2017 Milwaukee Bucks Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Milwaukee Bucks averaged 285 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Eric Bledsoe to Khris Middleton, with 92 assists on 996 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Eric Bledsoe to Khris Middleton9969215434744.4%
Eric Bledsoe to Giannis Antetokounmpo10628214033841.4%
Khris Middleton to John Henson307798213859.4%
Khris Middleton to Giannis Antetokounmpo7447713029444.2%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Eric Bledsoe11957612726647.7%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Khris Middleton661658420740.6%
Eric Bledsoe to John Henson365616511556.5%
Khris Middleton to Eric Bledsoe1048469023338.6%
Malcolm Brogdon to Khris Middleton417397614452.8%
Eric Bledsoe to Tony Snell33636419642.7%
John Henson to Giannis Antetokounmpo326366211952.1%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Tony Snell24932359935.4%
Malcolm Brogdon to Giannis Antetokounmpo445315613840.6%
John Henson to Khris Middleton408315011145.0%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to John Henson33030337245.8%
Khris Middleton to Tony Snell25430368243.9%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Malcolm Brogdon499275210947.7%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Thon Maker19624245642.9%
Eric Bledsoe to Jabari Parker19124397353.4%
Matthew Dellavedova to Giannis Antetokounmpo25623408149.4%
Tony Snell to Giannis Antetokounmpo28923468653.5%
Matthew Dellavedova to Malcolm Brogdon16922305554.5%
Eric Bledsoe to Thon Maker9021214250.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Khris Middleton244204310341.7%
Khris Middleton to Malcolm Brogdon37520388743.7%
Jason Terry to Giannis Antetokounmpo22220357050.0%
Tony Snell to Khris Middleton24019367250.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to John Henson12518183946.2%
Matthew Dellavedova to Thon Maker9618184936.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Tony Snell11018193652.8%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Jabari Parker17017245444.4%
John Henson to Eric Bledsoe49517459348.4%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Matthew Dellavedova28216194641.3%
Eric Bledsoe to Malcolm Brogdon29016317342.5%
Khris Middleton to Jabari Parker11316215042.0%
Tony Snell to John Henson10015173745.9%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Sterling Brown10314164436.4%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Tyler Zeller7214142166.7%
Malcolm Brogdon to Tony Snell11914163743.2%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Jason Terry19813154334.9%
Khris Middleton to Thon Maker13013134628.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to Eric Bledsoe29812307838.5%
Matthew Dellavedova to Sterling Brown8112143243.8%
Thon Maker to Giannis Antetokounmpo21612245048.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Thon Maker16611114325.6%
John Henson to Jabari Parker5311132065.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to John Henson5210101952.6%
Khris Middleton to Jason Terry7510111668.8%
Tony Snell to Eric Bledsoe36210337544.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Tyler Zeller38991275.0%
John Henson to Malcolm Brogdon1189112445.8%
Jabari Parker to Khris Middleton1249144332.6%
Jabari Parker to Eric Bledsoe2739225044.0%
Jason Terry to Khris Middleton1079123534.3%
Brandon Jennings to Jabari Parker1028123633.3%
Brandon Jennings to Tyler Zeller36881361.5%
Thon Maker to Malcolm Brogdon2608194146.3%
Jason Terry to Jabari Parker738103231.3%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Mirza Teletovic27771258.3%
Jabari Parker to John Henson48772035.0%
Tony Snell to Thon Maker41781650.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to DeAndre Liggins95661540.0%
Sterling Brown to Jason Terry31661540.0%
Brandon Jennings to Khris Middleton676102638.5%
Khris Middleton to Sterling Brown47671643.8%
Jabari Parker to Tyler Zeller33671353.8%
Tony Snell to Jabari Parker3166966.7%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Rashad Vaughn1856966.7%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Shabazz Muhammad31591850.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Jason Terry74551926.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to Mirza Teletovic3655955.6%
Brandon Jennings to Giannis Antetokounmpo60581650.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Thon Maker27551050.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Khris Middleton635112642.3%
Thon Maker to Jabari Parker24571070.0%
Jabari Parker to Thon Maker33551631.3%
Tyler Zeller to Jabari Parker35561060.0%
Tyler Zeller to Khris Middleton405102147.6%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Sean Kilpatrick57461931.6%
Eric Bledsoe to Sterling Brown68442119.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Sterling Brown35461540.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Greg Monroe18451050.0%
John Henson to Tony Snell68451338.5%
Brandon Jennings to Sterling Brown1644757.1%
Brandon Jennings to Shabazz Muhammad15451050.0%
Brandon Jennings to John Henson1544944.4%
DeAndre Liggins to Giannis Antetokounmpo45461833.3%
Khris Middleton to Tyler Zeller24461346.2%
Jabari Parker to Sterling Brown56472133.3%
Jabari Parker to Jason Terry7045771.4%
Gary Payton II to Eric Bledsoe2746966.7%
Tony Snell to Malcolm Brogdon1244122352.2%
Rashad Vaughn to Khris Middleton1645771.4%
Eric Bledsoe to Sean Kilpatrick21331030.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Mirza Teletovic1833742.9%
Sterling Brown to Thon Maker21331127.3%
Sterling Brown to Jabari Parker36361442.9%
Sterling Brown to Giannis Antetokounmpo119382630.8%
Sterling Brown to Eric Bledsoe84361442.9%
Matthew Dellavedova to Sean Kilpatrick15341040.0%
Thon Maker to Tony Snell3233837.5%
Khris Middleton to Gary Payton II1334757.1%
Khris Middleton to Rashad Vaughn1733650.0%
Khris Middleton to Sean Kilpatrick1834944.4%
Khris Middleton to Matthew Dellavedova2083102540.0%
Khris Middleton to Mirza Teletovic1533933.3%
Khris Middleton to Greg Monroe1034666.7%
Shabazz Muhammad to Brandon Jennings19333100.0%
Jabari Parker to Tony Snell35341233.3%
Jabari Parker to Brandon Jennings103341233.3%
Jason Terry to Sterling Brown23331030.0%
Jason Terry to Thon Maker26331030.0%
Jason Terry to Tony Snell1533475.0%
Jason Terry to John Henson1433742.9%
Rashad Vaughn to Thon Maker633475.0%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Gary Payton II2422825.0%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to DeAndre Liggins57231421.4%
Eric Bledsoe to Shabazz Muhammad1323837.5%
Malcolm Brogdon to Matthew Dellavedova129251631.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to Jason Terry3322728.6%
Sterling Brown to Sean Kilpatrick1823837.5%
Sterling Brown to Tony Snell3323933.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to DeAndre Liggins1622366.7%
Matthew Dellavedova to Jason Terry3122540.0%
John Henson to Mirza Teletovic3222100.0%
Brandon Jennings to Thon Maker2323837.5%
Brandon Jennings to Tony Snell2223650.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to D.J. Wilson722366.7%
Sean Kilpatrick to Malcolm Brogdon9255100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Giannis Antetokounmpo48241330.8%
Sean Kilpatrick to Jason Terry1022540.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Malcolm Brogdon63241428.6%
DeAndre Liggins to Matthew Dellavedova14222100.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Tony Snell28251435.7%
DeAndre Liggins to Eric Bledsoe25251435.7%
Thon Maker to Sterling Brown3022728.6%
Thon Maker to Rashad Vaughn822366.7%
Thon Maker to Shabazz Muhammad322366.7%
Thon Maker to Khris Middleton1832154831.3%
Thon Maker to Eric Bledsoe1582102737.0%
Khris Middleton to Shabazz Muhammad522366.7%
Khris Middleton to DeAndre Liggins46221118.2%
Khris Middleton to Brandon Jennings3724757.1%
Greg Monroe to Giannis Antetokounmpo1823560.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Giannis Antetokounmpo1223475.0%
Jabari Parker to Giannis Antetokounmpo158273321.2%
Jabari Parker to Shabazz Muhammad1624944.4%
Gary Payton II to Giannis Antetokounmpo1923933.3%
Gary Payton II to John Henson5222100.0%
Tony Snell to Sterling Brown1924666.7%
Tony Snell to Matthew Dellavedova104241526.7%
Tony Snell to Mirza Teletovic722366.7%
Mirza Teletovic to Rashad Vaughn1222633.3%
Mirza Teletovic to Matthew Dellavedova6823650.0%
Mirza Teletovic to John Henson722366.7%
Jason Terry to Tyler Zeller1522540.0%
Jason Terry to Eric Bledsoe102282040.0%
Tyler Zeller to Giannis Antetokounmpo60271353.8%
Tyler Zeller to Eric Bledsoe5226966.7%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Xavier Munford3111100.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Gary Payton II2111616.7%
Eric Bledsoe to Rashad Vaughn1911520.0%
Eric Bledsoe to DeAndre Liggins2611333.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to D.J. Wilson711333.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to Joel Bolomboy5111100.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Rashad Vaughn2211616.7%
Malcolm Brogdon to Jabari Parker811333.3%
Malcolm Brogdon to Shabazz Muhammad211250.0%
Sterling Brown to Rashad Vaughn411250.0%
Sterling Brown to Shabazz Muhammad3111100.0%
Sterling Brown to Mirza Teletovic711250.0%
Sterling Brown to Khris Middleton86142317.4%
Matthew Dellavedova to Marshall Plumlee311250.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Rashad Vaughn6111100.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Eric Bledsoe40131030.0%
John Henson to Rashad Vaughn3111100.0%
John Henson to Matthew Dellavedova5412633.3%
John Henson to Jason Terry2511425.0%
Brandon Jennings to D.J. Wilson211250.0%
Brandon Jennings to Malcolm Brogdon1113475.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Thon Maker5111100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Rashad Vaughn2111100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Tony Snell611250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Khris Middleton1213650.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Tyler Zeller5111100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to John Henson311250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Eric Bledsoe1212450.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Gary Payton II712366.7%
DeAndre Liggins to Rashad Vaughn1311520.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Mirza Teletovic1211425.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Jason Terry1112366.7%
Thon Maker to Gary Payton II4111100.0%
Thon Maker to Sean Kilpatrick1111333.3%
Thon Maker to Matthew Dellavedova186131520.0%
Thon Maker to DeAndre Liggins2712540.0%
Thon Maker to Jason Terry2611333.3%
Khris Middleton to Joel Bolomboy3111100.0%
Greg Monroe to Matthew Dellavedova1811425.0%
Greg Monroe to DeAndre Liggins3111100.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Tony Snell2111100.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Eric Bledsoe912366.7%
Xavier Munford to Sterling Brown3111100.0%
Xavier Munford to D.J. Wilson7111100.0%
Xavier Munford to Sean Kilpatrick1012450.0%
Xavier Munford to Tyler Zeller3111100.0%
Gary Payton II to Rashad Vaughn12111100.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Jabari Parker5111100.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Sean Kilpatrick311250.0%
Tony Snell to Greg Monroe5111100.0%
Tony Snell to Brandon Jennings3013475.0%
Tony Snell to Jason Terry2012633.3%
Mirza Teletovic to D.J. Wilson211250.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Thon Maker411250.0%
Mirza Teletovic to DeAndre Liggins13111100.0%
Jason Terry to D.J. Wilson2111100.0%
Jason Terry to Malcolm Brogdon3012366.7%
Jason Terry to Sean Kilpatrick811333.3%
Jason Terry to Matthew Dellavedova4911250.0%
Jason Terry to Shabazz Muhammad1212633.3%
Rashad Vaughn to Malcolm Brogdon2015771.4%
Rashad Vaughn to Joel Bolomboy3111100.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Giannis Antetokounmpo1213650.0%
Rashad Vaughn to John Henson3111100.0%
Rashad Vaughn to DeAndre Liggins6122100.0%
D.J. Wilson to Sterling Brown3111100.0%
D.J. Wilson to Malcolm Brogdon16122100.0%
D.J. Wilson to Matthew Dellavedova6111100.0%
Tyler Zeller to Sterling Brown1211333.3%
Tyler Zeller to Tony Snell5111100.0%
Tyler Zeller to Shabazz Muhammad1111100.0%
Tyler Zeller to Brandon Jennings41171258.3%
Tyler Zeller to Jason Terry1611333.3%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Marshall Plumlee20010.0%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Joel Bolomboy20000.0%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Greg Monroe1402540.0%
Giannis Antetokounmpo to Brandon Jennings560060.0%
Eric Bledsoe to D.J. Wilson10010.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Marshall Plumlee40020.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Joel Bolomboy40030.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Matthew Dellavedova310020.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Gary Payton II50010.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Malcolm Brogdon90020.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Thon Maker20010.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Rashad Vaughn20010.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Giannis Antetokounmpo2011100.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Tony Snell20000.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Khris Middleton4011100.0%
Joel Bolomboy to DeAndre Liggins10000.0%
Joel Bolomboy to Eric Bledsoe702366.7%
Malcolm Brogdon to Marshall Plumlee30020.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Gary Payton II60010.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Sean Kilpatrick140050.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Tyler Zeller20000.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Greg Monroe50000.0%
Malcolm Brogdon to Brandon Jennings90000.0%
Sterling Brown to D.J. Wilson50000.0%
Sterling Brown to Marshall Plumlee10000.0%
Sterling Brown to Malcolm Brogdon2701911.1%
Sterling Brown to Joel Bolomboy10000.0%
Sterling Brown to Xavier Munford20000.0%
Sterling Brown to Matthew Dellavedova690030.0%
Sterling Brown to Tyler Zeller80040.0%
Sterling Brown to John Henson140020.0%
Sterling Brown to DeAndre Liggins70000.0%
Sterling Brown to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Sterling Brown to Brandon Jennings3301714.3%
Matthew Dellavedova to D.J. Wilson10000.0%
Matthew Dellavedova to Jabari Parker80030.0%
John Henson to Sterling Brown1101333.3%
John Henson to Gary Payton II30010.0%
John Henson to Xavier Munford10000.0%
John Henson to Sean Kilpatrick40010.0%
John Henson to Shabazz Muhammad20020.0%
John Henson to DeAndre Liggins70010.0%
John Henson to Brandon Jennings2201333.3%
Brandon Jennings to Marshall Plumlee20000.0%
Brandon Jennings to Jason Terry360050.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Sterling Brown120000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Xavier Munford50010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Jabari Parker10000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Matthew Dellavedova901250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to DeAndre Liggins20000.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Sterling Brown100030.0%
DeAndre Liggins to D.J. Wilson6011100.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Joel Bolomboy20000.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Sean Kilpatrick2011100.0%
DeAndre Liggins to John Henson120020.0%
DeAndre Liggins to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Thon Maker to D.J. Wilson40000.0%
Thon Maker to Mirza Teletovic50000.0%
Thon Maker to Tyler Zeller20000.0%
Thon Maker to Brandon Jennings370040.0%
Khris Middleton to D.J. Wilson20000.0%
Khris Middleton to Marshall Plumlee70000.0%
Khris Middleton to Xavier Munford10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Sterling Brown10010.0%
Greg Monroe to Gary Payton II10000.0%
Greg Monroe to Malcolm Brogdon30010.0%
Greg Monroe to Tony Snell40010.0%
Greg Monroe to Mirza Teletovic50010.0%
Greg Monroe to Khris Middleton70020.0%
Greg Monroe to Jason Terry20020.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Sterling Brown30000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Malcolm Brogdon10000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Thon Maker30030.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Jabari Parker60010.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Khris Middleton701250.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Tyler Zeller10000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to John Henson30000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Jason Terry70000.0%
Xavier Munford to Marshall Plumlee30010.0%
Xavier Munford to Rashad Vaughn40010.0%
Xavier Munford to Giannis Antetokounmpo20020.0%
Xavier Munford to Khris Middleton10000.0%
Xavier Munford to John Henson10000.0%
Jabari Parker to Marshall Plumlee40000.0%
Jabari Parker to Malcolm Brogdon40040.0%
Jabari Parker to Sean Kilpatrick50040.0%
Jabari Parker to Matthew Dellavedova130000.0%
Gary Payton II to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Gary Payton II to D.J. Wilson50010.0%
Gary Payton II to Malcolm Brogdon5011100.0%
Gary Payton II to Joel Bolomboy20000.0%
Gary Payton II to Thon Maker20000.0%
Gary Payton II to Mirza Teletovic10010.0%
Gary Payton II to Khris Middleton23021020.0%
Gary Payton II to DeAndre Liggins7011100.0%
Gary Payton II to Greg Monroe20000.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Sterling Brown20000.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Ivica Zubac10000.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Rashad Vaughn10000.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Xavier Munford40020.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Matthew Dellavedova40010.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Giannis Antetokounmpo6011100.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Tony Snell20000.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Khris Middleton5011100.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Eric Bledsoe60030.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Brandon Jennings10000.0%
Marshall Plumlee to Jason Terry40010.0%
Tony Snell to D.J. Wilson20000.0%
Tony Snell to Rashad Vaughn30010.0%
Tony Snell to Sean Kilpatrick40000.0%
Tony Snell to Shabazz Muhammad1011100.0%
Tony Snell to Tyler Zeller40010.0%
Tony Snell to DeAndre Liggins170020.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Sterling Brown10000.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Gary Payton II20010.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Malcolm Brogdon22033100.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Giannis Antetokounmpo2703742.9%
Mirza Teletovic to Tony Snell80000.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Khris Middleton2403742.9%
Mirza Teletovic to Greg Monroe30000.0%
Mirza Teletovic to Jason Terry40010.0%
Jason Terry to Marshall Plumlee30000.0%
Jason Terry to Gary Payton II20000.0%
Jason Terry to Joel Bolomboy10000.0%
Jason Terry to Xavier Munford10000.0%
Jason Terry to Mirza Teletovic30000.0%
Jason Terry to DeAndre Liggins60020.0%
Jason Terry to Brandon Jennings46031127.3%
Rashad Vaughn to Sterling Brown8022100.0%
Rashad Vaughn to D.J. Wilson60000.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Marshall Plumlee10000.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Gary Payton II70010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Xavier Munford50010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Sean Kilpatrick40010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Matthew Dellavedova60000.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Tony Snell50010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Mirza Teletovic30010.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Eric Bledsoe130030.0%
Rashad Vaughn to Jason Terry10000.0%
D.J. Wilson to Marshall Plumlee20010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Gary Payton II90010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Thon Maker20000.0%
D.J. Wilson to Rashad Vaughn90020.0%
D.J. Wilson to Xavier Munford130010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Sean Kilpatrick301250.0%
D.J. Wilson to Tony Snell10000.0%
D.J. Wilson to Mirza Teletovic30000.0%
D.J. Wilson to Khris Middleton10000.0%
D.J. Wilson to DeAndre Liggins90010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Eric Bledsoe30010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Brandon Jennings30010.0%
D.J. Wilson to Jason Terry3011100.0%
Tyler Zeller to D.J. Wilson10000.0%
Tyler Zeller to Malcolm Brogdon20000.0%
Tyler Zeller to Xavier Munford20000.0%
Tyler Zeller to Sean Kilpatrick1101333.3%