2017 Phoenix Suns Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Phoenix Suns averaged 292 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Devin Booker to T.J. Warren, with 64 assists on 324 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Devin Booker to T.J. Warren324648315952.2%
Tyler Ulis to T.J. Warren382446516938.5%
Tyler Ulis to Devin Booker471437618142.0%
Dragan Bender to T.J. Warren246364610245.1%
Tyler Ulis to Josh Jackson333366215639.7%
Devin Booker to Marquese Chriss22035399142.9%
Tyler Ulis to Marquese Chriss334354210042.0%
Tyler Ulis to Troy Daniels21834369139.6%
Devin Booker to Dragan Bender27132358640.7%
Tyler Ulis to Alex Len18331355959.3%
Devin Booker to Josh Jackson19830429842.9%
Marquese Chriss to T.J. Warren20228347943.0%
Elfrid Payton to Devin Booker17725348540.0%
Devin Booker to Tyson Chandler16824275350.9%
Tyler Ulis to Dragan Bender34623307739.0%
Elfrid Payton to T.J. Warren11822235244.2%
Dragan Bender to Devin Booker429216113943.9%
Devin Booker to Alex Len13021244850.0%
Tyson Chandler to T.J. Warren14121286046.7%
Alex Len to Troy Daniels16621236933.3%
Greg Monroe to T.J. Warren6821234452.3%
Jared Dudley to T.J. Warren9420255149.0%
Josh Jackson to T.J. Warren11720265646.4%
Mike James to T.J. Warren16620337047.1%
Marquese Chriss to Devin Booker33819389540.0%
Mike James to Troy Daniels11419194641.3%
Elfrid Payton to Troy Daniels11319204742.6%
Devin Booker to Troy Daniels11917205040.0%
Josh Jackson to Marquese Chriss14717184639.1%
Josh Jackson to Alex Len9817203557.1%
Mike James to Devin Booker21217317044.3%
Elfrid Payton to Josh Jackson12216215438.9%
Isaiah Canaan to Troy Daniels12915174042.5%
Isaiah Canaan to Alex Len13815163644.4%
Josh Jackson to Troy Daniels7115163348.5%
Mike James to Dragan Bender13715173548.6%
Dragan Bender to Troy Daniels15814175431.5%
Mike James to Tyson Chandler7414142166.7%
Tyler Ulis to Greg Monroe12414152951.7%
Tyler Ulis to Tyson Chandler19814142556.0%
T.J. Warren to Marquese Chriss15114194641.3%
Tyson Chandler to Devin Booker324134410641.5%
Josh Jackson to Dragan Bender16113143441.2%
Isaiah Canaan to T.J. Warren9212233762.2%
Alex Len to Devin Booker24012318436.9%
Dragan Bender to Josh Jackson22211269228.3%
Devin Booker to Greg Monroe7211152657.7%
Isaiah Canaan to Dragan Bender11611133339.4%
Marquese Chriss to Troy Daniels11011154831.3%
Josh Jackson to Devin Booker18611215438.9%
Tyler Ulis to Jared Dudley17411112937.9%
Mike James to Josh Jackson9310133537.1%
Elfrid Payton to Dragan Bender19910134926.5%
T.J. Warren to Josh Jackson10210155228.8%
T.J. Warren to Devin Booker24110307540.0%
T.J. Warren to Tyson Chandler9510112055.0%
Dragan Bender to Marquese Chriss569112839.3%
Troy Daniels to Alex Len1319102050.0%
Jared Dudley to Alex Len469102050.0%
Mike James to Alex Len98992045.0%
Alex Len to T.J. Warren1009174934.7%
Elfrid Payton to Alex Len939112740.7%
T.J. Warren to Dragan Bender1429123138.7%
T.J. Warren to Troy Daniels579112250.0%
Devin Booker to Tyler Ulis1908164833.3%
Isaiah Canaan to Josh Jackson688132846.4%
Troy Daniels to Dragan Bender1478103627.8%
Jared Dudley to Josh Jackson1068225738.6%
Shaquille Harrison to Alec Peters34881650.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Danuel House Jr.478101566.7%
Mike James to Marquese Chriss118893327.3%
Alex Len to Josh Jackson1228184837.5%
Marquese Chriss to Josh Jackson1697237132.4%
Jared Dudley to Tyler Ulis2687214942.9%
Jared Dudley to Troy Daniels88772626.9%
Alex Len to Tyler Ulis2847254852.1%
Elfrid Payton to Marquese Chriss62772429.2%
Tyler Ulis to Shaquille Harrison45781361.5%
Tyler Ulis to Danuel House Jr.45781942.1%
Dragan Bender to Tyler Ulis6456318138.3%
Dragan Bender to Alex Len77671741.2%
Dragan Bender to Greg Monroe33681361.5%
Tyson Chandler to Tyler Ulis3346215836.2%
Marquese Chriss to Tyler Ulis6246256836.8%
Troy Daniels to T.J. Warren736123138.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Dragan Bender96661442.9%
Danuel House Jr. to Alex Len33671450.0%
Josh Jackson to Jared Dudley73661250.0%
Alex Len to Isaiah Canaan174662326.1%
Tyler Ulis to Alec Peters47661735.3%
T.J. Warren to Isaiah Canaan86671546.7%
Isaiah Canaan to Devin Booker845122842.9%
Tyson Chandler to Josh Jackson785123534.3%
Jared Dudley to Devin Booker1555124228.6%
Shaquille Harrison to Josh Jackson515132161.9%
Shaquille Harrison to Devin Booker39591850.0%
Greg Monroe to Josh Jackson33561637.5%
Greg Monroe to Marquese Chriss22551435.7%
Greg Monroe to Troy Daniels32561346.2%
Elfrid Payton to Tyson Chandler3056785.7%
T.J. Warren to Greg Monroe46581361.5%
Dragan Bender to Davon Reed29441040.0%
Devin Booker to Jared Dudley103441136.4%
Marquese Chriss to Dragan Bender1844850.0%
Troy Daniels to Josh Jackson974154731.9%
Troy Daniels to Marquese Chriss76442516.0%
Troy Daniels to Jared Dudley62451050.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Alex Len35451338.5%
Danuel House Jr. to Marquese Chriss1445683.3%
Danuel House Jr. to Dragan Bender33441136.4%
Josh Jackson to Tyson Chandler51451050.0%
Mike James to Greg Monroe50451533.3%
Alex Len to Danuel House Jr.39451631.3%
Alex Len to Dragan Bender49451631.3%
Greg Monroe to Dragan Bender1544944.4%
T.J. Warren to Alex Len56461154.5%
Alan Williams to Troy Daniels1144666.7%
Dragan Bender to Danuel House Jr.49351926.3%
Dragan Bender to Jared Dudley3133742.9%
Eric Bledsoe to T.J. Warren21341136.4%
Devin Booker to Mike James993112642.3%
Isaiah Canaan to Greg Monroe43361154.5%
Tyson Chandler to Marquese Chriss36331225.0%
Tyson Chandler to Troy Daniels2634850.0%
Troy Daniels to Tyler Ulis1483122450.0%
Troy Daniels to Devin Booker106393426.5%
Jared Dudley to Davon Reed2034850.0%
Jared Dudley to Alec Peters1133650.0%
Jared Dudley to Greg Monroe1133650.0%
Josh Gray to Troy Daniels2233837.5%
Josh Gray to Alex Len1533650.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Marquese Chriss57341723.5%
Shaquille Harrison to T.J. Warren27351145.5%
Shaquille Harrison to Troy Daniels31341040.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Shaquille Harrison37391369.2%
Josh Jackson to Shaquille Harrison43361154.5%
Josh Jackson to Elfrid Payton943112544.0%
Mike James to Jared Dudley6833837.5%
Alex Len to Jared Dudley1933560.0%
Greg Monroe to Tyler Ulis1413122157.1%
Davon Reed to Marquese Chriss2033742.9%
T.J. Warren to Tyler Ulis2783135125.5%
Dragan Bender to Alec Peters1422450.0%
Dragan Bender to Shaquille Harrison125261637.5%
Dragan Bender to Tyson Chandler3222450.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Tyson Chandler10233100.0%
Devin Booker to Elfrid Payton95292832.1%
Devin Booker to Isaiah Canaan53251631.3%
Isaiah Canaan to Marquese Chriss2522728.6%
Isaiah Canaan to Jared Dudley6022728.6%
Troy Daniels to Elfrid Payton65281650.0%
Jared Dudley to Danuel House Jr.2522540.0%
Jared Dudley to Marquese Chriss1722922.2%
Jared Dudley to Dragan Bender3522825.0%
Josh Gray to Dragan Bender2823650.0%
Josh Gray to T.J. Warren1423742.9%
Shaquille Harrison to Tyler Ulis37251050.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Alan Williams1622366.7%
Shaquille Harrison to Elfrid Payton1423475.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Tyler Ulis69231520.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Isaiah Canaan3023560.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Jared Dudley16222100.0%
Josh Jackson to Mike James94292832.1%
Josh Jackson to Danuel House Jr.923475.0%
Josh Jackson to Tyler Ulis2872134528.9%
Alex Len to Mike James2062174537.8%
Alex Len to Alec Peters3222100.0%
Alex Len to Shaquille Harrison30255100.0%
Alex Len to Elfrid Payton128292142.9%
Greg Monroe to Devin Booker84262326.1%
Alec Peters to Danuel House Jr.1424580.0%
Alec Peters to Marquese Chriss1022540.0%
Alec Peters to Dragan Bender1322366.7%
Alec Peters to T.J. Warren422366.7%
Davon Reed to Josh Jackson1522540.0%
Davon Reed to Shaquille Harrison4623837.5%
Tyler Ulis to Davon Reed3722922.2%
T.J. Warren to Elfrid Payton93291947.4%
Alan Williams to Dragan Bender722450.0%
Dragan Bender to Mike James2341123633.3%
Dragan Bender to Elfrid Payton3561155129.4%
Eric Bledsoe to Josh Jackson22131030.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Marquese Chriss1411616.7%
Eric Bledsoe to Devin Booker38131225.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Troy Daniels711250.0%
Devin Booker to Danuel House Jr.711333.3%
Isaiah Canaan to Mike James9111100.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Alec Peters911250.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Danuel House Jr.32131225.0%
Tyson Chandler to Mike James136162227.3%
Tyson Chandler to Shaquille Harrison811333.3%
Tyson Chandler to Elfrid Payton5211333.3%
Marquese Chriss to Davon Reed2212825.0%
Marquese Chriss to Josh Gray4212825.0%
Marquese Chriss to Danuel House Jr.1412540.0%
Marquese Chriss to Elfrid Payton112161637.5%
Marquese Chriss to Alex Len27121020.0%
Marquese Chriss to Greg Monroe1312450.0%
Marquese Chriss to Jared Dudley1411250.0%
Marquese Chriss to Tyson Chandler25111100.0%
Troy Daniels to Mike James93182433.3%
Troy Daniels to Shaquille Harrison3911425.0%
Troy Daniels to Danuel House Jr.1811812.5%
Troy Daniels to Alan Williams611250.0%
Troy Daniels to Isaiah Canaan104181553.3%
Troy Daniels to Greg Monroe26171258.3%
Troy Daniels to Tyson Chandler2211250.0%
Jared Dudley to Mike James971112152.4%
Jared Dudley to Shaquille Harrison68141428.6%
Jared Dudley to Derrick Jones Jr.411250.0%
Jared Dudley to Isaiah Canaan79131225.0%
Josh Gray to Davon Reed1211425.0%
Josh Gray to Danuel House Jr.5111100.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Davon Reed37141330.8%
Shaquille Harrison to Jared Dudley51121020.0%
Shaquille Harrison to Tyson Chandler6111100.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Josh Jackson1513650.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Troy Daniels1911520.0%
Josh Jackson to Alec Peters1511616.7%
Josh Jackson to Alan Williams911333.3%
Josh Jackson to Isaiah Canaan5313837.5%
Mike James to Alec Peters711250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Mike James713560.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Josh Jackson311250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Marquese Chriss2111100.0%
Alex Len to Davon Reed2011714.3%
Alex Len to Marquese Chriss1711333.3%
Greg Monroe to Mike James61141526.7%
Greg Monroe to Jared Dudley5111100.0%
Greg Monroe to Tyson Chandler1111100.0%
Elfrid Payton to Davon Reed911616.7%
Elfrid Payton to Alan Williams311250.0%
Elfrid Payton to Jared Dudley2011520.0%
Alec Peters to Josh Gray1711616.7%
Alec Peters to Shaquille Harrison3612633.3%
Alec Peters to Devin Booker1111425.0%
Alec Peters to Troy Daniels10122100.0%
Davon Reed to Alec Peters911333.3%
Davon Reed to Danuel House Jr.611425.0%
Davon Reed to Dragan Bender2511812.5%
Davon Reed to Troy Daniels411250.0%
Davon Reed to Alex Len1311425.0%
Davon Reed to Jared Dudley1311425.0%
Tyler Ulis to Alan Williams2711714.3%
T.J. Warren to Mike James1461143243.8%
T.J. Warren to Davon Reed3111100.0%
T.J. Warren to Alec Peters311250.0%
T.J. Warren to Jared Dudley4912922.2%
Alan Williams to Davon Reed311333.3%
Alan Williams to Josh Jackson1515771.4%
Alan Williams to Marquese Chriss211250.0%
Dragan Bender to Josh Gray2903560.0%
Dragan Bender to Derrick Jones Jr.40000.0%
Dragan Bender to Alan Williams90030.0%
Dragan Bender to Isaiah Canaan212092536.0%
Dragan Bender to Eric Bledsoe2704666.7%
Eric Bledsoe to Mike James10010.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Tyler Ulis20000.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Dragan Bender130010.0%
Eric Bledsoe to Alex Len80010.0%
Devin Booker to Davon Reed10010.0%
Devin Booker to Alec Peters50010.0%
Devin Booker to Shaquille Harrison1601616.7%
Devin Booker to Derrick Jones Jr.10000.0%
Devin Booker to Maurice Harkless10000.0%
Devin Booker to Eric Bledsoe2302728.6%
Isaiah Canaan to Khris Middleton10000.0%
Isaiah Canaan to Tyson Chandler140000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Davon Reed10010.0%
Tyson Chandler to Josh Gray40000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Danuel House Jr.20010.0%
Tyson Chandler to Dragan Bender420080.0%
Tyson Chandler to Isaiah Canaan310030.0%
Tyson Chandler to Eric Bledsoe2601812.5%
Tyson Chandler to Greg Monroe40000.0%
Tyson Chandler to Jared Dudley100010.0%
Marquese Chriss to Mike James2150133043.3%
Marquese Chriss to Alec Peters40000.0%
Marquese Chriss to Shaquille Harrison8401119.1%
Marquese Chriss to Isaiah Canaan410030.0%
Marquese Chriss to Eric Bledsoe3001250.0%
Troy Daniels to Davon Reed30010.0%
Troy Daniels to Alec Peters901250.0%
Troy Daniels to Josh Gray1301333.3%
Troy Daniels to Derrick Jones Jr.20000.0%
Troy Daniels to Eric Bledsoe70030.0%
Jared Dudley to Josh Gray140020.0%
Jared Dudley to Alan Williams1011100.0%
Jared Dudley to Elfrid Payton3904944.4%
Jared Dudley to Tyson Chandler60010.0%
Josh Gray to Alec Peters100020.0%
Josh Gray to Josh Jackson2201812.5%
Josh Gray to Marquese Chriss180020.0%
Josh Gray to Jared Dudley110000.0%
Josh Gray to Tyson Chandler40000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Mike James1502450.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Davon Reed50010.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Alec Peters120040.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Josh Gray601250.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Alan Williams30000.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Devin Booker1401425.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Greg Monroe30030.0%
Danuel House Jr. to Tyson Chandler30000.0%
Josh Jackson to Davon Reed60020.0%
Josh Jackson to Josh Gray230040.0%
Josh Jackson to Eric Bledsoe25022100.0%
Josh Jackson to Greg Monroe3706875.0%
Mike James to Derrick Jones Jr.30020.0%
Mike James to Danuel House Jr.501250.0%
Mike James to Tyler Ulis110020.0%
Mike James to Isaiah Canaan1102540.0%
Mike James to Eric Bledsoe10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Alec Peters10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Tyler Ulis901250.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Brice Johnson10000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Dragan Bender30000.0%
Derrick Jones Jr. to Jared Dudley10000.0%
Alex Len to Josh Gray2001425.0%
Alex Len to Eric Bledsoe100010.0%
Greg Monroe to Danuel House Jr.801333.3%
Greg Monroe to Isaiah Canaan4201714.3%
Greg Monroe to Serge Ibaka10000.0%
Elfrid Payton to Alec Peters40010.0%
Elfrid Payton to Shaquille Harrison9011100.0%
Elfrid Payton to Tyler Ulis7022100.0%
Alec Peters to Mike James80000.0%
Alec Peters to Davon Reed100010.0%
Alec Peters to Josh Jackson1702540.0%
Alec Peters to Derrick Jones Jr.20000.0%
Alec Peters to Tyler Ulis5602825.0%
Alec Peters to Alan Williams10000.0%
Alec Peters to Elfrid Payton20000.0%
Alec Peters to Isaiah Canaan150030.0%
Alec Peters to Alex Len50010.0%
Alec Peters to Jared Dudley60000.0%
Davon Reed to Josh Gray130040.0%
Davon Reed to Tyler Ulis3603742.9%
Davon Reed to Alan Williams30010.0%
Davon Reed to Devin Booker20000.0%
Davon Reed to T.J. Warren30010.0%
Davon Reed to Elfrid Payton23041040.0%
Davon Reed to Greg Monroe10000.0%
Tyler Ulis to Mike James1101714.3%
Tyler Ulis to Derrick Jones Jr.70000.0%
Tyler Ulis to Elfrid Payton70010.0%
Tyler Ulis to Eric Bledsoe401250.0%
T.J. Warren to Josh Gray901250.0%
T.J. Warren to Shaquille Harrison120020.0%
T.J. Warren to Danuel House Jr.10000.0%
T.J. Warren to Eric Bledsoe2202540.0%
Alan Williams to Alec Peters20000.0%
Alan Williams to Shaquille Harrison150010.0%
Alan Williams to Danuel House Jr.4022100.0%
Alan Williams to Tyler Ulis2901616.7%