2017 Dallas Mavericks Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Dallas Mavericks averaged 304 passes per game. The leading assist duo was J.J. Barea to Dirk Nowitzki, with 110 assists on 643 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
J.J. Barea to Dirk Nowitzki64311013228646.2%
J.J. Barea to Dwight Powell454929417753.1%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Harrison Barnes9667314839737.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Wesley Matthews788679022639.8%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Dirk Nowitzki496626614944.3%
J.J. Barea to Harrison Barnes425427717045.3%
J.J. Barea to Devin Harris383425111145.9%
Wesley Matthews to Harrison Barnes403417118139.2%
Yogi Ferrell to Harrison Barnes425378520341.9%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Dwight Powell26036377350.7%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Maxi Kleber23133367945.6%
Wesley Matthews to Dirk Nowitzki22031337842.3%
J.J. Barea to Yogi Ferrell36929418747.1%
Wesley Matthews to Dennis Smith Jr.603295316332.5%
Yogi Ferrell to Dirk Nowitzki21627298036.3%
J.J. Barea to Wesley Matthews354254010239.2%
Devin Harris to Dirk Nowitzki12324275450.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Yogi Ferrell473244812139.7%
J.J. Barea to Salah Mejri7623253669.4%
Harrison Barnes to Wesley Matthews23323298833.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Maxi Kleber22123266838.2%
Yogi Ferrell to Doug McDermott10223234057.5%
Dirk Nowitzki to J.J. Barea644236613648.5%
J.J. Barea to Doug McDermott13322223857.9%
Dirk Nowitzki to Harrison Barnes18422337544.0%
Harrison Barnes to Dennis Smith Jr.1140207721136.5%
Harrison Barnes to Yogi Ferrell40720296544.6%
Harrison Barnes to Dwight Powell8818182766.7%
Harrison Barnes to Dirk Nowitzki24218194839.6%
Dirk Nowitzki to Wesley Matthews25418306546.2%
Dwight Powell to Yogi Ferrell25818255843.1%
Devin Harris to Dwight Powell8417203360.6%
Wesley Matthews to Maxi Kleber8817193652.8%
Wesley Matthews to Yogi Ferrell21417246934.8%
Dirk Nowitzki to Dwight Powell17016173351.5%
Dwight Powell to J.J. Barea748165613142.7%
Yogi Ferrell to Wesley Matthews28615277635.5%
Dwight Powell to Dennis Smith Jr.49115378742.5%
Harrison Barnes to Maxi Kleber8714152755.6%
Dirk Nowitzki to Yogi Ferrell26414225540.0%
J.J. Barea to Maxi Kleber6913132454.2%
J.J. Barea to Nerlens Noel4513132552.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Dwight Powell16113143540.0%
Devin Harris to J.J. Barea33813206033.3%
Wesley Matthews to J.J. Barea29013296544.6%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Salah Mejri10013162857.1%
J.J. Barea to Dennis Smith Jr.25011175630.4%
Maxi Kleber to Wesley Matthews10211173844.7%
Salah Mejri to Yogi Ferrell17111244454.5%
Salah Mejri to Wesley Matthews8311132846.4%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Nerlens Noel8811122744.4%
Kyle Collinsworth to Yogi Ferrell8010132650.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Doug McDermott8710122842.9%
Harrison Barnes to Salah Mejri100991464.3%
Harrison Barnes to J.J. Barea4989216134.4%
Harrison Barnes to Devin Harris879122744.4%
Yogi Ferrell to Dennis Smith Jr.4479269328.0%
Yogi Ferrell to J.J. Barea4189316448.4%
Yogi Ferrell to Devin Harris1399113432.4%
Wesley Matthews to Dwight Powell85992339.1%
Dwight Powell to Harrison Barnes919204841.7%
Dwight Powell to Wesley Matthews879143836.8%
Devin Harris to Harrison Barnes808122060.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Maxi Kleber37881553.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to J.J. Barea2488153641.7%
Kyle Collinsworth to Maxi Kleber62771546.7%
Devin Harris to Wesley Matthews737112347.8%
Maxi Kleber to Dennis Smith Jr.3087296743.3%
Maxi Kleber to Yogi Ferrell2647164734.0%
Maxi Kleber to Harrison Barnes907194245.2%
Nerlens Noel to Dennis Smith Jr.1717204940.8%
Kyle Collinsworth to Dwight Powell42671936.8%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Johnathan Motley29671258.3%
Maxi Kleber to Dirk Nowitzki26681172.7%
Wesley Matthews to Nerlens Noel2467977.8%
Doug McDermott to Dirk Nowitzki25661060.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Dennis Smith Jr.59665012340.7%
Dirk Nowitzki to Devin Harris1586113928.2%
Dwight Powell to Devin Harris1186114126.8%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Dorian Finney-Smith70662128.6%
Kyle Collinsworth to Doug McDermott50551827.8%
Kyle Collinsworth to Dirk Nowitzki31551827.8%
Yogi Ferrell to Johnathan Motley2157977.8%
Yogi Ferrell to Jalen Jones22551145.5%
Yogi Ferrell to Dorian Finney-Smith40551241.7%
Yogi Ferrell to Salah Mejri87551241.7%
Yogi Ferrell to Nerlens Noel60551145.5%
Doug McDermott to Dwight Powell41551435.7%
Nerlens Noel to Yogi Ferrell75571450.0%
Dwight Powell to Dirk Nowitzki80561833.3%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Johnathan Motley31581844.4%
J.J. Barea to Dorian Finney-Smith3344757.1%
Harrison Barnes to Doug McDermott2044850.0%
Harrison Barnes to Nerlens Noel2744666.7%
Kyle Collinsworth to Johnathan Motley32441526.7%
Kyle Collinsworth to Dennis Smith Jr.47471741.2%
Kyle Collinsworth to Jalen Jones46462227.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Jeff Withey27441136.4%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Harrison Barnes304112152.4%
Devin Harris to Yogi Ferrell101492931.0%
Aaron Harrison to Maxi Kleber1744850.0%
Doug McDermott to Yogi Ferrell904132748.1%
Salah Mejri to J.J. Barea1894144531.1%
Nerlens Noel to Doug McDermott1644944.4%
Nerlens Noel to Harrison Barnes34451533.3%
Kyle Collinsworth to Dorian Finney-Smith63351827.8%
Kyle Collinsworth to Harrison Barnes30361250.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Gian Clavell1733933.3%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Aaron Harrison15331030.0%
Devin Harris to Salah Mejri1633475.0%
Maxi Kleber to Doug McDermott1333560.0%
Wesley Matthews to Devin Harris50371450.0%
Doug McDermott to Dennis Smith Jr.62361442.9%
Salah Mejri to Dennis Smith Jr.2703195335.8%
Salah Mejri to Doug McDermott733475.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Dorian Finney-Smith2133933.3%
Dirk Nowitzki to Doug McDermott1533837.5%
Dwight Powell to Johnathan Motley9333100.0%
Dwight Powell to Kyle Collinsworth5135862.5%
Dwight Powell to Dorian Finney-Smith2533650.0%
Dwight Powell to Doug McDermott2333837.5%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Devin Harris51331225.0%
J.J. Barea to Antonius Cleveland2022728.6%
J.J. Barea to Johnathan Motley7233100.0%
J.J. Barea to Jameel Warney1122633.3%
Harrison Barnes to Dorian Finney-Smith23221020.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Kyle Collinsworth74241233.3%
Yogi Ferrell to Aaron Harrison2623742.9%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Dennis Smith Jr.116262326.1%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Yogi Ferrell5224944.4%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Dwight Powell1023475.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Dirk Nowitzki1822825.0%
Devin Harris to Maxi Kleber1822366.7%
Devin Harris to Dennis Smith Jr.54251729.4%
Devin Harris to Nerlens Noel1122366.7%
Aaron Harrison to Yogi Ferrell37261346.2%
Jalen Jones to Maxi Kleber5222100.0%
Jalen Jones to Dorian Finney-Smith1622728.6%
Maxi Kleber to Gian Clavell4222100.0%
Maxi Kleber to Salah Mejri2222633.3%
Maxi Kleber to J.J. Barea73271546.7%
Maxi Kleber to Devin Harris2722450.0%
Wesley Matthews to Dorian Finney-Smith4222100.0%
Wesley Matthews to Salah Mejri4823742.9%
Doug McDermott to Maxi Kleber1422540.0%
Doug McDermott to Jalen Jones3222100.0%
Doug McDermott to Kyle Collinsworth3023650.0%
Johnathan Motley to Dorian Finney-Smith1923837.5%
Dirk Nowitzki to Kyle Collinsworth13244100.0%
Dwight Powell to Maxi Kleber1422540.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Aaron Harrison1423742.9%
J.J. Barea to Kyle Collinsworth5112922.2%
Harrison Barnes to Kyle Collinsworth3011333.3%
Harrison Barnes to Aaron Harrison812728.6%
Gian Clavell to Yogi Ferrell1511616.7%
Gian Clavell to Dwight Powell512366.7%
Gian Clavell to J.J. Barea911250.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Nerlens Noel1111100.0%
Antonius Cleveland to J.J. Barea1711250.0%
Kyle Collinsworth to Salah Mejri811333.3%
Kyle Collinsworth to Nerlens Noel3111100.0%
Kyle Collinsworth to J.J. Barea6112825.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Gian Clavell211250.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Maxi Kleber1411425.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Jalen Jones611250.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Salah Mejri3111100.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Doug McDermott912728.6%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Devin Harris611333.3%
Devin Harris to Dorian Finney-Smith511425.0%
Aaron Harrison to Johnathan Motley1111425.0%
Aaron Harrison to Dennis Smith Jr.1912633.3%
Aaron Harrison to Kyle Collinsworth48141040.0%
Aaron Harrison to Salah Mejri2111100.0%
Aaron Harrison to J.J. Barea11122100.0%
Scotty Hopson to Dirk Nowitzki1111100.0%
Jalen Jones to Dirk Nowitzki2111100.0%
Maxi Kleber to Johnathan Motley12111100.0%
Maxi Kleber to Aaron Harrison1911812.5%
Doug McDermott to Jameel Warney512366.7%
Doug McDermott to Dorian Finney-Smith911250.0%
Doug McDermott to Salah Mejri812366.7%
Doug McDermott to Aaron Harrison1212450.0%
Doug McDermott to Nerlens Noel1211250.0%
Salah Mejri to Dorian Finney-Smith3111100.0%
Salah Mejri to Harrison Barnes52151050.0%
Johnathan Motley to Jalen Jones811333.3%
Johnathan Motley to Kyle Collinsworth4811333.3%
Johnathan Motley to Yogi Ferrell3011812.5%
Johnathan Motley to Aaron Harrison1911333.3%
Johnathan Motley to Doug McDermott5111100.0%
Nerlens Noel to Devin Harris1613475.0%
Nerlens Noel to Dirk Nowitzki611250.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Aaron Harrison711250.0%
Dwight Powell to Jeff Withey311250.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Kyle Collinsworth3611812.5%
J.J. Barea to Gian Clavell110000.0%
J.J. Barea to Jalen Jones10000.0%
J.J. Barea to Aaron Harrison60010.0%
J.J. Barea to Scotty Hopson30010.0%
Harrison Barnes to Antonius Cleveland30000.0%
Harrison Barnes to Gian Clavell30000.0%
Harrison Barnes to Johnathan Motley100020.0%
Harrison Barnes to Jalen Jones20010.0%
Harrison Barnes to Jameel Warney20000.0%
Harrison Barnes to Scotty Hopson10010.0%
Harrison Barnes to Jeff Withey10010.0%
Harrison Barnes to Josh McRoberts10000.0%
Gian Clavell to Maxi Kleber30000.0%
Gian Clavell to Dennis Smith Jr.40000.0%
Gian Clavell to Salah Mejri10000.0%
Gian Clavell to Jeff Withey20010.0%
Gian Clavell to Harrison Barnes20000.0%
Gian Clavell to Wesley Matthews1011100.0%
Gian Clavell to Dirk Nowitzki30000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Yogi Ferrell90020.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Salah Mejri10010.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Dwight Powell701250.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Jeff Withey10000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Harrison Barnes30020.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Wesley Matthews30020.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Devin Harris30000.0%
Antonius Cleveland to Dirk Nowitzki20020.0%
Kyle Collinsworth to Jameel Warney10000.0%
Kyle Collinsworth to Aaron Harrison3901156.7%
Kyle Collinsworth to Wesley Matthews701425.0%
Kyle Collinsworth to Devin Harris50000.0%
Yogi Ferrell to Antonius Cleveland801250.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Kyle Collinsworth5001520.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Nerlens Noel50010.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to Wesley Matthews10000.0%
Dorian Finney-Smith to J.J. Barea45021118.2%
Devin Harris to Antonius Cleveland50000.0%
Devin Harris to Kyle Collinsworth801333.3%
Aaron Harrison to Jalen Jones501333.3%
Aaron Harrison to Dorian Finney-Smith1001250.0%
Aaron Harrison to Dwight Powell40010.0%
Aaron Harrison to Doug McDermott70030.0%
Aaron Harrison to Nerlens Noel20000.0%
Aaron Harrison to Harrison Barnes20000.0%
Aaron Harrison to Dirk Nowitzki10000.0%
Scotty Hopson to Dennis Smith Jr.20000.0%
Scotty Hopson to J.J. Barea10000.0%
Jalen Jones to Johnathan Motley50010.0%
Jalen Jones to Dennis Smith Jr.190020.0%
Jalen Jones to Kyle Collinsworth4501714.3%
Jalen Jones to Yogi Ferrell190040.0%
Jalen Jones to Salah Mejri20000.0%
Jalen Jones to Aaron Harrison100010.0%
Jalen Jones to Dwight Powell40000.0%
Jalen Jones to Doug McDermott10000.0%
Jalen Jones to Wesley Matthews10000.0%
Jalen Jones to J.J. Barea4011100.0%
Maxi Kleber to Antonius Cleveland20000.0%
Maxi Kleber to Jalen Jones801333.3%
Maxi Kleber to Kyle Collinsworth4601520.0%
Maxi Kleber to Dorian Finney-Smith90030.0%
Maxi Kleber to Dwight Powell1701250.0%
Maxi Kleber to Jeff Withey10000.0%
Maxi Kleber to Nerlens Noel110010.0%
Wesley Matthews to Antonius Cleveland40010.0%
Wesley Matthews to Kyle Collinsworth201250.0%
Wesley Matthews to Doug McDermott10000.0%
Wesley Matthews to Josh McRoberts10010.0%
Doug McDermott to Johnathan Motley70040.0%
Doug McDermott to Scotty Hopson10000.0%
Doug McDermott to Harrison Barnes29041428.6%
Doug McDermott to Wesley Matthews10000.0%
Doug McDermott to J.J. Barea93041233.3%
Josh McRoberts to Dennis Smith Jr.3022100.0%
Josh McRoberts to Jalen Jones10000.0%
Josh McRoberts to Yogi Ferrell10010.0%
Salah Mejri to Maxi Kleber1001250.0%
Salah Mejri to Jalen Jones20010.0%
Salah Mejri to Kyle Collinsworth90020.0%
Salah Mejri to Aaron Harrison30020.0%
Salah Mejri to Dwight Powell20020.0%
Salah Mejri to Jeff Withey10000.0%
Salah Mejri to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Salah Mejri to Devin Harris2701425.0%
Salah Mejri to Dirk Nowitzki30000.0%
Johnathan Motley to Antonius Cleveland10000.0%
Johnathan Motley to Dennis Smith Jr.3601616.7%
Johnathan Motley to Salah Mejri10000.0%
Johnathan Motley to Dwight Powell70000.0%
Johnathan Motley to Harrison Barnes40000.0%
Johnathan Motley to J.J. Barea110020.0%
Nerlens Noel to Antonius Cleveland20000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Maxi Kleber70000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Kyle Collinsworth70010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Dorian Finney-Smith80030.0%
Nerlens Noel to Salah Mejri10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Aaron Harrison70010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Dwight Powell40010.0%
Nerlens Noel to Jeff Withey10000.0%
Nerlens Noel to Wesley Matthews260040.0%
Nerlens Noel to J.J. Barea6903837.5%
Dirk Nowitzki to Antonius Cleveland30030.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Gian Clavell10010.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Jalen Jones20000.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Salah Mejri40010.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Montrezl Harrell10000.0%
Dirk Nowitzki to Nerlens Noel1101250.0%
Dwight Powell to Antonius Cleveland20020.0%
Dwight Powell to Gian Clavell90030.0%
Dwight Powell to Jalen Jones60040.0%
Dwight Powell to Salah Mejri50000.0%
Dwight Powell to Aaron Harrison50010.0%
Dwight Powell to Nerlens Noel10000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Antonius Cleveland10000.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Gian Clavell30010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Jalen Jones601250.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Jameel Warney30010.0%
Dennis Smith Jr. to Josh McRoberts20000.0%
Jameel Warney to Dennis Smith Jr.501250.0%
Jameel Warney to Yogi Ferrell20020.0%
Jameel Warney to Doug McDermott20020.0%
Jameel Warney to Harrison Barnes10010.0%
Jameel Warney to J.J. Barea10011100.0%
Jameel Warney to Dirk Nowitzki10000.0%
Jeff Withey to Antonius Cleveland10000.0%
Jeff Withey to Gian Clavell30000.0%
Jeff Withey to Maxi Kleber10010.0%
Jeff Withey to Dennis Smith Jr.10000.0%
Jeff Withey to Yogi Ferrell2203475.0%
Jeff Withey to Salah Mejri10000.0%
Jeff Withey to Dwight Powell50000.0%
Jeff Withey to Nerlens Noel20010.0%
Jeff Withey to Wesley Matthews10000.0%