2015 Memphis Grizzlies Team Passing Stats

The 2015 Memphis Grizzlies averaged 306 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Mike Conley to Marc Gasol, with 104 assists on 986 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Mike Conley to Marc Gasol98610412426746.4%
Mike Conley to Zach Randolph483558116848.2%
Marc Gasol to Mike Conley982539423140.7%
Mike Conley to Matt Barnes378424511339.8%
Marc Gasol to Courtney Lee343425112540.8%
Mario Chalmers to Matt Barnes26833356950.7%
Mario Chalmers to JaMychal Green23032356950.7%
Mike Conley to Courtney Lee39729347048.6%
Mario Chalmers to Zach Randolph26127429743.3%
Mike Conley to Jeff Green468275412842.2%
Mario Chalmers to Marc Gasol34725439644.8%
Mario Chalmers to Jeff Green292254110638.7%
Zach Randolph to Matt Barnes21724257632.9%
Matt Barnes to Zach Randolph283235011942.0%
Marc Gasol to Zach Randolph16523378046.3%
Jeff Green to Marc Gasol33023359038.9%
Mike Conley to Tony Allen24122256637.9%
Matt Barnes to Marc Gasol21821338140.7%
Courtney Lee to Marc Gasol355213510035.0%
Marc Gasol to Tony Allen13620286841.2%
Courtney Lee to Zach Randolph23520418548.2%
Mario Chalmers to Courtney Lee27819256240.3%
Mike Conley to JaMychal Green10619193948.7%
Lance Stephenson to JaMychal Green12819215339.6%
Matt Barnes to Jeff Green15718255347.2%
Marc Gasol to Jeff Green284183810336.9%
Zach Randolph to Mike Conley706183511829.7%
Zach Randolph to Vince Carter7016173253.1%
Matt Barnes to JaMychal Green16315205238.5%
Marc Gasol to Matt Barnes17515186428.1%
Jeff Green to Mike Conley44715337146.5%
Zach Randolph to Courtney Lee15515194443.2%
Matt Barnes to Tony Allen11314215339.6%
Mike Conley to Vince Carter12114174042.5%
JaMychal Green to Matt Barnes16714174835.4%
Jeff Green to Matt Barnes15014174438.6%
Tony Allen to Zach Randolph18713225738.6%
Mario Chalmers to Vince Carter20513185433.3%
Jeff Green to Courtney Lee9413143046.7%
Mario Chalmers to Tony Allen12812173745.9%
Marc Gasol to Mario Chalmers30412236634.8%
Zach Randolph to JaMychal Green6412132552.0%
Matt Barnes to Mike Conley58311359038.9%
Zach Randolph to Marc Gasol12111164040.0%
Tony Allen to Marc Gasol13810113036.7%
Matt Barnes to Vince Carter11210143441.2%
Vince Carter to Zach Randolph9310152951.7%
JaMychal Green to Tony Allen7810153050.0%
Lance Stephenson to Jarell Martin6610112740.7%
Lance Stephenson to Matt Barnes9910133537.1%
Tony Allen to JaMychal Green999122646.2%
Zach Randolph to Jeff Green1189164238.1%
Tony Allen to Ryan Hollins38881266.7%
Tony Allen to Matt Barnes99893129.0%
Vince Carter to Mario Chalmers2338204247.6%
Jeff Green to Zach Randolph1438194839.6%
Courtney Lee to Mario Chalmers1798113036.7%
Zach Randolph to Tony Allen1158123732.4%
Matt Barnes to Lance Stephenson1207224351.2%
Vince Carter to Matt Barnes86792832.1%
Mike Conley to PJ Hairston70782532.0%
Mike Conley to Brandan Wright34781266.7%
Jordan Farmar to Zach Randolph1167174736.2%
JaMychal Green to Vince Carter1007123336.4%
Courtney Lee to Mike Conley2647194641.3%
Ray McCallum to Jarell Martin53771936.8%
Ray McCallum to Tony Allen46781650.0%
Lance Stephenson to Vince Carter65792339.1%
Tony Allen to Mike Conley2546164535.6%
Matt Barnes to Mario Chalmers4216216333.3%
Vince Carter to Lance Stephenson1246205238.5%
Jordan Farmar to Tony Allen60692045.0%
Jordan Farmar to Matt Barnes118673420.6%
Jeff Green to JaMychal Green62661735.3%
Courtney Lee to Jeff Green1116103627.8%
Courtney Lee to Tony Allen53672035.0%
Courtney Lee to Matt Barnes88661833.3%
Zach Randolph to Jordan Farmar966102245.5%
Briante Weber to Matt Barnes83672429.2%
Tony Allen to Courtney Lee65551926.3%
Tony Allen to Chris Andersen1956785.7%
Matt Barnes to Jarell Martin31561637.5%
Matt Barnes to PJ Hairston37571643.8%
Vince Carter to JaMychal Green70572528.0%
Mario Chalmers to Lance Stephenson615112152.4%
Mario Chalmers to Ryan Hollins40571546.7%
Jordan Farmar to JaMychal Green77582334.8%
JaMychal Green to Ray McCallum49561154.5%
Ray McCallum to JaMychal Green35561637.5%
Zach Randolph to PJ Hairston28551338.5%
Zach Randolph to Mario Chalmers2875154632.6%
Lance Stephenson to Tony Allen37551241.7%
Beno Udrih to JaMychal Green2855862.5%
Beno Udrih to Brandan Wright32551338.5%
Briante Weber to JaMychal Green49551050.0%
Matt Barnes to Brandan Wright1745862.5%
Mike Conley to Lance Stephenson35461154.5%
Mike Conley to Mario Chalmers102472825.0%
Marc Gasol to JaMychal Green33451050.0%
Marc Gasol to Beno Udrih3345862.5%
JaMychal Green to Lance Stephenson1324163842.1%
JaMychal Green to Mike Conley2244133240.6%
Jeff Green to Tony Allen50482040.0%
Ryan Hollins to Mario Chalmers74471838.9%
Jarell Martin to JaMychal Green1145683.3%
Jarell Martin to Lance Stephenson80481553.3%
Xavier Munford to Lance Stephenson85492437.5%
Xavier Munford to Zach Randolph41491656.3%
Russ Smith to JaMychal Green2845955.6%
Lance Stephenson to Ryan Hollins2244666.7%
Lance Stephenson to Chris Andersen1744666.7%
Beno Udrih to Marc Gasol3044580.0%
Beno Udrih to Jeff Green57471643.8%
Beno Udrih to Matt Barnes40441428.6%
Tony Allen to Mario Chalmers158391947.4%
Tony Allen to Jeff Green59361540.0%
Matt Barnes to Ray McCallum5734850.0%
Matt Barnes to Courtney Lee1203103132.3%
Matt Barnes to Ryan Hollins2633650.0%
Matt Barnes to Beno Udrih6034944.4%
Vince Carter to Courtney Lee24361060.0%
Vince Carter to Marc Gasol61382433.3%
Vince Carter to Tony Allen2433933.3%
Mario Chalmers to Mike Conley1153102441.7%
Jordan Farmar to Chris Andersen42331323.1%
Jordan Farmar to Vince Carter54341428.6%
Marc Gasol to Vince Carter44351729.4%
JaMychal Green to Jarell Martin28361346.2%
JaMychal Green to Xavier Munford98381747.1%
JaMychal Green to Mario Chalmers3783165131.4%
JaMychal Green to Zach Randolph493112544.0%
Jeff Green to Beno Udrih4936966.7%
Jeff Green to Vince Carter41341526.7%
PJ Hairston to Zach Randolph33351338.5%
Ryan Hollins to Tony Allen32361442.9%
Jarell Martin to Vince Carter35351435.7%
Ray McCallum to Zach Randolph45361833.3%
Xavier Munford to JaMychal Green65351729.4%
Xavier Munford to Vince Carter54381942.1%
Zach Randolph to Ray McCallum5534850.0%
Russ Smith to Matt Barnes2133742.9%
Lance Stephenson to PJ Hairston34361637.5%
Lance Stephenson to Ray McCallum50361154.5%
Lance Stephenson to Mario Chalmers38341040.0%
Beno Udrih to Zach Randolph23333100.0%
Briante Weber to Tony Allen45341040.0%
Jordan Adams to Brandan Wright4222100.0%
Chris Andersen to JaMychal Green622540.0%
Chris Andersen to Jordan Farmar9924850.0%
Chris Andersen to Matt Barnes3623742.9%
Chris Andersen to Vince Carter2022825.0%
Matt Barnes to Briante Weber80251145.5%
Matt Barnes to Xavier Munford58261154.5%
Matt Barnes to Chris Andersen2722540.0%
Vince Carter to Jarell Martin28221020.0%
Vince Carter to Xavier Munford58261250.0%
Vince Carter to Chris Andersen1422366.7%
Mario Chalmers to Brandan Wright1822450.0%
Mario Chalmers to Chris Andersen1522366.7%
Mike Conley to Ryan Hollins1522540.0%
Mike Conley to Chris Andersen2422922.2%
Jordan Farmar to Xavier Munford1822633.3%
Jordan Farmar to Lance Stephenson562112055.0%
JaMychal Green to PJ Hairston25231225.0%
JaMychal Green to Courtney Lee53271353.8%
JaMychal Green to Marc Gasol21251145.5%
JaMychal Green to Chris Andersen822366.7%
Jeff Green to Brandan Wright622366.7%
Jeff Green to Ryan Hollins922450.0%
PJ Hairston to Tony Allen5222100.0%
PJ Hairston to Matt Barnes2822825.0%
Ryan Hollins to Matt Barnes3823933.3%
Courtney Lee to JaMychal Green48241330.8%
Jarell Martin to Ray McCallum62231127.3%
Ray McCallum to Ryan Hollins2423475.0%
Ray McCallum to Vince Carter3022728.6%
Xavier Munford to PJ Hairston1522450.0%
Xavier Munford to Tony Allen1222366.7%
Xavier Munford to Chris Andersen522366.7%
Zach Randolph to Xavier Munford2623650.0%
Zach Randolph to Lance Stephenson38281650.0%
Russ Smith to Courtney Lee1122450.0%
Lance Stephenson to Xavier Munford46241136.4%
Lance Stephenson to Zach Randolph64272626.9%
Beno Udrih to Courtney Lee2522540.0%
Briante Weber to Alex Stepheson7222100.0%
Brandan Wright to Matt Barnes1922540.0%
Brandan Wright to Vince Carter1923650.0%
Jordan Adams to JaMychal Green1111100.0%
Chris Andersen to Mario Chalmers2612633.3%
Chris Andersen to Brandan Wright1111100.0%
Matt Barnes to Russ Smith2311425.0%
Matt Barnes to Jordan Farmar1631132846.4%
Vince Carter to Brandan Wright1411333.3%
Vince Carter to Jeff Green4711137.7%
Vince Carter to Mike Conley116162128.6%
Vince Carter to Ryan Hollins1911520.0%
Vince Carter to Jordan Farmar60131030.0%
Mario Chalmers to Jarell Martin2412825.0%
Mario Chalmers to James Ennis III1211425.0%
James Ennis III to Russ Smith611250.0%
James Ennis III to Zach Randolph511333.3%
Jordan Farmar to Jarell Martin1112366.7%
Jordan Farmar to Ryan Hollins2111100.0%
Marc Gasol to James Ennis III211250.0%
JaMychal Green to Jeff Green79152520.0%
JaMychal Green to Jordan Farmar7313837.5%
Jeff Green to Jordan Adams1111100.0%
Jeff Green to Mario Chalmers2411113531.4%
PJ Hairston to Briante Weber6111100.0%
PJ Hairston to JaMychal Green2911425.0%
PJ Hairston to Lance Stephenson2014757.1%
Ryan Hollins to Jeff Green1113650.0%
Courtney Lee to Ryan Hollins711250.0%
Jarell Martin to Ryan Hollins311250.0%
Jarell Martin to Jordan Farmar30111100.0%
Ray McCallum to Xavier Munford711425.0%
Ray McCallum to PJ Hairston1214850.0%
Ray McCallum to Matt Barnes3412922.2%
Xavier Munford to Jarell Martin2111616.7%
Xavier Munford to Matt Barnes43131127.3%
Zach Randolph to Elliot Williams611250.0%
Zach Randolph to Brandan Wright811333.3%
Zach Randolph to Ryan Hollins811333.3%
Zach Randolph to Chris Andersen911250.0%
Russ Smith to Beno Udrih7111100.0%
Russ Smith to Vince Carter1212450.0%
Lance Stephenson to Alex Stepheson3111100.0%
Lance Stephenson to Mike Conley1812728.6%
Alex Stepheson to PJ Hairston211250.0%
Alex Stepheson to Ray McCallum1811333.3%
Briante Weber to Jarell Martin2511616.7%
Briante Weber to Lance Stephenson40151145.5%
Briante Weber to Ryan Hollins2411333.3%
Elliot Williams to James Ennis III1111100.0%
Elliot Williams to Courtney Lee4111100.0%
Elliot Williams to Jeff Green1614666.7%
Elliot Williams to Matt Barnes1711250.0%
Brandan Wright to Courtney Lee711250.0%
Brandan Wright to Tony Allen411333.3%
Jordan Adams to Russ Smith10010.0%
Jordan Adams to Jeff Green10000.0%
Jordan Adams to Beno Udrih50000.0%
Jordan Adams to Vince Carter10000.0%
Tony Allen to Briante Weber330000.0%
Tony Allen to Alex Stepheson20010.0%
Tony Allen to Jarell Martin9011100.0%
Tony Allen to Xavier Munford70010.0%
Tony Allen to Russ Smith10000.0%
Tony Allen to PJ Hairston60020.0%
Tony Allen to Ray McCallum320070.0%
Tony Allen to Lance Stephenson210050.0%
Tony Allen to Elliot Williams40000.0%
Tony Allen to Brandan Wright60020.0%
Tony Allen to Jordan Farmar380030.0%
Tony Allen to Beno Udrih60000.0%
Tony Allen to Vince Carter230050.0%
Chris Andersen to Xavier Munford130000.0%
Chris Andersen to PJ Hairston80010.0%
Chris Andersen to James Ennis III10010.0%
Chris Andersen to Ray McCallum260040.0%
Chris Andersen to Lance Stephenson2002633.3%
Chris Andersen to Mike Conley7803933.3%
Chris Andersen to Tony Allen1801425.0%
Chris Andersen to Zach Randolph1701333.3%
Matt Barnes to Alex Stepheson70010.0%
Matt Barnes to James Ennis III40000.0%
Matt Barnes to Elliot Williams240010.0%
Vince Carter to Briante Weber70000.0%
Vince Carter to Jordan Adams10000.0%
Vince Carter to Russ Smith50000.0%
Vince Carter to PJ Hairston1202540.0%
Vince Carter to James Ennis III10000.0%
Vince Carter to Ray McCallum2501250.0%
Vince Carter to Elliot Williams60010.0%
Vince Carter to Beno Udrih20000.0%
Mario Chalmers to Russ Smith40000.0%
Mario Chalmers to PJ Hairston290070.0%
Mario Chalmers to Elliot Williams20000.0%
Mike Conley to Jarell Martin20000.0%
Mike Conley to James Ennis III20020.0%
Bryce Cotton to Xavier Munford10000.0%
James Ennis III to JaMychal Green20010.0%
James Ennis III to Lance Stephenson20000.0%
James Ennis III to Mario Chalmers10011100.0%
James Ennis III to Marc Gasol10000.0%
James Ennis III to Jeff Green10000.0%
James Ennis III to Mike Conley20000.0%
James Ennis III to Matt Barnes20000.0%
James Ennis III to Chris Andersen20000.0%
James Ennis III to Vince Carter10000.0%
Jordan Farmar to PJ Hairston50020.0%
Jordan Farmar to Ray McCallum401250.0%
Marc Gasol to Russ Smith50000.0%
Marc Gasol to Elliot Williams1701520.0%
Marc Gasol to Brandan Wright10000.0%
JaMychal Green to Briante Weber70021414.3%
JaMychal Green to Alex Stepheson10000.0%
JaMychal Green to Jordan Adams10000.0%
JaMychal Green to Russ Smith4302540.0%
JaMychal Green to James Ennis III30020.0%
JaMychal Green to Elliot Williams110010.0%
JaMychal Green to Brandan Wright4011100.0%
JaMychal Green to Ryan Hollins90010.0%
JaMychal Green to Beno Udrih5601714.3%
Jeff Green to Russ Smith6011100.0%
Jeff Green to Elliot Williams120010.0%
PJ Hairston to Alex Stepheson40030.0%
PJ Hairston to Jarell Martin901250.0%
PJ Hairston to Xavier Munford90010.0%
PJ Hairston to Ray McCallum50000.0%
PJ Hairston to Mario Chalmers160030.0%
PJ Hairston to Brandan Wright40000.0%
PJ Hairston to Mike Conley3803742.9%
PJ Hairston to Ryan Hollins40010.0%
PJ Hairston to Jordan Farmar70010.0%
PJ Hairston to Chris Andersen110000.0%
PJ Hairston to Vince Carter180030.0%
Ryan Hollins to Briante Weber320010.0%
Ryan Hollins to Jarell Martin20010.0%
Ryan Hollins to Xavier Munford10000.0%
Ryan Hollins to PJ Hairston90050.0%
Ryan Hollins to Ray McCallum3301425.0%
Ryan Hollins to JaMychal Green7011100.0%
Ryan Hollins to Lance Stephenson3802728.6%
Ryan Hollins to Courtney Lee701333.3%
Ryan Hollins to Mike Conley170020.0%
Ryan Hollins to Jordan Farmar40000.0%
Ryan Hollins to Zach Randolph50000.0%
Ryan Hollins to Vince Carter80010.0%
Courtney Lee to Russ Smith50010.0%
Courtney Lee to James Ennis III10000.0%
Courtney Lee to Elliot Williams10000.0%
Courtney Lee to Brandan Wright30000.0%
Courtney Lee to Beno Udrih1101250.0%
Courtney Lee to Vince Carter2102540.0%
Jarell Martin to Briante Weber3401250.0%
Jarell Martin to Alex Stepheson60010.0%
Jarell Martin to Xavier Munford5201425.0%
Jarell Martin to Bryce Cotton3011100.0%
Jarell Martin to Russ Smith10000.0%
Jarell Martin to PJ Hairston1501616.7%
Jarell Martin to Mario Chalmers4502825.0%
Jarell Martin to Mike Conley2011100.0%
Jarell Martin to Tony Allen40010.0%
Jarell Martin to Matt Barnes2401616.7%
Jarell Martin to Zach Randolph20000.0%
Ray McCallum to Briante Weber1501250.0%
Ray McCallum to Alex Stepheson1001520.0%
Ray McCallum to Lance Stephenson70061833.3%
Ray McCallum to Jordan Farmar3011100.0%
Ray McCallum to Chris Andersen80000.0%
Xavier Munford to Briante Weber120000.0%
Xavier Munford to Alex Stepheson10010.0%
Xavier Munford to Bryce Cotton10000.0%
Xavier Munford to Ray McCallum40010.0%
Xavier Munford to Jordan Farmar1602540.0%
Zach Randolph to Briante Weber10000.0%
Zach Randolph to Jarell Martin10010.0%
Zach Randolph to Jordan Adams10000.0%
Zach Randolph to Russ Smith110020.0%
Zach Randolph to James Ennis III60000.0%
Zach Randolph to Beno Udrih210040.0%
Russ Smith to Jarell Martin10000.0%
Russ Smith to Jordan Adams10020.0%
Russ Smith to James Ennis III20010.0%
Russ Smith to Mario Chalmers40000.0%
Russ Smith to Marc Gasol20000.0%
Russ Smith to Brandan Wright40010.0%
Russ Smith to Jeff Green601250.0%
Russ Smith to Tony Allen20000.0%
Russ Smith to Zach Randolph801333.3%
Lance Stephenson to Briante Weber21011100.0%
Lance Stephenson to Bryce Cotton1011100.0%
Lance Stephenson to James Ennis III30010.0%
Lance Stephenson to Lance Stephenson20000.0%
Lance Stephenson to Brandan Wright8011100.0%
Lance Stephenson to Jordan Farmar300050.0%
Alex Stepheson to Briante Weber110010.0%
Alex Stepheson to Jarell Martin40000.0%
Alex Stepheson to Xavier Munford30010.0%
Alex Stepheson to JaMychal Green20000.0%
Alex Stepheson to Lance Stephenson601425.0%
Alex Stepheson to Ryan Hollins10000.0%
Alex Stepheson to Tony Allen40010.0%
Alex Stepheson to Matt Barnes30000.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Russ Smith20000.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Beno Udrih20000.0%
Jarnell Stokes to Zach Randolph10010.0%
Beno Udrih to Jarnell Stokes30000.0%
Beno Udrih to Jordan Adams90010.0%
Beno Udrih to Russ Smith70000.0%
Beno Udrih to Tony Allen20000.0%
Beno Udrih to Vince Carter50000.0%
Briante Weber to Xavier Munford70010.0%
Briante Weber to PJ Hairston120030.0%
Briante Weber to Ray McCallum2901425.0%
Briante Weber to Zach Randolph20000.0%
Briante Weber to Vince Carter80020.0%
Elliot Williams to JaMychal Green70010.0%
Elliot Williams to Mario Chalmers20000.0%
Elliot Williams to Marc Gasol160020.0%
Elliot Williams to Tony Allen80000.0%
Elliot Williams to Zach Randolph601250.0%
Elliot Williams to Vince Carter20000.0%
Brandan Wright to Jordan Adams20010.0%
Brandan Wright to Russ Smith100040.0%
Brandan Wright to PJ Hairston40010.0%
Brandan Wright to JaMychal Green60020.0%
Brandan Wright to Lance Stephenson40020.0%
Brandan Wright to Mario Chalmers2601250.0%
Brandan Wright to Marc Gasol10000.0%
Brandan Wright to Jeff Green1301333.3%
Brandan Wright to Mike Conley5601425.0%
Brandan Wright to Beno Udrih2901333.3%
Brandan Wright to Zach Randolph40010.0%