2017 Chicago Bulls Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Chicago Bulls averaged 302 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Kris Dunn to Lauri Markkanen, with 70 assists on 692 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Kris Dunn to Lauri Markkanen692708421139.8%
Jerian Grant to Bobby Portis470667918143.6%
Jerian Grant to Robin Lopez448667714453.5%
Kris Dunn to Robin Lopez415627313952.5%
Kris Dunn to Justin Holiday369425013437.3%
Jerian Grant to Lauri Markkanen468415212242.6%
Robin Lopez to Lauri Markkanen200415010547.6%
Robin Lopez to Justin Holiday314415012241.0%
Justin Holiday to Robin Lopez234404510443.3%
Jerian Grant to Justin Holiday275384211835.6%
Denzel Valentine to Robin Lopez19536418846.6%
Kris Dunn to Denzel Valentine449355912447.6%
Denzel Valentine to Lauri Markkanen295353911733.3%
Denzel Valentine to Bobby Portis228354510144.6%
Kris Dunn to Bobby Portis24033399142.9%
Justin Holiday to Lauri Markkanen22733408845.5%
Bobby Portis to Denzel Valentine22728387352.1%
Lauri Markkanen to Justin Holiday31025319034.4%
Denzel Valentine to Justin Holiday17124257732.5%
Denzel Valentine to Kris Dunn409234912140.5%
Jerian Grant to Denzel Valentine21922277834.6%
Jerian Grant to Nikola Mirotic18722266440.6%
Jerian Grant to David Nwaba18121256737.3%
David Nwaba to Bobby Portis11219275648.2%
Cameron Payne to Denzel Valentine15019265547.3%
Bobby Portis to Nikola Mirotic8419244949.0%
Jerian Grant to Paul Zipser26017226334.9%
Bobby Portis to Justin Holiday9917173351.5%
Denzel Valentine to Cristiano Felicio5917202969.0%
Kris Dunn to Zach LaVine16816266738.8%
Robin Lopez to Denzel Valentine19616174934.7%
Cameron Payne to Cristiano Felicio14216163348.5%
Kris Dunn to Nikola Mirotic13215183748.6%
Justin Holiday to Denzel Valentine14615224746.8%
Zach LaVine to Robin Lopez6815172958.6%
David Nwaba to Lauri Markkanen9415184341.9%
Cameron Payne to Lauri Markkanen16815205040.0%
Denzel Valentine to Nikola Mirotic6715173745.9%
Justin Holiday to Kris Dunn25914337544.0%
Zach LaVine to Bobby Portis9614184837.5%
Cameron Payne to Bobby Portis18014204940.8%
Kris Dunn to David Nwaba10112184045.0%
Justin Holiday to Bobby Portis9012193751.4%
David Nwaba to Cristiano Felicio4712132065.0%
Denzel Valentine to Paul Zipser9412133933.3%
Denzel Valentine to Jerian Grant23612175829.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Denzel Valentine30511276839.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Robin Lopez19611182962.1%
David Nwaba to Nikola Mirotic6111163348.5%
Cameron Payne to David Nwaba9511154037.5%
Cameron Payne to Justin Holiday8111113432.4%
Cristiano Felicio to David Nwaba6010122352.2%
Jerian Grant to Cristiano Felicio12010153246.9%
Jerian Grant to Sean Kilpatrick4710122450.0%
Jerian Grant to Zach LaVine9810205139.2%
Lauri Markkanen to Kris Dunn1359106116936.1%
David Nwaba to Justin Holiday6910123040.0%
Denzel Valentine to Noah Vonleh6510133240.6%
Cristiano Felicio to Justin Holiday709113234.4%
Zach LaVine to Lauri Markkanen1099123237.5%
Bobby Portis to David Nwaba1049143836.8%
Bobby Portis to Jerian Grant5029328736.8%
Paul Zipser to Justin Holiday67992634.6%
Justin Holiday to David Nwaba578102737.0%
Robin Lopez to Kris Dunn2338245742.1%
Nikola Mirotic to Lauri Markkanen21881080.0%
Nikola Mirotic to David Nwaba688102147.6%
Nikola Mirotic to Bobby Portis758122646.2%
David Nwaba to Denzel Valentine73881942.1%
Bobby Portis to Zach LaVine1148184341.9%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Sean Kilpatrick38772231.8%
Bobby Portis to Antonio Blakeney577142948.3%
Denzel Valentine to David Nwaba777103528.6%
Denzel Valentine to Cameron Payne937112839.3%
Paul Zipser to Denzel Valentine1477123336.4%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Bobby Portis976112740.7%
Kris Dunn to Cristiano Felicio97681361.5%
Kay Felder to Denzel Valentine39671450.0%
Justin Holiday to Jerian Grant1886154334.9%
Justin Holiday to Nikola Mirotic45692536.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Bobby Portis29681553.3%
Zach LaVine to Denzel Valentine31671450.0%
Zach LaVine to Cristiano Felicio33661060.0%
Zach LaVine to Justin Holiday44662030.0%
Robin Lopez to Jerian Grant2236163941.0%
Robin Lopez to Nikola Mirotic34671838.9%
Cameron Payne to Paul Zipser51661346.2%
Bobby Portis to Lauri Markkanen406102245.5%
Paul Zipser to Cristiano Felicio35671070.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Jerian Grant925102050.0%
Kay Felder to Cristiano Felicio3056875.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Denzel Valentine87582729.6%
Zach LaVine to David Nwaba28551241.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Cameron Payne2405132552.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Justin Holiday78552619.2%
David Nwaba to Robin Lopez36571643.8%
Cameron Payne to Noah Vonleh1305102638.5%
Bobby Portis to Robin Lopez2155771.4%
Noah Vonleh to Bobby Portis31571353.8%
Paul Zipser to Lauri Markkanen45551050.0%
Paul Zipser to Nikola Mirotic39561637.5%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Denzel Valentine47471936.8%
Antonio Blakeney to Bobby Portis32461250.0%
Kris Dunn to Jerian Grant1946785.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Paul Zipser35451435.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Cameron Payne1194102147.6%
Jerian Grant to Antonio Blakeney55482532.0%
Justin Holiday to Paul Zipser42451729.4%
Justin Holiday to Cristiano Felicio40441428.6%
Zach LaVine to Kris Dunn80462524.0%
Lauri Markkanen to David Nwaba104492536.0%
David Nwaba to Antonio Blakeney10444100.0%
David Nwaba to Paul Zipser41451338.5%
David Nwaba to Noah Vonleh2245862.5%
Cameron Payne to Antonio Blakeney20441136.4%
Quincy Pondexter to Paul Zipser945683.3%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Lauri Markkanen1633560.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Cristiano Felicio3134850.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Justin Holiday27341723.5%
Antonio Blakeney to Denzel Valentine1033742.9%
Antonio Blakeney to Cristiano Felicio1133560.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Jerian Grant31351145.5%
Kay Felder to Lauri Markkanen2233475.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Antonio Blakeney31361250.0%
Jerian Grant to Kris Dunn1633650.0%
Jerian Grant to Noah Vonleh70371741.2%
Justin Holiday to Cameron Payne63391850.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Ryan Arcidiacono3633650.0%
Robin Lopez to Bobby Portis1734850.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Jerian Grant7863296643.9%
Lauri Markkanen to Nikola Mirotic29351050.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Jerian Grant3143193554.3%
David Nwaba to Ryan Arcidiacono34333100.0%
Cameron Payne to Sean Kilpatrick1433650.0%
Bobby Portis to Paul Zipser64341526.7%
Bobby Portis to Noah Vonleh1633650.0%
Noah Vonleh to Cameron Payne2553133834.2%
Paul Zipser to David Nwaba46361540.0%
Paul Zipser to Bobby Portis68371643.8%
Paul Zipser to Jerian Grant3833175530.9%
Ryan Arcidiacono to David Nwaba48251435.7%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Nikola Mirotic2423742.9%
Kris Dunn to Paul Zipser6022728.6%
Kris Dunn to Quincy Pondexter3122728.6%
Kay Felder to Quincy Pondexter3022540.0%
Kay Felder to Robin Lopez1924944.4%
Cristiano Felicio to Lauri Markkanen26241428.6%
Cristiano Felicio to Ryan Arcidiacono2522366.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Kris Dunn101282138.1%
Cristiano Felicio to Bobby Portis28251050.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Jerian Grant93251729.4%
Cristiano Felicio to Zach LaVine41251926.3%
Jerian Grant to Ryan Arcidiacono49221020.0%
Jerian Grant to Cameron Payne1722633.3%
Justin Holiday to Ryan Arcidiacono18222100.0%
Zach LaVine to Jerian Grant4423837.5%
Zach LaVine to Noah Vonleh1422633.3%
Robin Lopez to David Nwaba53261637.5%
Robin Lopez to Paul Zipser47251338.5%
Robin Lopez to Zach LaVine54251926.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Cristiano Felicio5223560.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Zach LaVine1652185632.1%
Nikola Mirotic to Kris Dunn2452183650.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Zach LaVine37281553.3%
David Nwaba to Jerian Grant1462103429.4%
David Nwaba to Cameron Payne69261637.5%
Bobby Portis to Kris Dunn2932144431.8%
Bobby Portis to Cristiano Felicio41241040.0%
Bobby Portis to Cameron Payne182242020.0%
Denzel Valentine to Kay Felder34241136.4%
Noah Vonleh to Antonio Blakeney30221216.7%
Noah Vonleh to David Nwaba48241921.1%
Noah Vonleh to Denzel Valentine78231421.4%
Noah Vonleh to Jerian Grant132271741.2%
Noah Vonleh to Sean Kilpatrick27231127.3%
Paul Zipser to Robin Lopez41251145.5%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Noah Vonleh1811250.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Omer Asik1811333.3%
Antonio Blakeney to Paul Zipser1611425.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Noah Vonleh811425.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Justin Holiday711250.0%
Kris Dunn to Antonio Blakeney19121020.0%
Kris Dunn to Kay Felder2012728.6%
Kay Felder to David Nwaba811333.3%
Kay Felder to Paul Zipser2511425.0%
Kay Felder to Bobby Portis1511616.7%
Cristiano Felicio to Sean Kilpatrick24151145.5%
Cristiano Felicio to Quincy Pondexter1912633.3%
Jerian Grant to Kay Felder4122100.0%
Jerian Grant to Quincy Pondexter1311616.7%
Justin Holiday to Sean Kilpatrick411250.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Lauri Markkanen713560.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Cristiano Felicio9111100.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Noah Vonleh1011250.0%
Zach LaVine to Paul Zipser1911714.3%
Robin Lopez to Kay Felder911333.3%
Robin Lopez to Quincy Pondexter612366.7%
Lauri Markkanen to Bobby Portis57121414.3%
Lauri Markkanen to Noah Vonleh5111100.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Sean Kilpatrick15111100.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Paul Zipser4212540.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Denzel Valentine100151926.3%
Nikola Mirotic to Robin Lopez2111250.0%
David Nwaba to Kay Felder1212633.3%
David Nwaba to Kris Dunn96192634.6%
David Nwaba to Zach LaVine34141428.6%
Cameron Payne to Jerian Grant3412922.2%
Cameron Payne to Zach LaVine1913650.0%
Cameron Payne to Omer Asik5111100.0%
Cameron Payne to Robin Lopez2211911.1%
Quincy Pondexter to David Nwaba911333.3%
Quincy Pondexter to Kay Felder49111010.0%
Quincy Pondexter to Cristiano Felicio2412728.6%
Quincy Pondexter to Bobby Portis1411250.0%
Quincy Pondexter to Justin Holiday911250.0%
Bobby Portis to Sean Kilpatrick53131618.8%
Bobby Portis to Quincy Pondexter1312540.0%
Denzel Valentine to Antonio Blakeney1311911.1%
Denzel Valentine to Sean Kilpatrick1011520.0%
Denzel Valentine to Zach LaVine34161637.5%
Denzel Valentine to Quincy Pondexter2311520.0%
Noah Vonleh to Justin Holiday1611425.0%
Noah Vonleh to Robin Lopez7111100.0%
Paul Zipser to Cameron Payne83131127.3%
Paul Zipser to Zach LaVine4211119.1%
Paul Zipser to Quincy Pondexter1411333.3%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Antonio Blakeney50030.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Paul Zipser340050.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Cameron Payne40000.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Zach LaVine901333.3%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Quincy Pondexter501250.0%
Ryan Arcidiacono to Robin Lopez30000.0%
Omer Asik to Lauri Markkanen20010.0%
Omer Asik to David Nwaba20000.0%
Omer Asik to Ryan Arcidiacono140010.0%
Omer Asik to Jerian Grant801250.0%
Omer Asik to Cameron Payne70000.0%
Omer Asik to Sean Kilpatrick1503560.0%
Omer Asik to Justin Holiday10010.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Lauri Markkanen30010.0%
Antonio Blakeney to David Nwaba90040.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Kris Dunn60020.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Cameron Payne1501425.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Zach LaVine20000.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Quincy Pondexter40010.0%
Antonio Blakeney to Robin Lopez2011100.0%
Kris Dunn to Cameron Payne10000.0%
Kris Dunn to Noah Vonleh200020.0%
Kay Felder to Antonio Blakeney20000.0%
Kay Felder to Kris Dunn120010.0%
Kay Felder to Jerian Grant70000.0%
Kay Felder to Justin Holiday60030.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Kay Felder2903837.5%
Cristiano Felicio to Jarell Eddie10010.0%
Cristiano Felicio to Noah Vonleh110020.0%
Jerian Grant to Omer Asik20000.0%
Justin Holiday to Antonio Blakeney80040.0%
Justin Holiday to Kay Felder80020.0%
Justin Holiday to Noah Vonleh120020.0%
Justin Holiday to Zach LaVine34051435.7%
Justin Holiday to Quincy Pondexter60020.0%
Justin Holiday to Omer Asik20000.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to David Nwaba40010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Denzel Valentine100010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Jerian Grant3102922.2%
Sean Kilpatrick to Cameron Payne2302633.3%
Sean Kilpatrick to Justin Holiday10010.0%
Sean Kilpatrick to Omer Asik20010.0%
Zach LaVine to Antonio Blakeney10010.0%
Zach LaVine to Ryan Arcidiacono70010.0%
Zach LaVine to Cameron Payne901250.0%
Zach LaVine to Nikola Mirotic170050.0%
Robin Lopez to Antonio Blakeney701333.3%
Robin Lopez to Ryan Arcidiacono30000.0%
Robin Lopez to Cameron Payne70010.0%
Robin Lopez to Jusuf Nurkic10000.0%
Robin Lopez to Noah Vonleh40020.0%
Robin Lopez to Sean Kilpatrick20000.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Antonio Blakeney701520.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Ryan Arcidiacono21011100.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Paul Zipser370040.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Kay Felder4301425.0%
Lauri Markkanen to Quincy Pondexter70020.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Ryan Arcidiacono380000.0%
Nikola Mirotic to Quincy Pondexter10000.0%
David Nwaba to Sean Kilpatrick1503650.0%
David Nwaba to Quincy Pondexter70010.0%
Cameron Payne to Ryan Arcidiacono20010.0%
Quincy Pondexter to Antonio Blakeney4011100.0%
Quincy Pondexter to Lauri Markkanen40010.0%
Quincy Pondexter to Ryan Arcidiacono110000.0%
Quincy Pondexter to Denzel Valentine2401333.3%
Quincy Pondexter to Kris Dunn2904757.1%
Quincy Pondexter to Jerian Grant1801333.3%
Quincy Pondexter to Robin Lopez100020.0%
Bobby Portis to Ryan Arcidiacono10703837.5%
Bobby Portis to Kay Felder3101616.7%
Bobby Portis to Omer Asik30010.0%
Denzel Valentine to Ryan Arcidiacono250020.0%
Noah Vonleh to Lauri Markkanen30020.0%
Noah Vonleh to Ryan Arcidiacono410020.0%
Noah Vonleh to Paul Zipser50000.0%
Noah Vonleh to Kris Dunn4502366.7%
Noah Vonleh to Cristiano Felicio120030.0%
Noah Vonleh to Zach LaVine170050.0%
Paul Zipser to Antonio Blakeney1701714.3%
Paul Zipser to Ryan Arcidiacono640010.0%
Paul Zipser to Kay Felder4502633.3%
Paul Zipser to Kris Dunn101031225.0%
Paul Zipser to Noah Vonleh20010.0%