2017 Minnesota Timberwolves Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Minnesota Timberwolves averaged 287 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Jeff Teague to Karl-Anthony Towns, with 160 assists on 1136 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Jeff Teague to Karl-Anthony Towns113616018739946.9%
Jeff Teague to Taj Gibson70210412724452.0%
Jeff Teague to Andrew Wiggins84010115837442.2%
Jimmy Butler to Karl-Anthony Towns6148610121447.2%
Jimmy Butler to Taj Gibson392748215253.9%
Tyus Jones to Karl-Anthony Towns503617215446.8%
Jeff Teague to Jimmy Butler7516011726144.8%
Jimmy Butler to Andrew Wiggins297597318040.6%
Jamal Crawford to Karl-Anthony Towns281546611159.5%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Andrew Wiggins436539222640.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Taj Gibson40842467958.2%
Jamal Crawford to Gorgui Dieng25340429942.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Karl-Anthony Towns430405411845.8%
Tyus Jones to Gorgui Dieng28335356553.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jimmy Butler638358520042.5%
Tyus Jones to Jamal Crawford531347619738.6%
Taj Gibson to Andrew Wiggins291335615436.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Taj Gibson26333458354.2%
Jamal Crawford to Nemanja Bjelica18328366852.9%
Tyus Jones to Nemanja Bjelica26627317143.7%
Tyus Jones to Andrew Wiggins334245714738.8%
Jeff Teague to Nemanja Bjelica16322244949.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Jimmy Butler16721337544.0%
Jeff Teague to Gorgui Dieng14720214843.8%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Nemanja Bjelica11720234452.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Karl-Anthony Towns10818264755.3%
Jimmy Butler to Tyus Jones24618214645.7%
Jimmy Butler to Jeff Teague502184410143.6%
Jamal Crawford to Taj Gibson9418214052.5%
Tyus Jones to Taj Gibson17017194443.2%
Gorgui Dieng to Jamal Crawford345165411845.8%
Taj Gibson to Karl-Anthony Towns15516275549.1%
Jeff Teague to Jamal Crawford21616348341.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jeff Teague1469167820338.4%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Jamal Crawford31816348838.6%
Andrew Wiggins to Gorgui Dieng13216193751.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Jeff Teague432163810038.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Tyus Jones49715215538.2%
Gorgui Dieng to Andrew Wiggins15315277834.6%
Taj Gibson to Jimmy Butler507154914134.8%
Jimmy Butler to Gorgui Dieng15014175232.7%
Jamal Crawford to Tyus Jones19514183551.4%
Tyus Jones to Jimmy Butler390144612138.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Nemanja Bjelica11714183650.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Andrew Wiggins10913245742.1%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jamal Crawford26213408547.1%
Taj Gibson to Jeff Teague1475138821840.4%
Andrew Wiggins to Tyus Jones16413203951.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Taj Gibson6312183060.0%
Jamal Crawford to Jimmy Butler12212163941.0%
Jimmy Butler to Jamal Crawford1069124427.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Jimmy Butler1509316448.4%
Nemanja Bjelica to Gorgui Dieng948102737.0%
Jamal Crawford to Andrew Wiggins988144233.3%
Tyus Jones to Shabazz Muhammad518133240.6%
Nemanja Bjelica to Tyus Jones4807145226.9%
Andrew Wiggins to Jamal Crawford867163842.1%
Taj Gibson to Jamal Crawford1266194542.2%
Nemanja Bjelica to Shabazz Muhammad27561833.3%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jeff Teague3705317143.7%
Aaron Brooks to Karl-Anthony Towns44551338.5%
Taj Gibson to Tyus Jones4025143243.8%
Derrick Rose to Karl-Anthony Towns1855955.6%
Jeff Teague to Derrick Rose21571070.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Tyus Jones5395174141.5%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Shabazz Muhammad18551241.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Gorgui Dieng59571838.9%
Nemanja Bjelica to Jimmy Butler68492142.9%
Jimmy Butler to Nemanja Bjelica54451338.5%
Jamal Crawford to Shabazz Muhammad35451926.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Nemanja Bjelica83472725.9%
Aaron Brooks to Jamal Crawford67362030.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Karl-Anthony Towns35341330.8%
Gorgui Dieng to Jeff Teague2623245147.1%
Gorgui Dieng to Aaron Brooks77381650.0%
Taj Gibson to Gorgui Dieng3834944.4%
Taj Gibson to Nemanja Bjelica63331915.8%
Tyus Jones to Derrick Rose2233837.5%
Cole Aldrich to Marcus Georges-Hunt824580.0%
Aaron Brooks to Shabazz Muhammad1223650.0%
Aaron Brooks to Gorgui Dieng38241040.0%
Aaron Brooks to Jimmy Butler2724944.4%
Aaron Brooks to Nemanja Bjelica2522633.3%
Jimmy Butler to Marcus Georges-Hunt422366.7%
Jamal Crawford to Derrick Rose1223742.9%
Jamal Crawford to Aaron Brooks2423933.3%
Gorgui Dieng to Taj Gibson5922825.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Tyus Jones2225683.3%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Andrew Wiggins522450.0%
Tyus Jones to Cole Aldrich1322540.0%
Tyus Jones to Aaron Brooks1624757.1%
Shabazz Muhammad to Nemanja Bjelica1722366.7%
Derrick Rose to Gorgui Dieng622450.0%
Derrick Rose to Jamal Crawford1323650.0%
Jeff Teague to Marcus Georges-Hunt1022366.7%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Aaron Brooks70251050.0%
Cole Aldrich to Nemanja Bjelica611250.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Marcus Georges-Hunt2113650.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Cole Aldrich2111100.0%
Aaron Brooks to Justin Patton1111100.0%
Aaron Brooks to Marcus Georges-Hunt2412728.6%
Aaron Brooks to Andrew Wiggins1812922.2%
Aaron Brooks to Cole Aldrich712450.0%
Anthony Brown to Gorgui Dieng3111100.0%
Jimmy Butler to Shabazz Muhammad1011812.5%
Jimmy Butler to Derrick Rose712540.0%
Jamal Crawford to Marcus Georges-Hunt1212633.3%
Jamal Crawford to Jeff Teague981122548.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Anthony Brown2111100.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Gorgui Dieng1111250.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Nemanja Bjelica1412450.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Aaron Brooks911250.0%
Taj Gibson to Marcus Georges-Hunt612366.7%
Taj Gibson to Shabazz Muhammad3111100.0%
Taj Gibson to Aaron Brooks3413560.0%
Tyus Jones to Jeff Teague1213650.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Karl-Anthony Towns1312450.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Tyus Jones2711333.3%
Shabazz Muhammad to Gorgui Dieng2411333.3%
Shabazz Muhammad to Jimmy Butler612366.7%
Shabazz Muhammad to Jeff Teague18111100.0%
Derrick Rose to Tyus Jones17122100.0%
Jeff Teague to Tyus Jones1011333.3%
Jeff Teague to Shabazz Muhammad25141233.3%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Derrick Rose2013837.5%
Cole Aldrich to Tyus Jones1401250.0%
Cole Aldrich to Shabazz Muhammad20010.0%
Cole Aldrich to Gorgui Dieng3011100.0%
Cole Aldrich to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Cole Aldrich to Jeff Teague10010.0%
Cole Aldrich to Aaron Brooks1701425.0%
Cole Aldrich to Jamal Crawford70000.0%
Nemanja Bjelica to Derrick Rose1401616.7%
Nemanja Bjelica to Aaron Brooks4803650.0%
Aaron Brooks to Anthony Brown10000.0%
Aaron Brooks to Tyus Jones100010.0%
Aaron Brooks to Taj Gibson130020.0%
Anthony Brown to Justin Patton10010.0%
Jimmy Butler to Aaron Brooks130050.0%
Jamal Crawford to Cole Aldrich50020.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Marcus Georges-Hunt120050.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Shabazz Muhammad1401616.7%
Gorgui Dieng to Cole Aldrich20000.0%
Gorgui Dieng to Derrick Rose1102540.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Karl-Anthony Towns40010.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Shabazz Muhammad401333.3%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Jimmy Butler4011100.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Cole Aldrich80030.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Taj Gibson601333.3%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Jeff Teague40020.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Derrick Rose10000.0%
Marcus Georges-Hunt to Jamal Crawford1101425.0%
Taj Gibson to Derrick Rose40030.0%
Tyus Jones to Marcus Georges-Hunt200080.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Marcus Georges-Hunt10000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Andrew Wiggins302366.7%
Shabazz Muhammad to Cole Aldrich20000.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Taj Gibson40020.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Aaron Brooks110020.0%
Shabazz Muhammad to Jamal Crawford2201425.0%
Justin Patton to Aaron Brooks20010.0%
Derrick Rose to Andrew Wiggins10010.0%
Derrick Rose to Jimmy Butler20010.0%
Derrick Rose to Nemanja Bjelica40010.0%
Derrick Rose to Taj Gibson10000.0%
Derrick Rose to Jeff Teague12011100.0%
Jeff Teague to Carmelo Anthony10000.0%
Karl-Anthony Towns to Marcus Georges-Hunt1001250.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Marcus Georges-Hunt40010.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Shabazz Muhammad20020.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Cole Aldrich30000.0%
Andrew Wiggins to Aaron Brooks140010.0%