2022 Memphis Grizzlies Team Passing Stats

The 2022 Memphis Grizzlies average 273 passes per game. The current leading assist duo is Tyus Jones to Jaren Jackson Jr., with 86 assists on 460 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Tyus Jones to Jaren Jackson Jr.4608611125743.2%
Ja Morant to Dillon Brooks5997510728937.0%
Tyus Jones to Desmond Bane660729119247.4%
Ja Morant to Desmond Bane496728518545.9%
Ja Morant to Jaren Jackson Jr.250627114549.0%
Ja Morant to Brandon Clarke18459618968.5%
Ja Morant to Santi Aldama238495110847.2%
Dillon Brooks to Jaren Jackson Jr.216435712047.5%
Desmond Bane to Jaren Jackson Jr.270415312741.7%
Tyus Jones to Santi Aldama271394411239.3%
Tyus Jones to Brandon Clarke27138407553.3%
Tyus Jones to Dillon Brooks427376017733.9%
Ja Morant to John Konchar23034358541.2%
Tyus Jones to David Roddy21732338538.8%
Desmond Bane to Santi Aldama16730347346.6%
Ja Morant to Steven Adams21630345265.4%
Ja Morant to Tyus Jones23828316746.3%
Desmond Bane to Brandon Clarke15127305158.8%
Desmond Bane to Xavier Tillman20526315853.4%
Desmond Bane to Dillon Brooks17625337643.4%
Ja Morant to Xavier Tillman13525274165.9%
Tyus Jones to Xavier Tillman20724254456.8%
Dillon Brooks to Steven Adams14623274856.3%
Ja Morant to Ziaire Williams8023244158.5%
Dillon Brooks to Desmond Bane15622265745.6%
Tyus Jones to Luke Kennard14022224746.8%
Steven Adams to Ja Morant589218117945.3%
Desmond Bane to Ja Morant453215814839.2%
Desmond Bane to Tyus Jones56521409641.7%
Dillon Brooks to Ja Morant444216216737.1%
Xavier Tillman to Desmond Bane29721429245.7%
Steven Adams to Dillon Brooks21219409940.4%
Ja Morant to David Roddy11319215836.2%
Tyus Jones to John Konchar24718185532.7%
Tyus Jones to Ja Morant26218429544.2%
Desmond Bane to David Roddy11117174141.5%
Brandon Clarke to Desmond Bane16917275251.9%
Dillon Brooks to Xavier Tillman11916193850.0%
Xavier Tillman to Tyus Jones36616347147.9%
Santi Aldama to Ja Morant430156614844.6%
Dillon Brooks to Tyus Jones30715296842.6%
Steven Adams to Santi Aldama6714142948.3%
Kennedy Chandler to Xavier Tillman5414152365.2%
John Konchar to Tyus Jones38614307938.0%
Steven Adams to Desmond Bane15713216233.9%
Desmond Bane to Luke Kennard6513152560.0%
Brandon Clarke to Tyus Jones34113226235.5%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Desmond Bane26013247432.4%
John Konchar to Desmond Bane14813234353.5%
Santi Aldama to Tyus Jones34612296544.6%
Dillon Brooks to Santi Aldama8812143540.0%
John Konchar to Santi Aldama8312153444.1%
Santi Aldama to Dillon Brooks14811277337.0%
Brandon Clarke to Dillon Brooks10711174934.7%
Tyus Jones to Jake LaRavia8011113036.7%
Luke Kennard to Jaren Jackson Jr.6711153444.1%
John Konchar to Dillon Brooks11211184639.1%
Xavier Tillman to David Roddy6711113036.7%
Xavier Tillman to Dillon Brooks13711205337.7%
Desmond Bane to John Konchar10210122254.5%
Dillon Brooks to John Konchar7710103033.3%
Kennedy Chandler to David Roddy6710112445.8%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Dillon Brooks17510236933.3%
Luke Kennard to Xavier Tillman5510101566.7%
John Konchar to David Roddy8910124129.3%
Ja Morant to Luke Kennard6610102343.5%
Xavier Tillman to Jaren Jackson Jr.6610153641.7%
Steven Adams to John Konchar1049112740.7%
Santi Aldama to John Konchar52991464.3%
Santi Aldama to Steven Adams579101566.7%
Tyus Jones to Ziaire Williams78992536.0%
John Konchar to Ja Morant44095113238.6%
Ziaire Williams to Kenneth Lofton Jr.229111478.6%
Steven Adams to David Roddy40891947.4%
Santi Aldama to Brandon Clarke568101566.7%
Desmond Bane to Steven Adams878111861.1%
Dillon Brooks to Brandon Clarke798112152.4%
Brandon Clarke to Santi Aldama43882236.4%
Xavier Tillman to Santi Aldama648102441.7%
Ziaire Williams to Brandon Clarke33891752.9%
Steven Adams to Jaren Jackson Jr.49782630.8%
Santi Aldama to David Roddy50781747.1%
Santi Aldama to Luke Kennard40791560.0%
Desmond Bane to Ziaire Williams30781747.1%
Dillon Brooks to Ziaire Williams27771838.9%
Brandon Clarke to Jaren Jackson Jr.507122842.9%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Ja Morant40773511630.2%
Luke Kennard to Tyus Jones1157132650.0%
David Roddy to Santi Aldama48792240.9%
David Roddy to John Konchar55771450.0%
David Roddy to Brandon Clarke34771546.7%
Xavier Tillman to Luke Kennard48771163.6%
Desmond Bane to Jake LaRavia2266966.7%
Kennedy Chandler to Kenneth Lofton Jr.36671353.8%
Kennedy Chandler to Brandon Clarke2066966.7%
Brandon Clarke to Ja Morant2536217528.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Brandon Clarke6167887.5%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Tyus Jones4056194245.2%
Luke Kennard to Desmond Bane61671353.8%
John Konchar to Brandon Clarke77681650.0%
David Roddy to Desmond Bane1026122254.5%
Xavier Tillman to Ja Morant2806348938.2%
Santi Aldama to Desmond Bane2095225540.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Xavier Tillman4155955.6%
Luke Kennard to Dillon Brooks2356875.0%
David Roddy to Ja Morant1255214151.2%
David Roddy to Tyus Jones2295153740.5%
Santi Aldama to Xavier Tillman56461060.0%
Santi Aldama to Jaren Jackson Jr.24461154.5%
Kennedy Chandler to Tyus Jones1645771.4%
Brandon Clarke to John Konchar51441136.4%
Jacob Gilyard to Ziaire Williams1844944.4%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Santi Aldama2144850.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Luke Kennard2445683.3%
Luke Kennard to David Roddy27451145.5%
John Konchar to Ziaire Williams2644944.4%
John Konchar to Xavier Tillman62461154.5%
John Konchar to Luke Kennard33451050.0%
Ja Morant to Jake LaRavia1944850.0%
David Roddy to Xavier Tillman51461060.0%
Xavier Tillman to John Konchar54441625.0%
Steven Adams to Tyus Jones153392536.0%
Santi Aldama to Jake LaRavia1433560.0%
Dillon Brooks to David Roddy44351435.7%
Dillon Brooks to Jake LaRavia1033650.0%
Dillon Brooks to Luke Kennard21331225.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Santi Aldama47331030.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Ziaire Williams43341625.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Jaren Jackson Jr.1533560.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Dillon Brooks41351435.7%
Brandon Clarke to Ziaire Williams24341233.3%
Tyus Jones to Kenneth Lofton Jr.1233475.0%
Tyus Jones to Kennedy Chandler1334666.7%
Tyus Jones to Steven Adams111341526.7%
Luke Kennard to Santi Aldama39351050.0%
Luke Kennard to John Konchar19333100.0%
John Konchar to Jake LaRavia2133837.5%
John Konchar to Jaren Jackson Jr.89353215.6%
Jake LaRavia to Desmond Bane28351338.5%
Jake LaRavia to Brandon Clarke2633742.9%
Jake LaRavia to Jaren Jackson Jr.634580.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to David Roddy2033742.9%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Kennedy Chandler3533475.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to John Konchar2033650.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Luke Kennard8333100.0%
David Roddy to Vince Williams Jr.933560.0%
David Roddy to Luke Kennard25341136.4%
David Roddy to Steven Adams3533742.9%
Ziaire Williams to Xavier Tillman2834944.4%
Ziaire Williams to Jaren Jackson Jr.22341136.4%
Ziaire Williams to Tyus Jones7634944.4%
Steven Adams to Ziaire Williams923475.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Desmond Bane2624666.7%
Brandon Clarke to David Roddy29271643.8%
Brandon Clarke to Jake LaRavia2022633.3%
Jacob Gilyard to David Roddy1924666.7%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to John Konchar4225771.4%
Luke Kennard to Kenneth Lofton Jr.722450.0%
Luke Kennard to Ja Morant712112347.8%
John Konchar to Kenneth Lofton Jr.2323837.5%
John Konchar to Vince Williams Jr.12221020.0%
John Konchar to Kennedy Chandler36241040.0%
Jake LaRavia to David Roddy1422540.0%
Jake LaRavia to John Konchar1622540.0%
Jake LaRavia to Dillon Brooks1022633.3%
Jake LaRavia to Tyus Jones106272035.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Vince Williams Jr.722366.7%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Santi Aldama722366.7%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Desmond Bane15233100.0%
David Roddy to Kenneth Lofton Jr.26231225.0%
David Roddy to Kennedy Chandler61241040.0%
David Roddy to Ziaire Williams1924666.7%
David Roddy to Dillon Brooks51271838.9%
Vince Williams Jr. to Kennedy Chandler2023560.0%
Ziaire Williams to Vince Williams Jr.922540.0%
Ziaire Williams to Santi Aldama2023560.0%
Santi Aldama to Kenneth Lofton Jr.911425.0%
Santi Aldama to Kennedy Chandler5012825.0%
Santi Aldama to Ziaire Williams2311812.5%
Desmond Bane to Kenneth Lofton Jr.1711616.7%
Dillon Brooks to Kennedy Chandler41131030.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Vince Williams Jr.1411616.7%
Kennedy Chandler to Jake LaRavia3111812.5%
Kennedy Chandler to John Konchar1411250.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Luke Kennard11133100.0%
Jacob Gilyard to Kenneth Lofton Jr.914580.0%
Danny Green to David Roddy2111100.0%
Danny Green to Tyus Jones1711425.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Kenneth Lofton Jr.411250.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to David Roddy2511520.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Steven Adams2612450.0%
Tyus Jones to Danny Green1011520.0%
Luke Kennard to Ziaire Williams711333.3%
John Konchar to Steven Adams96151533.3%
Jake LaRavia to Kennedy Chandler5312922.2%
Jake LaRavia to Santi Aldama1211425.0%
Jake LaRavia to Ziaire Williams911333.3%
Jake LaRavia to Ja Morant50141526.7%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Jake LaRavia311250.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Dillon Brooks711425.0%
Ja Morant to Kenneth Lofton Jr.3111100.0%
David Roddy to Jaren Jackson Jr.26141040.0%
Xavier Tillman to Jake LaRavia1711333.3%
Xavier Tillman to Kennedy Chandler7013742.9%
Xavier Tillman to Danny Green3111100.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Jacob Gilyard1311250.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Ziaire Williams911425.0%
Ziaire Williams to David Roddy1812825.0%
Ziaire Williams to Desmond Bane2311616.7%
Ziaire Williams to John Konchar1211333.3%
Ziaire Williams to Ja Morant57151631.3%
Ziaire Williams to Danny Green1111100.0%
Steven Adams to Jake LaRavia120020.0%
Steven Adams to Kennedy Chandler160010.0%
Desmond Bane to Kennedy Chandler250010.0%
Desmond Bane to Danny Green110010.0%
Dillon Brooks to Kenneth Lofton Jr.40010.0%
Dillon Brooks to Vince Williams Jr.20010.0%
Dillon Brooks to Danny Green30020.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Ja Morant10000.0%
Kennedy Chandler to Steven Adams100010.0%
Brandon Clarke to Kennedy Chandler230030.0%
Brandon Clarke to Xavier Tillman20010.0%
Brandon Clarke to Luke Kennard20010.0%
Brandon Clarke to Steven Adams10010.0%
Brandon Clarke to Danny Green40010.0%
Jacob Gilyard to Vince Williams Jr.90060.0%
Jacob Gilyard to John Konchar160020.0%
Danny Green to Santi Aldama20000.0%
Danny Green to Desmond Bane1303560.0%
Danny Green to Xavier Tillman30010.0%
Danny Green to Brandon Clarke20010.0%
Danny Green to Ja Morant20000.0%
Danny Green to Jaren Jackson Jr.10000.0%
Danny Green to Dillon Brooks10000.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Jake LaRavia30000.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Kennedy Chandler100000.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Ziaire Williams90010.0%
Jaren Jackson Jr. to Danny Green40000.0%
Tyus Jones to Vince Williams Jr.10000.0%
Luke Kennard to Kennedy Chandler60000.0%
Luke Kennard to Brandon Clarke50020.0%
John Konchar to Jacob Gilyard180000.0%
Jake LaRavia to Kenneth Lofton Jr.120050.0%
Jake LaRavia to Vince Williams Jr.20000.0%
Jake LaRavia to Xavier Tillman14011100.0%
Jake LaRavia to Luke Kennard1011100.0%
Jake LaRavia to Steven Adams13011100.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Jacob Gilyard60000.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Ziaire Williams80040.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Ja Morant80000.0%
Kenneth Lofton Jr. to Tyus Jones70010.0%
Ja Morant to Danny Green10000.0%
David Roddy to Jacob Gilyard160000.0%
David Roddy to Jake LaRavia1401714.3%
David Roddy to Danny Green10000.0%
Xavier Tillman to Kenneth Lofton Jr.10000.0%
Xavier Tillman to Vince Williams Jr.70010.0%
Xavier Tillman to Ziaire Williams26011010.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Kenneth Lofton Jr.60050.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to David Roddy60030.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Jake LaRavia30020.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Xavier Tillman20000.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to John Konchar60010.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Brandon Clarke20000.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Dillon Brooks20000.0%
Vince Williams Jr. to Tyus Jones10000.0%
Ziaire Williams to Jacob Gilyard100010.0%
Ziaire Williams to Jake LaRavia401250.0%
Ziaire Williams to Kennedy Chandler3502450.0%
Ziaire Williams to Dillon Brooks2201616.7%
Ziaire Williams to Luke Kennard10000.0%
Ziaire Williams to Steven Adams1101250.0%