2017 Los Angeles Clippers Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Los Angeles Clippers averaged 296 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Lou Williams to Montrezl Harrell, with 87 assists on 317 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Lou Williams to Montrezl Harrell3178710616663.9%
Lou Williams to DeAndre Jordan316808112962.8%
Austin Rivers to Tobias Harris393427314749.7%
Lou Williams to Blake Griffin463386816142.2%
Austin Rivers to DeAndre Jordan41333376061.7%
Milos Teodosic to Montrezl Harrell18133417356.2%
Austin Rivers to Lou Williams508317017240.7%
Blake Griffin to Lou Williams481306415740.8%
DeAndre Jordan to Lou Williams783309022639.8%
Milos Teodosic to Lou Williams426296316039.4%
Milos Teodosic to Blake Griffin29528399541.1%
Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan10227274362.8%
Tobias Harris to DeAndre Jordan15326274658.7%
Lou Williams to Willie Reed8324263966.7%
Lou Williams to Tobias Harris17424367647.4%
Lou Williams to Sam Dekker14723266142.6%
Lou Williams to Wesley Johnson16223267136.6%
Blake Griffin to Wesley Johnson11122224746.8%
Jawun Evans to Montrezl Harrell15221285154.9%
Milos Teodosic to DeAndre Jordan20420244652.2%
Blake Griffin to Milos Teodosic28919295949.2%
Montrezl Harrell to Lou Williams424196213147.3%
Tobias Harris to Austin Rivers38219317243.1%
DeAndre Jordan to Tobias Harris18519286443.8%
Austin Rivers to Montrezl Harrell15819275054.0%
Jawun Evans to Sam Dekker14618225044.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Austin Rivers940187117839.9%
Austin Rivers to Wesley Johnson18318205635.7%
Lou Williams to Danilo Gallinari10018255248.1%
Austin Rivers to Blake Griffin421174811741.0%
Lou Williams to Austin Rivers465175213538.5%
Milos Teodosic to Tobias Harris17416276045.0%
Blake Griffin to Austin Rivers34715318735.6%
Tyrone Wallace to Lou Williams18515256041.7%
Blake Griffin to Patrick Beverley18814224252.4%
Lou Williams to Milos Teodosic23014184242.9%
Sam Dekker to Montrezl Harrell7013193455.9%
Sindarius Thornwell to Montrezl Harrell10113184045.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Montrezl Harrell11013193161.3%
Lou Williams to Jawun Evans18713215637.5%
Lou Williams to Tyrone Wallace14313184837.5%
Lou Williams to C.J. Williams6813172763.0%
Patrick Beverley to Danilo Gallinari7312144035.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Milos Teodosic44112286642.4%
Austin Rivers to Jamil Wilson7312122254.5%
Austin Rivers to Danilo Gallinari18412174537.8%
Jawun Evans to C.J. Williams7711142948.3%
Blake Griffin to Tyrone Wallace8711132552.0%
Austin Rivers to Sindarius Thornwell14011123336.4%
Milos Teodosic to Austin Rivers26411317740.3%
Milos Teodosic to Wesley Johnson8711124327.9%
DeAndre Jordan to Wesley Johnson10110122941.4%
Milos Teodosic to Sam Dekker6910111957.9%
Jawun Evans to Wesley Johnson649102638.5%
Jawun Evans to Lou Williams2469359935.4%
Danilo Gallinari to DeAndre Jordan869101855.6%
Blake Griffin to Sindarius Thornwell559112152.4%
Montrezl Harrell to Sam Dekker559101471.4%
Tobias Harris to Milos Teodosic1619142948.3%
Milos Teodosic to Jamil Wilson48991850.0%
Lou Williams to Sindarius Thornwell1349113828.9%
Jawun Evans to DeAndre Jordan92891275.0%
Blake Griffin to Danilo Gallinari808102737.0%
Tobias Harris to Tyrone Wallace948112839.3%
Tobias Harris to Lou Williams1978246934.8%
Wesley Johnson to Blake Griffin1338123930.8%
Wesley Johnson to DeAndre Jordan49891369.2%
Austin Rivers to Tyrone Wallace758112152.4%
Milos Teodosic to C.J. Williams72882334.8%
Sindarius Thornwell to Tobias Harris708113036.7%
Sindarius Thornwell to Lou Williams1438145028.0%
Tyrone Wallace to DeAndre Jordan80881266.7%
Sam Dekker to Lou Williams2037266838.2%
Blake Griffin to C.J. Williams31781650.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Sindarius Thornwell69771258.3%
Wesley Johnson to Austin Rivers1817224845.8%
DeAndre Jordan to Blake Griffin1477153938.5%
Austin Rivers to C.J. Williams69792240.9%
Milos Teodosic to Sindarius Thornwell52781844.4%
Sindarius Thornwell to Sam Dekker697112445.8%
Tyrone Wallace to Tobias Harris947143342.4%
Blake Griffin to Willie Reed18671163.6%
Tobias Harris to Sindarius Thornwell78672528.0%
Tobias Harris to Danilo Gallinari43691369.2%
Wesley Johnson to Tyrone Wallace58681553.3%
Wesley Johnson to Montrezl Harrell296101662.5%
Austin Rivers to Milos Teodosic1866144630.4%
Austin Rivers to Sam Dekker77682138.1%
Milos Teodosic to Willie Reed32671353.8%
Milos Teodosic to Danilo Gallinari60692832.1%
C.J. Williams to Lou Williams54692240.9%
Lou Williams to Boban Marjanovic29661637.5%
Lou Williams to Jamil Wilson39662030.0%
Patrick Beverley to DeAndre Jordan57561154.5%
Jawun Evans to Sindarius Thornwell62561442.9%
Danilo Gallinari to Lou Williams1215103330.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Milos Teodosic1735142948.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Austin Rivers1535142751.9%
Montrezl Harrell to Wesley Johnson42561637.5%
Tobias Harris to Montrezl Harrell39591369.2%
Wesley Johnson to Sam Dekker37561346.2%
Austin Rivers to Patrick Beverley725102343.5%
Milos Teodosic to Tyrone Wallace86572231.8%
Tyrone Wallace to Wesley Johnson49571643.8%
C.J. Williams to Montrezl Harrell44592240.9%
Patrick Beverley to Blake Griffin1854163941.0%
Patrick Beverley to Lou Williams39471643.8%
Avery Bradley to Tobias Harris27451338.5%
Sam Dekker to Sindarius Thornwell86461931.6%
Jawun Evans to Jamil Wilson2945862.5%
Danilo Gallinari to Milos Teodosic4644850.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Tobias Harris594102638.5%
Danilo Gallinari to Wesley Johnson2044666.7%
Danilo Gallinari to Blake Griffin494101758.8%
Blake Griffin to Montrezl Harrell1044757.1%
Montrezl Harrell to Boban Marjanovic1645955.6%
Wesley Johnson to Sindarius Thornwell36451145.5%
Wesley Johnson to Lou Williams2064246040.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Jawun Evans65461540.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Austin Rivers1344103231.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to Wesley Johnson43451338.5%
Tyrone Wallace to Milos Teodosic6944757.1%
Tyrone Wallace to Sam Dekker40441040.0%
C.J. Williams to Sindarius Thornwell33441040.0%
C.J. Williams to Sam Dekker3244944.4%
C.J. Williams to Austin Rivers81492634.6%
Patrick Beverley to Austin Rivers120382334.8%
Sam Dekker to Jawun Evans223393823.7%
Sam Dekker to DeAndre Jordan1933742.9%
Jawun Evans to Tyrone Wallace51351050.0%
Jawun Evans to Willie Reed3335955.6%
Jawun Evans to Blake Griffin90352520.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Austin Rivers1773123534.3%
Blake Griffin to Jawun Evans80341428.6%
Montrezl Harrell to Jawun Evans171392931.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Tyrone Wallace98361735.3%
Montrezl Harrell to C.J. Williams27341136.4%
Montrezl Harrell to DeAndre Jordan1133650.0%
Tobias Harris to Wesley Johnson41341526.7%
DeAndre Jordan to Tyrone Wallace133392142.9%
DeAndre Jordan to C.J. Williams58351435.7%
DeAndre Jordan to Danilo Gallinari70382630.8%
Boban Marjanovic to Montrezl Harrell1334850.0%
Austin Rivers to Willie Reed2934757.1%
Austin Rivers to Avery Bradley2534850.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Boban Marjanovic1533560.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to DeAndre Jordan51341040.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Sindarius Thornwell4034850.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Boban Marjanovic1434944.4%
Tyrone Wallace to Willie Reed1533742.9%
Tyrone Wallace to Blake Griffin70381650.0%
C.J. Williams to Jawun Evans71361833.3%
C.J. Williams to Tobias Harris24331323.1%
C.J. Williams to Wesley Johnson1633475.0%
Jamil Wilson to Lou Williams55371741.2%
Patrick Beverley to Wesley Johnson1823742.9%
Avery Bradley to Milos Teodosic11222100.0%
Sam Dekker to Tyrone Wallace59251241.7%
Sam Dekker to Willie Reed1824757.1%
Jawun Evans to Brice Johnson1322633.3%
Jawun Evans to Austin Rivers48231225.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Sindarius Thornwell1722450.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Montrezl Harrell1724666.7%
Danilo Gallinari to Patrick Beverley70241136.4%
Blake Griffin to Sam Dekker1122633.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Tobias Harris40271353.8%
Tobias Harris to C.J. Williams1922728.6%
Tobias Harris to Avery Bradley22241040.0%
Wesley Johnson to Jawun Evans84231127.3%
Wesley Johnson to Jamil Wilson1022450.0%
Wesley Johnson to Danilo Gallinari2623650.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Montrezl Harrell6222100.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Avery Bradley2225862.5%
DeAndre Jordan to Patrick Beverley154242218.2%
Willie Reed to Sindarius Thornwell2122450.0%
Willie Reed to Jawun Evans4127977.8%
Willie Reed to Sam Dekker1323475.0%
Willie Reed to Lou Williams108282138.1%
Austin Rivers to Jawun Evans39221414.3%
Milos Teodosic to Boban Marjanovic1122540.0%
Milos Teodosic to Avery Bradley1822450.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Tyrone Wallace50231127.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to C.J. Williams2423742.9%
Sindarius Thornwell to Willie Reed1823650.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Blake Griffin47251145.5%
Tyrone Wallace to C.J. Williams42231127.3%
Tyrone Wallace to Austin Rivers83241330.8%
C.J. Williams to Tyrone Wallace3522633.3%
C.J. Williams to Jamil Wilson1722450.0%
C.J. Williams to Willie Reed1222450.0%
C.J. Williams to DeAndre Jordan3622728.6%
Lou Williams to Sean Kilpatrick922366.7%
Lou Williams to Avery Bradley1622825.0%
Jamil Wilson to Montrezl Harrell322366.7%
Jamil Wilson to DeAndre Jordan1422366.7%
Patrick Beverley to Willie Reed1111250.0%
Avery Bradley to Montrezl Harrell4111100.0%
Avery Bradley to Austin Rivers14144100.0%
Avery Bradley to DeAndre Jordan1211250.0%
Avery Bradley to Danilo Gallinari1311616.7%
Avery Bradley to Lou Williams1112633.3%
Sam Dekker to Milos Teodosic118141136.4%
Sam Dekker to Avery Bradley4111100.0%
Sam Dekker to Wesley Johnson3214944.4%
Sam Dekker to Blake Griffin911333.3%
Danilo Gallinari to Willie Reed311250.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Avery Bradley2511911.1%
Montrezl Harrell to Brice Johnson2122100.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Sean Kilpatrick511333.3%
Montrezl Harrell to Danilo Gallinari1112633.3%
Tobias Harris to Boban Marjanovic6111100.0%
Tobias Harris to Sam Dekker411250.0%
Brice Johnson to Sindarius Thornwell711333.3%
Wesley Johnson to Milos Teodosic9911714.3%
Wesley Johnson to Boban Marjanovic711425.0%
Wesley Johnson to C.J. Williams2312450.0%
Wesley Johnson to Willie Reed511250.0%
Wesley Johnson to Tobias Harris48161442.9%
DeAndre Jordan to Jawun Evans167131717.6%
Sean Kilpatrick to Sindarius Thornwell311250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Sam Dekker3111100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Wesley Johnson4122100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Tyrone Wallace2211333.3%
Boban Marjanovic to Sean Kilpatrick2122100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to C.J. Williams6111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Austin Rivers9111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Wesley Johnson2111100.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Lou Williams37121020.0%
Willie Reed to Tyrone Wallace1211520.0%
Milos Teodosic to Jawun Evans4314757.1%
Milos Teodosic to Patrick Beverley1512633.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to Milos Teodosic51141233.3%
Sindarius Thornwell to Jamil Wilson611425.0%
C.J. Williams to Blake Griffin2914850.0%
C.J. Williams to Danilo Gallinari511250.0%
Lou Williams to Patrick Beverley2913742.9%
Jamil Wilson to Sindarius Thornwell511250.0%
Jamil Wilson to C.J. Williams21131030.0%
Jamil Wilson to Austin Rivers83171936.8%
Patrick Beverley to Milos Teodosic17011100.0%
Patrick Beverley to Sindarius Thornwell30030.0%
Patrick Beverley to Jawun Evans20000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Dragan Bender10000.0%
Patrick Beverley to Montrezl Harrell20000.0%
Avery Bradley to Tyrone Wallace20000.0%
Avery Bradley to Sam Dekker20010.0%
Avery Bradley to Wesley Johnson30000.0%
Sam Dekker to Brice Johnson20000.0%
Sam Dekker to Boban Marjanovic1101333.3%
Sam Dekker to Sean Kilpatrick6011100.0%
Sam Dekker to C.J. Williams3203837.5%
Sam Dekker to Austin Rivers99081361.5%
Sam Dekker to Tobias Harris30000.0%
Sam Dekker to Patrick Beverley10000.0%
Jawun Evans to Milos Teodosic4901520.0%
Jawun Evans to Boban Marjanovic30010.0%
Jawun Evans to Sean Kilpatrick70010.0%
Jawun Evans to Tobias Harris40010.0%
Jawun Evans to Patrick Beverley20000.0%
Jawun Evans to Danilo Gallinari20010.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Jawun Evans30000.0%
Danilo Gallinari to Tyrone Wallace2901333.3%
Danilo Gallinari to C.J. Williams10000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Jamil Wilson30000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Willie Reed60010.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Avery Bradley30000.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Patrick Beverley40010.0%
Montrezl Harrell to Blake Griffin1402450.0%
Tobias Harris to Jawun Evans30020.0%
Tobias Harris to Sean Kilpatrick40030.0%
Tobias Harris to Derrick Favors10000.0%
Brice Johnson to Jawun Evans25033100.0%
Brice Johnson to Sam Dekker10010.0%
Brice Johnson to Montrezl Harrell10010.0%
Brice Johnson to Jamil Wilson10000.0%
Brice Johnson to C.J. Williams70000.0%
Brice Johnson to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Brice Johnson to Lou Williams301250.0%
Wesley Johnson to Sean Kilpatrick40020.0%
Wesley Johnson to Patrick Beverley240010.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Sindarius Thornwell450020.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Sam Dekker170050.0%
DeAndre Jordan to Jamil Wilson1301333.3%
DeAndre Jordan to Sean Kilpatrick50010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Milos Teodosic10000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Jawun Evans60010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Boban Marjanovic10010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Montrezl Harrell50010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Austin Rivers10000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Tobias Harris10000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to DeAndre Jordan40000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Lou Williams901425.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Milos Teodosic2401425.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Sindarius Thornwell2101425.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Jawun Evans90000.0%
Boban Marjanovic to Sam Dekker601333.3%
Boban Marjanovic to Tobias Harris60020.0%
Willie Reed to Milos Teodosic4101250.0%
Willie Reed to Montrezl Harrell80020.0%
Willie Reed to Jamil Wilson10000.0%
Willie Reed to C.J. Williams40000.0%
Willie Reed to Austin Rivers400050.0%
Willie Reed to Wesley Johnson90040.0%
Willie Reed to Patrick Beverley120000.0%
Willie Reed to Blake Griffin3902633.3%
Willie Reed to Danilo Gallinari50000.0%
Austin Rivers to Boban Marjanovic70010.0%
Austin Rivers to Sean Kilpatrick2011100.0%
Milos Teodosic to Sean Kilpatrick10000.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Brice Johnson5011100.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Sean Kilpatrick60010.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Patrick Beverley20010.0%
Sindarius Thornwell to Danilo Gallinari15011100.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Jawun Evans4201425.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Avery Bradley10000.0%
Tyrone Wallace to Danilo Gallinari210080.0%
C.J. Williams to Milos Teodosic4501333.3%
C.J. Williams to Boban Marjanovic901333.3%
Lou Williams to Brice Johnson10000.0%
Jamil Wilson to Milos Teodosic66041822.2%
Jamil Wilson to Jawun Evans4802728.6%
Jamil Wilson to Sam Dekker20010.0%
Jamil Wilson to Wesley Johnson1301616.7%