2017 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Cleveland Cavaliers averaged 273 passes per game. The leading assist duo was LeBron James to Kevin Love, with 139 assists on 716 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
LeBron James to Kevin Love71613915436742.0%
LeBron James to Kyle Korver388899219148.2%
LeBron James to JR Smith614819925339.1%
LeBron James to Jeff Green442789119746.2%
LeBron James to Jae Crowder376626216637.3%
Kevin Love to LeBron James8995211322749.8%
Dwyane Wade to Kyle Korver231444510343.7%
LeBron James to Tristan Thompson16637407354.8%
LeBron James to George Hill30233479450.0%
JR Smith to Kevin Love19133429245.7%
JR Smith to LeBron James6903010017955.9%
LeBron James to Dwyane Wade30329419941.4%
Jose Calderon to LeBron James529285911451.8%
LeBron James to Larry Nance Jr.11028296246.8%
LeBron James to Rodney Hood12128346750.7%
LeBron James to Cedi Osman12027305356.6%
George Hill to LeBron James433266010955.0%
LeBron James to Jordan Clarkson16426418647.7%
Dwyane Wade to Jeff Green26726399640.6%
LeBron James to Jose Calderon30523326549.2%
LeBron James to Channing Frye11323234847.9%
Jose Calderon to Kevin Love16822276342.9%
Dwyane Wade to LeBron James430225311247.3%
Jeff Green to Kyle Korver18221215042.0%
Jae Crowder to LeBron James45019519354.8%
Jeff Green to LeBron James480196613150.4%
Kyle Korver to Jeff Green12718315457.4%
JR Smith to Jae Crowder12618194542.2%
Dwyane Wade to Kevin Love10516174736.2%
Isaiah Thomas to Jae Crowder10215152755.6%
Dwyane Wade to Channing Frye11914143737.8%
LeBron James to Isaiah Thomas22813247332.9%
Kyle Korver to LeBron James26513358143.2%
Kevin Love to Jae Crowder10613143342.4%
Jose Calderon to Jae Crowder15612134032.5%
Jae Crowder to JR Smith17912173548.6%
LeBron James to Derrick Rose11312154037.5%
Kyle Korver to Dwyane Wade16812215339.6%
Isaiah Thomas to Tristan Thompson5112132065.0%
Dwyane Wade to Tristan Thompson6812132161.9%
Kyle Korver to Channing Frye6011132552.0%
Jose Calderon to Jeff Green12310123435.3%
Jose Calderon to JR Smith12810142948.3%
Channing Frye to Kyle Korver4910101662.5%
Jeff Green to Kevin Love6110142850.0%
Cedi Osman to LeBron James14310163348.5%
Isaiah Thomas to Kevin Love6910123040.0%
Isaiah Thomas to JR Smith6110103132.3%
Isaiah Thomas to LeBron James23610266043.3%
Jeff Green to Dwyane Wade2789257035.7%
Kyle Korver to Tristan Thompson439101662.5%
Kevin Love to JR Smith1619154831.3%
JR Smith to Jeff Green999193751.4%
Dwyane Wade to Jae Crowder83992634.6%
Jordan Clarkson to Larry Nance Jr.648101855.6%
Channing Frye to Jeff Green968102540.0%
Rodney Hood to LeBron James1128182864.3%
Kevin Love to Kyle Korver40881844.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Rodney Hood788143836.8%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jordan Clarkson1248163348.5%
JR Smith to Larry Nance Jr.30891656.3%
Jose Calderon to Ante Zizic28791464.3%
Jordan Clarkson to LeBron James1687266142.6%
Jeff Green to JR Smith1057122744.4%
George Hill to Larry Nance Jr.62771450.0%
LeBron James to Ante Zizic18771070.0%
Kyle Korver to Kevin Love53772035.0%
Cedi Osman to Jeff Green917112250.0%
Jae Crowder to Kevin Love98692339.1%
Jeff Green to Channing Frye80661442.9%
George Hill to JR Smith79692339.1%
Rodney Hood to Larry Nance Jr.39671546.7%
Derrick Rose to LeBron James1316162661.5%
JR Smith to Tristan Thompson62661735.3%
JR Smith to Kyle Korver37671741.2%
JR Smith to Dwyane Wade86681844.4%
Dwyane Wade to Cedi Osman36671450.0%
Jose Calderon to Jordan Clarkson60572231.8%
Jose Calderon to Channing Frye48571741.2%
Jose Calderon to Kyle Korver44561250.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Ante Zizic1255683.3%
Jordan Clarkson to JR Smith45581361.5%
Jordan Clarkson to Kyle Korver37551338.5%
George Hill to Cedi Osman33571258.3%
Kyle Korver to Cedi Osman29551241.7%
Kevin Love to Jeff Green67551533.3%
Cedi Osman to Dwyane Wade905101952.6%
Derrick Rose to Dwyane Wade46561442.9%
JR Smith to Jordan Clarkson655102343.5%
Isaiah Thomas to Jeff Green42551435.7%
Tristan Thompson to JR Smith92592536.0%
Dwyane Wade to JR Smith73593129.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Rodney Hood30472133.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Jose Calderon34471070.0%
Jae Crowder to Kyle Korver3344757.1%
Channing Frye to Dwyane Wade2324225738.6%
Channing Frye to LeBron James1494163743.2%
Jeff Green to Isaiah Thomas45451533.3%
Jeff Green to Tristan Thompson25444100.0%
Jeff Green to Jose Calderon79481172.7%
George Hill to Rodney Hood554112740.7%
George Hill to Tristan Thompson38441136.4%
George Hill to Jeff Green76462326.1%
Kyle Korver to Larry Nance Jr.1544850.0%
Kevin Love to Jose Calderon3064123040.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to LeBron James1514112642.3%
Derrick Rose to Jeff Green2545955.6%
Derrick Rose to Kyle Korver2144757.1%
Iman Shumpert to Jeff Green34461060.0%
Iman Shumpert to JR Smith40481266.7%
JR Smith to Isaiah Thomas58451435.7%
JR Smith to Jose Calderon119451827.8%
Tristan Thompson to LeBron James3134277237.5%
Jose Calderon to Cedi Osman46341233.3%
Jose Calderon to Larry Nance Jr.2634580.0%
Jordan Clarkson to John Holland1033475.0%
Jae Crowder to Isaiah Thomas132372825.0%
Jae Crowder to Jeff Green51341136.4%
George Hill to Kevin Love2233650.0%
George Hill to Kyle Korver20341040.0%
Rodney Hood to Jordan Clarkson42361540.0%
Rodney Hood to Kevin Love1533837.5%
Rodney Hood to Kyle Korver1333742.9%
LeBron James to Iman Shumpert57351631.3%
Kyle Korver to Jordan Clarkson48351827.8%
Kevin Love to George Hill3934666.7%
Kevin Love to Dwyane Wade145392832.1%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kyle Korver2333933.3%
Cedi Osman to John Holland1233560.0%
Cedi Osman to Kevin Love1334580.0%
Cedi Osman to Kyle Korver1633650.0%
Derrick Rose to JR Smith3034944.4%
JR Smith to Ante Zizic1033560.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Channing Frye1234757.1%
Tristan Thompson to Cedi Osman35351241.7%
Tristan Thompson to Jordan Clarkson55381942.1%
Tristan Thompson to Jae Crowder1933837.5%
Tristan Thompson to Isaiah Thomas1513102934.5%
Tristan Thompson to Jeff Green61381844.4%
Tristan Thompson to Kyle Korver28331127.3%
Tristan Thompson to Dwyane Wade1123132748.1%
Dwyane Wade to Iman Shumpert2034850.0%
Jordan Clarkson to George Hill3022450.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Kevin Love1723933.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Jeff Green81282927.6%
Jae Crowder to Iman Shumpert56241040.0%
Jae Crowder to Derrick Rose64241040.0%
Jae Crowder to Jose Calderon219231030.0%
Jae Crowder to Dwyane Wade128291947.4%
Channing Frye to Cedi Osman3624850.0%
Jeff Green to Ante Zizic4222100.0%
Jeff Green to Cedi Osman56231127.3%
Jeff Green to Larry Nance Jr.2222450.0%
Jeff Green to Jordan Clarkson90271838.9%
Jeff Green to Jae Crowder3322633.3%
Jeff Green to Derrick Rose46251050.0%
George Hill to John Holland622450.0%
George Hill to Jordan Clarkson35241428.6%
John Holland to Ante Zizic1523742.9%
Rodney Hood to Jeff Green2822922.2%
Rodney Hood to Jose Calderon1424580.0%
LeBron James to John Holland1522728.6%
Kyle Korver to Derrick Rose20261060.0%
Kevin Love to Larry Nance Jr.922540.0%
Cedi Osman to Jordan Clarkson2026966.7%
Cedi Osman to Tristan Thompson2823742.9%
Cedi Osman to Channing Frye2124666.7%
Cedi Osman to JR Smith2325955.6%
Kendrick Perkins to Ante Zizic5233100.0%
London Perrantes to Cedi Osman18241040.0%
London Perrantes to Jeff Green3222100.0%
Derrick Rose to Channing Frye1222366.7%
Iman Shumpert to Kevin Love3122922.2%
Iman Shumpert to Channing Frye6233100.0%
JR Smith to Rodney Hood1622450.0%
JR Smith to Channing Frye1923475.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Dwyane Wade27251241.7%
Tristan Thompson to Rodney Hood21231030.0%
Tristan Thompson to Kevin Love1223560.0%
Dwyane Wade to Isaiah Thomas41251241.7%
Jose Calderon to London Perrantes18111100.0%
Jose Calderon to John Holland24121216.7%
Jose Calderon to Rodney Hood1113560.0%
Jose Calderon to Iman Shumpert1013475.0%
Jose Calderon to Tristan Thompson2511425.0%
Jose Calderon to Derrick Rose411333.3%
Jordan Clarkson to Tristan Thompson2111520.0%
Jae Crowder to Tristan Thompson1411250.0%
Jae Crowder to Channing Frye1011250.0%
Channing Frye to Tristan Thompson1111100.0%
Channing Frye to Kevin Love611520.0%
Channing Frye to Derrick Rose3211520.0%
Channing Frye to Jose Calderon6216785.7%
Channing Frye to JR Smith3111616.7%
Jeff Green to John Holland1411616.7%
Jeff Green to George Hill6413650.0%
George Hill to Jose Calderon3311333.3%
John Holland to Larry Nance Jr.2111100.0%
John Holland to Tristan Thompson10122100.0%
John Holland to LeBron James1312540.0%
Rodney Hood to Cedi Osman611250.0%
Rodney Hood to Tristan Thompson8111100.0%
Rodney Hood to JR Smith22141136.4%
Kyle Korver to Ante Zizic712366.7%
Kyle Korver to Jae Crowder1711520.0%
Kyle Korver to George Hill2611425.0%
Kyle Korver to Jose Calderon3413650.0%
Kevin Love to Rodney Hood1613560.0%
Kevin Love to Jordan Clarkson2713650.0%
Kevin Love to Iman Shumpert4412540.0%
Kevin Love to Tristan Thompson812366.7%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jeff Green2712633.3%
Cedi Osman to Ante Zizic1111425.0%
Cedi Osman to Larry Nance Jr.1211250.0%
Cedi Osman to Jose Calderon6912633.3%
London Perrantes to Kyle Korver2111100.0%
Derrick Rose to Cedi Osman2111100.0%
Derrick Rose to Jae Crowder4411911.1%
Derrick Rose to Kevin Love5012633.3%
Iman Shumpert to Cedi Osman1111100.0%
Iman Shumpert to Jae Crowder4812825.0%
Iman Shumpert to Tristan Thompson1511333.3%
Iman Shumpert to Kyle Korver1111333.3%
Iman Shumpert to Dwyane Wade28144100.0%
JR Smith to Cedi Osman2512825.0%
JR Smith to George Hill79151926.3%
JR Smith to Derrick Rose3412633.3%
Isaiah Thomas to Kyle Korver1511812.5%
Tristan Thompson to Derrick Rose3715862.5%
Dwyane Wade to Ante Zizic1111100.0%
Ante Zizic to Cedi Osman1312633.3%
Ante Zizic to Rodney Hood412366.7%
Ante Zizic to Jose Calderon5412633.3%
Ante Zizic to JR Smith1214580.0%
Ante Zizic to Kyle Korver5111100.0%
Jose Calderon to George Hill2502366.7%
Jose Calderon to Dwyane Wade190030.0%
Jordan Clarkson to London Perrantes40000.0%
Jordan Clarkson to Cedi Osman1801616.7%
Jae Crowder to Cedi Osman601250.0%
Channing Frye to Ante Zizic20000.0%
Channing Frye to John Holland10000.0%
Channing Frye to Jae Crowder90010.0%
Channing Frye to Isaiah Thomas2702825.0%
Channing Frye to Iman Shumpert70030.0%
Jeff Green to London Perrantes20000.0%
Jeff Green to Rodney Hood180040.0%
Jeff Green to Iman Shumpert3501250.0%
George Hill to London Perrantes10000.0%
George Hill to Ante Zizic401250.0%
John Holland to London Perrantes100000.0%
John Holland to Cedi Osman90010.0%
John Holland to Jordan Clarkson1101425.0%
John Holland to George Hill7011100.0%
John Holland to Jeff Green50010.0%
John Holland to Jose Calderon180010.0%
John Holland to Channing Frye10000.0%
John Holland to JR Smith50010.0%
John Holland to Kyle Korver50000.0%
John Holland to Kendrick Perkins501250.0%
John Holland to Dwyane Wade40010.0%
Rodney Hood to George Hill5703933.3%
LeBron James to London Perrantes30000.0%
Kyle Korver to John Holland30000.0%
Kyle Korver to Rodney Hood80020.0%
Kyle Korver to Isaiah Thomas2501911.1%
Kyle Korver to Iman Shumpert80000.0%
Kyle Korver to JR Smith3001425.0%
Kevin Love to Cedi Osman120030.0%
Kevin Love to Isaiah Thomas112052025.0%
Kevin Love to Derrick Rose920112250.0%
Kevin Love to Channing Frye80000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Ante Zizic10000.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Cedi Osman1303475.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to George Hill117041136.4%
Larry Nance Jr. to Kevin Love40010.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to Jose Calderon3701250.0%
Larry Nance Jr. to JR Smith45031030.0%
Cedi Osman to London Perrantes2101616.7%
Cedi Osman to Rodney Hood60010.0%
Cedi Osman to Jae Crowder30010.0%
Cedi Osman to Iman Shumpert2011100.0%
Cedi Osman to George Hill4801119.1%
Cedi Osman to Derrick Rose1201425.0%
Cedi Osman to Kendrick Perkins20000.0%
Kendrick Perkins to London Perrantes50010.0%
Kendrick Perkins to Cedi Osman5022100.0%
Kendrick Perkins to John Holland40020.0%
London Perrantes to Ante Zizic1003475.0%
London Perrantes to John Holland28011010.0%
London Perrantes to Jordan Clarkson20000.0%
London Perrantes to Tristan Thompson1201333.3%
London Perrantes to Jose Calderon9011100.0%
London Perrantes to JR Smith20010.0%
London Perrantes to Kendrick Perkins80010.0%
London Perrantes to LeBron James20000.0%
Derrick Rose to Isaiah Thomas80020.0%
Derrick Rose to Tristan Thompson150000.0%
Derrick Rose to Jose Calderon20000.0%
Iman Shumpert to Ante Zizic20000.0%
Iman Shumpert to Isaiah Thomas10000.0%
Iman Shumpert to Derrick Rose30000.0%
Iman Shumpert to Jose Calderon1101250.0%
Iman Shumpert to LeBron James85061442.9%
JR Smith to London Perrantes20000.0%
JR Smith to John Holland40020.0%
JR Smith to Iman Shumpert260020.0%
Isaiah Thomas to Derrick Rose30010.0%
Tristan Thompson to London Perrantes180040.0%
Tristan Thompson to Ante Zizic20000.0%
Tristan Thompson to John Holland40030.0%
Tristan Thompson to Iman Shumpert160020.0%
Tristan Thompson to George Hill121061931.6%
Tristan Thompson to Jose Calderon4803560.0%
Tristan Thompson to Channing Frye10000.0%
Dwyane Wade to Derrick Rose35021414.3%
Dwyane Wade to Jose Calderon70000.0%
Ante Zizic to London Perrantes130010.0%
Ante Zizic to John Holland120030.0%
Ante Zizic to Jordan Clarkson22041233.3%
Ante Zizic to Iman Shumpert40020.0%
Ante Zizic to Tristan Thompson10000.0%
Ante Zizic to George Hill110010.0%
Ante Zizic to Derrick Rose4011100.0%
Ante Zizic to Jeff Green40000.0%
Ante Zizic to Channing Frye10000.0%
Ante Zizic to Dwyane Wade30000.0%
Ante Zizic to LeBron James2202540.0%