simmons1797113432.4%
JaMychal Green to Jarell Martin70772133.3%
Myke Henry to Ivan Rabb37781080.0%
Jarell Martin to Wayne Selden647122254.5%
Chandler Parsons to Dillon Brooks49791850.0%
Chandler Parsons to Deyonta Davis25771353.8%
Chandler Parsons to Jarell Martin23781457.1%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Dillon Brooks34791181.8%
Dillon Brooks to Ivan Rabb54681172.7%
Dillon Brooks to MarShon Brooks22671070.0%
Deyonta Davis to Wayne Selden756153148.4%
Deyonta Davis to Ben McLemore67681650.0%
Deyonta Davis to Mario Chalmers1926113135.5%
JaMychal Green to James Ennis III2066785.7%
Andrew Harrison to Ivan Rabb46661250.0%
Andrew Harrison to Ben McLemore77672330.4%
Andrew Harrison to Brandan Wright3366966.7%
Jarell Martin to JaMychal Green536101952.6%
Ben McLemore to Deyonta Davis69671353.8%
Ben McLemore to JaMychal Green50682236.4%
Ivan Rabb to Ben McLemore52671643.8%
Wayne Selden to Dillon Brooks60692634.6%
Wayne Selden to JaMychal Green37681650.0%
Kobi Simmons to Jarell Martin84682040.0%
Dillon Brooks to Mario Chalmers186582927.6%
Deyonta Davis to Tyreke Evans1555194344.2%
James Ennis III to JaMychal Green28551338.5%
James Ennis III to Brandan Wright1956875.0%
Tyreke Evans to Wayne Selden54561931.6%
Marc Gasol to Myke Henry48561442.9%
Jarell Martin to Dillon Brooks1215102934.5%
Jarell Martin to Tyreke Evans2845206033.3%
Chandler Parsons to JaMychal Green52571838.9%
Ivan Rabb to Kobi Simmons119571936.8%
Wayne Selden to Ivan Rabb1856875.0%
Dillon Brooks to Myke Henry22441428.6%
Dillon Brooks to Wayne Selden66451435.7%
Dillon Brooks to Chandler Parsons49471450.0%
Dillon Brooks to Brandan Wright2744757.1%
Mario Chalmers to Kobi Simmons55461250.0%
Deyonta Davis to Jarell Martin40471353.8%
Deyonta Davis to Chandler Parsons35451050.0%
JaMychal Green to Ben McLemore51461442.9%
Andrew Harrison to Myke Henry45451435.7%
Ben McLemore to Dillon Brooks554102050.0%
Ben McLemore to Ivan Rabb5644850.0%
Ben McLemore to Jarell Martin56462030.0%
Ben McLemore to Tyreke Evans140492536.0%
Chandler Parsons to Brandan Wright1844757.1%
Ivan Rabb to Jarell Martin1745771.4%
Kobi Simmons to Ivan Rabb6045955.6%
Kobi Simmons to James Ennis III16444100.0%
Dillon Brooks to Andrew Harrison1953153148.4%
Dillon Brooks to James Ennis III2133650.0%
MarShon Brooks to Ivan Rabb33372035.0%
MarShon Brooks to Myke Henry19331030.0%
MarShon Brooks to Jarell Martin4333100.0%
Mario Chalmers to Andrew Harrison131372035.0%
Mike Conley to Chandler Parsons2534850.0%
Deyonta Davis to Dillon Brooks77352520.0%
James Ennis III to Dillon Brooks2234580.0%
James Ennis III to Deyonta Davis2534666.7%
James Ennis III to Chandler Parsons2134580.0%
James Ennis III to Tyreke Evans1003112642.3%
Tyreke Evans to Kobi Simmons3633742.9%
Tyreke Evans to Mike Conley72391752.9%
Marc Gasol to Ivan Rabb33331030.0%
Marc Gasol to Deyonta Davis8333100.0%
JaMychal Green to Kobi Simmons126351338.5%
Andrew Harrison to Kobi Simmons2734666.7%
Andrew Harrison to Chandler Parsons58362030.0%
Andrew Harrison to Mario Chalmers97361735.3%
Myke Henry to Jarell Martin2333837.5%
Myke Henry to Mario Chalmers54361540.0%
Jarell Martin to Kobi Simmons124361250.0%
Ben McLemore to Kobi Simmons9635955.6%
Ben McLemore to Wayne Selden33351241.7%
Ben McLemore to Chandler Parsons2233650.0%
Ben McLemore to Mario Chalmers121362326.1%
Ivan Rabb to Mario Chalmers118382040.0%
Wayne Selden to Ben McLemore24331030.0%
Wayne Selden to Tyreke Evans31351241.7%
Wayne Selden to Mario Chalmers5134944.4%
Kobi Simmons to Myke Henry39361250.0%
Kobi Simmons to Brice Johnson21341136.4%
Kobi Simmons to Omari Johnson1133475.0%
Marquis Teague to Ben McLemore1833650.0%
Dillon Brooks to Mike Conley45261637.5%
MarShon Brooks to Kobi Simmons4423837.5%
MarShon Brooks to Ben McLemore2123933.3%
MarShon Brooks to Chandler Parsons1024666.7%
MarShon Brooks to Marc Gasol18222100.0%
Mike Conley to Tyreke Evans52261540.0%
Deyonta Davis to JaMychal Green1922633.3%
Deyonta Davis to Marc Gasol422366.7%
James Ennis III to Ivan Rabb922366.7%
James Ennis III to Mike Conley552102050.0%
Tyreke Evans to Ivan Rabb1322450.0%
Tyreke Evans to Myke Henry1722633.3%
JaMychal Green to Deyonta Davis1622540.0%
JaMychal Green to Andrew Harrison3432173647.2%
JaMychal Green to Mario Chalmers2832112839.3%
Andrew Harrison to Brice Johnson3222100.0%
Andrew Harrison to Vincent Hunter3222100.0%
Myke Henry to Marc Gasol5322922.2%
Omari Johnson to Mario Chalmers1722366.7%
Jarell Martin to Andrew Harrison3202144431.8%
Jarell Martin to Mario Chalmers349284219.0%
Jarell Martin to Mike Conley81261154.5%
Chandler Parsons to Kobi Simmons2623837.5%
Chandler Parsons to Andrew Harrison47231030.0%
Chandler Parsons to James Ennis III2324757.1%
Ivan Rabb to Dillon Brooks712113135.5%
Ivan Rabb to Wayne Selden1625955.6%
Ivan Rabb to Deyonta Davis6222100.0%
Ivan Rabb to Marc Gasol2423742.9%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Jarell Martin1522540.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to JaMychal Green2023560.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Marc Gasol3923933.3%
Wayne Selden to Chandler Parsons2123742.9%
Kobi Simmons to Wayne Selden55231127.3%
Kobi Simmons to Deyonta Davis52221118.2%
Kobi Simmons to MarShon Brooks59261637.5%
Kobi Simmons to Tyreke Evans37241330.8%
Marquis Teague to Dillon Brooks2422633.3%
Marquis Teague to Ivan Rabb1022366.7%
Marquis Teague to Marc Gasol722366.7%
Briante Weber to Wayne Selden32241040.0%
Briante Weber to Deyonta Davis1422366.7%
Briante Weber to Mario Chalmers5222100.0%
Brandan Wright to Dillon Brooks31231030.0%
Brandan Wright to James Ennis III1122366.7%
Brandan Wright to Mario Chalmers100271353.8%
Dillon Brooks to Kobi Simmons69161154.5%
MarShon Brooks to Omari Johnson1512366.7%
Mario Chalmers to Myke Henry49131225.0%
Mario Chalmers to Brice Johnson711425.0%
Mike Conley to Dillon Brooks51131323.1%
Mike Conley to Andrew Harrison41111010.0%
Mike Conley to Ben McLemore3111100.0%
Mike Conley to Mario Chalmers2211520.0%
Mike Conley to Brandan Wright911250.0%
Deyonta Davis to Kobi Simmons103172035.0%
Deyonta Davis to Ivan Rabb1011333.3%
Deyonta Davis to Brice Johnson1111100.0%
Deyonta Davis to Omari Johnson511250.0%
Deyonta Davis to James Ennis III1613837.5%
James Ennis III to Wayne Selden1211333.3%
James Ennis III to Ben McLemore1511812.5%
James Ennis III to Mario Chalmers99161442.9%
Marc Gasol to Brandan Wright1011333.3%
JaMychal Green to Ivan Rabb613475.0%
JaMychal Green to Myke Henry1211333.3%
JaMychal Green to Brice Johnson2111100.0%
JaMychal Green to Briante Weber30144100.0%
JaMychal Green to Chandler Parsons4012825.0%
JaMychal Green to Brandan Wright3111100.0%
Andrew Harrison to Mike Conley2814666.7%
Myke Henry to Dillon Brooks1712633.3%
Myke Henry to Wayne Selden2012633.3%
Myke Henry to Brice Johnson411250.0%
Myke Henry to Deyonta Davis12111100.0%
Myke Henry to JaMychal Green2711119.1%
Myke Henry to MarShon Brooks1712728.6%
Myke Henry to Brandan Wright311333.3%
Omari Johnson to Kobi Simmons2812450.0%
Omari Johnson to Dillon Brooks912540.0%
Omari Johnson to Myke Henry511250.0%
Omari Johnson to Ben McLemore4111100.0%
Omari Johnson to Marc Gasol1111100.0%
Jarell Martin to Ivan Rabb1412366.7%
Jarell Martin to Myke Henry1411250.0%
Jarell Martin to James Ennis III48121414.3%
Ben McLemore to Andrew Harrison751111957.9%
Ben McLemore to Omari Johnson3111100.0%
Ben McLemore to MarShon Brooks2115771.4%
Chandler Parsons to Ivan Rabb511250.0%
Ivan Rabb to Myke Henry1811520.0%
Ivan Rabb to Vincent Hunter1111100.0%
Ivan Rabb to Andrew Harrison86131618.8%
Ivan Rabb to James Ennis III811425.0%
Ivan Rabb to JaMychal Green412450.0%
Ivan Rabb to MarShon Brooks33131127.3%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Ivan Rabb911250.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Myke Henry1411250.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Wayne Selden2311425.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Deyonta Davis1611250.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Ben McLemore1511250.0%
Wayne Selden to Kobi Simmons2911425.0%
Wayne Selden to Myke Henry1111250.0%
Wayne Selden to Brice Johnson311250.0%
Wayne Selden to James Ennis III1711520.0%
Kobi Simmons to JaMychal Green5111911.1%
Kobi Simmons to Chandler Parsons2711425.0%
Kobi Simmons to Mario Chalmers2813837.5%
Marquis Teague to Myke Henry4111100.0%
Marquis Teague to Wayne Selden2112540.0%
Marquis Teague to Deyonta Davis1611425.0%
Marquis Teague to Jarell Martin1111333.3%
Marquis Teague to MarShon Brooks2615955.6%
Briante Weber to Dillon Brooks3411714.3%
Briante Weber to Ben McLemore1411250.0%
Briante Weber to Marc Gasol2911333.3%
Brandan Wright to Wayne Selden4111100.0%
Brandan Wright to Jarell Martin511250.0%
Brandan Wright to Andrew Harrison4712825.0%
Brandan Wright to Ben McLemore811333.3%
Brandan Wright to Chandler Parsons1611250.0%
Brandan Wright to Tyreke Evans1351143540.0%
Brandan Wright to Marc Gasol1311250.0%
Dillon Brooks to Xavier Rathan-Mayes14022100.0%
Dillon Brooks to Brice Johnson10010.0%
Dillon Brooks to Briante Weber160000.0%
Dillon Brooks to Omari Johnson20000.0%
Dillon Brooks to Marquis Teague70020.0%
MarShon Brooks to Dillon Brooks120060.0%
MarShon Brooks to Wayne Selden50020.0%
MarShon Brooks to Marquis Teague80020.0%
MarShon Brooks to Mario Chalmers90020.0%
Mario Chalmers to Briante Weber70020.0%
Mario Chalmers to Vincent Hunter20010.0%
Mario Chalmers to Omari Johnson200040.0%
Mario Chalmers to MarShon Brooks2402728.6%
Mario Chalmers to Mike Conley3702540.0%
Mario Chalmers to Nene10000.0%
Deyonta Davis to Xavier Rathan-Mayes1603560.0%
Deyonta Davis to Myke Henry120010.0%
Deyonta Davis to Briante Weber210010.0%
Deyonta Davis to Andrew Harrison1340112055.0%
Deyonta Davis to Marquis Teague340030.0%
Deyonta Davis to MarShon Brooks27041040.0%
James Ennis III to Kobi Simmons80030.0%
James Ennis III to Myke Henry1011100.0%
James Ennis III to Andrew Harrison88061637.5%
Tyreke Evans to Briante Weber110000.0%
Marc Gasol to Xavier Rathan-Mayes6602728.6%
Marc Gasol to Briante Weber2802366.7%
Marc Gasol to Marquis Teague90000.0%
Marc Gasol to MarShon Brooks10044100.0%
JaMychal Green to Xavier Rathan-Mayes4102825.0%
JaMychal Green to Wayne Selden39021216.7%
JaMychal Green to Marquis Teague70000.0%
JaMychal Green to MarShon Brooks20020.0%
JaMychal Green to Mike Conley30000.0%
Andrew Harrison to Briante Weber80000.0%
Myke Henry to Xavier Rathan-Mayes1001250.0%
Myke Henry to Kobi Simmons280010.0%
Myke Henry to Andrew Harrison3802633.3%
Myke Henry to Omari Johnson70020.0%
Myke Henry to Ben McLemore1501616.7%
Myke Henry to Marquis Teague3011100.0%
Myke Henry to Tyreke Evans120030.0%
Vincent Hunter to Kobi Simmons10000.0%
Vincent Hunter to Ivan Rabb10010.0%
Vincent Hunter to Andrew Harrison20010.0%
Vincent Hunter to Mario Chalmers10010.0%
Brice Johnson to Xavier Rathan-Mayes20000.0%
Brice Johnson to Kobi Simmons3401520.0%
Brice Johnson to Dillon Brooks30000.0%
Brice Johnson to Ivan Rabb30010.0%
Brice Johnson to Myke Henry50010.0%
Brice Johnson to Wayne Selden30000.0%
Brice Johnson to Briante Weber50000.0%
Brice Johnson to Andrew Harrison50000.0%
Brice Johnson to Ben McLemore60010.0%
Brice Johnson to JaMychal Green30000.0%
Brice Johnson to Chandler Parsons10000.0%
Brice Johnson to Mario Chalmers120020.0%
Omari Johnson to Ivan Rabb10000.0%
Omari Johnson to Deyonta Davis20000.0%
Omari Johnson to MarShon Brooks1902540.0%
Jarell Martin to Xavier Rathan-Mayes300050.0%
Jarell Martin to Briante Weber220020.0%
Jarell Martin to Marquis Teague3101250.0%
Jarell Martin to Chandler Parsons2002922.2%
Jarell Martin to MarShon Brooks401250.0%
Jarell Martin to Brandan Wright50010.0%
Ben McLemore to Xavier Rathan-Mayes200040.0%
Ben McLemore to Myke Henry180030.0%
Ben McLemore to Brice Johnson30000.0%
Ben McLemore to Briante Weber1703560.0%
Ben McLemore to James Ennis III100030.0%
Ben McLemore to Marquis Teague210020.0%
Ben McLemore to Brandan Wright50000.0%
Ben McLemore to Mike Conley30010.0%
Chandler Parsons to Xavier Rathan-Mayes120030.0%
Chandler Parsons to Wayne Selden1901425.0%
Chandler Parsons to Brice Johnson40020.0%
Chandler Parsons to Briante Weber70000.0%
Chandler Parsons to Ben McLemore1601616.7%
Chandler Parsons to MarShon Brooks40020.0%
Chandler Parsons to Mike Conley220040.0%
Ivan Rabb to Xavier Rathan-Mayes260030.0%
Ivan Rabb to Brice Johnson701250.0%
Ivan Rabb to Briante Weber100010.0%
Ivan Rabb to Omari Johnson40020.0%
Ivan Rabb to Marquis Teague2201333.3%
Ivan Rabb to Tyreke Evans2203650.0%
Ivan Rabb to Brandan Wright20000.0%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Kobi Simmons1101333.3%
Xavier Rathan-Mayes to Chandler Parsons120030.0%
Wayne Selden to Xavier Rathan-Mayes90000.0%
Wayne Selden to Briante Weber100010.0%
Wayne Selden to Andrew Harrison4903933.3%
Wayne Selden to Marquis Teague60010.0%
Wayne Selden to MarShon Brooks4033100.0%
Wayne Selden to Brandan Wright40020.0%
Kobi Simmons to Xavier Rathan-Mayes16011100.0%
Kobi Simmons to Briante Weber30000.0%
Kobi Simmons to Andrew Harrison280060.0%
Kobi Simmons to Marquis Teague10000.0%
Kobi Simmons to Brandan Wright2011100.0%
Marquis Teague to JaMychal Green20000.0%
Briante Weber to Kobi Simmons90030.0%
Briante Weber to Ivan Rabb70010.0%
Briante Weber to Brice Johnson10000.0%
Briante Weber to Jarell Martin110060.0%
Briante Weber to Andrew Harrison701333.3%
Briante Weber to JaMychal Green160050.0%
Briante Weber to Chandler Parsons60020.0%
Briante Weber to Tyreke Evans20022100.0%
Brandan Wright to Kobi Simmons80010.0%
Brandan Wright to Myke Henry10000.0%
Brandan Wright to JaMychal Green10000.0%
Brandan Wright to Mike Conley2302450.0%