2017 Oklahoma City Thunder Team Passing Stats

The 2017 Oklahoma City Thunder averaged 254 passes per game. The leading assist duo was Russell Westbrook to Steven Adams, with 226 assists on 872 passes.

Connection Passes Assists FGM FGA FG%
Russell Westbrook to Steven Adams87222624139361.3%
Russell Westbrook to Paul George145717926766540.2%
Russell Westbrook to Carmelo Anthony124315824461639.6%
Russell Westbrook to Jerami Grant291687214749.0%
Raymond Felton to Jerami Grant434556914946.3%
Paul George to Steven Adams358546510860.2%
Paul George to Russell Westbrook10095213031541.3%
Paul George to Carmelo Anthony332496918237.9%
Russell Westbrook to Andre Roberson21043437855.1%
Russell Westbrook to Alex Abrines17939429743.3%
Raymond Felton to Patrick Patterson38435389241.3%
Steven Adams to Russell Westbrook12273111633234.9%
Carmelo Anthony to Paul George324274410342.7%
Carmelo Anthony to Russell Westbrook17652714533543.3%
Raymond Felton to Paul George475276518535.1%
Paul George to Jerami Grant19927348838.6%
Steven Adams to Paul George286213710933.9%
Raymond Felton to Terrance Ferguson7919204247.6%
Paul George to Raymond Felton27219338439.3%
Russell Westbrook to Corey Brewer9519225639.3%
Jerami Grant to Paul George20618317939.2%
Russell Westbrook to Josh Huestis10218206431.3%
Russell Westbrook to Terrance Ferguson7717174537.8%
Raymond Felton to Alex Abrines10414154632.6%
Paul George to Alex Abrines5214142751.9%
Russell Westbrook to Patrick Patterson14614156025.0%
Raymond Felton to Josh Huestis9713133735.1%
Paul George to Patrick Patterson11213133636.1%
Russell Westbrook to Raymond Felton14313207128.2%
Raymond Felton to Carmelo Anthony16812347943.0%
Andre Roberson to Russell Westbrook40612379937.4%
Patrick Patterson to Paul George18311267435.1%
Patrick Patterson to Raymond Felton564114211038.2%
Steven Adams to Carmelo Anthony17110257035.7%
Andre Roberson to Paul George8710163941.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Corey Brewer569102050.0%
Paul George to Terrance Ferguson35991850.0%
Paul George to Corey Brewer469102737.0%
Andre Roberson to Carmelo Anthony779143737.8%
Carmelo Anthony to Alex Abrines64892240.9%
Corey Brewer to Paul George468102050.0%
Jerami Grant to Patrick Patterson106882040.0%
Jerami Grant to Raymond Felton67184110937.6%
Patrick Patterson to Jerami Grant918133438.2%
Patrick Patterson to Alex Abrines948102638.5%
Alex Abrines to Jerami Grant66792733.3%
Steven Adams to Corey Brewer33781747.1%
Raymond Felton to Russell Westbrook1887367349.3%
Andre Roberson to Steven Adams34777100.0%
Raymond Felton to Steven Adams856101758.8%
Jerami Grant to Alex Abrines96662326.1%
Patrick Patterson to Terrance Ferguson53671838.9%
Russell Westbrook to Dakari Johnson27671070.0%
Alex Abrines to Patrick Patterson57562030.0%
Steven Adams to Jerami Grant41571163.6%
Steven Adams to Alex Abrines43561833.3%
Carmelo Anthony to Steven Adams1655102245.5%
Corey Brewer to Russell Westbrook1165153148.4%
Paul George to Josh Huestis45552222.7%
Paul George to Andre Roberson66561735.3%
Jerami Grant to Carmelo Anthony425121770.6%
Josh Huestis to Raymond Felton2255224944.9%
Patrick Patterson to Russell Westbrook2375236038.3%
Alex Abrines to Carmelo Anthony40461735.3%
Steven Adams to Andre Roberson2945771.4%
Carmelo Anthony to Josh Huestis28441040.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Jerami Grant5444757.1%
Carmelo Anthony to Andre Roberson82441136.4%
Carmelo Anthony to Raymond Felton1324102147.6%
Terrance Ferguson to Patrick Patterson21441136.4%
Jerami Grant to Terrance Ferguson26441040.0%
Alex Abrines to Paul George693102737.0%
Alex Abrines to Russell Westbrook2063186129.5%
Steven Adams to Raymond Felton1263101662.5%
Corey Brewer to Carmelo Anthony30341625.0%
Raymond Felton to Andre Roberson3234850.0%
Raymond Felton to Nick Collison13344100.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Jerami Grant33341233.3%
Terrance Ferguson to Paul George33361250.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Russell Westbrook653112250.0%
Jerami Grant to Steven Adams2834666.7%
Jerami Grant to Corey Brewer1034580.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Dakari Johnson533475.0%
Josh Huestis to Carmelo Anthony28351145.5%
Dakari Johnson to Alex Abrines2834580.0%
Patrick Patterson to Carmelo Anthony1733837.5%
Steven Adams to Josh Huestis1522540.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Terrance Ferguson3822825.0%
Corey Brewer to Jerami Grant1123560.0%
Corey Brewer to Patrick Patterson4222100.0%
Nick Collison to Terrance Ferguson5222100.0%
Raymond Felton to Corey Brewer1122633.3%
Terrance Ferguson to Steven Adams1522540.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Raymond Felton60251241.7%
Jerami Grant to Andre Roberson1822540.0%
Jerami Grant to Russell Westbrook54225012540.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Kyle Singler822450.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Nick Collison12222100.0%
Josh Huestis to Dakari Johnson10222100.0%
Josh Huestis to Jerami Grant42241428.6%
Josh Huestis to Patrick Patterson2523837.5%
Josh Huestis to Russell Westbrook2072296942.0%
Dakari Johnson to Paul George1122366.7%
Andre Roberson to Dakari Johnson822450.0%
Andre Roberson to Raymond Felton4824850.0%
Russell Westbrook to Nick Collison1222540.0%
Alex Abrines to Josh Huestis2211333.3%
Alex Abrines to Steven Adams3712540.0%
Alex Abrines to Andre Roberson5111100.0%
Alex Abrines to Kyle Singler711333.3%
Steven Adams to Terrance Ferguson1711520.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Dakari Johnson6111100.0%
Corey Brewer to Steven Adams2511616.7%
Corey Brewer to Raymond Felton8122100.0%
Nick Collison to Andre Roberson1111100.0%
Raymond Felton to Dakari Johnson912450.0%
Raymond Felton to Kyle Singler711333.3%
Terrance Ferguson to Josh Huestis1111425.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Alex Abrines1111333.3%
Terrance Ferguson to Carmelo Anthony29151631.3%
Paul George to Daniel Hamilton511250.0%
Paul George to Dakari Johnson1712728.6%
Paul George to Nick Collison6111100.0%
Jerami Grant to Josh Huestis4113837.5%
Daniel Hamilton to Josh Huestis311250.0%
Josh Huestis to Alex Abrines37121020.0%
Josh Huestis to Paul George31151050.0%
Josh Huestis to Nick Collison4111100.0%
Dakari Johnson to Terrance Ferguson6111100.0%
Dakari Johnson to Josh Huestis311250.0%
Patrick Patterson to Josh Huestis4911911.1%
Andre Roberson to Jerami Grant2111425.0%
Andre Roberson to Patrick Patterson1111425.0%
Kyle Singler to Terrance Ferguson1111100.0%
Kyle Singler to Daniel Hamilton811333.3%
Alex Abrines to Terrance Ferguson120040.0%
Alex Abrines to Daniel Hamilton50000.0%
Alex Abrines to Dakari Johnson40020.0%
Alex Abrines to Corey Brewer1011100.0%
Alex Abrines to Raymond Felton1760133339.4%
Alex Abrines to Nick Collison190010.0%
Steven Adams to Daniel Hamilton10000.0%
Steven Adams to Patrick Patterson2501425.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Patrick Patterson220010.0%
Carmelo Anthony to Nick Collison10010.0%
Corey Brewer to Terrance Ferguson10000.0%
Corey Brewer to Daniel Hamilton10000.0%
Nick Collison to Daniel Hamilton1301250.0%
Nick Collison to Dakari Johnson80010.0%
Nick Collison to Josh Huestis70010.0%
Nick Collison to Jerami Grant20000.0%
Nick Collison to Alex Abrines160010.0%
Nick Collison to Kyle Singler70020.0%
Nick Collison to Patrick Patterson20000.0%
Nick Collison to Paul George40000.0%
Nick Collison to Russell Westbrook2502540.0%
Nick Collison to Raymond Felton90000.0%
Nick Collison to Carmelo Anthony10000.0%
P.J. Dozier to Daniel Hamilton20000.0%
Raymond Felton to Daniel Hamilton30000.0%
Raymond Felton to Dwight Powell10000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Daniel Hamilton30000.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Dakari Johnson3011100.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Kyle Singler40010.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Corey Brewer20010.0%
Terrance Ferguson to Nick Collison30010.0%
Jerami Grant to Daniel Hamilton10010.0%
Jerami Grant to Dakari Johnson80000.0%
Jerami Grant to Nick Collison20000.0%
Daniel Hamilton to P.J. Dozier20010.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Terrance Ferguson30020.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Jerami Grant10000.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Alex Abrines50010.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Patrick Patterson20000.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Paul George10000.0%
Daniel Hamilton to Raymond Felton70010.0%
Josh Huestis to Terrance Ferguson170050.0%
Josh Huestis to Daniel Hamilton30000.0%
Josh Huestis to Steven Adams120020.0%
Josh Huestis to Andre Roberson50000.0%
Dakari Johnson to Daniel Hamilton901250.0%
Dakari Johnson to Jerami Grant30000.0%
Dakari Johnson to Kyle Singler10010.0%
Dakari Johnson to Patrick Patterson30000.0%
Dakari Johnson to Russell Westbrook38021020.0%
Dakari Johnson to Corey Brewer10000.0%
Dakari Johnson to Raymond Felton180010.0%
Dakari Johnson to Carmelo Anthony7011100.0%
Patrick Patterson to Daniel Hamilton10000.0%
Patrick Patterson to Dakari Johnson40000.0%
Patrick Patterson to Steven Adams190010.0%
Patrick Patterson to Andre Roberson170000.0%
Patrick Patterson to Kyle Singler20020.0%
Patrick Patterson to Corey Brewer90020.0%
Patrick Patterson to Nick Collison10000.0%
Andre Roberson to Terrance Ferguson20000.0%
Andre Roberson to Josh Huestis110030.0%
Andre Roberson to Alex Abrines40010.0%
Kyle Singler to P.J. Dozier1011100.0%
Kyle Singler to Dakari Johnson40000.0%
Kyle Singler to Josh Huestis10000.0%
Kyle Singler to Alex Abrines30000.0%
Kyle Singler to Patrick Patterson30000.0%
Kyle Singler to Raymond Felton801333.3%
Kyle Singler to Nick Collison401250.0%
Russell Westbrook to Rudy Gobert10000.0%
Russell Westbrook to Kyle Singler10000.0%
Russell Westbrook to Dante Cunningham10000.0%