2017 Washington Wizards Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Washington Wizards averaged 293 passes per game. The leading assist duo was John Wall to Bradley Beal, with 113 assists on 890 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
John Wall to Bradley Beal89011315935944.3%
Bradley Beal to Markieff Morris614759422941.0%
Bradley Beal to Otto Porter Jr.475749019246.9%
John Wall to Marcin Gortat266747512261.5%
John Wall to Otto Porter Jr.342698516252.5%
Bradley Beal to Marcin Gortat702526617537.7%
Tomas Satoransky to Markieff Morris327515810455.8%
Tomas Satoransky to Bradley Beal774499422142.5%
Tomas Satoransky to Otto Porter Jr.411485211146.8%
Marcin Gortat to Bradley Beal709459920249.0%
John Wall to Markieff Morris254445211445.6%
Markieff Morris to Otto Porter Jr.301425611449.1%
John Wall to Kelly Oubre Jr.191414410541.9%
Bradley Beal to Mike Scott24040449446.8%
Bradley Beal to Kelly Oubre Jr.242394512236.9%
Marcin Gortat to Otto Porter Jr.295394911144.1%
Tim Frazier to Jodie Meeks22736389042.2%
Bradley Beal to Tomas Satoransky53135438749.4%
Tomas Satoransky to Mike Scott29934418150.6%
John Wall to Mike Scott11634356256.5%
Tim Frazier to Mike Scott25033428648.8%
Otto Porter Jr. to Markieff Morris309324711640.5%
Otto Porter Jr. to Marcin Gortat30332449645.8%
Otto Porter Jr. to Bradley Beal606316416838.1%
Tomas Satoransky to Kelly Oubre Jr.311314010637.7%
Jodie Meeks to Mike Scott15625326350.8%
Markieff Morris to Bradley Beal531256015339.2%
Tim Frazier to Bradley Beal272244110140.6%
Tomas Satoransky to Jodie Meeks24324257931.6%
Tim Frazier to Otto Porter Jr.20821306645.5%
Markieff Morris to Marcin Gortat9521245444.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Mike Scott14321275251.9%
Tomas Satoransky to Marcin Gortat20421256041.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Bradley Beal31520409144.0%
Bradley Beal to John Wall516195314337.1%
Mike Scott to Jodie Meeks18119214942.9%
Tim Frazier to Kelly Oubre Jr.20318258130.9%
Marcin Gortat to Tomas Satoransky51018285154.9%
Markieff Morris to Tomas Satoransky29818234254.8%
Marcin Gortat to Markieff Morris12917224746.8%
Otto Porter Jr. to Tomas Satoransky37517233762.2%
Bradley Beal to Ian Mahinmi13615164337.2%
Tim Frazier to Markieff Morris11715193652.8%
Ian Mahinmi to Mike Scott7114162759.3%
Markieff Morris to Kelly Oubre Jr.8414153148.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Otto Porter Jr.8014173548.6%
Mike Scott to Ian Mahinmi9213133537.1%
Ramon Sessions to Kelly Oubre Jr.6513152951.7%
Marcin Gortat to Kelly Oubre Jr.7712123237.5%
Mike Scott to Kelly Oubre Jr.18112217428.4%
Tim Frazier to Chris McCullough3011111764.7%
Tim Frazier to Ian Mahinmi10311122157.1%
Ian Mahinmi to Kelly Oubre Jr.11811145625.0%
Jodie Meeks to Kelly Oubre Jr.15811226235.5%
Tim Frazier to Jason Smith6510103231.3%
Markieff Morris to John Wall39610379937.4%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Ian Mahinmi10310101855.6%
Otto Porter Jr. to Kelly Oubre Jr.12810135722.8%
Otto Porter Jr. to John Wall518104612437.1%
Tomas Satoransky to Jason Smith5310112347.8%
Tim Frazier to Marcin Gortat63991464.3%
Marcin Gortat to John Wall73395014833.8%
Jodie Meeks to Ian Mahinmi859112347.8%
Bradley Beal to Jodie Meeks45892437.5%
Ian Mahinmi to Tomas Satoransky3058102441.7%
Jodie Meeks to Tomas Satoransky1638143046.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jodie Meeks1658114325.6%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jodie Meeks618102343.5%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Tomas Satoransky2577163250.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Mike Scott58781650.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Ian Mahinmi135782532.0%
Mike Scott to Bradley Beal2417266241.9%
Ramon Sessions to Mike Scott90781553.3%
Ramon Sessions to Ian Mahinmi46771741.2%
John Wall to Jodie Meeks73782334.8%
Ian Mahinmi to Bradley Beal1426194542.2%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Markieff Morris686101952.6%
Mike Scott to Tomas Satoransky3126102343.5%
Ramon Sessions to Jodie Meeks55672035.0%
John Wall to Ian Mahinmi25661346.2%
Bradley Beal to Tim Frazier144592142.9%
Tim Frazier to Tomas Satoransky46561060.0%
Marcin Gortat to Tim Frazier190582236.4%
Otto Porter Jr. to Ian Mahinmi36551145.5%
Mike Scott to Otto Porter Jr.53571353.8%
Bradley Beal to Jason Smith33451241.7%
Ian Mahinmi to Jodie Meeks94451631.3%
Ian Mahinmi to Ramon Sessions77451241.7%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Marcin Gortat47491464.3%
Otto Porter Jr. to Tim Frazier171491656.3%
Tomas Satoransky to Chris McCullough21441233.3%
Mike Scott to Tim Frazier266472429.2%
Mike Scott to Ramon Sessions96441330.8%
Mike Scott to Marcin Gortat1645771.4%
Ramon Sessions to Markieff Morris2244850.0%
Jason Smith to Kelly Oubre Jr.37451631.3%
Jason Smith to Jodie Meeks31441428.6%
Ian Mahinmi to Tim Frazier242361833.3%
Jodie Meeks to Tim Frazier157352420.8%
Jodie Meeks to Otto Porter Jr.32351338.5%
Jodie Meeks to Jason Smith31331225.0%
Markieff Morris to Mike Scott1433742.9%
Markieff Morris to Jodie Meeks2533933.3%
Markieff Morris to Ian Mahinmi1134580.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to John Wall2543245742.1%
Mike Scott to John Wall1393162857.1%
Mike Scott to Jason Smith1533475.0%
Ramon Sessions to Bradley Beal40341233.3%
Ramon Sessions to Jason Smith1633560.0%
John Wall to Tomas Satoransky38331323.1%
Bradley Beal to Ramon Sessions2322540.0%
Tim Frazier to Ramon Sessions30231030.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Otto Porter Jr.5623837.5%
Chris McCullough to Tim Frazier4924580.0%
Jodie Meeks to Bradley Beal54281747.1%
Jodie Meeks to John Wall68271546.7%
Markieff Morris to Tim Frazier9023933.3%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Jason Smith2723933.3%
Jason Smith to Mike Scott823475.0%
Bradley Beal to Chris McCullough4111100.0%
Marcin Gortat to Jodie Meeks1711520.0%
Ian Mahinmi to John Wall94161637.5%
Chris McCullough to Kelly Oubre Jr.811333.3%
Chris McCullough to Bradley Beal5111100.0%
Jodie Meeks to Markieff Morris15111100.0%
Jodie Meeks to Ramon Sessions4213742.9%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Tim Frazier155181747.1%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Ramon Sessions86141136.4%
Otto Porter Jr. to Jason Smith411250.0%
Tomas Satoransky to John Wall65191656.3%
Ramon Sessions to Otto Porter Jr.1411250.0%
Jason Smith to Tim Frazier8711250.0%
Jason Smith to John Wall57131225.0%
Jason Smith to Ramon Sessions2511333.3%
John Wall to Jason Smith2111714.3%
Tim Frazier to John Wall802540.0%
Marcin Gortat to Mike Scott1401520.0%
Marcin Gortat to Ramon Sessions80000.0%
Marcin Gortat to Jason Smith40010.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Markieff Morris100020.0%
Ian Mahinmi to Jason Smith30010.0%
Chris McCullough to Mike Scott20000.0%
Chris McCullough to Tomas Satoransky4202366.7%
Chris McCullough to John Wall10000.0%
Chris McCullough to Jodie Meeks160040.0%
Chris McCullough to Jason Smith30010.0%
Chris McCullough to Ian Mahinmi10010.0%
Jodie Meeks to Devin Robinson30000.0%
Jodie Meeks to Chris McCullough1201714.3%
Jodie Meeks to Marcin Gortat70010.0%
Markieff Morris to Devin Robinson10000.0%
Markieff Morris to Ramon Sessions190000.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Chris McCullough120040.0%
Kelly Oubre Jr. to Kyle Lowry10000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Chris McCullough10000.0%
Otto Porter Jr. to Ramon Sessions3101520.0%
Devin Robinson to Tim Frazier10000.0%
Devin Robinson to Mike Scott10000.0%
Devin Robinson to Tomas Satoransky70010.0%
Devin Robinson to Bradley Beal30000.0%
Devin Robinson to Jodie Meeks40020.0%
Devin Robinson to Ian Mahinmi10010.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Devin Robinson40000.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Tim Frazier3602450.0%
Tomas Satoransky to Ramon Sessions1601425.0%
Mike Scott to Devin Robinson20010.0%
Mike Scott to Chris McCullough10010.0%
Mike Scott to Markieff Morris1201520.0%
Ramon Sessions to Tim Frazier220010.0%
Ramon Sessions to Tomas Satoransky100000.0%
Ramon Sessions to Marcin Gortat30010.0%
Jason Smith to Chris McCullough10010.0%
Jason Smith to Otto Porter Jr.6011100.0%
Jason Smith to Tomas Satoransky840070.0%
Jason Smith to Bradley Beal37061833.3%
Jason Smith to Marcin Gortat30000.0%
Jason Smith to Ian Mahinmi10000.0%
John Wall to Tim Frazier50010.0%
John Wall to DeMarre Carroll10000.0%