2017 Sacramento Kings Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Sacramento Kings averaged 316 passes per game. The leading assist duo was De'Aaron Fox to Willie Cauley-Stein, with 63 assists on 584 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
De'Aaron Fox to Willie Cauley-Stein584638018742.8%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Willie Cauley-Stein438617918742.2%
De'Aaron Fox to Bogdan Bogdanovic611447616147.2%
De'Aaron Fox to Zach Randolph522405914042.1%
Frank Mason III to Buddy Hield315345513640.4%
Buddy Hield to Willie Cauley-Stein20533468057.5%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Kosta Koufos18131346651.5%
De'Aaron Fox to Kosta Koufos25931345364.2%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Buddy Hield259304810346.6%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Buddy Hield22529399441.5%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Zach Randolph309296814247.9%
De'Aaron Fox to Justin Jackson27528317939.2%
De'Aaron Fox to Buddy Hield344274210340.8%
De'Aaron Fox to Skal Labissiere341263810137.6%
George Hill to Zach Randolph410265613441.8%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Bogdan Bogdanovic461254910945.0%
George Hill to Willie Cauley-Stein34225346453.1%
Garrett Temple to Willie Cauley-Stein21324297439.2%
Frank Mason III to Kosta Koufos19823284957.1%
Zach Randolph to Justin Jackson9723253865.8%
De'Aaron Fox to Garrett Temple23922235839.7%
Skal Labissiere to Buddy Hield15322325657.1%
Zach Randolph to Bogdan Bogdanovic28122317541.3%
Garrett Temple to Zach Randolph22121408746.0%
Kosta Koufos to Buddy Hield19720297240.3%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Justin Jackson15319226434.4%
Buddy Hield to Kosta Koufos13119224153.7%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to De'Aaron Fox554185213239.4%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Vince Carter12218223759.5%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Justin Jackson12918224252.4%
Zach Randolph to George Hill38418306347.6%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Garrett Temple22617265151.0%
Frank Mason III to Willie Cauley-Stein15017224746.8%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Skal Labissiere12716244751.1%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Skal Labissiere5516193259.4%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Zach Randolph12516234650.0%
Frank Mason III to Skal Labissiere15316204940.8%
Buddy Hield to Justin Jackson9815153444.1%
George Hill to Garrett Temple26515225937.3%
Zach Randolph to Buddy Hield12815235046.0%
Zach Randolph to Willie Cauley-Stein11215235145.1%
Vince Carter to Buddy Hield15014225540.0%
Justin Jackson to Buddy Hield9814183847.4%
Willie Cauley-Stein to De'Aaron Fox821134510941.3%
De'Aaron Fox to George Hill20713173745.9%
Buddy Hield to Vince Carter11613173844.7%
Justin Jackson to Bogdan Bogdanovic16613204841.7%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Kosta Koufos4712132161.9%
De'Aaron Fox to Vince Carter14912153839.5%
Buddy Hield to Skal Labissiere12312194938.8%
Buddy Hield to Garrett Temple13812164337.2%
George Hill to Buddy Hield15812245345.3%
Kosta Koufos to Justin Jackson9712183354.5%
Kosta Koufos to Bogdan Bogdanovic24812338240.2%
Kosta Koufos to Garrett Temple23012195236.5%
Garrett Temple to Buddy Hield17212214843.8%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Garrett Temple16311194542.2%
Buddy Hield to De'Aaron Fox25611236237.1%
Justin Jackson to Zach Randolph11611204445.5%
Zach Randolph to Garrett Temple19811185433.3%
Garrett Temple to Skal Labissiere9811153839.5%
Buddy Hield to Zach Randolph12110204940.8%
George Hill to Bogdan Bogdanovic20310214447.7%
Frank Mason III to Bogdan Bogdanovic19610235046.0%
Zach Randolph to De'Aaron Fox620103812031.7%
Garrett Temple to George Hill20910193455.9%
Vince Carter to Bogdan Bogdanovic1639184045.0%
Buddy Hield to Bogdan Bogdanovic1999153542.9%
Vince Carter to Willie Cauley-Stein71892733.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to George Hill4588204544.4%
Buddy Hield to Frank Mason III2338226235.5%
George Hill to Skal Labissiere778102835.7%
Justin Jackson to De'Aaron Fox3868277138.0%
Justin Jackson to Willie Cauley-Stein1368173351.5%
Kosta Koufos to Frank Mason III3758236336.5%
Kosta Koufos to De'Aaron Fox4628255843.1%
Skal Labissiere to Bogdan Bogdanovic1278163151.6%
Frank Mason III to Justin Jackson92882630.8%
Frank Mason III to Vince Carter1628113531.4%
Garrett Temple to De'Aaron Fox2538225837.9%
Garrett Temple to Kosta Koufos1388113036.7%
Vince Carter to Garrett Temple1657143935.9%
Vince Carter to Kosta Koufos59782040.0%
Vince Carter to Zach Randolph367101855.6%
Frank Mason III to Garrett Temple927102638.5%
Frank Mason III to Zach Randolph1077113135.5%
Garrett Temple to Bogdan Bogdanovic2087144729.8%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to George Hill2186123633.3%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Vince Carter56671546.7%
Kosta Koufos to Vince Carter75682334.8%
Skal Labissiere to Willie Cauley-Stein40661442.9%
Garrett Temple to Justin Jackson41671163.6%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Frank Mason III1735123831.6%
Willie Cauley-Stein to JaKarr Sampson1357887.5%
Buddy Hield to George Hill149592045.0%
George Hill to De'Aaron Fox1635113234.4%
George Hill to Kosta Koufos97581650.0%
George Hill to Vince Carter98582433.3%
Skal Labissiere to De'Aaron Fox4805287139.4%
Skal Labissiere to George Hill116592142.9%
Frank Mason III to Malachi Richardson56581650.0%
Zach Randolph to Skal Labissiere515102737.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Jack Cooley2444757.1%
Vince Carter to Frank Mason III2164103033.3%
Vince Carter to Justin Jackson3247977.8%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Frank Mason III2354123831.6%
Justin Jackson to Skal Labissiere524102245.5%
Skal Labissiere to Justin Jackson64462524.0%
Skal Labissiere to Garrett Temple106481942.1%
Skal Labissiere to Zach Randolph4146966.7%
Georgios Papagiannis to Buddy Hield33451050.0%
Zach Randolph to Kosta Koufos29481457.1%
Malachi Richardson to Justin Jackson26451241.7%
JaKarr Sampson to Buddy Hield45451533.3%
Garrett Temple to JaKarr Sampson17444100.0%
Garrett Temple to Vince Carter123462128.6%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to JaKarr Sampson2333837.5%
Buddy Hield to JaKarr Sampson30351435.7%
George Hill to Georgios Papagiannis1833650.0%
Justin Jackson to Garrett Temple41361060.0%
Justin Jackson to Kosta Koufos68381650.0%
Kosta Koufos to Malachi Richardson2934944.4%
Kosta Koufos to George Hill1853133339.4%
Skal Labissiere to Frank Mason III1793133043.3%
Skal Labissiere to Malachi Richardson2033837.5%
Skal Labissiere to Vince Carter2933837.5%
Frank Mason III to Georgios Papagiannis2533837.5%
Frank Mason III to JaKarr Sampson3933650.0%
Garrett Temple to Frank Mason III86361540.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Georgios Papagiannis422366.7%
Vince Carter to De'Aaron Fox2192133537.1%
Vince Carter to Skal Labissiere38231421.4%
De'Aaron Fox to Nigel Hayes2323837.5%
De'Aaron Fox to Malachi Richardson44241428.6%
De'Aaron Fox to JaKarr Sampson43241233.3%
Nigel Hayes to Justin Jackson1222366.7%
Buddy Hield to Malachi Richardson34231127.3%
Buddy Hield to Jack Cooley1222540.0%
George Hill to Justin Jackson67221910.5%
George Hill to JaKarr Sampson11222100.0%
Justin Jackson to Georgios Papagiannis1223475.0%
Justin Jackson to Malachi Richardson2222633.3%
Justin Jackson to JaKarr Sampson1525771.4%
Justin Jackson to Vince Carter37221020.0%
Kosta Koufos to Skal Labissiere2525862.5%
Kosta Koufos to Willie Cauley-Stein2422922.2%
Skal Labissiere to Kosta Koufos4324850.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Garrett Temple1322366.7%
Zach Randolph to Frank Mason III107261931.6%
Zach Randolph to Vince Carter29241723.5%
Malachi Richardson to Kosta Koufos2322540.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Malachi Richardson1411520.0%
Bruno Caboclo to De'Aaron Fox1911333.3%
Bruno Caboclo to Buddy Hield2111616.7%
Bruno Caboclo to Garrett Temple1111100.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Kosta Koufos4111100.0%
Vince Carter to Bruno Caboclo411425.0%
Vince Carter to JaKarr Sampson511250.0%
Vince Carter to George Hill90171450.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Nigel Hayes3111100.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Malachi Richardson1411520.0%
Jack Cooley to Frank Mason III1512540.0%
Jack Cooley to Justin Jackson911333.3%
Jack Cooley to De'Aaron Fox1411250.0%
Jack Cooley to Skal Labissiere311250.0%
Jack Cooley to Bogdan Bogdanovic2212450.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Frank Mason III38121216.7%
De'Aaron Fox to Georgios Papagiannis1312366.7%
De'Aaron Fox to Jack Cooley1411425.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Bruno Caboclo711333.3%
Nigel Hayes to Frank Mason III1811250.0%
Nigel Hayes to Vince Carter1211425.0%
Buddy Hield to Nigel Hayes2113933.3%
Buddy Hield to Bruno Caboclo1412633.3%
Justin Jackson to Frank Mason III119161931.6%
Justin Jackson to Bruno Caboclo511333.3%
Kosta Koufos to Zach Randolph24131030.0%
Skal Labissiere to Bruno Caboclo411250.0%
Frank Mason III to Nigel Hayes2111520.0%
Frank Mason III to De'Aaron Fox2512728.6%
Frank Mason III to Jack Cooley711250.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Frank Mason III3811425.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to George Hill2912450.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Vince Carter311250.0%
Zach Randolph to JaKarr Sampson611333.3%
Malachi Richardson to Skal Labissiere1911616.7%
Malachi Richardson to Buddy Hield1813560.0%
Malachi Richardson to Willie Cauley-Stein1211333.3%
Malachi Richardson to Bogdan Bogdanovic1513560.0%
Malachi Richardson to George Hill1411333.3%
Malachi Richardson to Zach Randolph1212633.3%
JaKarr Sampson to Malachi Richardson1111100.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Willie Cauley-Stein9111100.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Bogdan Bogdanovic2413560.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Kosta Koufos10111100.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Vince Carter812540.0%
Garrett Temple to Georgios Papagiannis1512366.7%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Nigel Hayes70020.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Frank Kaminsky10000.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Bruno Caboclo70020.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Bogdan Bogdanovic30010.0%
Bogdan Bogdanovic to Dewayne Dedmon10000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Nigel Hayes30000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Frank Mason III4601520.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Justin Jackson10000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Skal Labissiere40020.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Willie Cauley-Stein20000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Jack Cooley20000.0%
Bruno Caboclo to Bogdan Bogdanovic1201250.0%
Bruno Caboclo to JaKarr Sampson10000.0%
Vince Carter to Nigel Hayes70010.0%
Vince Carter to Georgios Papagiannis20010.0%
Vince Carter to Malachi Richardson110010.0%
Vince Carter to Jack Cooley9011100.0%
Vince Carter to Vince Carter10000.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Georgios Papagiannis20000.0%
Willie Cauley-Stein to Bruno Caboclo20000.0%
Jack Cooley to Nigel Hayes20000.0%
Jack Cooley to Buddy Hield2102540.0%
Jack Cooley to Bruno Caboclo10000.0%
Jack Cooley to Vince Carter30010.0%
De'Aaron Fox to Ike Anigbogu10000.0%
Nigel Hayes to De'Aaron Fox3101425.0%
Nigel Hayes to Buddy Hield2202450.0%
Nigel Hayes to Willie Cauley-Stein801333.3%
Nigel Hayes to Jack Cooley70000.0%
Nigel Hayes to Bruno Caboclo20000.0%
Nigel Hayes to Bogdan Bogdanovic240050.0%
Buddy Hield to Georgios Papagiannis100030.0%
George Hill to Frank Mason III3601616.7%
George Hill to Malachi Richardson90020.0%
George Hill to Dragan Bender10000.0%
Justin Jackson to Nigel Hayes50010.0%
Justin Jackson to Jack Cooley30000.0%
Justin Jackson to George Hill6401425.0%
Kosta Koufos to Georgios Papagiannis20000.0%
Kosta Koufos to Bruno Caboclo10000.0%
Kosta Koufos to JaKarr Sampson30000.0%
Skal Labissiere to Nigel Hayes20010.0%
Skal Labissiere to Georgios Papagiannis40010.0%
Skal Labissiere to Jack Cooley20000.0%
Skal Labissiere to JaKarr Sampson40020.0%
Frank Mason III to Frank Mason III10000.0%
Frank Mason III to Bruno Caboclo160050.0%
Frank Mason III to Gorgui Dieng10000.0%
Frank Mason III to George Hill330030.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Justin Jackson100020.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to De'Aaron Fox3403560.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Malachi Richardson3011100.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Skal Labissiere40020.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Willie Cauley-Stein10000.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Bogdan Bogdanovic90010.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to JaKarr Sampson20000.0%
Georgios Papagiannis to Kosta Koufos20000.0%
Zach Randolph to Georgios Papagiannis10000.0%
Zach Randolph to Malachi Richardson110050.0%
Malachi Richardson to Frank Mason III52051338.5%
Malachi Richardson to De'Aaron Fox3401714.3%
Malachi Richardson to Georgios Papagiannis50010.0%
Malachi Richardson to JaKarr Sampson10000.0%
Malachi Richardson to Garrett Temple300050.0%
Malachi Richardson to Vince Carter20000.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Frank Mason III82041428.6%
JaKarr Sampson to Justin Jackson130020.0%
JaKarr Sampson to De'Aaron Fox79021020.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Skal Labissiere20010.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Jack Cooley10000.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Bruno Caboclo10000.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Garrett Temple210020.0%
JaKarr Sampson to George Hill2702540.0%
JaKarr Sampson to Zach Randolph90030.0%
Garrett Temple to Malachi Richardson150050.0%
Garrett Temple to Larry Nance Jr.10000.0%
Garrett Temple to Bruno Caboclo10010.0%
Garrett Temple to Garrett Temple10000.0%